Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: As you read this story, keep in mind that I try to include something for everyone, and some people are always looking for mistakes. So, if you find any errors, please remember that they are there for a reason.

All persons appearing in sexual situations are at least 18 years of age.

This is part 2 of 5 of the Steve Stevie Steven story. Again, this is just a bit of fun to give me a break from the drama of life in general and the Loving Wives category specifically. Don’t take it too seriously.



My girlfriend stays for the weekend.



We knocked off a little early for the weekend, so I was home just before mom left the house to meet dad for their trip to Corpus. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to call if there were any problems, as if we had never done this before. I just wished her a good trip and went to take a shower to be ready for my date with Jasmine.

I picked her up and we went to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant that she likes. The place was busy and the food was good, as usual. We got back to my house and I presumed Suni was there, but she was in her room, if so. I turned on the TV and we stripped down to nothing and settled in to snuggle and watch whatever came on. We weren’t paying much attention to it anyway. It was just background noise for our cuddling and occasional make out sessions.

Around 10:00pm I became aware of noises from the bathroom so Suni was up and around, assuming she hadn’t just gotten home. Maybe she had been out with Tommy.

I heard the shower turn on and then, 15 minutes later or so, turn off. That was kind of a long shower but girls have to do things, like shaving legs, that guys don’t so I assumed it was something like that.

And then the door opened.

Suni came walking in like she had the last few nights but stopped short when she saw Jasmine lying in bed with me. We had the covers pulled up and Jas was cuddled up to me on her left side (against my right, nearer to Suni) so there was nothing actually visible.

“Oh, Jasmine, I forgot you were gonna be here. I…was just gonna say good night to my brother.”

“No, you weren’t,” Jasmine replied.

“Huh?” Suni answered.

“You weren’t coming in to just say goodnight. You were coming in for a little playtime. Steve told me all about it.”

I have no secrets from Jasmine. As I mentioned before, I told her about the initial ‘incident’ in the shower, but I had also told her about the hand jobs, and one of the topics over dinner tonight was the orgasm I had fingered Suni to last night.

“He…he did?”

“Sure. He tells me everything.”

“And…it doesn’t bother you?”

Jasmine rolled over on to her back, allowing the covers to slide down to her midsection and exposing her perky little breasts. I caught Suni give them a little glimpse and I’m sure Jasmine did as well.

“What about it would bother me?”

“Well, our being brother and sister, and twins at that, or even him messing with other girls.”

Jasmine tossed the covers aside, allowing Suni to see that she was totally nude as she lay in bed with me. This time Suni locked eyes on Jasmine’s smoothly shaved pussy and her eyes lingered there. Again, I’m pretty sure Jasmine was aware of it as well. She stood up and walked over to Suni until she was right next to her. Suni looked a little anxious with a naked Jasmine standing so close.

“Actually, I think your being brother and sister makes it hotter, and Steve and I have what I guess you would call an understanding. I let him play with other girls once in a while, and he does the same for me.”

“You mean he lets you play with other guys?”

“No,” Jasmine answered as she walked behind Suni, then brought her arms around to Suni’s front and cupped her covered breasts in her hands. “Other girls.”

Suni was clearly uncomfortable with having Jasmine fondling her breasts, but she also made no effort to escape or put a stop to it.

“You have…make love with other girls?”

“On occasion. I’m bisexual, Suni, and Steve knows that. He lets me be with other girls when the mood strikes me, and sometimes the girl gets in bed with both of us.”


I watched as Jasmine slid her right hand down and then up under Suni’s nightshirt, finding its way to Suni’s bare breast. Again, Suni made no effort to stop her or escape.

“I heard you broke up with Tommy this week,” Jasmine said in something of a non-sequitur, or so I thought at the time. “How come?”

“It just…it wasn’t working out.”

“Or maybe you realized that he could never do for you what your brother can.”

She hadn’t mentioned breaking up with Tommy, which surprised me since we were very close even before this started. Not that I thought she and Tommy would get married or anything, but they got along well so I didn’t really see a reason for it.

“No, I just…well, maybe…I just decided I was settling.”

“Compared canlı bahis to your brother, anyway.”

Suni nodded her agreement to that statement, and I realized that while that conversation was going on, Jasmine had slipped her other hand up under Suni’s nightshirt and was now working her magic on both of Suni’s bare breasts.

“I wanna make love to you, Suni,” Jasmine whispered in Suni’s ear.

“I’ve never…been with a girl before.”

“You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can just watch Steve and I, or you can play with Steve and I’ll watch. But I’ve wanted to be with you since Steve and I got together.”

“I don’t have to…do anything to you?”

“I’m hoping you will, but you don’t have to. I’m hoping you’ll still let me do things to you, though.”

Jasmine grasped the hem of Suni’s nightshirt and lifted up. Suni extended her arms to allow Jasmine to pull it up and off. Jasmine then knelt down and slid Suni’s purple panties to the floor. Jasmine stood back up and wrapped her left arm back around Suni and started squeezing her tits while her right hand slid between Suni’s thighs and found her clit.

“Oh fuck!” Suni exclaimed as she spread her feet apart just a bit allowing Jasmine better access.

“Let’s get in the bed, Suni.”

I moved a little more to my left as the girls climbed into the bed, with Suni in the middle. Jasmine gently took Suni’s face and turned it toward me.

“Kiss him.”

Suni and I began making out, our tongues again locked in battle. Jasmine, meanwhile, had her hands between Suni’s thighs and was gently finger-fucking her. Suni made some throaty noises every once in a while when Jasmine hit a particularly good spot. Within a couple of minutes, Jasmine had given Suni an intense orgasm and kissing me had been forgotten.

“Jesus, that was good.”

Jasmine brought her fingers, now liberally coated with Suni’s juices, to my mouth and I licked them clean. I had done the same thing last night but licking your twin sisters cum from your girlfriend’s fingers is just an experience unto itself. Suni looked on with interest.

“Doesn’t that taste bad?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I responded.

“Haven’t you ever tasted yourself?” Jasmine asked.

“Well, no.”

“Your missing out, honey. Baby, I think it’s time your sister was introduced to oral sex.”

A smile appeared on my face. I had been hoping to get Suni to eventually let me go down on her, and to get her to return the favor, and had planned to broach that next week. But here was Jasmine greasing the skids and I got the feeling Suni would do whatever Jasmine asked of her at this point.

I positioned myself between Suni’s legs and began by kissing her smooth, white thighs. Jasmine was gently tweaking Suni’s nipples while kissing her on the cheek and head. I slid a finger inside Suni and then flicked my tongue on her clit, getting an immediate reaction as her hips thrust forward.

“Oh…oh, that’s nice!”

I focused myself on the task in front of me. Suni was making a lot of juice and I was sucking it all up while licking and kissing her all over. My fingers were quite wet, and I was teasing around the outside of her rectum as well, and if she minded she didn’t say anything. I glanced up a couple of times to see the girls in a full scale make out session. For someone who had never been with a girl before, Suni was taking to it very well. Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths, and if anything, Suni was being more aggressive than Jasmine was.

As they were kissing, Jasmine was also gently massaging Suni’s breasts, though giving her nipples an occasional light pinch that made Suni squeal in delight. Suni was clearly hot, and I took the opportunity to push my boundaries a little bit, sliding about half of my pussy-juice moistened finger into Suni’s rectum. She adjusted her hips but otherwise continued making out with Jasmine. So far, so good, so I gently eased the rest of my finger in.

“Fuck Stevie, that feels good!”

I was also working her clit with my tongue and Suni was clearly appreciating the assault on many of her erogenous zones. She was moving her hips against me, rubbing her clit against my tongue and pushing her ass against my finger, while continuing to make out with Jasmine. It wasn’t long before all the stimulation caused Suni to climax again, and this one was possibly bigger than any that had come before. I stopped what I was doing and Jasmine just held her as the tremors ripped through Suni’s body.

“Oh God, that was amazing,” mumbled Suni as she lay in Jasmine’s arms.

“Need a break?” Jasmine asked, and Suni just nodded.

Suni moved to the side of the bed and Jasmine pulled me up next to her. She whispered in my ear.

“Let’s take our time, baby. Tonight, we show Suni a few things. We have the whole weekend together.”

I agreed with her and we started making out. I assumed Suni was watching but tried to block her presence from my mind and just bahis siteleri focus on Jasmine. Jasmine took hold of my cock and stroked it gently while I slid my fingers in and around her slit.

Lesson 1 apparently was a blow job. Jasmine got up on her knees and began licking the head of my shaft. I chanced a glimpse at Suni and she was watching Jasmine intently. I closed my eyes to focus on the feeling rather than the lesson, and I noticed Jasmine bringing all of her talents to bear, from licking the underside like an ice cream cone, to taking me into her mouth and just stopping short of her gag reflex, to even sucking my balls gently into her mouth.

At some point the break ended, I guess, because I became aware of two mouths working their way around different parts of me. Suni may not have had much experience but she sure wasn’t shy about trying things as the opportunity presented itself. In fact, I lifted my head at one point expecting to see my manhood in Jasmine’s mouth only to be surprised that it was Suni doing her best to engulf as much of me as she could.

Jasmine saw me watching and smiled. She moved over top of me and smothered me with her pussy.

“Eat me, baby.”

I gave Jasmine the tongue for a couple minutes while Suni continued practicing her blow job skills, until Jasmine slid south and positioned her hips above mine.

“Put him in my hole, Suni.”

I felt my little head poke against Jasmine’s outer lips then slide in. When aroused, Jasmine could accommodate me fairly comfortably, so I slid in easily. I assumed Suni had maintained her position and was watching me go in and out of Jasmine as Jasmine moved her hips around and lifted her body up and then lowered it. I could feel Suni’s fingers feeling around, and I assumed she was touching Jasmine as well.

We fucked slowly and steadily, giving Suni plenty of opportunity to watch and see what it was like. Jasmine and I were intently focused on each other, our eyes peering intently into those of the other. Sex with Jasmine was an intense emotional experience. I loved her very much and had no doubt we’d end up married when the time was right. We just seemed to have the connection.

Jasmine managed a good orgasm and then pulled off me, not wanting me to fire away just yet. This was not unusual, and I enjoyed it when she made things build up. She went back to sucking my dick, inviting Suni to join her.

“Come here, Suni. Come taste my juices on him.”

Suni hesitated briefly. She had never tasted pussy before, not even her own as we had found out earlier. This seemed like it was Jasmine’s way of introducing Suni to it before trying to get Suni to get it right from the source, if you know what I mean. Suni did put her hand on my cock and begin stroking it, but that was all.

“C’mon, Suni. Suck it. Your brother likes how I taste.”

Suni glanced at Jasmine, then at me, then back at Jasmine. I think she wanted to, if for no other reason than to avoid letting Jasmine down, but she was afraid of how it would taste. Jasmine had promised Suni she wouldn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to, and I was just about to suggest that we move on. Suddenly, as if just making up her mind to go for it, Suni lowered her head and wrapped her mouth around the top of my shaft and began giving me a decent blow job.

“That’s not so bad, is it?” Jasmine asked.

“Actually, no,” responded Suni, removing my dick from her mouth for just a few seconds before getting back to it.

Jasmine looked at me and gave me a smile. She was in heaven and she knew that I knew it. She laid down with me and cuddled up close. We watched as Suni licked around every inch of surface area my cock had to offer as she sought every drop of Jasmine she could get.

Jasmine and I started kissing as Suni continued her oral ministrations, when I felt Jasmine start adjusting her position. I briefly broke the kiss and was pleasantly surprised to see that Jasmine had been moving to allow Suni better access. Suni was now sliding a finger or two into Jasmine’s slit while continuing to suck me, pausing occasionally to wipe her fingers, and Jasmine’s juices, on to my cock before taking it back in her mouth. Obviously Suni wasn’t just okay with the taste but actually liked it, and I doubted it would be long before Suni was going down on Jasmine.

This went on for a couple of minutes and then I became aware of Jasmine’s breathing getting faster. She gripped me tighter and came hard, all courtesy of Suni’s newly magical fingers. Well, I like to think that making out me with me at last contributed to it.

We all stopped for a breather as Jasmine recovered from another climax. Within a few minutes I could sense an interest in resuming but no one was taking the initiative. There seemed to be a lack of decisiveness at this point, so I decided to fill the void.

“Suni, lay down. Jasmine, I think it’s time you tasted my sister.”

Suni needed a little encouragement from Jasmine but did eventually open her legs. bahis şirketleri I wondered why Suni seemed hesitant at this point. Sure, she was doing things she had never done, and probably never imagined herself doing, but she had enjoyed everything she had tried.

Finally, Jasmine got her tongue on to Suni’s hairy little snatch and it was maybe 30 seconds before Suni was writhing in pleasure. Jasmine has licked her share of pussies and is apparently quite good at it, as Suni’s reaction (and a few testimonials from former partners) attested to.

Meanwhile, I positioned myself behind Jasmine and entered her doggy-style, which has always been on of our favorites. Jasmine loves being able to push back against me and says she feels like a slut not being able to see who’s fucking her, even though her mind knows it’s me. Who can understand the minds of women?

Jasmine got off one more time before I blew my load into her, and it was big. I hoped she was up to date on her birth control pills because I was sure this would put them to the test. (Okay, it probably doesn’t work like that but still…)

We finally decided to get some rest. We turned out the lights and closed our eyes. I was in the middle, with Jasmine on my right and Suni on my left. Well, I guess that could change if I turned over. Let’s call it Jasmine on my starboard side and Suni to my port side.

I wondered if Jasmine thought I was asleep when she made her last statement of the night.

“Suni?” Jasmine said quietly.

“Yeah, Jasmine.”

“I just want you to know that when Steve and I are married that you’ll always be welcome in our bed. Always.”


I woke up alone the next morning, and slowly became aware of the shower running and the voices of two giggling 18-year old girls coming from inside the bathroom. I had no doubt they were showering together, and the thought made me nice and hard.

I went into the front portion of the bathroom and washed my hands, earning a little yelp from the shower as my twisting of the hot water handle dropped the water temperature in there a bit, which was exactly as planned. With that fresh on their minds I opened the door into the shower area.

“Good morning, ladies.”

“Hey baby,” responded Jasmine. “You’re taking your girlfriends to breakfast this morning, but you need to shower first. We’ll be right out.”


I probably could have fit in there with them, but it would have been snug and apparently didn’t fit their agenda. I took the time to brush my teeth, and they were out and toweling off by the time I was done. They left the water running so I just stripped down. They cleared out of the smaller room, each giving me a kiss on the way out, and I hopped into the shower

I had two fully-dressed females waiting for me, so I dressed quickly, and we went to IHOP. The girls shared one side of the booth and I sat on the other. They spent much of the time having a conversation that seemed to consist primarily of secret looks, furtive glances, a few looks in my direction, and the occasional word or two. I had no idea what was going on. So, I asked.

“Not yet, Steve. We’ll tell you later,” answered Jasmine.

I knew I wouldn’t get anything out of her, and probably not from Suni either, so I didn’t even bother trying. After breakfast I was ordered to drop them off at the mall and they would call when they were ready for me to pick them up. They expected it to be a few hours so I decided to take in a movie. Yes, alone.

I picked them up and the next stop was the grocery store. I couldn’t see what was actually purchased, but the Victoria’s Secret bags they were carrying, among others, caught my eye and made me smile.

The next stop was the grocery store and we picked up some steaks for me to grill, along with some baked potatoes and some stuff for a Caesar salad. It was my favorite meal and both of them were definitely aware of that. Were they just being nice, or were they greasing the skids for something they were going to ask for? Only time would tell.

I preheated the oven for the potatoes. I know some people like them off the grill, but I prefer to give them a coating of olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt before baking them. I like the whole potato and that really gives the skin a kick. As I cooked, the girls disappeared upstairs. I presumed they were going through their purchases and (hopefully) putting some of them on. Preferably the stuff from Vicki’s shop.

They stayed upstairs the entire time I was cooking, which is saying something since the potatoes take nearly an hour. I had to call them down for dinner and, even then, got “five minutes” in response. I plated the food and sat down at the table sipping a glass of lemonade as I waited.

It was more like ten minutes when they finally appeared. They wore matching satin robes, though in different colors: Suni’s was dark teal and Jasmine’s was purple. The robes ended mid-thigh and each of the girls had white thigh-high stockings on, with garters extending up inside the robes. I was also pretty sure neither of them was wearing a bra. They looked very sexy and I was suddenly less interested in dinner, though I suspected I needed to keep my strength up.

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