Virgin Butt Territory

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When I first started working where I am over eleven years ago, there was one girl (Teresa) that I fooled around with for a while. She was not the prettiest person around, but her looks were better then average. Anything she lacked in looks, she sure made up for it with sex.

She was willing to fuck almost anywhere. There were several times we fucked at work, in the parking lot at work. Once when driving her home from work late at night, we pulled over onto a dirt road since she didn’t want to wait.

One night, when I picked her up from work we stopped at a secluded wooded spot on the way to her house. I laid down a sleeping bag on the ground and we fucked in the open. She screamed so loud, I thought the police would come.

Even though the sex was good, there wasn’t much else there. She was living at her father’s place and we really didn’t do much else but fuck, so we went out separate ways. I moved on to a different area of the company and lost track of her.

A few months later, I tore a tendon in my left elbow and was home recovering from surgery when I received a call from Teresa. She had moved out of her father’s place and was staying at a friends house. She asked if I would like to see her before she moved up north in a few days.

I casino oyna was feeling pretty horny and getting out of the house would do me some good – even if I the doctor didn’t want me driving. Plus my girlfriend and I had been fighting because of her teenage son, so we were taking a break from each other. She gave me directions to her friend’s place.

When I arrived, her friend was leaving to go to the store. Teresa and I started talking about how we were doing and what she was going to do up north. During the discussion she a comment that caused me to pick up a pillow and tossed it at her. She tossed it back at me and this continued for a few more tosses, when Theresa said “You don’t want to start something you aren’t going to finish”.

I asked her how did she know I wasn’t going to finish whatever I started. With that I got up and walked over to her. She was sitting on the couch, so I pinned her down and started kissing her. At first she said she didn’t want to since I had a new girl friend, but after a few minutes of kissing and me rubbing her tits, she changed her mind.

I grabbed the bottom of her top and yanked it over her head. I then took her bra off. As I started attacking her hardening nipples, I reached down and moved one of my fingers into canlı casino her soaked pussy.

I stood up for a moment to remove my shirt, pants and underwear. She leaned forward and started stoking my dick with one of her hands as the other hand played with her pussy. This continued for a few moments, before I had her stop. I lifted her legs up and removed her skirt and panties, before spreading her legs apart. Her pussy lips were spread wide just begging for my dick. I was going to fuck her for all we were worth.

I slide my dick all the way in her which caused her to climax. Pumping in and out of her I could hear the sloshing noise being made. My balls slammed against her as she came several times. I could feel my release building, but I wanted to prolong it just a little bit longer, so I pulled all the way out of her.

I had her then stand up, face the couch and bend over using the back of the couch for support. I then spread her legs apart. You could see her pussy lips all puffed up and cum dripping out her pussy and off those lips.

I entered her from the rear. This time slowly at first, but it was getting harder and harder to not come inside her. Before I did, there was one last thing I wanted to do so she would remember me.

I pulled kaçak casino my dick out of her and just slide it along her pussy lips. While doing this I got some of her cum on my fingers and used it to lubricated butt hole. At first she didn’t do much, cause she thought I was going to finger her butt – but when I leaned back she realized what I was going to do. She tried to push up, but I held pushed down on her back as the tip of my dick was at the entrance of her butt.

Knowing I had to hurry or she would get lose, I pushed forward and sank half of my dick into her butt before either of us knew it. She was trying real hard to get free, but instead of getting away her movements actually caused me to go deeper.

She either started to enjoy it or decided to let me have my way. Either way – she stopped struggling and started to let me pump away inside her. I reached around and grabbed hold of each of her breasts as I pumped my dick in and out of her butt feeling me getting closer and closer.

Finally I started spewing my cum inside her butt. She tightened her cheeks up so much I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to pull out of her. We both collapsed on the couch, sweat pouring off us.

Just as we finished getting dressed her friend returned. She was none to happy about the smell of sex in the house and yelled at me to get out.

After she moved, we communicated with each other for a few months, but as she got settled she got a job, started school and a boyfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32