Women I Have Known Ch. 02

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If you are looking for stories about people with perfect bodies – 38D silicone breasts and 10 inch penises – who can fuck non-stop for 8 hours, then I most certainly am not your author. If, however, you enjoy a story that’s based virtually on fact, then remain in your seat and perhaps you’ll enjoy a fond recollection of mine. This is the second edition of ‘Women I have Known.’


Jane was one of the prettier women I dated in college. She tended towards petite, had lovely pale white skin, sparkling eyes, and a short button-nose. I met her in the dorms in my early years, but never dated her then…nor did I even fuck her. The women in my own dorm seemed to quickly take on a sister-like aura. While many of the guys on my floor seemed determined to have sex with as many of the girls in our residence halls as they could, I, for the most part, abstained. It was not a perfect record of abstinence, but it was darn close.

Perhaps it was this reserve which ended up paying off in a roundabout way. Many of the girls on my floor were pleased to report to other women they knew on campus that I was a stand up guy and not just on the make.

I have to admit I used these recommendations on more than one occasion to prove I was not wholly wholesome. While most of the men on my floor were conscientiously avoiding at least one woman on the floor they had wronged, lied to, or defiled, I could safely roam my own building: any women I had used for my pleasure were safely across the quad.

But back to Jane. She was not overly kinky but also seldom rebuffed my advances. She was happy to fuck in any position, enjoyed sucking my cock, and adored being eaten when the right mood struck her. On one or two occasions I came in her mouth. It was something she clearly did not enjoy but she was a decent sport about it. I had also gently tried to engage her in pleasures of the anal variety. (I have always felt, and I still do, that you have not truly ‘had’ a woman until you’ve had her ass.) When going down on Jane I had tried to slip my mouth down south of her pussy a few times. No sooner had my lips or tongue found her taint than she would move her body into a position that got me right back to kissing her furry cunt. When fucking her from behind I also tried to touch her delightful dark rosebud. I also met with no success. She would reach back and remove my hand or tell me to stop it.

One night when we were rather drunk on tequila I asked her directly why she never wanted to try anal sex. She said it was gross but if it would make me happy we could try it then and there. I could tell it was the tequila talking, but I was not going to turn down a shot at finally scoring Jane’s slender ass. The tequila must have been the cause of her agreeing, and it must have been the cause of her passing out a few moments late. I ended up in the bathroom jacking off to thinking what might have been. The next morning Jane did recall the incident…vaguely. I told her she had passed out before we could do it. She seemed glad and reiterated it was a gross thing to do.

A month or so later Jane went to a friend’s sorority party. She dropped by my place well after midnight. She seemed in odd mood, but was clearly not drunk.

“What’s up, Jane?”

“I’m high.”

“A little pot, eh?”

“Nope,” she smiled. “We did Ecstasy.”

I was never a fan of any drugs beyond pot, and I had never known Jane to show an interest in them either. I was bahçelievler escort starting to give her my ‘dangers of drugs’ speech when Jane interrupted me. “Don’t be such a square. It feels great.”

“I just don’t want you to become drug user.”

“I won’t. Maybe you should take the opportunity to fuck me.”

I walked towards her, “Maybe I will.”

Then Jane shocked me. “I mean in the ass.”

“Huh?” was all I could muster.

“Oh, come on. You’ve been wanting to since we met. I might not ever say yes again.”

“OK, but we need to stop by the store for some lube.”

About five minutes later we were in the convenience store around the corner. Along with the tube of KY I had purchased some beef jerky, a candy bar, and 2 bottles of soda. The additional items seemed to make me feel like less of a pervert. As the clerk rang us up he gave Jane a look as he scanned the KY. Now keep in mind Jane was fairly proper in public and seldom ever used profanity.

Jane smiled her white-toothed grin to the clerk, and said, “We’re gonna try anal.” The clerk and I both turned red. Jane laughed out loud and headed back to the car. Ecstasy had turned my PG-13 girlfriend into hardcore…at least verbally.

Once we got home I opened a beer. Jane insisted she needed a shower. The shower may have lasted five minutes, or perhaps a month as measured by my impatient male mind. Jane reappeared naked…also something she seldom did with the lights on. I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. I raced back for the KY. Jane was on her back, the room was fairly dark. I turned on the hallway light. This way I could see her, without making her feel she were in a clinical setting.

I made a conscious mental note to try and enjoy and recall the events about to unfold: I did not feel they were apt to be repeated frequently…if at all. I kissed Jane briefly and made a quick stop to adore her small breasts. I may have nibbled her belly-button on my sojourn south. I was in a hurry to get between her thin legs.

Her dark pubic hair blended into the dimly-lighted room, but her pink pussy glistened despite the minimal light. I kissed and licked Jane for about ten minutes. I then pressed my knuckle against her anus. Despite her having given her verbal consent to anal sex I was still surprised she did not stop me. My logical brain began to wonder where I could procure some more Ecstasy. I hoped the spell would not be broken as I briefly open the tube of KY. Jane let out a soft sign and then a slightly startled sound as my index finger slowly pressed into her hot ass. And when I say Jane had a hot ass I mean it both metaphorically and literally. Provided you are not a “I like big butts’ sort of man, Jane’s best feature was a tight skinny ass. As my finger entered her I also noted that her ass was literally hot as well. My finger was burning.

I fingered for a few minutes gauging her reaction to this new intimate intrusion into her very core. ‘So far so good’, I thought to myself as I gently removed my finger. I braced myself for rejection and gave her a soft kiss on her taint. This normally sent off alarm bells in her mind followed evasive action to get the intruder away from her well-guarded ass. Tonight there was no rebuke. No hand pulling my mouth back up to her pussy. No remark to, ‘Stop that and come fuck me.’

When her arm came down I assumed it was going to put an end to balgat escort my scheme, but instead she put her hand behind her knee and pulled it up to her chest. Jane’s ass was bare, unprotected and willing. It glistened with the KY. Sometimes when faced with something you’ve always wanted to try, you hesitate. I am sure I did for a brief moment, but pretty quickly my mouth was on Jane’s ass. There was a taste of soap and the KY gave her a slippery feeling (Much like an oyster.) When Jane began to make noises, I guessed she was about to put an end to my first rimming experience. Instead she let out some unintelligible moans and even an ‘oh yes.’ She was enjoying it! This bolstered my sense of boldness. Like a general seizing the opportunity to vanquish a retreating foe I forged forward. I pressed my tongue into Jane’s ass. I must have had close to an inch of tongue buried in Jane’s butt for the next three minutes. I don’t think she came but she made delightful noises. The fact that she held her one leg up the entire time was a clear indication my slightly prudish girlfriend was enjoying not only her first experience with Ecstasy, but also her virginal sexual experience with her anus.

Getting my cock into Jane’s ass quickly became my next goal. I got up onto my knees and told her to roll over and get on all fours: She did so without comment. I applied a generous amount of lube to my cock. The moment to take Jane’s ass had arrived. I pressed the tip of my cock to her asshole. I am not an immensely thick man; although, I do have a healthy length. As I tried to press into Jane, my cock began to bend instead of enter her. I gave it a few quick strokes to get it fully hard and then replaced the tip into its intended target and gave a hard but short thrust.

Clearly I had Jane’s attention now. The noise she made was not one of pleasure; it was also not a groan of pain. I would best describe it as ‘fully surprised.’ I let her adjust to the feeling. Her breathing returned to normal and she asked, “Is it in?”

“It is. Just not very far, yet. Stay still. Let me know if I hurt you.”

“Just do it. Let’s get this over with,” Jane said in a resigned voice.

It was not the ideal setting I pictured, but she was willing. I held her by both hips and forged on. I have to admit (With some embarrassment perhaps) that the feeling of power I felt as I watched my cock slowing sliding into Jane’s ass was more than just sexual. The initial penetration proved to be the most difficult. It seemed to even-out the lube on my cock as well as the lubrication on Jane’s sphincter. With each subsequent advance into Jane my cock slipped in easier, and any noises Jane made were less distressed. (It was still clearly not something she was enjoying, but I also never thought she was on the verge of putting an end to her anal deflowering.)

It was not long before I was slowly, but forcefully, fucking sweet Jane up the ass. Perhaps it was the tightness of her ass, or perhaps it was the eroticism of the moment, but I could tell I was going to come quickly. This suited me well. I did not was to hurt Jane any longer than needed.

“Oh, Jane, I’m gonna come in your ass.”

“Do it. Hurry up and fuck me hard.”

I am not sure how long it took me to come after that. It certainly was no more than a minute. The sight of my cock sliding quickly in and out of Jane’s ass sent me over the edge. I was never a guy who measured ankara escort his penis, but whatever length I have was all the way in Jane’s ass as I exploded what seemed to be an unending stream of semen into her very depths. When I finally slowly slid my cock out of Jane’s ass it remained slightly agape. It was a sight I doubt I’ll ever forget. It was equal measures of erotic and disgusting.

It was a few days later before Jane had recovered both from her Ecstasy trip and being sodomized. I finally had to ask her how she felt about the experience (I was eager to revisit her backside as a regular sexual diversion.) Jane said she was a bit sore for a few days, and she still held the opinion that anal sex was ‘disgusting’. My hopes were crushed but she also promised to never do any serious drugs again.

Then a few weeks later Jane brought up the night again. She had returned from the gym, had a shower, and opened a bottle of cheap red wine for us. She rather surprised me by bringing up the subject of our anal adventures.

“Not all of it was bad,” she said.

“I thought it was disgusting?” I honestly asked.

“Well, the kissing part was good.”

I must have looked confused. “What kissing part.”

Jane took a big swig of wine. “The part where you kissed my bottom.” She blushed.

“Oh, that.”

“Did you like it too?”

I did not say that it only was a means to an end…quite literally in this sense. I also knew I could not say that. “It was sexy, yes.”

“Well, if you ever want to do that again, feel free.” She stood up and headed to my bedroom. “I just had a really good, hot shower.”

I did not need an engraved invitation and that night’s sex started off with a long session of Jane’s nearly perfect ass being kissed, licked and rimmed. Jane came several times that night: mostly from the attention to her bottom.

I am not a shallow man (Probably any sentence starting that way indicates the contrary), but after a few weeks of tonguing Jane’s ass until she came, while having any attempt on my part to fuck her in the ass rebuffed, I became annoyed. It was not my habitual desire to have my tongue buried in a girl’s rectum, not matter how sexy that ass was. If rimming is a gateway to fucking a woman in the ass then I am all for it: I still am.

There were other issues in the relationship as well, and it ended fairly amiably a few months later. It must have ended on a decent note because I ran into her and her new boyfriend at a party after finals. He was a nice enough guy, and I chatted with him for a long time as we drank too many beers.

He finally brought up the subject I would have been happier to leave alone. “You dated Jane for a while, right?”

“Not too long. She’s a nice girl. How long have you dated her?”

“’bout a month.”

What I thought was far different than what I said. What I thought was, ‘I hope you like eating ass, but even though it’s a world class butt, you’re not gonna get to fuck it.’ Of course, even after five beers I did not say that.

I downed my beer. “I gotta be going…long walk back. Have fun with Jane. She’s a great girl. Just keep her happy and it’ll go fine. You just have to let her have her way and kiss her ass a lot.”

I was well along to path to complete beer-fueled oblivion, but I still thought I caught a brief look of apprehension cross his face. As I walked home in the rain, I had to shake my head at the poor guy’s predicament. He was dating a woman with a Ferrari-class ass but I was pretty sure he was only going to get to suck the tailpipe.

I saw Jane at college events a few times after that. I really did like her. She was a nice woman, but I was still glad I had fucked her in the ass when I had the chance.

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