Spring Delights Ch. 2

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It was the morning after Billy had laid his lovely stepsister for the first time. He had slipped off to his own room early that morning so they wouldn’t get caught. What would our parents say if they found out? We weren’t really doing anything wrong since there is no blood relation. Were we? Billy couldn’t help himself. He was getting a hard on now just thinking about what a delicious treat his little stepsister has turned out to be. He certainly enjoyed fucking her a lot more than he did his current girlfriend. His little stepsister couldn’t get enough of his dick and he was pretty sure there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do. He thought about how she had told him she liked to play with herself when no one else was available. Now Billy wanted to watch her playing with her pussy. He didn’t want her to know he was watching, so he could see her really getting into playing her pussy. That would be far better than any video he’d seen.

The house was already empty now, except for the two of us. Little did I know Billy had to have me again before he left for work that morning. Knowing I was in the shower, Billy crept into the bathroom silently. I sensed he was there, but made no sign of it. I liked the idea of him watching me. It’s what I was hoping for when I told him about playing with my pussy. He continued to watch me in silence through the clear glass shower doors as I began to pleasure myself. I began to get caught up in the fantasy again now that I had an audience.

Using the soapy bath sponge, I began lathering up and down my body. One hand fondled my canlı bahis breasts, pinching the nipples rather roughly, as the other hand teased my clit with the sponge. My pussy was still tender from last nights romping with Billy, but it was a sweet little pain and a nice reminder. He had fucked me so hard. He slammed into me repeatedly, just as my hips had arched up to meet him each time. My hips started moving back and forth as the sponge teased my clit. The nipples on my big tits were erect now and bounced slightly as I moved. I started to cum as I thought about his big cock sliding in and out of my tight little cunt. I couldn’t stifle the moans that were escaping my throat nor stop myself from calling out “Fuck me Billy.”

Like an answer to my prayer, having already striped off his clothes, Billy slid open the shower door and stepped inside. I squealed with surprise and delight. I had actually gotten so into the fantasy; I forgot he was there. Before I had time to think, Billy grabbed me and told me to bend over. I stood there, my round bottom fully exposed to him, my hands resting on the edge of the tub, as he took the ice chips from the cup he had brought in with him and began packing them in my tight ass. I squirmed at first, the ice was so cold and having his fingers in my ass was a totally new experience for me. Billy grabbed the hair on the back of my head and told me “Be still bitch, you can move when I tell you to.”

I really liked the way he was controlling me and I wanted to be his bitch so I obeyed. He slid his fingers between my pussy lips to bahis siteleri wet them, shoving ice up my cunt at the same time. With the hot water cascading down over us, he slid his fingers, now slick with soap and cum, into my ass. He began packing even more ice up my ass. Once my little rosebud adjusted to his fingers, I began rocking back and forth slightly. I was pushing back against him, wanting more. I whispered, “Oh Billy, you make me feel so good. Give it to me big boy!” I came then, his fingers in my ass as I shuddered. It hurt a little and was so cold, but I’d do anything, take anything to be his favorite toy. I like the way he fucks me.

Next he told me to kneel down before him. Once I was on my knees, I looked up at him towering above me as he began to pee all over my big tits and down my stomach. It was the most erotic feeling, the cold ice in my cunt and up my ass, then his steaming hot piss spraying all over me. I began to loose all self-control. Really get into him pissing on me, my hand began to fondle my breasts again while the other slid back down between my legs.

When he was done pissing, he grabbed me by the hair again, said, “Now suck me”, and rammed his cock into my eagerly awaiting mouth. I let go of my breast to hold onto his shaft, while the other continued to play with my throbbing pussy. My big blue eyes looked up at him, as I quit being such a greedy little slut, and started to massage his beautiful big balls with my cum soaked fingers. My tongue slid over the tip of his engorged dick and around the shaft as I sucked him. I watched bahis şirketleri his face as his eyes closed and he shot his creamy load down my throat, some spilling out down my chin. As he moaned, I knew I was proving to be a fabulous little cocksucker.

I rose up, sliding up his body and into his muscular arms as he pulled me to him. I said to him, “You liked that, didn’t you Billy? I love sucking your big cock.” He answered with a deep kiss, his tongue in my mouth, his hands on my ass. I lightly ground my pussy against him as we kissed, his hands on my ass guiding me. I felt his cock grow hard again and knew he would take me again now. Billy turned me, pressing my back to the shower wall. I lifted one leg, resting my foot on the edge of the tub. Billy slid his fingers up my cunt, then in one quick motion he grabbed my ass and slammed in big dick up into my hot pussy. The next moment he slid his finger into my ass. I ran my hands up and down his strong arms as he rammed into me again and again. His finger slid in and out of my ass in rhythm with the thrusts of his dick. He said, “You like that don’t you, pretty little slut?”

I cried out, “Oh yes Billy, fuck me like that.”

He replied, “You’re my cunt now. I own you. You got that? Who’s your master bitch?”

He drove his cock deeper into me, along with his finger going deeper inside my ass. I moaned out, “You’re my master Billy. Fuck your little cunt. Fuck me good and hard. Show your cunt you’re her man.” I couldn’t decide which direction to thrust my hips. His big dick felt so good in my tight pussy, but his finger in my ass was a sweet new sensation. I was being fucked in both holes at once. God, it felt so good. His mouth covered mine again as we came in unison, our bodies shuddering against each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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