A Day at the Lake

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David called me and asked if I wanted to go water skiing, he had access to a friend’s house and boat at the lake. I told him sure. He said he’d pick me up and make sure to bring something, so I could dress to impress casually, there is a restaurant/club down the lake.

David picked me and my stuff up and we headed for the house. When we arrived, we pulled up to a gated baby mansion. David entered the code and the gates swung open, welcoming us in. We drove up in front of the house and walked up to the house. The same code worked the doors also. We walked in to a 2-story great room. David said there 2 bedrooms down stairs and 2 up.

We went back to the truck and got our bags. When we reentered David went left and I went right. David yelled and said he was getting dressed to boat ride, so I did too. We both reappeared dressed in Speedos, mine Red and David’s Yellow. We walked down to the boat house and picked the sporty looking one. We hopped in and David started it up. We started across the lake and David asked if I wanted to ski. I said sure and hopped out.

I skied for a bit and then David took my place. We skied away the day and finally called it quits and was heading for the lake house. David stopped the boat and stood up. He noticed a boat stopped in the water and a couple guys waving their hands. We came alongside the boat and stopped. One of them started telling us it just stopped on them.

I was checking them out, Billy had a stylish little fade on the sides and a man bun on top. He was about 6′, 170, and then. Kyle was about 5’10”, 155, thin but well built, both wearing board shorts. They asked if we could tow them back to the boat ramp. I told them we could.

Billy tied a rope to the front of their boat and back of ours. He said he could load it up and take it right to the shop before they closed. I was driving, Kyle got in the seat beside me and Billy got in back beside David. As we towed them back we got acquainted. Kyle said he wasn’t ready to call it a day. I told Kyle he could stay with us and Billy could come get him after dropping off the boat. We got the boat loaded and I texted Billy the address.

We left toward the house and when we got there David hopped out and Kyle started to exit. He slipped and fell back against me grinding his ass against my crotch. I stepped around him and David and I both offered a hand to him. Kyle took both of our hands and we helped him out. David let go when Kyle was out of the boat and turned him facing me. I asked if he was okay as David stepped up to his back and reached around him.

Kyle said he was fine. David asked if he was sure as he run his hands from Kyle’s waist to his shoulders. Kyle trembled when David did that. I looked at Kyle and asked him he was okay with where this was going. Kyle just hooked his hands around my neck and leaned up to kiss me. As we were kissing Kyle dropped his hands to my ass squeezing thru my Speedos. David reached around Kyle and started opening his board shorts and pushing them down.

Kyle turned and faced David starting to kiss him. I stepped up and reached around Kyle. I started tweaking his nipples. I turned Kyle around, took a hand and led him to the house. As we entered my room I told Kyle to kneel and we stepped up to him. I told Kyle to remove my Speedo first, then David’s. Kyle gasped when he pushed down my suit and gasped again when he pushed down David’s.

I looked at Kyle and asked him if he was really okay and he said yes again. Kyle said, “I have only been with one black man in my life and that was a friend in high school. I am sure I can handle your fat black cocks though.”

David stepped up in the bed and sat down spreading his legs and said to Kyle, “Show this big fat black cock some love.”

Kyle took the head in his mouth as David talked him thru it. David told him as I was playing with his ass think about that and he would eventually be able to deepthroat his black cock. I got the lube and started working that sweet ass. 1 finger, then 2, in and out, opening and closing them. I added a 3rd, then finally a 4th, going in and out. I added some lube to my cock, removed my fingers and placed my cock head at the Kyle’s sweet hole.

David had about half his cock in Kyle’s mouth as I started to push. I was talking to Kyle, “Concentrate on my cock going into that sweet tight ass Kyle my boy. Count the inches going into your ass in your head as you take more and more of David’s cock in your mouth.”

As I pushed into Kyle’s anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort ass David pushed his cock into Kyle’s mouth. When I was all the way in Kyle’s sweet hole David told him to concentrate on his ass and take the rest of his cock in his mouth. Kyle just moaned and started bobbing on David’s cock until he had the whole fat black cock in his mouth.

I started stroking into Kyle’s tight ass, in and out, slow and fast, rotating my hips. I told Kyle I was gonna cum fast after thinking about his ass all day after we rescued them. I started stroking in hard as I felt the cum building. I went deep and shot my full load in Kyle’s ass. When I was done David said he wanted some of that sweet ass too. I pulled out with a pop as David changed places with me.

David took the lube just because. He lubed the inside of Kyle’s sweet hole. David went in head deep first as Kyle took my cock in his mouth. Kyle started bobbing up and down on my cock as David started burying his black bone in Kyle’s ass. As David went deeper Kyle went farther down on my cock. I grabbed 2 handfuls of Kyle’s hair and used that for leverage, pulling him down and pushing him up.

I looked down and told Kyle, “The next time I want you to go all the way down and stay down. David will go balls deep in your ass and we’ll let our fat black cockheads meet in the middle.”

David went deep hitting Kyle’s prostate, making Kyle shoot cum. David said he was fixing to cum as Kyle worked his ass around his cock. David started stroking as his cum built fixing to blow. He started yelling as he filled Kyle’s ass. he went balls deep until he was done emptying his balls in Kyle’s ass. David lay on Kyle’s back holding him down on my cock.

I held Kyle down as I started working up my second load for him. I took a handful of hair and used that to fuck his face till I came the second time. David said, “We’ve definitely worked up an appetite. Let’s get washed and dressed for supper.”

David stood and offered his hand to Kyle and me. We headed for the shower, it was big enough of all 3 of us. Kyle bathed us all and dried us off. David told Kyle to check the closet and see if he could find anything. The house owner, Eric, was about the same size as him. I got dressed as Kyle came out the closet. He had black loafers, tan slacks and a nice button-down shirt.

David came back into the room dressed really sharp. We definitely made a nicely dressed trio. We headed for the boat as Kyle was checking his cell. Billy had texted, so he told him we were going down the lake to get something to eat. We got to the marina, entered the restaurant and were seated. We ordered and enjoyed each other’s company. We were finishing up our meal when Billy pulled up.

He met us on the dock. I walked him over to the edge and told him we broke Kyle in with our big black cocks and now it was his turn. Billy looked at me and said, “That damn Kyle got first shot huh, I figured he wouldn’t pass up the chance. I am more than willing to do anything you want, I got some making up to do Sir.”

I looked at Billy and told him, “I will drive, give me the keys.” As I looked over my shoulder and told David, “I am riding with Billy. We will be there shortly.”

Billy opened the door for me and went around to get in the passenger side. We sat there a minute and I took his hand and placed it in on my basket. Billy started stroking up and down. I looked at Billy and told him to unzip my pants. He took about hands and opened my belt and unzipped my slacks. Luckily the tailor-made slacks had a extra long zipper in there.

Billy pulled my cock up and bent over taking my cock head in his mouth. I took his man bun in my hand tightly and pulled it. I looked down at Billy and told him his man bun was perfect, he just groaned. I got my cell and took a picture of his mouth on my cock and sent it to David. He sent back one the same exact thing but in the boat of Kyle with his big black cock in his mouth.

I patted Billy’s head and told him Kyle was doing better but he’d get there. Billy acknowledged the comment by trying to go further down on my cock. I let go of the bun and drug my nails down Billy’s spine to the crack of his ass. I patted his ass and told him to unbutton his shorts. When he had I run a finger down his crack over his hole to the base of his balls. I pulled my finger back and pressed on his hole when running over it.

I started back down into his crack and pendik eve gelen escort lingered over his tight hole pushing down as he continued his attempt to take my cock all the way down. I pressed up and down on his hole as he moaned on my cock. I finally ran my hand down his crack till my thumb was at this hole. I started pressing my thumb against his hole finally gaining entry. Billy gasped as my thumb broke thru. I pushed in and pulled out as Billy gasped each time.

The next time he gasped I pushed his mouth down on my cock all the way and started rotating my thumb pushing in and pulling out at the same. I felt Billy’s throat contracting around my cockhead as I played in his hole. He pulled up off my big black cock sucking as he pulled up. Billy pulled off my cock, looked up and said, “I love your cock and I am really looking forward to tonight.”

We pulled up in front of the house and I let us in. I parked Billy’s truck in front and got out. I closed my slacks up. As Billy went to button his shorts I looked at him and reached out and pulled them off. I then motioned for him to follow me. He slid out of the truck following me.

I went up the steps and walked in the house. I yelled for David and he answered from his room. I walked that way when me and Billy entered David was sitting with his back against the headboard legs spread with Kyle between his legs sucking his nuts. Kyle had both of David’s nuts in his mouth washing them and sucking.

I looked at David and told him Billy was ready for some of our big black cocks. I instructed Kyle to lay on his back and Billy to get over him in a 69 position. I placed my fingers at Kyle’s mouth and he opened wide getting each good and wet. I placed 1 in Billy’s ass and then number 2, pushing in and out. David got into position with his black cock at Billy’s mouth. I placed a 3rd finger and worked them as Billy was really getting into it.

David said, “Billy, concentrate on your ass and the pleasure your feeling. You’ll do better if you’re not thinking about this big black cock.”

I worked Billy’s ass more as he got hornier. David got 2 hands full of hair and used it to fuck his cock into Billy’s mouth, further and further but still not quite all the way. I placed finger 4 with the other 3 and pushed in as Billy groaned in pleasure. David pulled hard and buried his cock in Billy’s mouth and throat. David was telling Billy how great his cockhead felt getting massaged by his throat muscles.

Billy moaned as I worked my fingers in his ass, opening and closing them. I removed my fingers and placed my cock head at his puckered pink hole. I slid a pillow under Kyle’s head and told him to suck Billy’s cock. As Kyle took his cock in his mouth I pushed, making further entry into Billy’s ass. Billy moaned as David pulled his cock out his mouth and pushed it back in.

I pushed into Billy’s ass further and further, spreading his hole wider the more I shoved in, hearing him moan on David’s cock. I finally got my whole 9.5″ big black cock in that sweet tight ass. David laced his fingers together and placed his fingers behind Billy’s head. David pulled Billy’s mouth down completely on his fat black cock as I fucked his sweet ass.

I fucked that sweet tight ass deep and hard making him moan on David’s cock. Kyle reached up and started playing with Billy’s nipples as David and I worked his mouth and ass. David asked Billy if he was ready for his cum and Billy moaned deeply. As David fucked Billy’s throat he was Billy what a good job he was doing.

I told Billy that ass of his was sweet and tight as fucked deeper and harder. David and I had a rhythm going. David’s fat black cock deep in his throat then my fat black cock deep in his ass until we started to cum at the same time. David pulled Billy’s head down hard and ordered Billy to swallow every drop of cum.

While Billy was swallowing his cum David reached down and started playing with the cheeks of Billy’s ass. David reached over to Billy’s sweet hole and run 2 fingers in beside my fat cock while I was fucking his ass. I pumped my whole load into Billy’s ass until it was oozing out and into Kyle’s mouth. David reached down to Billy’s head and held him there with his cock softening in Billy’s mouth.

I pulled my cock from Billy’s ass. I slapped his ass and told him to turn around and kiss Kyle. As they shared our cum with each other David and I lay beside the boys encouraging them. I lay my hand in the crack of Billy’s tuzla azeri escort ass and run my fingernail over his loosened hole. Billy moaned as I teased his hole. I run my hand up Billy’s spine and told him to get us all a beer.

Billy quickly returned with the beers and handed us each one. Billy and I moved to the side and let Billy and Kyle lay between us. Billy was next to David and Kyle was next to me. Billy drained his beer and turned to face David. He started sucking David’s nipples as David finished his beer. Billy moved up David’s Adams Apple and continued his sucking and he lay on David like Kyle was laid on me.

We eventually nodded off. I woke to Billy sucking on David’s face and neck. David woke in a minute and grabbed the cheeks of Billy’s ass in his hands as Billy sucked his ears. Billy looked down at David and said, “I have had Clayton’s cock in my ass, now I want yours David. I want to you fuck my ass hard with your big fat black cock!”

David told Billy to get the lube and hurry back. Billy was back quickly with a huge smile. David motioned to Billy to mount him with his finger and Billy assumed the position. David took the lube and lubed 2 fingers. He reached over Billy and run his fingers into Billy’s ass. David was working his hole as he said, “Clayton has opened that ass with his fat cock so I am just lubing you up a little.”

Billy moaned and leaned down to suck David’s neck. David removed his fingers and told Billy to reach under them and place his cockhead at his hole. When it was in place David told Billy to put the head just in his ass. Billy did as ordered, and stopped. David told Billy to take a deep breath as he pushed up into his ass. as David pushed in further and further Billy yelled louder and louder.

I told Kyle to get over there and cover Billy’s mouth. David stopped at 6 fat inches as Billy gasped as Kyle kissed him deeply. David started pushing again as Billy really got loud. I reached back and poured some lube down Billy’s crack. David stopped with about 2″ to go. Billy finally quieted down and David thrust hard, burying his whole black cock in Billy’s ass.

David pulled Billy’s head down to his chest and let him kiss his chest as he started pounding into Billy’s ass. David went in fast then slow as Billy moaned and groaned with the pleasure that David was giving that sweet tight ass. David was really going now, he asked Billy if he was ready for his cum and Billy yelled, “Yes officer!”

David went deep and stopped, letting Billy’s ass work his cock as he rotated his hips. He filled Billy’s ass to overflow as Billy cum too. Kyle leaned down and licked Billy’s cum from David’s stomach. David pulled Billy tight to his chest as Billy came down from the fucking he just got. Billy just lay on David as he returned to earth from the royal fucking David just gave him.

Billy came back around and said, “This has been the greatest day of my life. The sex has never been this good and I look forward to you seeing you two again.”

Billy said he needed a shower as he crawled off and grabbed David’s hand and my hand. Billy told us he needed to check his phone and he’d be in shortly. Billy joined David, Kyle and myself as we got the water right. Kyle and Billy got the soap and rags and started washing me and David, one in the front, one in the back.

When they finished with us they started with each other. When they had washed each other, they stepped up to us and started sucking on our chest and nipples. I pushed Kyle to his knees and David pushed Billy to his knees facing each other. I stepped between them and let Kyle suck my cock and Billy tongue my ass.

I took Kyle by the head and fucked his face as Billy worked my hole with his tongue. I came again in Kyle’s mouth as Billy sucked and my licked my ass. I patted both their heads as David stepped in between them facing Billy. As Billy took David’s cock in his mouth Kyle started working his ass with his tongue, licking and sucking.

David had his whole 10″ cock in Billy’s mouth and throat and was fucking his face, in and out, letting Billy relish in what his big black cock was doing. I stepped up behind Kyle and told him to spread David’s cheeks and held his mouth down on David’s hole. David finally cum yet again and Billy swallowed it all, not losing a drop.

We helped the boys up and they washed our cocks again. Billy said he and Kyle had to go shortly. They dried each other off and exited the shower then dried us off after chugging a shot of mouthwash. The boys went and gathered their clothing and dressed. We walked them out to their truck and they David and I kissed them both. David asked for Billy’s and Kyle’s numbers as he put them in his phone.

We stepped back and let the boys enter their truck and watched them as they drove off, waving goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32