Spanking The Office Girl

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I see you at work everyday wearing baggy clothes that hide your body. You have a beautiful face and I can only imagine what your body looks like. I have had daydreams about you wondering what your body looks like.

In my dreams I imagine you with large breasts and a big butt and then I will dream of you with small breasts and a tiny little butt. I have imagined that you will only lie on the bed during sex and won’t do anything else. I dream about you in so many ways I am beginning to look at you and see so much more than another person in the office.

I finally decide that I have to ask you to dinner and find out what kind of person you are. When we are at lunch I come over to you and ask if I may sit with you. You tell me it is fine and I sit down. We begin to talk about work then after a few minutes I ask if you would like to go to dinner with me that night. You accept my invitation and we agree on a time for me to pick you up.

I pick you up and I am amazed by your beauty. Your body is perfect and you have the face of a beautiful angel. The tight top and skirt you have on shows off your body and how perfect it is. It is all I can do to keep my mind on the reason you are with me. I have trouble talking to you on our way to the restaurant because I keep thinking about your amazing beauty.

We get to the restaurant where the waitress shows us to our seat. As we look at the menu we discuss what we are going to eat when I, without thinking, say I would love to eat you. You start laughing and tell me that you would like that also. ankara eryaman escort We order our dinner and continue talking with the subject becoming sexual. We begin talking about the things we enjoy whole having sex and I am very surprised at the things you enjoy.

When we finish our dinner we continue to talk and you ask if I would like to go back to your house and have a drink. I quickly pay for our dinner and we go to the car to start toward your house. As we drive down the road we continue to talk about our sexual desires and fantasies. I am getting excited as we discuss our sexual desires.

When we arrive at your house we go inside and you make us a drink. Sitting down at the kitchen table we are still talking about sex when you ask me to follow you. We walk into your bedroom and you open a drawer that has a lot of different sex toys in it. You ask if I would like to try some of them and my excitement starts to soar. I see a set of soft cuffs in the drawer and tell you that they really look like fun.

You get the cuffs out of the drawer and lean over to kiss me. I put my arms around you and we kiss passionately as I slide my hands up and down your back. Slowly I pull your shirt up and you help me remove it. When we have your shirt off of you we start taking mine off. As we get our clothes off I pull you up against me and feel your wonderful body against my own.

Taking the cuffs I put them on your wrists and then fasten them behind your back. You whisper in my ear that you have been a bad girl so I take you over to escort elvankent the bed and bend you over onto it. Softly I begin spanking your butt then getting harder each time I smack it. Soon it gets red and hot to touch so I get on my knees behind you and kiss it tenderly. Grabbing another toy I saw out of the drawer I gently slide my tongue over your asshole getting it real wet. I take your anal plug and get it wet also then slowly start working it in and out of your asshole. Moving it in and out you begin to moan and push back against it. As you relax I finish sliding it all the way in and your asshole tightens around it.

Gently I push my tongue into your pussy as I gently rub your clit with my fingers. Sliding my tongue in and out of your pussy I feel your heart beating in your clit with my fingers. I suck your lips into my mouth as I tub your clit harder. You start trembling and shaking as your orgasm rocks your body.

With your plug in your asshole I stand up and place my erection against your pussy. Slowly I push inside you as I put my fingers against your plug. Grabbing your hair I hold you in front of me as I slide my erection in and out of you. Your moans are deep and I can feel them vibrate inside you. My excitement is sky high as you start to tremble and I start spanking your butt. We start shaking as I pull your hair and we erupt in a fantastic orgasm.

I pull you up from the bed by your hair and then have you get on your knees. Pushing your head toward me I put my erection in your mouth. Holding your etimesgut escort bayan hair I push my erection in and out of your mouth. Shoving my erection deep into your mouth your moans vibrate on it. My excitement is tremendous as I slide in and out of your mouth and I start trembling

Holding your hair tight I pull you up and put my arms around you. I unfasten your cuffs and we kiss passionately. Getting on the bed you climb on top of me placing your pussy on my erection. You slide down onto my erection and move your hops around rubbing your clit against me. I push up against you as you move back and forth. Reaching up I grab your breasts and pinch your nipples as we moan together. Our bodies are trembling and we tense up as we start shaking and explode in a beautiful orgasm together.

We lie on the bed and rest from the pleasure we have enjoyed. I get up and start to go take a shower when you tell me I have something to do first. You get on your hands and knees on the bed and tell me to remove your anal plug. Licking all around it I gently pull it from you.

We go into the bathroom and get the shower started then get in and slowly start washing each other. Gently sliding my hands up and down your body I kiss you tenderly as my hand slides between your legs. Softly I rub your clit and your breasts press against me with your nipples hard and poking into me. Rubbing your clit harder I kiss you passionately as you start shaking and moaning louder. Your body tenses up and you tell me that you are cumming as your orgasm thunders through you.

We get out of the shower and dry off then we find our clothes and start to dress. You ask if I would like to do it again soon and I am more than eager to agree. We discuss a time to have another date and promise to never discuss any of this at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32