What a Workout

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It was a little pass noon and I getting ready to head to the gym for my usual Tuesday workout. I put on a pair of baggy blue shorts and some loose fitting boxers. I usually wear really tight compression shorts underneath so that I can keep my huge cock under control. My cock is freakishly long and thick. I am nine and a half inches soft and a little over twelve inches hard. But today I had decided to tease the front girl working the counter at the gym. Her name was Christine. She was a gorgeous Brunette with a great ass and a set of hips that moved ever so sensually when she walked. It made my dick get hard every time I watched her. I had wondered what it would be like to see those hips on top of me grinding away.

When I walked in the door I was initially disappointed because Christine was not working the front desk. I told the young attractive red head working the desk my membership number and proceeded to start my workout. As I gave her my number I notice her look down as I walked up to the front desk. The size of my flaccid nine and half inch cock swaying back and forth as I walked up must have caught her attention. Her eyes froze in disbelief and excitement as she just sat there staring at my cock hidden under my baggy shorts. I decided that if Christine wasn’t here I would have to just make the most of it and find someone else to tease.

I got on the Stairmaster and began to my usual 25 minute workout. As I rode I noticed directly behind me and to my right were two attractive women in their forties working out on the treadmill. As I continued to workout I notice that the two women would occasionally steal a peek at my left leg as it moved up and down. The motion of my leg pressing against my shorts gave them a hint of what I demetevler escort must be packing inside my shorts. It was in the middle of this that I noticed that Christine had returned. She walked in the door and into the office. Watching her walk seeing that great ass and those swaying hips once again made my cock become rock hard- much to the delight of the women behind me. It was all that I could do to keep from Cumming right there and then. The movement of my legs on the stairmaster as well as Christine’s great ass and hips in my mind and these women staring at me almost made me shoot it right there. But I was abler to contain myself and move on with finishing my workout.

I finished my workout and headed over to the machines to lift some weights. After a few circuits I made my way to my last machine and my last set. The triceps machine. The machine had a side view of the front desk. Sitting behind the desk on a stool was Christine. I decide then and there I was going to give a clear picture of what I had to offer. As I sat down to workout I wrapped my baggy shorts tightly against and around my leg leaving no doubt as to what I had to offer under my shorts. I grunted and coughed as I did my sets hoping to have Christine glance my way. She finally looked over staring at my cock in a state of disbelief. The phone rang at the desk and she picked it up and began to talk all the while her eyes focused on my shorts. After she hung up the phone she began to make her way towards me. She stopped and asked if my name was Peter Baliey I told her it was not and she began to walk away. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind coming back after she found the person because I had some questions about membership. She said she’d dikmen escort be right back to talk with me. I saw her grab a quick glimpse of my cock as she walked away. When she returned I told her that I wanted to upgrade my membership and that I needed to know the costs involved. She began to tell me the information all the while stealing glances of my fully erect cock fighting for air underneath my shorts. She let me know that I needed to fill out some paper work and then everything would be good to go. I told her I was in a rush and could I come back later tonight. She said that would be fine that she would be here till closing.

It was about 10 minutes before 11 pm as I rushed in the door. Christine was the only one left waiting for the last person to leave. I asked if it was too late to fill out the paper work. She said that it was not she just needed to wait for the last member to leave so she could lock up. The last person made there way out the door and Christine led me into the office. She closed the door behind her which I felt was sort of unusual. The office had no windows in it and with the door closed no one could tell that we were in the office. She handed me the papers told me where to sign. After I finished signing she asked me if I would like to have a body analysis. I asked her what a body analysis consisted of and she told it was basically taking measurements to see how big I was and checking my body fat. I jokingly told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to know how much fat I had on my body. Christine told me that not all fat is bad and that some things are better when their fat and big. I immediately said lets find out how big I am.

She took out a measuring tape and began to measure my shoulders ankara escort arms chest and stomach. After that she knelt down on her knees and began to measure around my hips. She then told me she usually likes to measure around each individual leg if that was ok with me. I told her fine. She told me it would be more accurate if I removed my sweats so she could measure directly around my legs.

I was wearing a pair of tight white compression shorts so I knew she would get a great view of my hard cock under my sweats. I pulled down my sweats and she wrapped the tape around my left leg and took the measurement as she did she put her hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze. I let out a moan. She instantly pulled down my compression shorts revealing my enormous raging dick. She grabbed onto my cock with two hands pumping it violently as she sucked on the tip.

About a minute later I pulled Christine up from her knees and I laid down on the office floor. I pulled her jeans down to her ankles, grab her by the hips and guided her pussy down onto my face. Christine let out a moan as she felt her pussy come into contact with my mouth. She was soaking. She used her hips to rub her pussy back and forth against my mouth and all over my face suffucating me in the process. After about 5min of tasting her delicious pussy Christine told me to fuck her!!

She then got up pull off her jeans and bent over the desk. She grabbed onto my cock and shoved it deep inside her. Her pussy was Hot!! and soaking wet. She let out a deep moan and began slamming her pussy back against my cock her ass slapping against my stomach. I just stood there and watched her fuck my cock in an a state of frenzy. She cried out after a few moments “SHITTTT!!!” I knew that she was Cumming I continued to stand there and let her grind against me until I could take no more I yanked my cock out and exploded all over her ass and back soaking her body. She collapsed on top of the desk and I on top of her both our bodies drained form the intensity of our orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32