Sled Ride Seduction Ch. 01

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There are geographic references which will be unfamiliar to some readers. This is because of the dual audience of my regular readers and those of SL Gor. I did actually purchase sled rides for everyone in Valkyrie Forest.


It began with the hayride early in the evening with Jason sitting next to Jen. While they started as strangers the night was young and their flirting took flight getting to know each other better one heartbeat at a time. They had been in high school together and this college reunion of friends was the first they’d seen each other for a while. As they took the ride through the empty and fully harvested pumpkin patch they chatted with each other about sweet nothings and young people distractions all the while Jason seeking her hand underneath the hay. Eventually he pushed his hand into the straw holding hers and pushing it under with him. OH, did that feel good? She sighed and heart skipped a beat. Yes, indeed. She left him take her hand and even snuggled closer a bit. By the end of the ride his hand was still holding hers but fully in her lap and his other arm around her shoulder holding her closely against his side. She was ensconced by him with his arms. Jason leaned down and nuzzled her neck whispering “we can continue this all night my love.” Jen’s eyes opened in full awareness he was hers if she wanted. Or was she his already? She giggled hearing “my love” but it sent up a warning flag.

They all went back to the shelter where Jason continued to hold her hand and stay close. It was time for Jen to have second doubts like she always did and became aloof confusing him mightily. It’s the way girls rule the world, after all. He was nice and she mostly acquiesced but made it clear she was da boss. He could touch when she wanted him to. This is the arena and these are the rules-her rules.

After an hour or so things began to quiet down and Jen was bored. She had this horny guy on her shoulder, spidery fingers wanting her breasts, and time to explore. “So, who wants to go for a sled ride?” She was disappointed with the lack of response to say the least. She had bought sleds for the group at her own expense and nobody showed interest. Where’s the gratitude? Don’t these girls like to have fun? No matter. She would have fun. She would sled and invited Jason. “How about a sled ride, Big Guy?” She dubbed him “Big Guy” as ego boost.

Jason saw his chance. He moved over to Jen, sat down beside her and accepted “I would love a canlı bahis sled ride with you pretty lady.” He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to himself. She chuckled. Yes, exactly what she wanted and so predictable. He leaned in and kissed her again, sweetly on her cheek. “So, when do we go?” With that his advances became more pronounced and his free hand settled on her tummy. He felt the softness of her knitted sweater and swirled his hand up until he touched her bra band and felt the swell of her under breast. Her nipples perked at his touch and she was sure she leaked into her panties.

“If you keep doing that, Big Guy, we might never have our sled ride.” she pushed his hand away as if disapproving, but in reality she wanted him later. She kissed him sweetly on the lips and with a short kiss promised “Later. I really want this sled ride and I want all of us to go.”

They walked outside in just heavy, woolen sweaters though some put on gloves. It was barely cold enough to keep the snow frozen and a perfect night for a sled ride. Perfect night! Jen hugged Jason tight holding his arm against her side wiggling against her breast. He made her feel good again. The group walked out together with Jason and Jen finding a sled from the wagon storage they liked. (The sleds were all identical and new.) He took it outside and they sat down with him driving and Jen placing her arms around him holding him close pressing against him lightly with her chest. After three wild runs around the frozen tundra of Valkyrie Jason suggested Jen drive. She agreed. Maybe they would speed up Valkyrie Mountain and get airborne. “Yeeeeh, haaaaaaaa.”

Jen sat on the sled and Jason slid close in back of her enveloping her belly with his arms. As they started their slide she felt his hand slide under her sweater and it made her feel wanted, good, beautiful, desirable. He was gentle and she soaked up his fondling. She took much the same path he had chosen for a while indeed getting airborne and landing on the smooth ice. One time his groping distracted her and she lost focus and they ran off course into the woods, down a trail and out of the woods again. It seemed like miles. OMG! Had they slid into Mirkwood Forest? Where was this place? They were overlooking the neighboring farm and empty field. Oh my! No other sledders in sight, no base, nothing but a house at the end of the field and a woods behind them with a steep uphill trail.

Jason got creative and set the sled aright. “Come on. Let’s bahis siteleri go to that house.” He hopped on the back and finally Jen hopped in the driver seat again. He holds her close with arms around her belly again and gently nuzzles against her breast. She moans and aims for the house at the end of the field. They stop about 30m away from the house. They stand up and he takes her hand as they approach the dimly lighted house together.

“This isn’t a house” Jason was the first to notice. “It’s barely big enough to be a cabin.” They enter the structure which had a lock but was standing open due to someone picking the lock earlier-their good fortune. They noticed it contained almost nothing. Certainly nothing of much value to thieves. There was a desk and office chair, some small filing cabinets-those were locked, a small and primitive bed, a couple of other wooden chairs and a propane space heater, a water dispenser. Jason was familiar with this type of unit and fired it up to dispel the damp frigidness of winter. “It should be warm in no time.”

“Do you think we should be doing this?”

“Oh, sure” he smiles as he pulled her forward in an embrace. “They won’t mind. They left the light on for us” he joked. He pushed her hair back from her face and moved his lips slowly to hers, gently feeling her lips against hers then pushed them open with his tongue. She let him enter and they tongue wrestled for a spell getting their juices flowing. He maneuvered to the bed in the alcove sort of dragging her along and they sat together. He started to lift her sweater but hesitates asking “is this OK?”

She nodded and he pulled the garment clear of her head putting her bodacious tatas on display in a very pretty, white, lace bra. It was a long line with nine hooks in the back and from the Chantilly lace bridal collection, a strapless pushup, satin and lace delight for that special night. It should have been in her hope chest but she started wearing it months ago for special occasions along with the matching lace bikinis on nights she thought she might get lucky—like tonight. He felt his erection come to full attention and his heart skipped a beat. She liked how his gaze froze on her bosom and he was in her total control. He reached behind her looking for the hooks but she whispered and pushed his hand away “leave it on as it’s too tricky to get back on in a hurry.” He understood and would be content with the cleavage pushed up past the top and leave it at that. She had no problem bahis şirketleri when he wanted to pull her jeans down and left him do that, first her snow boots, then her skinny jeans. “Now you!” she reminded him wearing only her bridal collection.

He quickly stripped down without fanfare and in his cotton briefs snuggled up to her on the primitive bed covered by a woven wool blanket left at the foot of the bed. The chill was gone but the office was far from warm. The propane heater wasn’t like a furnace but rather a space heater. He held her hand and they kissed for a while then he placed her hand on his bulging member as he fondled her nearly naked breast. She didn’t know what to do with such a thing so he closed her hand around it and started a slow pumping motion still inside his briefs. She got the idea and he left her continue as he found her groin for the first time, sliding across the lace material in a circle. He knew what to do and slid across her vulva lips and giving a pinch to her clit each pass. In not too many passes he slid his hand inside her lace bikini and continued, now sliding his fingers across her slippery opening. He wondered if she was a virgin noting that she seemed inexperienced. She wasn’t making progress on her own so he took her fingers and pushed them inside his briefs and against his naked member. She understood and began to stroke him in earnest with the pre-cum making his member slick and sensuous. He pushed two fingers inside her and started humping her while riding her clit with his thumb. “All the way, tonight?” he whispered the question in her ear.

With all the new emotions swirling in her head she only nodded and smiled, then leaned her head against his shoulder. He laid her on her back, pulled his briefs and her bikini off then joined her on the primitive bed and pulled the blanket back over them. He hoped he could last and inserted his cock into the folds of her pussy. She gasped. He pulled part way back then thrust in hard and all the way. Their pelvis met. She cried out but not for long. Jason began a rhythmic pumping into her vagina and it wasn’t long before she was thrusting up to meet him at the pelvis. She was a natural. He was experienced and waited for her to climax then pumped as hard as he could releasing his seed inside this woman. They collapsed and cuddled for a while before Jen reminded him “we should be getting back.”

Jason looked out the window “there’s no getting back. There’s a storm out there. I can’t see the sled, the trail, or anything, really.”

“Oh, no! Now what?” Jen sounded concerned. They both got dressed as the propane heater stopped burning. “And now no heat. What’s the plan?” she tried not to sound too distressed.

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