Shauna’s Slaves

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Shauna Samson entered her apartment and looked around. Everything was in its place; the floors were immaculate, the tiles gleaming. The heels of her boots clicked as she inspected, searching for signs of imperfection and finding none. She was pleased — he was finally learning his place. It seemed that he finally was aware that not doing as she told him would not be tolerated. She heard no signs of activity and wondered where he was? Looking at the clock on the wall, she saw that it was only 4:45, she was early. He had better not be late. With Nicole out of town, Shauna wanted him around hanging on her every word.

Ryan entered the apartment at precisely 4:55. He really was improving; she would have to give him credit for that. Shauna smiled, although she was careful not to let him see. With Ryan, if you gave him an inch, he took a yard. He belonged to her, body and soul. He wasn’t allowed to date anyone without asking her, buy anything and he certainly, not ever, would be allowed to fuck someone she didn’t approve of.

“You’ve learned to be punctual, this pleases me,” Shauna said, taking off her coat and handing to Ryan. He was very careful to hang it properly and treat it with the respect due any of her possessions. He smiled as he saw her there, tall and regal in black PVC from head to toe, her near-perfect body the object of his desire.

“Thank you Shauna, I …”

“Mistress Shauna, slave, do not ever forget that,” She swatted him across the face with a gloved hand. Really, she knew that one should not treat one’s older brother that way, but he had to be kept in line. It was entirely his own fault. If he hadn’t broken the heart of Leslie Parton, one of Shauna’s best friends, she would not have had to do what she had done.

Leslie and Shauna had been best friends since first grade. They played together, ate lunch together — and had their first sexual experiences in each other’s arms, confirming their bi-sexuality early on. When the slim blonde started dating Shauna’s older brother, she was thrilled. She would have Leslie in her life forever; they would be sisters-in-law and be able to continue their relationship.

It hadn’t worked out that way. Ryan was a successful investment broker, more concerned with money and power than his pretty blonde girlfriend. He did whatever he needed to do to get ahead, up to and including sleep with a few of his prettier female clients. Leslie found out and was devastated, weeping for hours in Shauna’s arms. It took her a long time to get over Ryan; she finally moved away and married a man she adored and loved her just as much. The sad thing was that Leslie was now in Texas and Shauna was in New York. They spoke, but almost never saw each other. Shauna felt like a lost soul for a while, like someone had stolen a piece of her.

Shauna needed to get revenge, for herself and for Leslie. Like a Black Widow Spider, she spun her web. She was a brilliant, educated, driven young woman with a deviant mind and now that would work to her advantage. She knew that her brother harbored incestuous desires towards her, so she played it up. She vamped it up whenever they were together, she flirted and made a lewd comment here and there, she let him know that if he would give in to her desires, cater to her whims, he might, just might, have a chance of getting into her panties.

One night they were out to dinner and Shauna knew that her opportunity had come. She went to the lady’s room and came back almost immediately. Then she dropped her panties on his lap and said “The choice is yours, Ryan. I have other options — do you?”

She had him by the balls and he began doing whatever she commanded, no matter how outlandish amatör porno her demand. From her job as head saleswoman for the lingerie company Les Printemps, she made excellent money. Shauna decided that she was going to spend most of her money on herself. From that day on, she made Ryan start covering most of her expenses, rent included. Whatever she didn’t spend on herself, she had Ryan invest the remainder. “Invest it well, Ryan darling,” She would purr “If you make me rich, it will be well worth your while. I promise that I will show you my full gratitude.”

While all of this was going on, she remade her image. The totally-refurbished Shauna was strong and confident, afraid of no one or nothing. She dressed in sexy clothes and flaunted her 5’11” body in 4-inch heels. Her clothes were designed to show off a body that was sculpted and honed to perfection. Of course, she made Ryan pay for her gym membership. Wasn’t she doing all of this for his benefit, she told him.

Of course Ryan, fool that he was, begged to be accorded the chance to fuck her. He was almost simpering as he asked to be allowed that honor, just once. Shauna hadn’t been with anyone for a while and she had needs, so she relented. Shauna had never played by society’s rules, the fact that her brother was going to be her slave and now, her lover, didn’t faze her in the least.

It was there that Shauna made a near-fatal miscalculation.

Ryan was a good lover. No, scratch that, he was a wonderful lover. No, scratch that, he was an incredible lover. Ryan proved to be the kind of lover that a girl could get hooked on. Not just that, he had a cock to match. She could now see why Leslie had been so upset. In bed, his hands alone could bring you to orgasm. His mouth sent her soaring to new heights and when he was fucking her in the spoon position, from behind, she was seeing stars. As he was now slowly becoming aware of her needs, he was becoming in tune with her body. She had him under her thumb but now, she wanted to keep him there. She wanted him enslaved to her horny, needy cunt and at her beck and call for a long, long time. She did some plotting and scheming and knew how to make that happen.

She called Ryan to meet her at an address he never knew before. When he entered, she was smiling. It was a rarity and he wondered what he had done to earn her pleasure?

“You were punctual Ryan, that’s good,” Shauna told him. “Welcome to my new home, this is where you will be coming from now on, when I call you, whenever I call you.”

Ryan looked at the swanky penthouse. He couldn’t afford it and he earned a lot more than Shauna. Even with the money he was banking for her, how could she afford all this?

She saw the look in his eyes and anticipated his question. “Oh yes Ryan, I do own this apartment, it’s all mine. Even though I don’t owe you an explanation, I will provide one. Nicole!”

A slender blonde entered the room; she appeared to be a bit older than Shauna, in her mid-30’s. She was attractive, perfectly coiffed and made up and wore a filmy white negligee. Ryan felt as if he had seen her before although he could not recall just where.

“You’re trying to remember where you’ve seen Nicole before, aren’t you Ryan?” Shauna smiled evilly. “Let me save you the trouble, Nicole here used to be my boss at Les Printemps Lingerie, didn’t you slut?”

Nicole trembled a bit, but she also had a delighted look as she looked at Shauna. “Yes, Mistress,” She smiled at Shauna. His sister went and sat down on a leather couch that likely would have cost Ryan a week’s salary. She was wearing a robe and it opened, underneath was a burgundy merry widow, stockings anal porno and heels. He tried not to stare, but Shauna was his goddess and it was impossible.

“Nicole got too full of herself one afternoon and was giving me all sorts of attitude, so I told her that I quit and slapped her hard across the face,” Shauna smiled. “Tell him what happened next, Nicole.”

“I — I asked her to do it again,” Nicole said meekly.

“Yes, she did. The little slut liked it, didn’t you Nicole?” Shauna said in a cool tone.


“Then, SAY IT!” Shauna snarled.

“I — I liked it. I asked her to spank me, told her I was a naughty slut and need to be kept in my place,” Nicole told a stunned Ryan. His relationship with Shauna was depraved and now she had added another person to the mix.

“I told her if she wanted to pleasure me, I would allow that, and I would continue working for the company, if she behaved,” Shauna giggled. “She wept with joy and I lifted my skirt and had her eat my cunt. She was so good; I nearly peed on her face. Then to put her in her place, I called her secretary in to the office. What’s her name, slut?”

“Millie, mistress.”

“Millie, that’s right. She’s a little strawberry-blonde cutie; I asked Millie if she had ever been with a girl before. She said that she had. I asked her if she found the both of us attractive, she said yes. So I told Millie to get on the couch, hike her skirt and I had the slut eat Millie to a screaming orgasm. You did it too, didn’t you whore?” Shauna grinned.

“Yes mistress, of course, I would never disobey you,” She told Shauna.

“Damned right you wouldn’t,” Shauna swatted her cheek gently. “Then I told Millie she was going to keep an eye on Nicole, to make sure she toed the line. If she disobeyed an order, I would hear about it. I told Millie if she was a good girl, we’d have more fun times like this. You should have seen that little cutie light up, what a doll. What happened next, Nicole?”

“You told me to cut you in for 25% of the business, Mistress Shauna.”

“And …?”

“I did it willingly, of course Mistress!”

“And …?”

“I signed over the deed to my penthouse after I asked you to live with me, gladly, Mistress Shauna,” Nicole beamed.

“You see Ryan — you see how powerful I am, what I can accomplish with my body? I’m going to be a success Ryan, but I want you around, so here’s the deal. I will run your life; you can keep your apartment and have some flings on the side, but on MY say-so. You will continue to invest my money and you will continue to do what I want … if I want to fuck you, I’ll fuck you. But if you need someone to fuck …” Shauna pointed at Nicole “… she’s your new sex toy. You find my big brother handsome, don’t you Nicole? You may speak freely.”

“God yes Nicole, he’s gorgeous,” Nicole sighed.

“Glad to hear that. He used to be a smug bastard, but I’ve whittled him down to size. Let’s go to bed kids, it’s been a long day and Shauna needs some fucking,” She told them, laughing merrily.

The trio undressed and Shauna instructed her toys on how to play together. She sucked on Ryan’s cock a bit and then turned him over to Nicole. The older blonde seemed to like sucking cock; she was a natural bi-sexual. She didn’t want Nicole overdoing it though; Ryan had to be kept in his place.

“All right whore, enough. Would you like to fuck Ryan?” Shauna asked.

“Yes Mistress, very much, but don’t you want to do that?” Nicole asked reverently.

“Hmm, no, I’m not ready to give him that pleasure today,” Shauna grinned. “He’s going to eat my cunt and you can ride his cock and play with my tits. Both anal breakers porno of you had better make me cum or this is the last you’ll be seeing of this body for about a week.”

That threat alone was enough to inspire both of them to do their best work. Nicole’s tongue lashed across Shauna’s nipples while she rode the thick cock. It felt so hot and nice inside of her, it filled her so nicely. She didn’t neglect Mistress Shauna though, she didn’t dare. She watched as her lover’s brother ate Shauna’s cunt. She knew that she should be repelled by the incestuous act in front of her, but anything that Mistress Shauna did aroused her. Nor could she blame her, dark-haired Ryan was almost as beautiful as his younger sibling.

When they all came, after Shauna had her climax, she told Ryan to cum outside of Nicole’s pussy. Shauna didn’t want to eat his cum, he hadn’t earned that yet. She didn’t want her girlfriend full of Ryan’s cum. She ate her clean and said “A reward for pleasing me so much this week, you slut.” Nicole was beaming. Shauna turned to Ryan and said “You need to learn to think. You should have pulled out or brought condoms. No sex — or masturbation — for 3 days — after tonight,” Shauna told him. “We’ll need you tonight, but after that, nothing – understand?”

Ryan took care of the women after that and followed Shauna’s instructions to the letter. When he saw them again on Friday, he was aching for it and both women were equally pleasured. At the end of the evening, Shauna explained the rules.

“You two can start dating, if you go out together; none will be the wiser. If either of you needs to fuck someone and I’m not around, I guess …” Shauna sighed, easing up the leash a bit “… you can fuck each other without asking me if it’s okay. But ONLY each other, are we clear? Anyone else, you must ask my permission.”

“Yes, Mistress,” They said in unison, hugging each other and then Shauna, who allowed their impertinence just this once.

It had now been a year since their initial threesome. Shauna had everything in place, it was just so. “How are my investments doing, Ryan? I’d like to know, please.”

Shauna rarely said please, so Ryan rushed to answer. “You have nearly a quarter of a million dollars in the bank, Mistress Shauna.”

The normally composed Shauna nearly lost her cool and collapsed. She caught herself and grinned. “Wow Ryan, that’s wonderful, I’m proud of you, baby,” She grinned, letting go of control for a change.

“Thanks — Shauna,” He beamed, sensing it was okay to call her by her first name just this one time.

“Did you do as I told you and get the ring?” She asked.

“In my pocket, ready for when Nicole gets home tomorrow,” He grinned. Shauna had told her brother that all of this worked too well to let it stop. His place was too expensive and he spent 4 or 5 nights a week with herself and Nicole anyway. Why not move in and then the idea hit her? Why not have Nicole and Ryan get married? They actually adored each other and it would be the perfect set-up and she did want to be an aunt one day. Ryan agreed with his sister and so far, they had been able to hide their intentions from Nicole.

“Come into the bedroom, brother Ryan,” Shauna said softly. “My pussy is really horny and I need you to fill it with your big cock. Go slowly baby, fuck me nice and sweet, that’s what I need tonight. You’ve earned it baby, come to bed and please Shauna with your lovely cock.”

Ryan followed his sister’s gently-swaying ass into the bedroom and thought to himself that if life got any better, he would explode. What he didn’t know yet was that his sister had been in touch with Leslie and invited her for a little “reunion”. Leslie’s husband knew all about her past with Shauna and had no objections to her visiting. Once Leslie had exacted some much-needed revenge and they’d worked Ryan over, their threesome would become a foursome for a few very naughty days.

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