Take Off, Go Around

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You are flying back home from a conference, and because of a booking mess up they stick you on the last seat of a full flight. You aren’t looking forward to being crammed into the middle seat at the rear of the plane. At least not until you managed to sidle your way to the back of the plane and find that your open seat marking the distance between two men, dressed in pilot uniforms. Two, I might say, extremely attractive men. The one in the window seat is like some kind of an archetype of a Norwegian model from a magazine: blonde hair, crisp blue eyes, and a ridiculous square jaw. The one on the aisle side is much more rugged looking and, (almost to your relief) looks more like an actual human being you might get a drink with instead of a “handsome pilot” extra from central casting. He has dark hair, and his beard is starting to form an attractive late-day shadow, giving a nice relief affect to a face that would stand out as a fine specimen in any collection that didn’t include the blonde caricature in the window seat.

Those two beam up at you, the one on the aisle graciously standing to help you get your suitcase into the overhead bin, and let you get seated, while the blonde grins at you with a toothpaste-commercial perfect smile. They were both dressed in impeccable uniforms, though clearly some of the buttons had been loosened and undone. They have the short professional haircuts pilots are required to have. As you get settled in between them, you can feel their warm hard arms pressing against yours in the tight economy-class space. Both of them have fairly large arms (the blonde much bigger of course, no contest) and in feeling them rub up against your own you become pretty sure that these two are some finely ripped dudes.

They are traveling home after their shift, taking the only available open seats on the plane. It is only a few hours of flying so they hadn’t bothered to change out of their uniforms like they normally would. As the plane is pushed back from the terminal they point out the window and explained various aspects of what is going on outside. Once the plane is off the ground, the blonde points out the city below, and you lean over to see. Your big tits press up against his arm, and you feel him shift in his seat. You swear you catch a movement in his pants near his crotch at the same time out of the corner of your eye.

As the plan ascends to cruising altitude, the pilots chat casually about their work (clearly they love it, and they love sharing their love of it with civilians who are interested to hear it). You find yourself intrigued. These guys are clearly sweethearts, but they also have so much confidence and ability, so much technical knowledge of flying. You keep asking them questions about it. You suspect you would actually be pestering them – if they didn’t seem so happy to keep telling you more stuff about flying and airplanes.

When the attendant comes around, they order you a drink, and one each for themselves. They start talking about where the attendants work, in the back of the plane. They tell you how it’s an amazingly tight space to work in, everything back there is stowed very carefully in it’s own compartment. They ask you if you’d like to see it…

Of escort kartal course you want to see the back of the plane.

The dark one on the aisle stands up. He’s a little shorter than you expected, but still almost 6 feet. He takes your drink and offers you his hand, which you take, smiling up at him as you squinch out of the awkward seat. You notice him looking down at your breasts, and without even realizing you are doing it, you thrust you chest forward. You like that this dark ripped uniformed man admires you.

And then you glance behind and you notice that the blonde doesn’t take his eyes off your ass as he follows behind you, bending low to get out of the cramped window seat. (He’s taller than you expected, of course.)

They lead you past the bathrooms and behind a dull curtain. The dark one asks the attendant who is tidying up from drink service if she would mind letting them show off this area to you. She grins, winks, and disappears forward, pulling the curtain shut behind her.

The dark one turns around and starts pulling open drawers. He’s looking for stuff with which to mix himself another drink. As he rummages, Blondie slides his hand impertinently and quickly up between your legs from behind, and squeezes your ass. He says, “sorry, I couldn’t help myself after watching you stand up in front of me!”

You grin slyly, and taking his hand, replace it back between your legs. You can feel yourself getting warm down there at his touch. He grins as he pushes you up against the bulkhead, rubbing your pussy through your panties. He kisses you slowly. You have to tilt your head way back and rise to your tiptoes to connect with his 6’5″ height. The dark one, having mixed his drink, leans back against the opposite bulkhead sipping slowly as he watches.

By now your blonde cliche has you hard up against the bulkhead. He is kissing you deeply while you run your hands over his uniform, over his pecs and his abs, and oh those arms, so strong and thick, wrapped around you, holding you in place against the bulkhead. You gasp between his kisses, as his fingers somehow figure out exactly how to touch you to get you soaking wet. You feel his cock, hard and up against your belly. You want it inside you so badly, but with the other pilot watching, that feels slightly weird. Still, your legs spread, and you wrap them around Blondie, you press your tits against him and you whisper in his ear, “please fuck me.”

Blondie pulls back and you drop to your knees. You moan softly and bite your lip as you undo his fly and pull out his hard cock. It is massively big and thick and hot in your hand. You start stroking it slowly, while you slide your other hand over his taut stomach. You kiss the tip of his dick, and then suck the head into your mouth. The pilot lets out a gasp and you can feel his cock throb in your mouth, alive and hard.

You start to suck him slowly, sometimes closing your eyes, sometimes looking up at him. It is a pleasure to see him enjoy it so much. Looking sideways, you notice the other pilot is enjoying himself. He’s put his drink down and has undone his fly and has his hand down his pants, stroking himself slowly as his eyes wander over maltepe escort you. His hand starts to move faster in his pants, just in time to the long strokes of your lips sliding up and down the blonde pilot’s dick.

You take him deep, pressing your face up against his downy blonde crotch. You love the smell of him, all soapy and musky. You love the feeling of his big cock rammed down your throat. You want him to cum, but you want to keep sucking him off too. One of your hands moves to cup his perfectly symmetrical balls, while you slip the other between your legs, to rub your wet clit. You’d love to cum with this beautiful hard cock in your mouth.

Blondie slides one hand behind your head, aligning with your movement, his head back, groaning in a warm, rich basso with every thrust. The engines are loud back here, but you think the other people in the plane must be able to hear him. You wonder what they think, and then you think they are almost certainly just wishing they could be you right now.

The dark one sees you fondling yourself, and he comes over and slides his hand in behind you and covers yours, his big fingers replacing your tiny ones, rubbing your clit slowly and perfectly, wetting his fingers, and then, suddenly, slipping them into you.

You let out a loud moan, stifled by Blondie’s cock. You thrust your pussy down on the other pilot’s fingers. Your ass squirms in desperation. You want to be fucked so badly now.

Your handsome dark fellow pulls you up on your knees, and lifts your skirt over your ass. You keep sucking the blonde one’s cock as the dark one grabs your panties with two hands and rips them apart. He pulls his cock from his pants, and – surprise! It’s far bigger than his blond friend’s. You eyes roll to the side to see what you are in for, but there’s only so far you can move your head as the blonde pilot fucks your cute little mouth.

You put one hand back, touching the dark hair on the chest of the pilot behind you. He gets on his knees, and presses the head of his big cock against your wet little pussy, and holds it there, letting you roll your hips, rubbing your clit against it, letting it get your wet pussy all over it. You are desperate for it by now. You moan loudly. All you want to do is beg the one behind you to put it in you, but your mouth is stuffed with blonde beefcake.

Finally, it’s eased into your pussy – slowly, slowly, every inch of it splitting you wide open, and you take him like a champ, loving all of it. Both your hands go back and grab his waist and pull him towards you, pulling that monster inside you.

He starts to fuck you, slowly at first, then faster, thrusting hard against against you, driving deep into you. His hands grab your hips, and each thrust against your cute little body comes a soft groan. It’s an amazing thing to watch such a tiny person take two big guys and still convince them she wants more.

But you are sick of this. You want to ride this big cock the cute dark one has. You thrust them both off with a violent push, gasping for air, warm wet dicks spilling from both ends of you. You push the dark one to the floor of the galley, and grab his monster cock, your hot little hand straining pendik escort bayan to wrap it, as you stroke him.

You straddle over him, catching his eye as your hand works his cock, your pussy hot and wet and hovering inches away from it. You make him savor the anticipation. You make him wait, just letting the head of his cock brush against your clit.

The blonde looks jealous, and he stands over you, eyeing your cute ass again and stroking his cock in his hand.

You slide yourself onto that big cock, impaling yourself slowly. You love the feeling of it splitting you apart, feeling like it will fill your whole body. You squeeze down onto it, until you have the whole thing, somehow, deep inside you. It’s like nothing you’ve ever had before, it just overwhelms you for a minute, and you sit there, gasping loudly. “My god” you say, “my god, what is this beast you put in me!” He grins, and thrusts his hips, but you hold him down, you don’t want him to move… yet.

You lean slowly back, and run your hands over his chest and abs, feeling each hard defined curve of each muscle. You move your hips ever so slowly, just testing the feeling of moving yourself on that big cock. You start to roll your hips slowly back and forth, your tits, still covered in your blouse, bounce up and down against you. A little turbulence from the plane adds some extra shake to your bounce.

Blondie just stands in awe, still stroking his cock, watching you, watching your hips move, and, apparently, imagining that he was the one you were riding.

Now you really want to cum. You start fucking seriously. Rolling your hips in a rhythm that you know will make you orgasm. You can feel that big cock sluicing deep into you, and back out again. You can feel your pilot thrusting his hips in time with you, slamming himself hard against your wet clit as it rubs on his body, and penetrating his cock to the hilt. His hands glide aimlessly over your hips, your legs, your breasts, your ass. You don’t even care, your whole mind is occupied with that cock, and cumming on it.

You feel yourself starting to cum as you ride that cock filling you with awe, but before you do you pull yourself off, and suddenly thrust your sopping pussy in his face. He dives in eagerly, sucking your clit into his mouth, and as he does you can’t hold back any more and you cum, soaking his chin in your delicious pussy. You moan loudly as you thrust down on his face, squeezing him between your legs. You grab his hair with both hands and roll your hips back and forth, rubbing the wet soak of your pussy all over his scruffy face.

Blondie appears to be on the edge of his own orgasm. As he starts to cum, you cup your hand under the end of his dick, and cum slips out of him in short spurts, forming a small pool in your cupped hand. You take your hand full of blonde god cum and wrap it around the still-throbbing cock of your pilot laid out on the floor and use it as a lubrication to stroke him.

In your expert hand, you make short work of it. Cum spills out the top of that massif and runs in streams down the outside of your little fist. You reach up and wipe your hand slowly, first the palm side, then the back side, dragging the tips of your fingernails against the ribbed stomach of the blonde colossus standing over you, while you grin up at him.

Blondie helps the two of you to your feet, and as you arrange yourself, you say “well, thanks boys. Maybe next time you can show me the cockpit.”

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