Summer Break Ch. 01

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At the moment I was so horny that I would have let anyone fuck me. But I was naked on my bed while I watched my stepfather undressing. He moved slowly, carefully toward me with each piece of clothing that dropped to the floor. When he removed his boxers and his erect penis appeared, a drop of clear pre-cum oozing from the wide slit on the head. I licked my lips in anticipation. He stood at the side of the bed now, stroking himself, waiting for me to make the next move.

I slid down on the bed and moved my head closer until my face was within inches of his cock. Slipping my tongue forward and licking the pearl of cum off the head, I watched it twitch with approval then rolled my tongue all around the head, making it wet. His hand reached down and pulled my long brown hair away from my face just as I closed my lips around the hot flesh of his erection and slowly slid them as far as I could. I heard a deep moan come from inside him while I began sucking him off, my wet lips slipping back and forth on his hot cock. It felt so good to have a hot, hard cock in my mouth. I could feel my body wanting it, waiting for the climax of his orgasm.

His body tensed more and I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth. His hand grabbed my head and held it firmly. With one last roll of my tongue over the head my mouth was instantly flooded with a hot, thick shot of cum. Instinctively I pulled my lips back and held them open, catching the rest of his load on my tongue; each consecutive spurt making me hotter than before. Just as the final shot touched my tongue I closed my lips around the head and sucked it tightly, forcing a mouthful of his semen down my throat. I pulled my lips back and licked the length of his cock, washing the remaining drops onto my tongue before I swallowed the sexy taste.

“Oh my god, baby.” He was the first to speak. In fact it was the first either of us had spoken since he found me masturbating with my vibrator just minutes before. I didn’t realize he was coming home early so I thought I would have the house to myself, a rare occasion. Since coming home from college on summer break my brother and his friends were almost always there playing video games. But today I knew he was going to be at the local illegal bahis swimming hole, leaving me alone to relax and enjoy myself. I licked my lips and slid back toward the middle of the bed. My vibrator was still lying there, just where I had left it. At first I was afraid of what he would think, but the look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know.

“Mmmm, that was wonderful,” I purred. “I was just about to cum when you walked in, so I hope you don’t leave without finishing this.” I spread my legs open and pressed a finger into my pussy, accentuating my point. He crawled onto the bed beside me, cupping a breast in his hand and rolling my tight nipple with his fingers. “Ooooo, yes. My pussy needs to be fucked. I want to feel you inside me.” His hot lips on mine met my whispers. We kissed long and deep, our tongues entwining.

He moved his body between my legs, lowering his head to my chest and taking one of my hot little nipples between his lips. I held his face there while he sucked and nipped at the pink flesh. My pussy responded to the erotic feelings he generated and got hotter and wet with juices. His pelvis ground against mine while he sucked at my boobs and I sensed his cock growing hard again. His lips let my breast drop against my chest and he pushed his body lower, his chest rubbing my swollen pussy, then I felt his warm breath on my clit.

“Please lick my pussy,” I panted; wanting to reach the orgasm I had been denied earlier. I felt the point of his tongue lick my slit from top to bottom. Lifting my thighs up over his shoulders, my pussy was completely exposed to his mouth and tongue. Using two fingers he parted the fleshy labia and licked gently, lapping up the creamy juices I was oozing. I reached down and pressed his head harder against my mound. “Don’t stop…. please,” I pleaded as his tongue pushed deep into my pussy, curling inside me and bringing up another gush of juices.

My orgasm started in my breasts, tingling just inside my hard nipples; then it seemed to just explode through the rest of my body. I yelled out at the sudden electric rush. My legs tightened around his head as my hips lifted and my head was thrown back in ecstasy. “Oh god…. Yes… Please… Don’t stop…Ahhh,” illegal bahis siteleri I screamed as wave after wave seized my body. My hips bucked upwards, wanting to keep contact with his mouth as he licked the warm flow of juices seeping from inside me. My pussy seemed to melt with each touch of his hot tongue, spreading the mushy lips and pushing between them. His lips surrounded my clit and sucked. This caused another gush from my heated pussy and I moaned my approval. He continued sucking and licking until I thought I would pass out from the intensity.

Finally slowing his pace he kissed the dampness on the insides of my thighs. He slid up my body and I took his face in my hands, kissing him and tasting my juices on his lips and tongue. I wrapped my legs around his body and held him tight, sensing his hardening cock against my still wet pussy.

“I hope you didn’t mind that, but I had to taste your hot little pussy,” he whispered in my ear.

“Mind?” I asked, “Are you kidding? I love getting it licked. But I still want you inside me. And from the feel of things,” I ground my mound against him, “you seem more than ready and able.”

“Oh, so you still want some more of my cock?” He reached down with his hands and pushed my legs up, then he rose up on his knees; his fully erect cock pointed directly at my still damp slit. Taking it in his hand he rubbed the head up and down the length of my pussy. I moaned at the feeling of the large round bulb of flesh slipping just inside my wet hole.

“God, yes…I want your cock,” I moaned. I reached down and spread the lips of my pussy open and watched him guide the head toward it. I inhaled deeply and bit my lip when the head pushed it’s way past the opening. I could feel it slowly inching in; at first just the large swollen head, but then the thick shaft of hot meat. My juices made a warm, wet path for his cock and he pressed it further in until his heavy sac rested against my ass. I exhaled now with the full length of his cock buried inside my tight pussy. It felt larger than any other cock I ever had; longer and thicker.

“Is everything alright?” he whispered as he looked into my eyes. I could only shake my head in approval and push my hips up against canlı bahis siteleri him, letting him know I was ready for more. He lifted his hips upward and I felt the slick shaft withdrawing from my warm opening until just the large head was left wedged between the thick labia. I focused my eyes down at his pelvis and watched as he lowered himself down again. This time he pulled back as soon as he touched the deepest part of my pussy; starting a slow fucking motion. The sight of his cock sliding up and down; in and out of my hungry hole mesmerized me. I thought I could actually feel the flow of blood through the veins of his cock. I looked up at his face and I thought he was in a trance of some sort. His hips were driving up and down, faster now. My pussy was grabbing at the large shaft inside it, trying to milk the rush of sperm from his full balls. The sound and aroma of our fucking filled my head and I wanted nothing more than to make this last. But at the pace he was moving I knew he was approaching another huge orgasm.

“Cum inside me,” I managed to groan between panting breathes, “I want to feel it.” His hips drove his cock deeper into me at a frantic pace now. I could feel it swelling inside me, growing harder. He paused just for a split second, and then shoved the entire length inside my pussy as the flow of hot cum shot up from his balls and filled the depth of my womb. “Ahhh,” I screamed, “yes, yes.” His hips were frenzied as spurt after spurt shot from his cock and coated my insides. My pussy squeezed his hard shaft, wanting to pull every drop of his thick, rich semen into me. My own creamy juices were flowing, mixing with his cum until I felt the overflow seeping from my slit and down the crack of my ass.

His body slowed but the flow of cum still spit from his cock with every twitch, every jerk of its muscle. I arched my hips upward, keeping him inside me as long as possible until, with a long sigh, he withdrew and collapsed breathlessly at my side. My pussy felt open and sated, a steady flow of cum seeping from inside me. I reached down and touched a finger to the sticky mixture and brought it to my lips. Sucking it deep into my mouth I swallowed and rolled to face him. “I don’t know what we have gotten ourselves into, but there’s no way I’m going the rest of the summer without some more.”

“Sweetheart,” he turned to face me, “you just say when and where. And believe me, there’s a lot more we can experience together. A lot more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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