Stepdad Carl Pt. 10

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Billy and I settled in to our classes he and I carrying a heavy load of courses, the sex getting better and better each and every day, Billy decided one night after topping me he wanted to try to bottom for me. I so wanted in his tight little hole, my cock would be held in there so firmly.

Billy got ready and we tried for what seemed like hours finally my cock breaching his hole, Billy sat there his eyes glassy, his expression hard to describe, both euphoric and in total complete pain.

“Tommy man that is one huge cock you have there, I feel like I have been split wide open, but at the same time your cock is hitting spots I never knew existed.” Billy said smiling.

After what seemed like hours Billy was ready to ride me, his hole held a firm grip on my cock if I did try to pull out right now he would be able to hold me in him. Billy took his time, his strokes long and sensual, his ass held me in him ever so tightly.

My balls reacted to his hold on my cock, I gently pushed my cock deeper with each stroke, I wanted to slam my cock in him, make him take it all to the root of my tool. Billy had this crazed look in his eyes, he was so horny, his cock dripping as he rode mine. I grabbed his cock squeezing it firmly, his balls pulled in, his hole tightened its grip, my own balls pulled in tight for the impending orgasm that would rock my whole body.

I stroked Billy’s cock, I pushed my own cock deeper inside of him with every stroke, Billy’s cock was the first to blow, he shot me in the face, down my neck, across my chest, then dribbled in my pubes. Billy continued to ride me, his ass now slamming down on my cock with every thrust my balls got closer to unloading.

Billy tightened his grip my cock in a vice, my balls ready to explode once I started to shoot it was like it would never stop, my cock shot Billy full of cum, his hole dripping my seed out of him. Billy laid on my cum covered chest his head on my chest my cock slowly sliding out of his cum soaked ass. Billy was worn out, my cock ached from being held so tightly in his hole.

I pulled the covers over us and we slept, Billy on top of me, both of us covered in cum, I held Billy close to me all night, I really did love the guy. Billy and I tried many different positions I liked him on his back, legs in the air his hole ready for my tongue then my cock, I loved to fuck him hard then pull out and see how gaped his hole was, such a beautiful hole it was.

Thanksgiving finally came Billy and I would drive home I was so excited to see Dad once again, I really needed to be near him, be in his bed once again, feel his huge cock deep inside of me. I still had not told Billy about the relationship Dad and I shared, however I would have to tell him at some point. The drive long and uneventful, I kept my eyes peeled for our two biker friends Scott an Darren, but we did not see either of them.

When we pulled in the drive I grabbed my suitcase and kissed Billy and headed in Dad would not be home for a few hours he was still at work. I got my stuff in the house, grabbed a shower laid down in Dad’s bed for a nap the drive was a long one, I needed a short nap before Dad came home. I woke up to him drying himself off after a shower, he was naked and so hard, his cock poked out straight at me.

I laid there looking at him, dam he was such a ruggedly handsome man, I wanted, no I needed him to kiss me right now, I gave him a sly smile, he knew what I wanted.

“Nice to come home to a naked man in my bed Son, be even better if he was to kiss canlı bahis me right about now.” Dad said to me.

I got up off the bed, Dad stood there drying his hair, I took the towel from him, tossed in on the floor, took his head in my hands and pulled him in to me. Billy was a good kisser but Dad was the best I had ever had, he and I stood there kissing his cock against me, throbbing, dripping. His cock needed relief it had been months since the last time he and I had had sex, I was not sure if he had any on the side but by the way his cock reacted to me I would have guess not so much.

I laid him down on the bed, I got in between his legs taking hold of his huge penis, it throbbed, it poured out precum like a geyser, I just held it I did not stroke it I simply held it in place. Dad looked at me with lust filled eyes, the man needed relief his balls filled to capacity.

I ran my tongue all over the head of his cock, poking his piss slit, trying to suck out more precum, with one motion I took his cock deep inside of me, his pubes at my nose, his balls on my chin. I sucked and swallowed, stroking his cock with my mouth and throat, I forgot how good his cock felt inside my mouth, how good it tasted, how it felt like I was at home again where I should be.

I sucked and stroked him his balls quick to react, I was fed a huge load of cum, it tasted so delicious, his cock continued to fill me up, I sucked and slurped his huge cock licking him clean. I got on top of Dad and kissed him.

“Missed you Dad, missed your cock and those yummy loads you like to feed me.” I said to him between kisses.

“Missed you too Son, and missed that pretty mouth of yours as well.” Dad replied to me.

I got in position, his cock aimed at my hole, I wanted no I needed him in me now, I wanted his huge cock deep inside of me. Dad rolled us over so he could really fuck me good, I wanted it like he used to fuck me hard then soft, then hard again pounding his load into me. Dad took over his cock driving into me, my hole would be sore once he was done with me, all this pent up sexual energy had to be used and I would be the one to take it from him.

Dad and I ended up in a doggy style his favorite, this way he could drive his cock in me his balls slapping me with every stroke.

“Did you miss Daddy’s big cock in your hole Son?” Dad asked me.

“Oh yes I sure did Dad, you are the only one who knows how I like it hard and rough, then gentle. Fuck me harder, Please Daddy Fuck your Boy.” I urged him on.

I did not have to tell the man twice, he let me have it, his cock pounded my hole, he was relentless, I could feel he was close his breathing laboured, his cock swelled, his balls tight in their sack.

“Here it comes Son, what you waited for, Daddy is going to fill his boy full of his seed right now. Oh Fuck Yes Tommy take it take Daddy’s load for him.” Dad yelled as his cock pounded me.

I grabbed my own cock stroking it a few stokes and soon it shot all over the bed, my body contorted, twisted, I had not had an orgasm like this in some time, Dad’s cock seemed to know all the right spots to drive me over the edge. I collapsed on the bed face down, Dad laid down beside me his breathing loud, I had taken it out of him. We both laid there spent, I rolled over on my side, I looked at him, he was so handsome. I got on top of him and kissed him, my tongue invading his mouth, I pulled away looked him in the eyes.

“Love you so much Dad, missed you so much as well. I said as I kissed him again.

“Love bahis siteleri you too Son so very much, and I have to tell you I missed you as well, the house and bed are so empty now that you are in university.” Dad said to me his hands on my body holding me tight.

Dad rolled us over so I was under him, he and I looked into my eyes, I was so in love with this man, it hurt. Dad laid on top of me just looking at me, he too was in love with me as well, I almost wished I did not have to go back to university, I wanted to be here in his bed under him like I was right now for the rest of our lives.

“Ready for another round Son?” Dad asked me.

“Do you have to ask Dad?” I said pulling my legs back.

Dad slid his cum soaked cock into my cum soaked hole, Dad drilled my hole, holding my hips so he could penetrate me as deep as he possibly could. Dad grabbed my cock and stroked me hard, then continued to stroke till he made me shoot all over myself, the man loved to see me covered in cum.

His cock slammed my hole, he held my hips his body shook as his orgasm rocked his body for the third time in such a short period of time. His balls drained he let my legs down and collapsed beside me on the bed. Dad and I fell asleep for about an hour or so, it had been months since the last time he and I had had so much sex in one session.

Billy was good in bed but he would never measure up to Dad, the man was an incredible lover I would never find a man who could measure up to him. Dad and I woke at the same time, he looked at me.

“Dam Son that was good, I forgot how good you really are in bed with me, I Love you so much.” Dad said to me.

“I too forgot how great you are in bed, you already know I love you with all my heart and soul, you are one amazing man.” I said a tear running down my cheek.

Dad got back on top of me he licked the tear away, then kissed me I could die a happy man right now, I had found a perfect moment in time.

“We better get some dinner on the table Son I am starving, need to build up my energy if I am going to do this a few more times tonight.” Dad said smiling.

I did not want to get up, I did not want to let him out of my grip I wanted and needed him on in and on top of me at this moment in time. I pulled him in for one more kiss.

“Love you Dad.” I said to him.

“Love you too son lets get showered up and make some dinner, or we could order a pizza?” Dad suggested.

“Yes pizza great idea I don’t feel like cooking, I will order we can shower while it is on the way.” I said to him grabbing my phone.

Twenty minutes till it would be here, we had time for a fast shower, I got the shower going Dad and I getting in soaping each other down, both our cocks rock hard and ready for more, I was on my knees sucking his cock when the doorbell went off.

“Dam that was quick, don’t move Dad I will get this.” I said grabbing a towel to wipe myself off.

I wrapped the towel around my midsection grabbing my wallet at the same time, I opened the door to a guy I knew from school, one of the guys who used to bully Billy a lot. The guy had his eyes focused on the bulge protruding in my towel. I went to grab the cash out of my wallet I hooked the towel as I did and it fell to the ground. My cock bounced out for him to see.

“How much do I owe you?” I asked not picking up my towel.

He stood there his eyes on my cock and balls, his mouth open his tongue licking his lips.

“How much do I owe you?” I asked him again this time taking my cock in bahis şirketleri hand squeezing out some precum.

Timmy was mesmerized by my cock, the precum was to much for him, he put the pizza bag on the floor, his eyes never left my cock, he reached out and took my cock in his hand, his thumb catching the precum at the tip.

“Timmy how much do I owe you?” I asked again.

“Oh yes owe me, how much? Money, dam that is one beautiful cock you have Tommy can I suck it for you?” Timmy asked me.

“No sorry in the middle of something right now, another time perhaps, are you a good little cocksucker Timmy?” I asked as Dad walked in naked.

I thought Timmy would pass out his jaw hit the floor at the sheer size of Dad’s huge tool, I handed him the money grabbed my pizza out of the bag, handed Dad the pizza, gave Timmy the bag put my hand on his chest and pushed him back closing the door as I did.

“Think we might have traumatized the boy Son never saw a guy so mesmerized at the sight of a cock, well two cocks to be exact.” Dad said to me laughing.

Timmy stood at the door for a few minutes before he came back to earth, his cock rock hard, his hand still had precum on it, Timmy stuck his fingers in his mouth licking them clean, he sat in his car outside our house he had to jerk off before he could possibly continue on to work.

The image of the two huge cocks would not soon leave Timmy’s mind, he had to be able to touch both of them, just to lick them both maybe be spitroasted by these two. Timmy shot all over himself just imagining the thought of having two huge cocks like he had just seen deep inside him.

Timmy later told me what had happened after he had left our house when Dad and I called him over for yet another delivery and so much more.

Dad and I ate our pizza he and I catching up on what each of us were up to, talking on the phone one can only say so much, I told Dad about Billy and I, how once we got to university he and I started a relationship of sorts. Dad told me he had met a women he was interested in, they had gone out of a few dates, the sex was okay but not like what he and I had, I told him it was the same as with Billy and I.

Dad got comfortable in his recliner, I had an assignment I had to work on, Billy messaged me he was all settled in, his parents being weird with him as usual, how much he missed me and wanted to meet up with me tomorrow. I agreed we would meet for lunch then come back to mine so he and I could play.

When I went in to get Dad to come to bed he was out, his soft snore, his cock semi erect, I gently took his cock in my hand and stroked him till he was hard, I grabbed the lube and wet his cock and my hole. I climbed on top of him right there in his chair, his cock quickly slipped inside of me.

Dad woke once his cock bottomed out in my ass, Dad grabbed my hips and helped me ride him. His cock slammed my hole, Dad suggested we take this to our bedroom. He had me lay on my back legs hanging off the bed, he grabbed my legs and pointed his cock at my hole, then the assault began. The man ravaged my hole I would be sore tomorrow and the day after that.

Dad’s staying power was getting better with each time he came, his cock thumping my hole he would slow for a few strokes then hard once again, my own cock flopped around, my balls being tossed around. I took my cock in hand, stroked it hard, my balls reacted, my hole gripped his cock, his cock shot me full as I drained my own balls all over myself.

Dad pulled out, helped me get in bed took his spot, I had to drain his seed or I would be dripping all night. I snuggled in close to him I missed this the most, the man knew how to make me feel safe and comfortable, I really did love him so very much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32