A Christmas-Tree Scent

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Female Ejaculation

In front of us stretched nothing but road and nature. Forever. Sometimes forest passed us by, sometimes cliffsides with nets protecting the road from landslides, sometimes even huge lakes in the distance. Other cars became less and less and less common. This would be scary, this idea would be idiotic, if circumstances were different.

I had resisted the urge to Yes an online stranger as I first introduced myself to the DTF world of the modern Internet. I had resisted the fans of my clumsy immaturish amateurish online profile. I had resisted “Come on, come downtown… =)” and “My friend and I would love to help you out, we’ll all make each other cum a few times”, and “Would you like to meet and play with my wife and I?” and all the classless to-the-point copy-and-paste offers. It was flattering, I guess, that I was desirable. I had never felt that way. But I needed to compliment myself too: I deserve a really good experience. My now-peaked libido was like an inpatient puppy with no chill and no caution, but if that puppy was too loud to be ignored then I would at least give it the best bone I could find it.

I was no celebrity. It was just that I was young, and my penis was a bigger than normal when it was hard, and there’s something about “I’m shy but horny and I’ve never done this before and I want a man who can give me my first time” that just brings jackals as well as lions. I was, in principle, some sort of optimum demographic for the time being. And I was in some sort of sweet spot, where I was young enough to be endearingly innocent I guess? without being unethically young. And I could understand why inexperience was an arousing idea: that someone could “Aladdin”/”I could show you the world” me about gay sex. About sex at all. I liked that idea too. I imagined someone strong but gentle, someone powerful enough to be in control but who would use that power gently and for my pleasure. I knew that was a risky type to dogwhistle toward me.

There must be a responsible way to do this. My knees shook whenever I thought of a man touching my penis. my knees literally shook. I needed this badly, and I was aware that I was a cliche, some sort of archetype.

But as desirable as I might be to an older man, it was mutual: the idea of maybe a middle-aged regular-looking man touching – actually touching – my nakedness, and letting me touch a real erect penis – was just perfect. Nothing muscular, nothing young, just a Guy… taking off his clothes and showing me an inpatient penis for me to hold. A penis whose sensations I couldn’t feel, not my own, but one that I learned to please by trial and error, by watching another man’s pleasure and following his instructions.

Following his instructions… I had entered a phase where that sounded really nice, theoretically…

I had lost all illusions that this was average. I was unusually sexually charged, probably, unusually gay-curious, probably, unusually shy, trust me, and unusually brave to go to this length: to find a safe way to offer my body to a middle-aged stranger. Kind-of stranger; I made sure we would chat for months, and I subtly backchecked, and created situational safety-nets I won’t go into.

I wasn’t sure what sort of sexual being I’d turn out to be, but for now I found myself leaning into my innocence. For once, it was a good thing, because it aroused my friend in the driver’s seat, apparently, and it gave me space to ask for guidance and be strangely honest. I’d never talked about any of these feelings and needs, it was always secret. It is utterly bizarre to say to another person that you are horny, much less describe your sexual fantasies and how your body cums. It was utterly weird answering the question about how my particular penis cums, that the orgasms don’t squirt far. Imagine saying that to someone in conversation. But there’s a perfectly reasonable context! Cum hitting a uvula must really suck. No pun intended.

For once, my nervousness felt nice. It was strange. My knees were shivering and shuddering again, like I was cold.

“Hey, you okay Kevin? We can go back if you like.”

I grinned fondly, tossing my hair a little without intending to. “I’m a lot of things! I’m… terrified! But not of you. I’m just very, very shy. But I’m going to lean into this. I’m doing this. I like this. I’m here for this, and however nervous I look, I want this, unless I say I don’t, okay?”

The man smiled and drove and nodded.

“Look, I’ve talked to you for a long time, and I trust you to get me through this.” I paused and sighed and tightened my shoulders and released them again. “When we’re back in Portland, I’m going to be a prude and too shy to kiss girls and sex will be something that happens when I’m alone at night, but for now…” I heaved another big sigh and made myself say what I’d been looking forward to saying to someone in those lonely moments just before cumming. “…My body belongs to you. It’s yours. All of it. I want you to have it. It’s yours right now.”

It took all my bashful bravery anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort to say that, I had no idea I had no idea how he’d react to that, what he’d do with that message, whether he’d pull over and take me or ask me to do something big or be weirded out by this directness I imagined in my fantasies what but I wanted to trust someone with the next step.

“Hey Kevin. It’s okay, just relax. here, no one’s around. Seriously, no one’s around, no one will care. You sound like you need to be free. Wanna be naked?”

“…What, in the car seat?”

“Yeah. You’d like direction? Show yourself this is real, this is really happening. Take off your seatbelt, slip out of all those clothes, throw them in the back. Relax! Say No to anything you like, you know that, right? But if you’re in Yes mode right now, go for it. Now’s the time.”

Well I had literally asked for something to happen, and the invitation was made. So I unbuckled. I looked at each horizon, for something that would make this tangibly hazardous, and had no excuses to tell myself. I had the willingness and lacked the reasons not to… so I was suddenly, for the first time in my life, out of reasons not to be naked in front of someone. So I went for it. And it felt so strange, to unbutton in front of a smiling man. I trembled, but I kept checking and it was not because I was cold, or scared of anything. I was shivering because I wanted a man to stare at me. I used every last bit of will shaking off this shy feeling and accepted that I was taking off my underwear and throwing them out of arm’s reach.

My absurdly erect penis was touching outside air. My penis was being glanced at, so lingeringly that it was for the best that there were no incoming cars to watch out for. I was being watched. By this man in control. By Jack. A man named Jack is watching my erection. My penis knew it, it kept flexing and producing precum.

Before I ever heard it coming a car zoomed by us. Who knows what they saw.

I’m naked outside and driving. Well, being driven. Without clothes or seatbelt, without any security my body had gotten used to having, we drove on. My bare feet touched rubber. My bare bum touched old leather. My penis touched cool air. I smiled back at my driver. It was starting to become a little less Holy Shit.

The Holy Shit returned when Jack touched my face and neck, and then, I received my very, very first other-man’s touch on my penis, a fleeting touch. My friend Jack spiraled one finger around the edge of my foreskin, gathered up a big bunch of precum, and tasted his finger. And kept driving, casually driving, leaving me gasping – literally gasping – for more. Jack enjoyed watching me squirm and listening to me pant, and he just drove.

It was Spring, thank god, so sunlight didn’t hurt. I had no wish to nurse sunburns with no tan lines. I just felt warm and cool at the same time. And I believed Jack when he said I could change my mind. It’s just that being naked in his passenger seat enhanced what was literally true: Jack was in the driver’s seat. I’ve chosen this. It’s good but weird, but I’ve chosen this. I do want this.

We chatted for a while about the milestones we passed, about how I used to come to these places when I was a kid, and they were gorgeous, and it made this trip feel like an adventure, this one an adventure I had chosen.

“Have you ever done something like this?” I asked him. I don’t know why I hoped he’s answer that he hadn’t – I guess even though this was purely physical, I would feel less important if this was weekly for him or something. I wanted to be special too.

“Would you believe me if I said ‘Hell No’? Kevin, talking to you online has been amazing. You’re a lot of fun, you have one hell of an imagination, and this feeling of yours, this feeling inside you? There’s something beautiful about it. It’s not how most people feel about sex. Sure, I’ve met people and we’ve had all kinds of sex, and yeah, I’ve been in love… But it’s like you’re on some sort of pilgrimage about this giant horny feeling of yours! And I’m here for it. Let’s find out where it leads. He smiled comfortingly at him.

I did believe him.

And looking down at his lap, too ample to conceal, jutting out to the right side and making an unambiguous impression of its shape, was yep, Jack’s definitely erect penis. There was no mistaking it, no “just my keys” excuse – then again, Jack didn’t seem like the type to have an erection and pretend he didn’t have an erection. It’s just… I’d never been in front of an erection before.

We chatted some more, and it became casual, but always with the flirty overtone of the fact that I was parading my body for him on his terms. Even so, it felt kind of powerful, both that I was breaking a law and that I was drawing the intrigued attention of a man in front of me.

Other cars went by. Sometimes I saw the people inside them, and sometimes I think they made eye contact with me. I trembled. But I trembled pendik eve gelen escort in the same way I trembled when I thought of giving my cum to someone else. That exact tremble, smiling shyly and moving my body a little flirtatiously, bashfully.

Before too long, we stopped by a cabin with huge windows, by a little creek. He pulled up to it. I wasn’t expecting this. For some reason, I was expecting a hiding spot in nature somewhere. I don’t know whether a real place felt weird because I didn’t feel I deserved something nice like this, or because it didn’t feel as illicit as I felt being here.

“Where’s this?”

“I rented it. The owners live a way’s up. It’s used for cheap honeymoons and fishing trips sometimes, I think. So they don’t come around when it’s booked, they don’t want to know or see that! Come on!”

He got out of the car. I spent a serious moment contemplating whether he wanted me, expected me, to get my clothes. I forced another moment of bravery and decided No.

So there I was, walking with Jack, naked. He led me with a gentle hand on my shoulder, smiling friendily. He sensed my thoughts rather well. “You’re a grown man. You’re allowed to do something about your desires. Heck we’re pushing it with showing the sun your cock, but this is all natural!”

He didn’t take me inside. Jack sat me down on some soft grass, and while I was somewhere between his knee-level and hip-level, he gradually took off his clothes. Holy shit. I don’t know why I expected more prelude. Maybe because I didn’t know how to transition into reality of Having Sex. But maybe he’s Just A Guy, just like I hoped, and he needs this too? Kevin you’re overthinking this, maybe he’s just a nudist who wants to chat by a lake.

That thought didn’t last long.

There it is. There was a penis. It was half-hard. Not cut. Good, I didn’t know what to do with a penis made up differently than mine. But it was pretty. Which he may or may not like it being called. And close to me. Really nice large balls, snug and perky, with a long shaft and a vein along the backside of it that made it look like a spinosaurid dinosaur. So close to me. A nice beautiful penis. Not in a video I watched, not flopping around fleetingly in a changing room. A man was presenting me his erection.

Jack had showed me a picture of him naked before, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but here I could see it from a lot of angles – what it looked like from above, in front, the side, right beneath – and I noticed that I was doing exactly that, and I had very presumptuously kneeled in front of Jack, in a kind of worship position. When I looked up at his face, he seemed to be grinning at that.

“Hi Kev!”

“Sorry, I’m getting a look, I guess. I didn’t mean to imply-“

“Hey, do I look like I mind? I’m a naked, hard, gay man who took you on a sex trip. You have a free pass, mate.”

I suddenly had no more boundaries between me and sex – not opportunity, not a partner, not even time. It could happen right now. It was just kind of sudden. But I guess we’d spent the last month seducing each other. I couldn’t shut up about how much I’d like to have sex with someone like him. Or at least find out whether I wanted it.

So time to investigate. I looked straight ahead again, with new eyes.

In front of me was a rather beautiful penis, with a rather long shaft, an inflated head tucked under lots of foreskin, a glistening rim of precum at the tip, and great balls, perky but huge.

And the hair. His pubic hair looked exactly like his salt-and-pepper beard: thick bushy black hair along its sides with a stark white stripe at the bottom, all in a luscious ring around the whole thing. Like a lion’s mane, but auburn and silver.

My hands sort of danced around it, trying to decide exactly how to hold a cock from in front rather than from above (like how I held my own).

I eventually grasped the very wide circumference in both hands, holding it close and sapping its warmth like a cup of fresh hot chocolate.

The skin yielded to me, sliding up in my touch. Apparently he already had ample lubrication under his skin. If he made a pleased sound, I didn’t notice – I was breathing pretty heavily. My heart was racing, I stealthily gasped for breath and shuddered. My knees beneath me, holding my whole weight, shivered.

I didn’t feel brave enough yet to taste the precum – I had never ever tasted a body fluid before – but I adored balls and I was unreasonably excited about Jack’s balls.

My head moved closer. Maybe two inches away. My hands slid up a little, bringing his foreskin up further in a bunch at the top of him, and raising up his balls so I could see beneath them.

And that’s when I smelled him. At first I thought it was the nature around me, because what I smelled was the scent of freshly chopped Christmas tree. The smell of pine and lumber and sap… that’s what my would-be lover’s penis smelled like. And it wasn’t even a decision to make the next tuzla azeri escort step: my body simply brought my face forward onto him.

Engrossed by the heavenly masculine scent of Jack’s penis I nuzzled my nose and mouth and cheeks into those balls and that shaft. My entire face, hot blushed rosy cheeks and gasping-for-scent nose, everything, was suddenly making eager contact with my first cock that I could actually reach with my face. I nuzzled and cuddled my face into him, like a puppy showing affection.

I could feel my cheeks were bright red, I could feel my pupils were almost as big as my irises, I could feel my eyelids were bulged open with attention, and that’s the sight I showed Jack as I stared up at him over the shaft of his cock. That’s what he saw, and I saw a man having an ample amount of pleasure too. He looked down at me with so much vulnerability and so much masculinity. We were holding each other in complete trust.

I was scared but I was ready. My dry lips moving against him became wet and my cuddles became kisses. Staring into his face from down below I slowly smooched his balls, and, too curious not too, I slowly licked his balls with a tongue hiding beneath my mouth closed around him. It tasted simply like more skin, like kissing an arm, but the softness of the skin struck me. It was the softest skin I’d ever felt. And the scent…

At the beginning of my slathering attention his balls gathered up into suddenly tight skin, becoming perfect spheres – the third kind of arousal a penis can exhibit – which I quickly loosened again with my soft open-mouth kisses and gentle clumsy sucking.

This… continued. I could kind of tell he was interested in continuing on to more elaborate touches, but for long minutes, with every inch of my face I cherished just the balls. I loved the crinkly fuzz of Jack’s hair against my cheek and I loved detecting what the testicles under the skin were doing.




I rose a little, gearing myself up for my main course. My cheeks and chin were damp with my own saliva and probably some of his precum. And I could tell I smelled like him now. But before I could fully steel myself and brave myself onto Jack’s cockhead, he gathered me up in his big arms, standing me up. I was disappointed, though acutely aware that I was close up to a naked man, cocks flopping together and tummies feathering their fuzz against each other.

I looked at him, extremely askance, that he had just halted what would surely have been the most eager (though clumsy) blowjob he will ever have gotten. “This way. Come on, Mr. ‘My body belongs to you’, you’re coming with me!”

He still didn’t take me inside. He led me, hand-on-shoulder, to the edge of the grass before a little ledge. My bare feet were now filthy, and my knees had soil on them too. Jack sat me down on the grass, and my bum was tickled with plant. The smell of nature felt really nice while aroused, I liked the combination of feelings. Jack smiled at my earthy legs, from in front and below at the bottom of the ledge, and opened my legs a little. He kept his arms between my knees as he very possessively grasped my waist.

Opened up like this, so completely, to the world, to nature, to anyone who might be wandering by, to Jack, to the possibility of hazard, of consequence, of illicit actions, I couldn’t help feeling the breeze. There was sunlight on my penis and balls, bright and surprisingly hot on the delicate skin, but the breeze chilled and reminded me of the fact that I was EXPOSED.

I wasn’t sure what was coming, whether it would be gentle or aggressive, whether it would be slow or swift. I just knew that, inasmuch as I continued my blanket consent – eager consent – to this ridiculously adventurous choice, this kinky and saucy adventure my young libido had demanded I go on, inasmuch as I kept consenting like this… what happened and how it happened was completely up to someone else. I had temporarily given the itinerary away to my companion.

So I let him open my body and I arched by head back until my neck stretched, showing him I was his and I was ready to be surprised.

Then my balls felt hot, and tickled, and ALIVE. I had so see what was happening so I knew whether to keep being okay with it.

Yes, between my filthy knees, Jack’s tongue and lips were loosely flopping around my balls, slathering and soaking me. I can’t tell you how softly he was licking me, his tongue dripping with saliva but his actual touch so subtle.

With every touch, his saliva coated me, into every nook. The first time I thought he was going up my shaft, instead he lifted up my balls using my shaft exactly as I had instinctually done to him, and tasted the very, very bottom of my balls.

By habit, my pleasure sounds were stealthily whispers, but utterly failing stealthy whispers, gasping as though in horror, holding breath, gasping desperately for air, and eventually shuddering my breath in something like laughter.

Jack had just about reached my head with this motion, and then stopped, and stepped back for a moment, looking at me.

My penis shone in sunlight, glistening, with dewdrop-like beads of saliva on every downy pubic hair. I had no idea how much time had gone by. I was still whisper-groaning and squirming, as though he was still touching me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32