SOI: Club of the Sons Ch. 01

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Prologue: I first met my friend, Mike, when we were freshman attending a Catholic university in Indiana. We had several classes together and we were both second string players on the football team. We had many interests in common including shared a mutual interest in older women. We found this out over a beer or two when we started talking about this female professor in our Psych 1 class. She was 40, eastern European looking, dark hair, pale skin, slim, and was very pleasant to the students. Mike and I shared about our fantasies about going to bed with her. As we became good friends, we shared our past including the fact that both of us had slept with our mothers! Mike had only one episode where I still had an on going sexual relationship with mine. Our experiences had been exciting as well as pleasurable. At another beer session, we decided to make a secret club or society with ourselves as the founders. This club would be for members who enjoy older women, especially those who are into mother son incest or promote mother son relations. Mike was a marketing major and imagined names for the club from the mother fucker’s club to mommy’s best friend society. The name that we both agreed upon was the Club of the Sons.

Chapter 1: My name is Pat and I am the other founding member of the Club of the Sons. During my second semester at college, there was a heavy snow storm that February. School was cancelled and there was general partying going on in the dorm. I was lucky enough to have the money to live in the dorm building where the rooms were all one bedroom apartments with a bath and a small kitchen. That day, almost everyone had their door open, mingling with the other dorm students, and all types of music blaring in the building. I got the opportunity to meet Jim who lived across the hall. After that snowy day, we became friends and soon Jim, Mike, and I would hang out together, drink, go to concerts, shoot pool, or go to the games. One evening in March, the three of us were shooting pool. Mike and I noticed that Jim was ogling the bar waitress as much as we were. The waitress was a slutty blonde in her 40’s with a skimpy top that attracted tips.

“Man, wouldn’t you love to be a dollar tucked in there” said Jim.

Mike looked at Jim and then at the cue ball, “I bet we could fit all our cocks into that pussy at the same time.”

Mike missed his shot and passed the next move to Jim who sunk the eight ball. Having ended that game, Jim said “I couldn’t turn her down. I bet she is a hotter fuck than most girls on our campus.”

I spoke up, “Mike and I are not disagreeing with you at all about her. I’m of cash, lets’ head back to campus. OK?”

“Since I cleaned both of you out” smiled Jim, “The beer at my dorm room is on me.”

We walked back to the dorm, took the elevator to the fourth floor, past my room, and made a quick left into Jim’s room. Mike and I crashed on the floor and turned on his TV. Jim pulled three beers from the refrigerator and handed us one each. We were generally talking, especially about the waitress. After awhile, I went to the refrigerator to help myself to another beer. I saw this photo in a frame on the kitchen counter.

“Say Jim”, I asked, “Who is the hotty in the picture frame?”

“That’s my mom” smiled Jim.

Mike got up and walked to the counter, picked up the photo, and glazed over the photo. Jim’s mother was a dark haired petite beauty who I had guessed at about 40. “Sorry Jim” I apologized, “I didn’t mean to be that way about your mom but she is very attractive.”

Mike joked, “Pat, you meant what you said. She is a hotty.”

“My mom is a teaser, you know” said Jim. “After my parents got divorced about five years ago, she always dressed in short skirts and flirted with men all the time. When there were high school events where she attended with me, all the other kid’s fathers would be around her and she would flirt with them or show off. She never did date anyone after the divorce but just became a prick teaser. You know what that is. Right?”

“Yeah” Mike sighed, “Get you all excited and then they walk away.”

“Well my mom is like that” said Jim. “I don’t know if that is how she gets back at men because of the divorce or she gets off on the attention or what? The stuff at school never bothered me and like you guys, my high school buddies thought she was hot. What drove me crazy was around the house at night. She would wear this T shirt or jersey that would go barely below her butt. Sometimes she would bend over and guys I not lying, she would have no underwear on. I would see her ass sticking out and mom acting like nothing was going on.”

“Wow” I exclaimed, “I don’t think that I could have looked at that all the time and not have gotten some relief.”

“Did you ever want to fuck her?” asked Mike almost joking but serious.

“Don’t think that I’m weird or a perv but I have thought about it.” confessed Jim. I don’t know if I could really fuck my mom but I have fantasized about.”

Mike czech taxi porno and I opened up to Jim about our relations with our mothers and told him abour this club we had started. Jim became our new member that night and we worked out a plan to seduce Jim’s mother, introducing her to the joys of her son.

We decided to plan something for April when the university was having Parents Weekend. Jim expected his mother to come spend that weekend to visit and to tour the campus. Parents Weekend was a major public relations event for the university as they hoped to attract future same family students and possible contributors of funds. The university cleaned up the campus, put students on best behavior, and held special receptions. Every floor of the dorm buildings had a reception area for visiting parents with refreshments and information. Jim and I were manning the reception area on our floor. We made small chat with the visitors and guided them to student rooms or campus locations. It was about noon that Saturday when I saw her get off the elevator.

It was just like her picture and the way Jim described her. The petite dark haired lady was coming down the hallway towards me. Jim’s mother had on a short skirt, tight sweater with (I thought) a pushup bra underneath, and high heels. Jim was giving directions to some visiting parents and had not seen his mother walk in so I took the first step to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Pat” I smiled, “I bet you are Jim’s mother.”

“Well yes I am” She smiled back, “I’m Terri. Are you a friend of Jimmy’s?”

I could have melted hearing the sound of her voice. It was very smooth and sweet with southern drawl that was somewhere between the deep south and mountain south. Looking into her eyes I said, “Yes, Jim is my neighbor and good friend. Here he is.” I watched as Terri tapped her son on the shoulder who turned around to be embraced by his mother. I wished that I was in his shoes as he hugged and kissed his very attractive mother.

“Hi mom” exclaimed Jim, “I am so glad that you were able to come and see me. Did you have any trouble driving here from Louisville?”

“Oh the trip was fine and it was easy to find your dorm.” She smiled, “I am not sure where I will stay tonight, this town is booked up because of parents day. I may have to drive back tonight.”

“Mom, you are staying the weekend!” said Jim, “I make some kind of arrangements for you. I don’t want you to drive here, stay a few hours, then drive home. I hardly get to see you since I’m here. I really missed you.”

“I really missed you too Jim” Terri said sweetly, “It’s so quiet in the house since you have been away. Well, show me what the university is about.”

Jim had some other students man the hallway reception spot while Jim and I escorted his mother. We showed her both our rooms and toured the campus. She was one of these women that makes you feel good to be around and the looks that she got from the men on campus was overwhelming but she seemed not to notice. After showing her around, Jim and I decided that she could stay the weekend in Jim’s room and that he would sleep on the floor in my room. We walked over to another part of campus and introduced Terri to our friend, Mike. Mike was as impressed with Terri as I was, but realized what a tease she was. Mike and I walked with Terri and Jim back to our dorm building. Mike and I took Terri’s suitcases from her car and took them to Jim’s room for her. We were rewarded with a nice thank you and a kiss for that. As part of our plan, Jim explained to his mother that he had to go help with a banquet sponsored by the basketball team as part of his scholarship terms and would be back at ten o clock. Terri was not too happy about being alone but understood that he had to go. Mike and I volunteered to take Terri to dinner and keep her company until he came back. Terri was delighted to spend time with two handsome young men. Jim gave his mother an extra key to the dorm room, a kiss, and left down the hall. Terri wanted an hour or two to rest and change before dinner. I told her to knock on my door across the hallway when she was ready. She went to Jim’s room and closed the door after which I placed a call to Jim on his cell phone. Jim quickly came back and entered my room. He was to wait and hide out in my room until Mike and I were successful or it was after ten o clock.

It was about an hour later that we heard a knock at the door. Jim slipped into my bathroom and closed the door. I opened the door and say Terri in fresh makeup, red lipstick on her small pouty lips, red halter top, and skin tight blue jeans.

“You all ready to go” asked Terri.

I had to stop staring before answering but stammered, “Yes, we are ready to go.”

Mike closed my door behind him and said “Terri, you look very beautiful. I think it’s so cool that you dress like the girls on campus. You look more like a student than a parent who is visiting.”

Terri was eating up the compliments defloration porno and flirting back as we walked to a nearby restaurant. There was an Italian restaurant next to campus which had good food even if it was a nationwide chain. We spent an hour drinking wine, eating pasta, flirting, and looking at Terri’s cleavage emerging from her red halter top. Terri attracted many looks from the men in the restaurant, she was enjoying being in the company of two young attentive men, and we enjoyed being in her company.

It was about six thirty after dinner and Terri asked, “What do you want to do now? What do you two and Jim do in the evenings?”

I would have liked to have said talk about screwing our mothers but said “We shoot pool a lot at that place down the block but I don’t think you’d like it.”

“Why not” asked Terri, “I love to shoot pool. It sounds like fun.”

Mike interrupted, “Well, it’s kind of a low down place but it’s not a biker or dangerous place.”

“If the beer is cold and the tables are level, I’m game” she smiled, “besides I have two strong football players to protect little me.”

We walked in and went to our favorite table that was empty. I notice as we passed by the other occupants of the bar, conversations went silent for a moment as they just looked. Mike racked up the balls and the blonde waitress came by for our drink order. She was a bit cold towards us and I guess that was because Terri was competition for looks. We started to play eight ball and drink beer. Mike and I were getting off watching Terri’s boobs stick out of her halter top when she would bend down for a shot. She enjoyed showing them off to us and strutted around the table. After a game or two, Mike suggested that we play for money, five dollars a game from the losers. After an hour, Terri was laughing as she cleaned Mike and I out of cash. Wonder where Jim learned how to shoot pool so well. Terri being the good sport bought the last round of beer for us before heading back to the dorm rooms. All three of us had a little too much to drink as we walked back through the campus, laughing and sometimes staggering. It was pleasant as she walked between us to have her arms around our waist and our adjacent arms around hers.

It was about eight when we got back and Terri did not want to be alone until Jim came back. She asked Mike and I to hang out with her until Jim was back which is what we wanted her to do. Terri and I sat on Jim’s couch. She kicked off her shoes while Mike went to raid his refrigerator. I turned on the TV with the remote and flipped through the channels while Jim looked for something to drink for us.

“All there is in here is a six pack of coke” said Mike.

“That’s is usually my breakfast” said Terri “but a coke sounds good.”

Mike pulled three out on the counter and opened two. Making sure Terri could not see what he was doing; he poured a small amount of white powder into her can. The can of Coke really had coke in it. Mike walked over and handed us our sodas and went back to the counter to get his. Mike came back and sat on the other side of Terri with his arm across her bare shoulders. Terri rested her hand on my thigh as she placed her soda on the coffee table in front of us. She kept her hand here as she leaned back. I was getting a hard on but did not try to find it. It wasn’t long that Terri was getting very talkative and more flirtatious than before. Her hand began to run up and down my thigh and Mike hand began to slowly move from resting on her shoulder to between her arm and chest. Terri’s conversation was beginning to be more personal and sexual. She wanted to know who we dated, who Jim was dating, what the girls in college liked to do sexually. Mike and I responded back by teasing and not telling her everything she wanted to know.

“I bet the girls want to hop your bones all the time” smiled Terri, “I mean the athletes get all the women here on campus. Don’t they?”

“Sure” I laughed, “They have to take a number and wait in the hall for their turn.”

“What number would I have” said Terri as she kept glancing at the bulge in my pants.

“Oh, number one!” I laughed and Mike nodded his head in agreement. “You can settle an argument while you are here. None of the girls in line can decide who kisses better, Mike or me?”

“I can settle that” smiled Terri. Jim’s mother leaned over and kissed me very softly with open lips. While our lips touched, I could feel Terri’s hand slide up my thigh and feel over the hard on my jeans. My hand rested on her waist and slide up to move against the side of her breast.

Slowly breaking away, I looked into Terri’s eyes and could see the sexual excitement building in her. “Hmmm” I said, “I think you are the greatest kiss around here.”

Terri smiled and turned to Mike who locked lips with her. They held their kiss longer and Mike darted his tongue into Terri’s mouth while his hand moved further into her halter top. He scooped doktor ofisi porno a waiting boob into his hand. Terri moaned a little as her hand kept rubbing on my covered hard on. I buckled my jeans and slid my jeans and briefs down to my knees. I watched Terri’s face as her eyes quickly open and widen but she did not stop her hand from feeling my naked hard on. She resumed her passionate kissing with Mike as she started to stroke me. I reached behind her and unzipped her red halter top. The top slowly fell off as Mike explored her breasts. I loved the way her naked breasts looked. She had about a 34 C and must have had a boob job. They were firm and round with brown nipples that stuck straight out. I was wrong about the push up bra.

Terri turned back to me and pressed her breasts into my chest while kissing me and stroking me. Mike stood up and stripped off his clothes. Mike watched us for a few minutes, stroking his own cock before getting back into action. Mike kneeled down at the edge of the couch and reached to Terri’s waist. He unbuttoned and unzipped the zippers that were on each side of her jeans. He slowly slid her jeans off, savoring the sight of her legs. Then as he grasped the edges of her black lace panties and she raised her hips as he slid these off. Mike and I were both admiring this beautiful petite women who just had a strip of black hair covering her pussy.

Mike sat back on the couch and Terri moved over to him, kissing him on the neck, and moving the kisses down his body to where she had his cock in her face. I removed the rest of my clothes while watching Terri slide her lips up and down the length of Mike’s cock. I went back to the couch and raised Terri on her knees while she sucked on Mike. I kneeled next to her and for no reason at all, gave her a playful slap on her butt. She loved it! Mumbling over Mike’s cock, she moaned, “Spank me again.”

I gave Terri another playful slap on her heart shaped ass. After the smack, I caressed each butt cheek, feeling the softness and roundness of her ass. With both hands, I slightly separated her butt cheeks and admired her small pink rosebud. I left finger massaging her rosebud while I let her cheeks snap back together. I gave Terri another spank and watched her go deeper on Mike with each slap. As nice as my finger felt between her cheeks, I slid my finger lower between her legs. Her damp pussy lips yielded to my probing finger as I began to rub her clit. Her clit felt big like the kind you could suck in your mouth and really have fun with. I was enjoying this immensely but it was time to get our plan to the next level. Mike had left his shirt containing his cell phone on the top on the couch. Quietly I removed the cell phone with my free hand and hit the speed dial for my room. I let it ring two times and disconnected for Jim’s signal to come in. I laid the cell phone back on the shirt and gave Terri another spank.

Terri was moaning and rotating her hips on my finger while very silently the dorm room door opened. The door was behind us and Terri couldn’t see or know that someone had entered the room. I saw a big smile on Jim’s face as he watched his mother suck Mike’s cock and get fingered by me. Jim removed his clothes and stood behind his mother with his cock standing hard. I switched places with Jim to watch the new action. Jim went onto the couch and began to massage his mother’s clit as I had. After a few minutes, he moved fingers back and then slid one then two fingers into Terri’s pussy. He paused and savored the warm, damp, and tight feel of his mom’s pussy. Soon, his fingers started to work in and out of her pussy. When Jim felt that his mother’s pussy was ready, he began to rub the length of his cock along her clit. I walked from behind Jim to stand beside Mike as I wanted to see Terri’s face when Jim started to fuck her. Terri hadn’t noticed yet as she was busy sucking Mike’s cock and enjoying the pleasure. Jim pulled back and moved forward, pushing his cock into her pussy. Terri lifted her face and closed eyes from Mike’s cock and I could see the wave of pleasure spread across her face. Jim started to rhythmically pump his mother as she opened her eyes to see me standing by Mike. She looked slightly puzzled as Jim bent over and whispered in her ear, “It’s me, mom”.

Terri had a look of surprise then a grin. Mike had been holding back cumming but seeing Jim fuck his mother, he could not hold back. Streams of hot white cum shot into the air landing in Terri’s hair and on her face. I lifted Terri by her shoulders to where she was on her hands and knees so Mike could slide off the couch. I was getting worked up watching Jim pump her, her boobs shaking back and forth, and that pretty face with cum lingering on it. I stood at the end of the couch and let Terri’s lips wrap around my cock. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her in her mouth more than she blowing me. I was cumming soon also and I shot a heavy load in her mouth. She sucked down every drop.

As per our plan, Mike and I quietly moved to the side while Jim was giving his mother the fuck of his life. We quickly dressed and left mother and son to be alone. Silently we closed Jim’s door and slept in my room. We didn’t see Jim until later Sunday afternoon. He had seen his mother off as she drove back to Louisville and then knocked on my door.

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