Tastes Like Candy Ch. 02

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. Thanks to my biggest fan for the idea for this story. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


What the hell just happened? I was having sex with my wife, pretty damn good sex, when I got the sense I was being watched. I looked to the door and saw her. Brandy. My daughter. She was watching us having sex. She was watching us without shame or fear. Her eyes were wide, taking in what was happening, not missing a thing. I hesitated to say anything for fear of embarrassing everyone involved. I didn’t want to call out Brandy and make things awkward between us forever. I know it sounds stupid now. I should have just shooed her away, because her eyes met mine. She knew I had seen her, and she still stayed there. I didn’t want to tell Linda this and ruin the mood.

So there I was with my wife stroking my dick as my daughter watched. Brandy was just standing there, watching me, watching us have sex with no shame. She was watching me, uh… ejaculate, all over my wife, and she kept watching wide-eyed. Even though I was lost in the pleasure my wife was bringing me, I couldn’t help but notice what Brandy was wearing. Barely wearing, that is. My daughter was wearing a tiny bra which was barely covering her rather large chest. Her breasts were practically spilling over the edges, even larger than I thought. Not that I thought about my daughter’s breasts a lot. I mean, she was my daughter. But it would be hard not to notice that my daughter had extremely large breasts. Reminiscent of her mother’s, although I think Brandy’s were noticeably bigger. Again, not that I noticed them a lot. Anyway, Brandy was also wearing indecently tiny underwear, which barely covered her… nether regions. She had so much skin exposed. Smooth, young skin. She was breathing hard as she watched us, as if she were… excited. Breathing in and out, causing her breasts to bulge outward even more.

I can’t explain why my body reacted how it did. I can’t explain why I had a second, admittedly incredible, orgasm directly after the first. I had never done that before in my life. And all it took was my daughter watching me have sex. Seeing me naked. Staring at my penis. That was what it took to make me cum again.

What the fuck was that about? Why the fuck did seeing my daughter peeping on us cause me to cum? Did I have some secret voyeuristic tendencies that I didn’t know about? Did I like to have sex with others watching? That had to be it, because the alternatives were so much worse. The first alternative was that I saw my daughter’s stacked young body and for a moment viewed her as something other than my daughter. I viewed her as a… woman. A voluptuous woman with a hot body wearing very little clothing. A sexy young woman who was admiring my large penis. A gorgeous teenage girl impressed by my large package. I hoped that this wasn’t the reason I came again. But that alternative wasn’t even the worst one. The worst one was this: I liked knowing my daughter was watching me fuck. I liked that she was impressed with what she saw. I liked seeing my daughter’s body so exposed to me. I liked seeing her barely contained breasts. I liked seeing my daughter so barely covered. The fact that it was my daughter watching was what made me cum.

Eww! No, I couldn’t even let myself think that way. It was so wrong. So messed up. So filthy. I was NOT that type of man. No, that wasn’t what happened. What happened was I secretly liked being watched. That had to be it. I didn’t know I had that aspect to my sexuality, but it had to be the truth. It had nothing to do with the fact it was my daughter. The fact that my dick jumped when she flashed me her thong clad ass when she spun around to leave was just a coincidence. It had to be.

But one thing gnawed at me still. Brandy had seemed so excited by what she had seen. And by the end, I couldn’t help but notice her nipples were hard. Her thighs were wet. It was very clear that she liked what she saw. Why? Was she a voyeur or something? It was so… strange. I couldn’t imagine a girl her age enjoying watching her father having sex with her step-mom. Maybe she was just curious. Maybe it was like porno to her. Maybe we were just two bodies engulfed in sexual passion to her. That had to be the case. How could any girl enjoy watching her father having sex? There was no logical explanation. Unless… no, it couldn’t be.

These thoughts swirled in my head. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep at all that night. It was only when I heard movement that I thought about getting up, but I couldn’t be alone with Brandy after what had transpired. I let Linda bursa escort get up before I did until I decided to get up.

I cleaned up and went downstairs. I wrapped my arms around Linda from behind and kissed her, causing her to shiver. I grabbed a cup of coffee, then the paper, then went to the living room. It was there that I found Brandy.

She was on the couch, her legs curled under her, eating a bowl of cereal while watching TV. She was watching some reality show that followed around some spoiled Hollywood princesses. As I walked into the room, Brandy’s eyes moved to me, watching me as I sat down. The tension was there. I didn’t know what to say to her after what had happened. But she spoke up first.

“Long night?” she asked, smiling coyly. I tensed up and shrugged slightly and focused on the newspaper in my hand, trying to ignore her. But the chattering on the TV was making my blood boil. I hated feeling this conflicted. This annoyed. This upset. And I took it out on her.

“How can you watch this crap?” I muttered, not looking up.

“It’s not crap, Daddy. These girls are stars. They are so pretty and glamorous. I wish I could be just like them. Don’t you want your daughter to be a star, Daddy?” Brandy asked, the clanking of Linda moving dishes in the kitchen echoing through the house.

“You might need to get a job first.” I said quietly. She held her mouth open in mock anger.

“Calm down, Daddy. I’m working on it.” Brandy said. “Besides, they do work hard. They have Yvonne’s seal of approval, and she’s, like, the hardest working woman in, like, all of Hollywood.”

“Yvonne needs to stop acting like she is still twenty and grow up. She’s my age now. She needs to stop dressing in such skanky clothing and show a bit of class.” I said.

“You don’t have to be so cranky, Daddy. Besides, she still has her body. If she’s got it, flaunt it.” Brandy said.

“What do you care about Yvonne? She’s a bit before your time.” I asked, looking up.

“She’s Mom’s favorite singer. And I, like, idolize her. I want to be her when I grow up.” Brandy said with a laugh.

“Have to grow up first.” I muttered. The conversation just died for a bit as I resumed looking at the paper and she resumed eating, the spoon clanking off the bowl.

“Hey guys, I’ll be in the shower.” Linda said, going upstairs, leaving me and Brandy alone together. She kept glancing my way. I had to say something. I had to. I had to figure out what the hell just happened last night. I had to get this weight off my shoulders. I set the paper down.

“Brandy, we need to talk.” I started. “About last night.”

“You guys asked me about my tattoos before.” Brandy started, “I figured since we’ve seen so much of each other, it would be okay to show you them now.” she finished with a smile.

“Very funny.” I said. “But seriously…” I began.

“You guys were making a lot of noise. I wanted to see what was going on.” Brandy explained.

“I’m, uh, sorry you saw that. We got carried away.” I stammered.

“Don’t worry Daddy. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.” Brandy giggled, standing and picking up her bowl.

“What?” I said.

“I have to admit, even though you’re my Daddy, you were pretty impressive.” Brandy said.

“Brandy, you shouldn’t talk about this kind of thing.” I said.

“What, can’t I compliment my Daddy?” Brandy asked.

“Not about that!” I said, shaking my head.

“Okay, okay.” Brandy said, holding her hands up.

“After you saw what you did… why did you keep watching?” I asked.

“I guess I got a little… caught up in the action. Sorry about that.” Brandy said.

“It can’t happen again.” I explained.

“Of course.” she said, nodding.

“Okay. Good.” I said. She started to walk past me, but suddenly, I felt her presence at my ear.

“And Daddy…” she whispered, “If you ever want to see my tattoos, all you have to do is ask. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Linda.”

With that, she walked into the kitchen. I was frozen to the spot. What the hell? What did she just offer? Why is she so eager to show herself off to me? What the fuck is going on?



Holy Fuck! The tension was thick between me and Daddy. Each word between us was filled with double meanings. Each moment between was now dripping with sex. He was beginning to realize I might have a bit of a crush on him. Ha! A bit of a crush. If you can call ‘wanting to ride his big daddy-dick every day until I have a screaming orgasm and he fills me up with his cum’ a bit of a crush, then yeah, I had a bit of a crush. And he was also beginning to realize how hot I was. How sexy I was. How fucking perfect my body was. How huge my tits were. How damn perfect I was. The line had been crossed. Sex had been inserted into our relationship, whether he liked it or not.

It wouldn’t be long now until he crossed a few more lines with me.



I had driven a couple hours to get here and now bursa escort bayan that I had gotten here, I didn’t want to go in. But I had to. I had to go in to the restaurant. I had to go meet the mother of my child.

I had called Regina soon after the whole incident between me and Brandy. I was just starting to feel something about my daughter was… off. Something about her seemed not quite right. I had to find out if my suspicions were correct. And the person who would know best would be Regina.

I called her and we set up a meeting, face-to-face, at the halfway point between us, at a small restaurant. And I finally walked in, nervously, being forced to meet with a woman I hadn’t seen in over 18 years. The mother of my child. Regina Slater.

I scanned the tables, not knowing what to expect, not knowing what Regina looked like these days. I looked around, not finding her, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around and just like that, there she was. My college fling. Regina Slater.

I had to admit, she still looked really good. When I knew her last, she was immature, young, not quite knowing how to show off her body other than just displaying everything. But the years had been very kind to her. She had grown up and filled out into the beautiful mature woman she now was. Her face still looked young, not a wrinkle on it. She was still breath-takingly beautiful, with full lips, bedroom eyes, and perfect creamy skin. Her hair looked well taken care of, brown and shiny with a light curl. And her body still held up. Her breasts were as big as they used to be, probably bigger, and they had not succumbed to time yet. They still seemed as firm as ever, and she was displaying a healthy amount of cleavage in her low-cut top. She was still fit and firm, maintaining an hourglass figure. Her jeans looked expensive, molding to her firm legs and riding low on her wide hips. She was wearing high heeled sandals, making her stand taller. She looked really good, as good as she did in College.

“Hey, Regina.” I said.

“Hey, Marcus.” she said, smiling brightly, pulling me into a hug, her large, full breasts pushing into my chest. “I already got us a table.”

I followed her to the table across the room. I couldn’t help but notice her butt in her tight jeans, as she shook it when she walked. Her butt still looked as tight and firm as ever. We sat down, me across from her. Just as we did, the waitress came by. Regina ordered a drink, while I just ordered a water.

“C’mon, Marcus, get a drink. Live a little.” Regina said.

“I don’t think so. Bad things happen when I drink around you.” I said, causing her to giggle.

“So how are you?” I asked.

“I’m very good. And you?” she replied.

“Good. I’m good.” I replied.

“How’s Brandy?” she asked.

“Uh, that’s what I’m here to talk about.” I began. She smiled knowingly.

“She is something, isn’t she?” Regina said.

“Uh yeah.” I said nervously.

“What did she do? Cause I know that look. She spooked you about something.” Regina said with a laugh.

“I just… wanted to ask, is something a little… off about her? It just like sometimes she says and does things that seem over the line.” I said.

“Brandy has no boundaries. She’s always been that way. Even when she was young, she… like you said, something about her was off. She was stubborn, she was driven, and she acted spoiled. Believe me, I did my best with her. Whatever she might say about me, I was a good mother to her. Trust me, I didn’t want her to grow up and become the girl I was. But, it was, like, from the start, she was spoiled. I didn’t spoil her when she was young, but practically out of the womb, she felt like this world owed her everything. She felt like she should get whatever she wanted. It was her nature. It was in her blood. When she was a child, believe me, she was a monster.” Regina said.

“I bet.” I said.

“Maybe it was because she didn’t have that father-figure in her life. I don’t know.” Regina said.

“Hey, I didn’t know she existed. Don’t blame me.” I replied, as our drinks came.

“I’m not. I’m just saying it was if she knew something was missing in her life, and she wanted that thing back. She always wanted stuff, clothes, toys. I had a few men in my life as she grew up, and she never warmed to them. It was as if she knew they were pretenders. Not the real thing. As she got older she got boy crazy. It was then that I noticed things about her, like you are now. I saw her flirting with men, much older men. Including the men I dated. It didn’t matter that they were with me. She would do things, she would show herself off, she would flirt with my boyfriends! I tried to curb this behavior, but she would get more driven to spite me and do it anyway. That is why I was not heartbroken to have her leave. She became more trouble than it was worth. She was, liked you said… off.” Regina said.

“So you gave up on her?” I asked.

“I did my best. I went to work. I gave her the best life escort bursa I could. I gave her 18 years to shape up. She won’t listen to me anymore. She’s an adult now. She can take care of herself now. She might have to learn the hard way that she has to grow up, like I did.” Regina said.

“So you think she won’t change until she gets knocked up?” I asked.

“Maybe. Marcus, change comes from within. No one can change who somebody is. Brandy has unhealthy behaviors. But she won’t stop that until it negatively affects her life. She won’t listen to anybody. Her mother. Her father. She is who she is. Some things don’t change about people.” Regina said.

“So you are giving up on her?” I asked, a little angrily.

“Of course not. She is my daughter and I love her. But I was not willing to just give in and give her everything she wanted. I’m too stubborn to back down, as is she. I’ve done what I can. Maybe you will be more successful. I hope so. I hope you can do something that I could not. Maybe there is something with you that I don’t have. Something she wants. Something she needs. I hope she finds what she is looking for. I really do.” Regina said.

“I hope so.” I replied.

“So what did she do, to spook you like this?” Regina asked, sipping her drink.

“I’d, uh… I’d rather not say.” I said, not wanting to confess that Brandy had watched me have sex. Didn’t quite know how she would take that. But as she looked at me, studied me, part of me wondered if she suspected the truth. But that moment passed.

We ordered some food as we caught up with each other. Our lives. It seemed like she had grown up quite a bit. She had worked hard and earned a pretty good amount of money and lived a pretty good, pretty successful life. Not that I envied that kind of thing. I was quite happy in my own life. Even though she probably had more money than Linda and I did, I was very satisfied with the life I had. I told her about my life, and although she complimented it, I could tell that living a more humble life did not appeal to her. We finally finished our meals and I was trying to find a way to part ways. But Regina took the opportunity to speak up.

“So, this was a very lovely meal, Marcus.” Regina said.

“Well, I enjoyed seeing you again.” I said.

“I can feel that old connection we used to have.” Regina said.

“Well, uh, I don’t know about that.” I replied, confused.

“Sure you do. That connection is still there. I just knew it would be. That’s why I already got a hotel room. I figured we could get to know each other even better.” Regina said.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I figured we could spend the rest of the day fucking our brains out.” she said. I nearly choked on my drink. “Isn’t that why you called?” Regina asked.

“No! Of course not.” I said, backing up my chair.

“But Marcus,” she started, “I’m wearing a thong. Don’t you want to see my hot body in it?”

“Okay! I’m leaving!” I said, getting to my feet. “You clearly haven’t changed at all.”

“Oh, c’mon, don’t be so dramatic!” Regina said, getting to her feet, walking up to me. Before I could do anything, she was directly in front of me.

“Your wife doesn’t have a pair like these, does she?” Regina said, guiding my eyes to her creamy cleavage. “We had so much fun making a baby before? Let’s go make another one.”

I backed away quickly.

“It’s a wonder Brandy doesn’t have boundaries with the way you act around a married man!” I told her. She just smiled evilly. I high-tailed it out of the restaurant. I knew this was a bad idea.


I drove home angrily. I shouldn’t have met with Regina. I knew she was still the same. Still a slut. She hit on me! Me?! I’m a married man! She knew that and she did it anyway. But why was my dick throbbing? Sure, Regina was still hot. But… it wasn’t till she got close, and purred in my ear, letting me know she was happy to make another baby with me. It wasn’t till that point that I responded. It wasn’t till that moment that my dick got hard. I tried to shake it off and think about other things.

It was her fault that Brandy turned out how she did. No boundaries. Brandy inherited her mother’s slutty nature. I just wish I had been there when Brandy was young, to guide her along the right path, to prevent her from becoming what she is now. A slut!

I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing, meeting with Regina. Neither Linda nor Brandy would like it. So I left it a secret.

My thoughts swirled. I was angry at Regina, for being such a skank, and passing those qualities over to our daughter. I was angry at Brandy, for how uncomfortable she was making me. So of course, this was the worst time for my car to break down. I slammed my hands on the steering wheel as I pulled over.

An hour later I was at a repair shop. I had called a tow truck and I was taken to the shop. The damage in my car would take a few days to repair so I would need a ride home. Linda was out of town for work. I had to call Brandy to pick me up.

It took about 45 minutes for her car to show up. I smiled as she pulled up, but I stepped back as I opened the door and was bombarded by a wall of noise coming from the stereo. I sat down and turned down the music.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32