Your Turn

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She heard the front door open and then shut and knew he was home. Perfect timing. She had come home early just for him. They worked opposite shifts and did not get to see much of each other lately. She had plans for him. He was surprised to see she was home and wondered what could be wrong, but knew when he came in and smelled her bath oil that she was just home early. He wondered if she would do that thing he liked. He hoped so. He got himself a drink and sat down to wait and see.

She heard him pour his drink and waited just a few more minutes before getting out and drying off. She went to his closet and got out one of his dress shirts and out it on. She walked down stairs. She liked the feel of her legs brushing against her clit. She really should go without underwear more often. The starched fabric of his shirt also made her nipples stand up. She smiled at the thought of what was to come.

She walked into the kitchen and looked into the family room at him, she knew he was hopeful. She would not disappoint him. It had been for to long. He worked very hard to help make a good life for them not to get what he likes the most every once in a while. She asked how work was for him today to which he replies “It sucked.” Well a rough day at work will make this even better. She walks into the room with him to feed the fish. She bends over at the cabinet etlik escort to get the fish food and does not bend her knees. She takes her time finding it . Giving him a great view of her cunt. She keeps it shaved and she wonders if he can tell she has changed the ring in her clit. This one says “Eat me.” She hopes he does just that.

He sit on the sofa and watches her cross the room. She is wearing one of his shirts and he can see her erect nipples under the fabric. Oh yes this is going to be good. She bends over to feed the fish and shows him she is not wearing underwear. That nice shaved pussy peeking out from under the hem of his shirt makes him hard. He can even see her clit ring. It is almost to much. But he knows there will be more. He just sits and watches.

She stands up and looks over at him and she can see the effect she is having on him. He finishes off his drink and she walks up to him and says read my new ring. She puts her leg on the arm of the sofa to give him a good view. He smiles and lean forward. “Eat me?” He says. She grabs a fist full of his hair and puts him to work. His hands reach out to hold her hips and he buries his face into her cunt. He finds the spot just behind the bottom ball of her ring and puts his tongue to it. She throws her head back and sighs. Its not long before she is pushing her hips out ankara eve gelen escort to fuck his face. The grip on his hair is getting tighter and her juices are running down his chin. He inserts a finger into her and she grabs even tighter and moans loudly. He sucks her clit into his mouth as he add a second finger. She is really fucking his face now. She cums all over him with a loud whimper. He can feel her shacking and helps her to sit down. She smiles and says “Your turn.”

She takes him by the hand and on shaky legs leads him up to the shower. While the water is warming up she helps him to undress. She unbuttons his shirt and slips it off. His belt is next, then his pants. He takes his shirt off of her slowly. Enjoying the sight of her breast slowing coming into view. He leans down and takes one into his mouth which causes her to gasp. Her hands are in his hair again. He reaches down to rub her clit again and she moans out loud. As he moves over to the other breast he put his finger in again and before he can bring her to another orgasm she grabs a fist full of hair and pulls him to his feet. “I told you it was your turn.” she says and pulls him into the shower.

She slaps his hand away as he reaches for her again. She soaps up a sponge and goes to work washing his back. She takes her time rubbing every inch of ankara escort him. He just stands there and let her hands run over his body. She finally comes to his dick and washes it very slowly. She uses her hands for this part. She likes the feel of it hardening in her hand. Once he is rinsed off she drops to her knees and takes him into her mouth. She runs her tongue over the head and he sighs with pleasure. When she sucks the head and runs her tongue up and down the inverted V at the base of the head and his shaft meet and he has to put his hand out to brace himself against the wall. With one of her hands wrapped around the base of his dick and one playing with his balls he is in haven.

He runs his hand into her hair. He doesn’t push her head down on to his dick because he knows she will stop, and she is doing a great job without his help. She can tell by his breathing that is close but she decides to help him along. She starts to rub his ass. His muscles tighten but she makes him relax by starting to pump his dick faster. As soon as he loosens up she pushes her finger in. he gasps at the intrusion, but she does not stop and he is to close to cumming to care. She runs her finger in only up to the second knuckle and starts to rub. To his surprise it is starting to feel good and his need to cum grows strong very quickly . He grabs on tight to her hair. If she is going to finger his ass she is also to swallow his cum. To his amazement she does not even try to get up. She swallows with out complaint, which is a first. She sit back after she finishes licking him clean and just smiles. He smiles back and says “Your turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32