She’s Been A Very Bad Girl

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It is the middle of the afternoon. She lays on the hammock on the back patio enjoying the cool breeze before the rain settled in. She relaxes as a bit of cold water lands against her warm skin. A rumble of thunder breaks her concentration and sends her heading for the house. She goes upstairs to get into some dry clothes, figuring no one else was home she slips her shirt off tossing it on the table by the sofa. Her bra hanging on the banister and her shorts she removes on her way down the hall to her bedroom, leaving them lay on the floor.

Her panties she drops right outside the door. She slips into her bedroom and turns on the television. She flops down on her stomach still naked.

She lays there quietly watching TV and eating her liquid lollipop when he flings open the door. Her daddy stands there looking at her with a stern gaze before noticing she was naked.

Her clothes grasped tightly in his hand he tosses them on the bed. “What have I told you before about leaving your clothes lying around?” She starts to roll over as he approaches the bed, he sits down quickly and grabs her, laying her across his lap.

She gasps startled by his actions. He raises his hand and delivers a hard blow to her cheeks. She whimpers trying to pull away. He tells her in a firm voice ” lay still you know that you have this coming.” She bites her lower lip, squirming slightly as another blow came crashing down on her ass. Her cheeks began to redden. She whimpered as she flinched. He continued to slap her ass, watching the flesh ripple.

His strikes became slower he noticed her legs starting to spread. He glanced down and seen the dampness growing as he continued to slap her ass firmly. Her whimpers turned from ones of pain to ones of desire. He spanked her harder.

His other hand slipping between her thighs to feel her wetness growing. He dipped a finger inside. She gasped, not pulling away as he pushed deeper. He was amazed how tight she was.

She writhed in his lap as he began to work his finger in and out adding a second. Her hips push back as he delivers another hard smack to her cheek, watching the hand print form.

She moans louder. Her hips bucking harder as she feels himself swelling beneath her. Her moans becoming louder as she looks over her shoulder at him. He slips a third finger deep inside her.

She whimpers loudly. He slaps her again harder than before. He feels her tighten around his fingers, her hips bucking harder than before. His shorts are suddenly soaked with her juices. His cock throbs beneath her.

As her raging orgasm slowly subsides she slips to her knees in front of him. Unzipping his shorts without a word. He looks down at her, his eyes widen in amazement as she takes his thick shaft from his pants.

She smiles deviously as she reaches for the tube of liquid confection. She opens the top and drizzles a thick glob onto the head big ass porno of his cock. He jumps as the goo hits his skin. She begins to lap at it teasingly.

He groans as his head drops back, leaning on his elbows as he revels in the warmth of her tongue. His eyes shutting tightly as she takes him into her mouth. Sucking just the head as she cleans the sweet treat from him.

She begins to work his shorts off, his underwear slipping down with them. She drizzles more of the red candy down his shaft, letting it drip to his balls. Slowly her tongue traces down his shaft. Tasting the candy and his flesh.

He inhales sharply through clenched teeth. Her tongue slipping lower. Teasing his balls as she licks them softly. Her tongue twirling around them before she gently sucks each into her mouth one at a time. He groans in ecstasy. His hand tangling in her hair as she continues to suck. Her tongue orally worshiping his balls. She releases them gently and squirts a bit more candy on them. This time it trickles down to his forbidden little hole.

He moans as he feels it oozing down his balls. She licks at it hungrily as she continues downward, her hands spreading his cheeks as she traces over that tender spot just behind his balls.

He jerks slightly. The sensation totally new to him. Her tongue gently flickering across his skin, she traces back further following the trail of cherry flavored sweetness.

He grips her head tightly as her tongue slips over his puckered little entrance. He starts to pull away. She struggles to stay there. His legs spread wider, she moves her hand up to his shaft as she continues to trace the hole.

Brazenly she forces her tongue inside. Stroking his cock as he moans in total lustful pleasure. Her tongue darting in and out of him as she strokes him slightly faster. His cock throbbing in her grasp. A low growl from deep in his throat escapes him. His cock twitching in her hand. “OH GOD BABY GIRL OH GOD YES. KEEP GOING … KEEP GOING.”

She continues to stroke him hard. His body jerking as her tongue slips in and out of his ass. Slowly she pulls it out. His cock pulsing in her hand as she slips it into her mouth, sucking hungrily she slides him further in. Seconds later his cock erupts. Her mouth flooded with his thick warm cum. She pulls his cock out quickly, her mouth closed as she strokes him vigorously.

Thick jets of cum splatter upon her skin as she looks up at him. She opens her mouth, he sees the cum resting on her tongue.

He moans loudly as he watches his cum covered little girl slide his cock back into her mouth and suck the rest of the load from him. She shows him again the cum rolling around on her tongue. He smiles as she closes her mouth to swallow. “That’s daddy’s good little girl” he says as he strokes her hair.

She gets up and walks to the bathroom to wash her face, as he lays big tits porno back on her bed catching his breath. She stands before the mirror admiring her complexion when she feels his hands gently rubbing her ass. “Mmmm daddy that feels good.” She could feel his cock against her. It was already to show signs of arousal again. He looked at her freshly cleaned face and scoops her up in his arms. He walks over to the tub and sits her down gently as he pulls the shower curtain. Turning the water on he quickly adjusts the temperature.

She watches him closely. Her lips curling in a lustful smile. He takes her hand and helps her into the tub. She steps inside. He quickly kneels on the floor besides the tub.

“Now wash up like a good little girl. She smiles wickedly. The cool water causing her candy pink nipples to harden instantly. She began to lather her body. He loved watching her wash her soft full breasts.

Her hand slips between her thighs, her body shivers as she washes between them. He takes the hand held shower head in his hand, “Spread your legs little one daddy wants to make sure you are rinsed well.”

She spreads her legs widely, putting one on the edge of the tub. He begins to rinse her.

Her clit throbs as the cool water caresses it. She moans softly. “Go ahead little one. Show daddy what you do when you are in the shower alone.” Her hand slide down her body, tracing her pussy lips before 2 fingers dip deep inside her. The other hand going to her breast. She pinches and tugs on her nipple hard. Her back arching as she enjoys the feeling.

He adjusts the spray to narrow it, holding it steady to her clit. She trembles getting closer and closer to an incredible orgasm. He watches her reach the brink of it and shuts the hot water off quickly. The blast of cold water makes her jump. Quickly bringing her back down. “Daddy didn’t say you could cum did he lil one”. She stares at him lustfully. He turns the water off. Her body dripping wet as he takes her back to the bedroom. He pushes her to the bed roughly.

Her heart races as he tells her “On your knees on the bed little girl… NOW” in a very firm voice. She quickly obeys. Her thighs spread wide apart. “Do not move”

He leaves the room for a moment, returning with a bowl of ice. He places the bowl against her back. The cold glass stinging her skin as he commands her “Now stay still little one… I think you need cooled off”.

He takes two of the ice cubes and forces them one at a time inside her dripping wet pussy. She gasps loudly as her muscles contract around the coldness. She can not believe what he is doing to her.

He leans down and begins to trace around her puckered little hole, watching her shiver and try to hold still. He stops. Firmly he cracks her ass again. The cheek reddening quickly. His tongue pushes into her. She moans loudly as he reaches up and blacked porno grabs an ice cube. Slowly he tongue fucks her forbidden little hole as he shoves another ice cube deep into her cunt. His fingers slipping in and pushing them until they rest tightly against her cervix.

She whimpers. His cock becoming rock hard as he continues to tongue her tender little bud.

She begs him “PLEASE daddy fuck me… PLEASE MAKE ME CUM”. He slaps her again. Several blows quickly falling. She moans loudly. Her body aching as she begs for more.

He stands up, taking an ice cube and rubbing it over her hot flesh, tracing the hand prints slowly. She flinches. He then traces down to her ass. He gently forces the cube inside her, deep as he can. Her muscles tense up as she cries out. The cold biting into her tender warm flesh. He plunges his tongue into her pussy and laps at the cold water that trickles from it. His fingers pinching and rubbing her clit. It aches from the coldness.

He pulls his tongue out. Standing again he rubs the head of his cock against her chilled little gash. Pushing in slowly. The melting cubes of ice forced into her cervix. She cries out as the cold reaches new depths.

Her walls tightly grip him as he pushes in as deep as he can. She whimpers and moans. He slaps her ass again harder. Moving the bowl of ice off her. He grabs her hips and holds her in place.

He plunges his cock in deep with every stroke. Making her moan and beg as her body jerks forward slightly. He slaps her ass firmly again then returns to holding her by her hips.

She moans “OH GOD YES DADDY FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER DADDY” She gasps as he forces another ice cube deep into her ass. Her body convulsing slightly as his cock is bathed in her warm juices.

“That’s it baby girl cover daddy’s cock… cum for daddy” he slaps her ass hard again. The sound echoing through the room. She immediately cums again. The cold water washing over him, forced out by each orgasm.

He waits for the spasms to subside and pulls out slowly. The head of his cock tracing her tight little hole before he slips it inside. The coldness surrounding him as he forces deeper in.

She moans loudly. He pushes her shoulders down and begins to pump deep into her. Slow deep strokes. Her chest and head resting against the bed as he pulls her hips to him.

He groans as he watches her muscles stretch to accept his cock. His pace quickening as he begins to fuck her harder and faster. Her moans turning to screams of ecstasy.

“OH GOD YES BABY GIRL MOAN FOR DADDY.” He feels himself reaching the breaking point. His hips slam quickly to hers as he continues to assail her reddened cheeks with stinging blows. He thrusts harder, animalisticly into her.

She cries out as she is gripped by another orgasm. Her body tensing causing her muscles to tighten around him. He loses control blasting his thick load deep into her. He pulls out before he stops squirting and shoots the last of it on her reddened cheeks.

She gasps as she feels his hot creamy release against her skin. Collapsing to the bed beside her he begins to caress her back. “Such a good girl for daddy”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32