Winter Work Retreat

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**** Author’s Note ******

This story is a bit long, but I chose to post this one as a single long story than in chapters as I have some of my other long stories. Let me know if you like them this way or as chapters.




Sometimes getting a new boss can be a good thing. They bring in new ideas and concepts, revitalizing a department or in this case, a company. It doesn’t always work that way, sometimes the changes are for the worse. The opinion is still out on the new company CEO.

One of the things he brought to the table were mandatory attendance retreats. Yep, that’s right, mandatory. Everyone in the department from the executive vice president to the secretaries, were directed to attend a two to three day retreat every six months. These were a mixture of team building and social events with serious out of the box brainstorming sessions. To everyone’s surprise, the last outing yielded an outrageous idea from one of the secretaries, which turned out, after a lot of engineering, to be a great solution to a long standing problem. So with that reinforcement in mind, Mike Michael’s boss gave him no choice but to attend the upcoming ski retreat. Now when it comes to the outdoors Mike is no stranger. In fact he is an avid hunter and fisherman, and spends most of his weekends in one of those pursuits.

Being single again at thirty sucked for Mike, and after ten years of bar trolling, and getting fixed up with women at church by friends, Mike was still single, and it still often sucked. He just didn’t seem to be able to find a woman who made a long term fit. Oh he had lots of women friends, but it seemed that domestic tranquility was not their primary motivation. As a result he’d pretty much learned to be on his own and concentrate his activities on things he could do and enjoy alone. Camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, ATVing, these were all things he liked to do regularly, sun or snow. Skiing, on the other hand, is one activity he had made it a point to avoid. After several sets of broken ribs from various incidents, like motorcycle accidents, he pretty much decided that skiing was going to stay off the to-do list. He just didn’t need another set of busted ribs, which was what he expected if he tried to stand on some skinny boards on a slippery surface, especially if that surface was a hill. It amazed him that anyone would spend the huge sums of money it took to slide down some stupid hill, over and over, on those things.

The last retreat was camping and a two day canoe trip. Mike considered it to be quite fun; partly because he felt quite at home in that element, and partly because it was fun to watch those who were out of their element struggle. Of course it didn’t hurt to get to watch the secretaries, married and single, strutting around in swim suits that showed way more than you could ever see at work. It was quickly apparent that he knew his way around a camp and ended up being the go-to guy for almost everything. Mike showed a number of people how to set up their tents, deal with camping and instructed a number of coworkers, including the engineering administrative assistant, on how to cook over an open fire. Marlene seemed genuinely happy to have the help and Mike had to admit he enjoyed when she stood much closer to him than necessary, often touching their hips together. He also taught people who had never been in a canoe, how to get downstream without ending up upside down. All in all, it was fun, but it was still a working trip.

The engineering session was actually helpful, and the team building activities were interesting, but for Mike, the social end kind of flopped. He had a hard and fast rule about dating women from work, and he saw nothing in that retreat to change that attitude. If anything it was reinforced when they played some silly game that was the equivalent of spin the bottle where each chosen person had to give one embarrassing moment they had in the last year. To his surprise and shock, the embarrassing moment that one of the secretaries used, was when Mike accidently walked up on her and one of the other young secretaries getting it on, on the far side of the gravel bar they took their lunch break on that first afternoon. Somehow her embarrassing moment turned into his. This incident for some reason made him instantly popular; with the guys wanting to know all the details of what he saw, and the younger ladies, wanting to know all the details of what he saw, but from a slightly different perspective. That popularity continued for weeks after the trip.

What surprised him most was that the two twenty something secretaries didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that he saw them, or that the other guys knew about it. They did seem to rebuff all the obvious advances, but for reasons he simply didn’t understand, they seemed to gravitate toward him after the encounter. One of them, a slim young lady named Cindy, even went so far as to get things switched around so she was the secretary working on his projects. Mike guessed çankaya escort that allowed her to be closer to him on a daily basis, although he clearly didn’t know why. They hadn’t dated, and he hadn’t made any overt moves. To Mike it was just not a good thing to have at work romances within the same department you work in, even more so when she’s just a tad over half your own age. Well, maybe a bit more than that, but she was still fifteen or so years younger than he was.

But that was all six months ago. Today he was standing in front of his bosses desk, listening to him tell him that he didn’t have a choice, he was going to have to go on the ski trip. Mike left his office resigned to going and hoped that he could avoid actually going on the slopes.

The following week found Mike stuffing his suitcase into the underbelly of the tour bus before climbing aboard and finding an empty seat by the window. His intention was to try to get a little reading in on the six plus hour trip to the resort. No, Mike didn’t consider himself anti-social, he just really didn’t want to get stuck talking small talk for six hours to someone that he really wasn’t friends with. Mike was just getting settled in well and had his book open to where he had left off last, when it was unceremoniously pulled from his hands by Marlene, the administrative assistant.

“Nope! You’re not going to spend the whole trip with your nose in a book. Not when you have me to keep you company.” She said as she dropped into the seat next to him with a smile.

Mike had to admit she looked pretty damn good. He guessed she was in her early thirties, slim, but not overly so, with a thin waist and pleasant face that usually held a smile. Her probably shoulder length blond hair was perpetually up in a bun on the back of her head, and oh yes, she has a pleasantly large pair of tits, which at the moment were well outlined in the tight white turtleneck sweater she had on.

“Sorry, just thought I might catch up on some reading.” He answered lamely.

“Nope, not this trip.” She said with a smile. Then she leaned over close to him and whispered, “And if you keep staring at my tits there isn’t much point in sitting by the window.”

Mike turned red at getting caught staring at her. “Sorry, I… Um. Sorry.” He said, turning to look away from her.

She giggled and leaning even closer to him so her tits were pressing against his arm, whispered. “Don’t worry. Personally I think it’s flattering that you want to stare at them. Maybe some time I’ll be able to give you a better look.”

That grabbed his attention and his head swiveled back to her so fast that he was surprised he didn’t give himself whiplash. Mike looked at her eyes, only inches from his own, trying to decide if she were serious or not.

“Yes. I am.” She said with a smile as she straightened back up, answering his unasked question.

The next few minutes were spent getting everyone settled after which Mister Anderson, the vice president of engineering, stood in the front and gave everyone a pep talk, telling them they were all going to have a great time, and that they should concentrate on bonding with those in the group.

“I plan on it.” Marlene whispered after his bonding comment, reaching over with her leg and rubbing against his for a moment. It didn’t take a rocket scientist, or engineer, to read between those lines. She all but told Mike she wanted to let him see her tits, and with this… he guessed even she couldn’t miss the hardon that quickly sprouted at her suggestion. She looked down at his lap and smiled at what she had caused, blushing slightly when she realized she had been caught looking at his lap.

“Sorry.” She whispered as the buss finally started to move.

“No problem.” Mike whispered, feeling a bit bold as he leaned a bit closer to her. “Maybe sometime I’ll be able to give you a better look.”

“God I hope so.” She whispered back.

Mike knew she was married, but somehow that didn’t seem to matter to either of them as they chatted on the long drive. Other than the cooking at the camp out, this was really the longest he had ever spent talking to her, and he found her to be pleasant, charming, funny, and quite sexy. She had a nice assortment of jokes, some quite good, and some not in the least fit for mixed company. She seemed to be enjoying telling him those best, using them as an excuse to reach out and squeeze his leg periodically.

To Mike’s surprise the six hour ride was over much quicker than he had expected but Marlene stayed seated until nearly all the people behind them had moved toward the door, leaving the two of them at the tail end of the line. She quickly leaned over and kissed him wetly on the lips and whispered, “When you get settled, come find my room.” With that she got up and headed to the back of the line, acting like nothing at all had happened.

Mike shook his head and got up, following her to the end of the line slowly making its way down the aisle. As they çayyolu escort moved slowly down the aisle he felt her hand grab his hardon through his pants, reaching around behind her, and giving it a squeeze while she innocently carried on a conversation with the guy ahead of them. As quickly it started it was over, her hand gone as she headed down the steps to collect her bag. Mike followed her out of the bus and the two of them went their separate ways to collect their bags. Needless to say, it was damn cold. Mike had been so distracted that he hadn’t even gotten his coat out of the overhead. Feeling like a dumb rookie, Mike jumped back onto the bus to go back and get it. By the time he got out, she was headed toward the lodge door, walking briskly in the cold air. Mike pulled his coat on and followed along dragging his big bag in the snow, instantly glad he had packed some of his good cold weather gear.

Walking into the front door of the lodge, Mike found a member of the hotel staff with a check list, handing out keycards for the various rooms. He gave him his name which the young clerk checked off, handing him a card for room 363.

“I need to drop something off to Marlene Wentzel. What room is she in?” Mike asked him.

“Three sixty nine.” He said with a grin, assuming, all too correctly, that all he intended to give her was his hard dick.

“Thanks!” Mike said as he headed toward the elevators. He stood in line with quite a few other people, finally managing to get into a car with several other people, including Cindy and her friend. All of them stepped out of the elevator on the same floor and Mike followed Cindy down the hall, where she and her friend stopped at the door next to his.

“Didn’t get a private room?” He asked Cindy as he swiped his key card.

“Oh I could have, but I asked to bunk with Angie. We’re really old friends so we thought it would be fun to stay together.”

“Oh, well that makes sense.” Mike answered as he pushed the door open, his mind instantly flashing back to the two naked bodies on the gravel bar. “Enjoy!”

“Oh we will!” Cindy said with a grin as she pushed the door open and allowed Angie to step in before she did.

Mike shook his head as he stepped into his room, noting that theirs was a connecting room with his own. He suspected they were going to keep each other quite busy. On the middle of the bed was an itinerary packet with all the information to the lodge its amenities, times for the groups various activities, and passes for the ski lifts. Those he didn’t plan on using.

He tossed his bag onto the low dresser and quickly pulled out some of the cold weather gear he brought, hanging it up next to his coat in the small closet. Mike looked at his watch and wondered how long he should wait before he went to see Marlene. “Long enough!” He decided, heading out of the room and down the hall toward 369. He knocked gently on the door, and waited, hearing some rustling on the other side. The door opened a few inches, and then he heard more rustling before she called to come in. Pushing the door open Mike stepped into room and closed it behind him.

“Marlene?” He called quietly.

“In here Mike.” He heard her call from the main portion of the small suite. He stepped the few steps down the short hall, past the closet and into the main room, finding Marlene laying on the bed, her back propped up by pillows, her body covered by a blanket and her surprisingly long blond hair flowing over the pillows. “So it didn’t take you long to come down here.” She said with a smile. “I hope you were serious about showing me that big dick.”

“That depends, you serious about showing me your tits?” He asked back, wondering if, no matter how horny he was at the moment, if this was really a good idea.

“Oh yeah. You get naked to your waist, you can pull the blanket to my waist, you get naked the rest of the way you can pull the blanket the rest of the way off. You see something you want, all you have to do is ask.”

“Sounds like fun.” Mike answered, pulling his shirt off. He tossed aside the thought of getting charged with sexual harassment, along with his shirt, which landed on the chair sitting by a small table. Mike stepped to the foot of the bed and slowly pulled the blanket down, inch by inch uncovering more and more of her naked body. Her tits were the size of grapefruit, and surprisingly shaped much the same as if one were cut in half and laid on her chest. Her areola were somewhat oblong, with a large pink nipple centered in each one. It was clear she didn’t tan, her skin being a very consistent cream color with a few freckles sprinkled across her chest. “Very nice.” He said as he stood and admired her, enjoying seeing all the parts that had been covered by the somewhat conservative swim suit she wore on the canoe trip.

“So… you going to stand there and stare, or are you going to go farther?” She asked in a deep sultry voice, her fingers reaching up to her own breasts and gently stroking ankara escort them across her quickly hardening nipples.

“In a hurry?” Mike asked, watching her fingers stroke slow circles around each breast, bumping over her nipples and then continuing to circle. Her pink painted nails drew patterns back and forth across each creamy mound, following down and around until they each circled back down between them again, before continuing their trip slowly toward her nipples again.

“Honey, I’ve been in a hurry for six months. I kind of peeked in your tent while you were changing from your swim suit on the canoe trip. I have to say, you have a really good looking cock.”

“You have me at a disadvantage then. I haven’t seen you naked.”

“Then all you need to do is to keep on taking your clothes off.” She replied with a grin, her fingers pausing to grip each nipple and tug them gently while they twisted them like tiny tuning knobs.

“Sounds fair.” He answered breaking into a crooked smile and unbuckling his belt. It only took him a few moments to push his pants down before he realized he hadn’t taken his boots off. He stood for some time bent over untying them before he could push his pants off. Standing at the foot of her bed, Mike watched her lick her lips slightly as he started pushing his underwear down, slowly uncovering his hard dick until it popped out to stand like a flag pole. He pushed his underwear down enough to let them slide down his legs and then stepped out of them to stand at the foot of the bed wearing nothing but his raging hardon, which was bouncing with his pounding heart. Grasping the blanket, he slowly inched it down, slowly uncovering more and more of her tantalizing body. Her curly blond bush came into view first, its neatly trimmed triangle pointing toward her pussy, which was next to be uncovered. To his disappointment, there was little to see of her pussy with her legs pressed together. He pulled the blanket the rest of the way off, leaving her completely naked. “I’d sure like to see a bit more of you.” He said.

“I’m yours to command. All you need do is ask.” She said as she slowly spread her legs, pulling her knees up and apart until her knees were spread wide like a frog. Her pussy lips pulled apart, revealing her pink inner lips, glistening with her juices. She reached one hand down between her legs and stroked a finger between her sexy wet lips and then allowed it to draw a damp line up her stomach as her hands traveled up her body and finally rested behind her head, allowing his eyes to see any part of her he wished.

Mike crawled onto the foot of the bed and gently kissed the inside of her right thigh. Trailing kiss after kiss, he gently worked his way inch by inch toward her pussy, each kiss a tiny lick with the tip of his tongue followed by a warm gentle touch of his lips. She squirmed in anticipation as his kisses tickled her thigh and grew ever closer to where she desperately wanted to feel his lips.

“Oh god you are a tease!” She moaned as he finally reached her pussy and tickled her lips with the tip of his tongue. His only response was to gently blow his hot breath on her exposed clit for several seconds before flicking it with the tip of his tongue. “OH FUCK!” She cried with the sudden flood of sensations that made her whole body jerk and send bolts of lightning from her pussy to her rock hard nipples.

Mike licked up between her wet lips several times, tasting her juices and teasing her clit even more, first with the flat of his tongue and then ever more with rapid fire flicks of just the tip across her hard nub. Marlene squirmed around as he teased her, grabbing fistfuls of one of the pillows behind her to keep herself from grabbing at his head. Just when he had her thinking he was going to lick her to her quickly approaching climax, Mike pulled his face from her pussy and started kissing his way up her body, leaving her sopping wet pussy for his hard dick. Inch by inch he kissed up her firm stomach until he was at her round full tits, kissing around first the right, and then down around the left. She moaned quietly as he worked inch by inch around her left tit, each kiss preceded by one of those tickly tiny wet licks. While his kisses worked around and around, making his way to her hard nipple, he slowly stroked the head of his raging hardon up and down her wet slit, teasing her opening and clit tantalizingly. Mike gently placed his mouth around her whole areola and suctioned the tip of her tit into his mouth flicking her nipple repeatedly with the tip of his tongue.

“OH FUCK!” She cried loudly at the sudden change in sensations. She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pulled him tightly to her breast while she wrapped her legs around his and arched her back in a sudden spasm of pleasure. Her own motions forced his cock suddenly and deeply into her velvety hot tunnel, intensifying the flurry of sensations assaulting her body and mind. “OHHHHHHH” she cried as his intruding dick pushed her orgasm over the precipice, her whole body shuddering as his head pressed against the end of her tunnel and the base of his dick pressed against her already sensitive clit. Mike began stroking quickly in and out of her, knowing that with as little sex as he had been getting, he wasn’t going to last long.

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