34A Bra and Size 6 Panties Ch. 02

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Here is the rest of what happened when Leah caught me jerking off in her panties and sniffing her bra. All while watching a video of her getting dildo fucked.

I just did not know what to say or do. As I laid on her bed watching Leah take the dildo into her pussy from another girl. And, have her looking at me with my dick in my hand. The video was hot. But, wait, Leah is here looking at me. I slowly turned to now focus on her looking at me. Busted!

Leah just stared and I could see her getting mad, Fuck, I am so in trouble. “You Bastard, You’re a fucking Pig! You’re sick, I am calling the cops. Yada, Yada, Yada…!”

Then she looked up and saw herself the TV. On the video Leah was licking a Black Cherry red Pussy, and, still had the dildo in her pussy and now getting her ass slapped. Her ass was so red. These girls were not letting up on her ass. They were telling her to make Momma cum. She had to make all of them cum or a baby pussy she would stay. Baby pussy had to be trained to make all the older girls happy. Most of the talking came from a large breasted Brunette.

“Where did you get that? Who told you about this? You are going to get it! Better not tell my father!” Bingo!

“Hey I bet your dad would enjoy this video. This one is better than the one of your Mom getting it while your dad filmed her with the Jamaican stud.” Ok, I found that one fixing Jims Master Suite bathroom sink. I was unclogging the sink. And, why would a video be taped to the underside of the sink counter. OOO, it must be sexy and hot if it is hidden here. I took the video home and dubbed it. More bakırköy escort on that later.

Leah was shocked to hear about her mother’s video, but it did not persuade her to yield. She asked again how I found her video. Mostly she was yelling at me. I told her that I came to paint her condo. I noticed her dresser was in sad shape. And, when I was fixing the loose pieces her drawer came apart and the video popped out. She was now looking for the remote.

I held it up and looked at the TV. Leah was now licking that Black pussy, and finger fucking the girl. She was saying Baby wants to make Momma Happy. The video was not a great video recording, but the sound was excellent. You could hear everything going on. In the back ground someone’s head was bobbing up and down. This was an all girl orgy going on.

“This is hot, when did you do this video?”

“Its my sorority initiation. I had to have sex with everyone at the Pledges initiation. I, also, had to also drink a wine glass of cum. We had to pick up 5 guys. Jerk them off to fill a glass up with cum.” Why am I telling you this?” “Because, you know I love looking at this tape and get to see what your pussy really looks like. I want to see your body? Fuck you are hot. Look at your pussy? I love all that hair pie. I must tell you I have never seen so much fur.

“Sorry all gone. I shaved it all off. I was natural growth but now I have to shave at least every Wednesday morning, for first year inspections every Wednesday afternoon at the sorority.” I could just imagine Leah with escort bakırköy a few others dropping their panties to show off their pussies.

“Well when do I get to see this pussy shaved? I must say you can lick pussy well, are you bi or lesbian? Man am I hard watching you doing this nasty shit? Here see how stiff I am?” I stood up and pulled my pants and underwear down to the floor.

“How stiff are you? Yeah, bi now, but, I like cocks still. Its just all that pussy licking I have to do since I am still a baby has me liking the aroma pussies.”

“If you jerk me off, I will cum in a second? I am about to explode.”

“Ok I will get you off but you must not tell my dad?” “Ok its a deal!” Leah got between my legs on the bed and started to jerk me off. I reach out to touch her face and she leaned over and mouthed my cock. I came within seconds. It was a hard explosion of cum. She gagged and coughed up some. But, she went right back to swallowing.

With cum on her lips and chin, She said damn you came hard. Fuck it just exploded. I told her to keep swallowing until I was drained. She did for a while then began to give me a lick bath where all the cum landed when she coughed it up. I pulled her up and kissed her and licked off some of my cum. I asked did she wanted me to lick her.

I looked over at the TV and now that Brunette was sitting on Leah face. This girl was hot. She had big titties with large areolas and a shaved pussy.

Leah saw the video and said that girls loves cum. She sucked off every guy we brought bakırköy escort bayan for the cum drink. She pulled them all in a room and got on her knees and gave blowjobs to all of the guys. She has told me if I do not like to suck guys off she does. Better to drink cum then get pregnant was her saying.

She can suck my cock for a drink? “Well, I may ask you to give some cum for the new pledges. You know that the girl who you give your cum too has to fuck you afterwards. I picked the ugliest guys but one had such a huge dick that I did not care at all. I still continue to fuck him when I need a stiff one.”

Hey how about your ass. Do you take it in the butt? No but I know some of the girls do, you know better than getting pregnant. We have one girl who only fucks in the ass. I have seen her come home to the sorority and douche her ass out.

We now were laying down on the bed and I was rubbing her stomach. I asked if I could lick her pussy and she just looked at me and said take off my jeans. I did. She was shaved totally. I moved down and started to lick her. I had just looked at the clock and it was 4:34 pm. I made her squirm and beg for me to stop. I looked over at the clock and it was 4:49. I was licking for 15 minutes. Not very long but I guess she liked it. Leah told me to strip and fuck her. I got undress and put her legs on my shoulder. I started to enter her. Leah was tight. She said she had not gotten it from the guy all summer since he went home for the summer. I asked how old she was. 20. How many guys she had fucked. She said over 10. YOU must think I am a slut. Yes I do and now you are my slut. I love to fuck my sluts. She started to pull at her nipples and saying for me to fuck your slut. I did do her and it took a while to cum. She was very good at this.

We napped for a while and then woke up to the door bell. Leah said shit her sisters were coming by for dinner.

I will tell you more later.

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