A Favor for a Straight Friend

29 Ocak 2022 0 Yazar: admin

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It was a rainy day. I was hanging out with my friend at his place, playing some video games. We were smoking weed and the conversation we had was everywhere. He got onto the subject of how he hasn’t hooked up with anybody in almost 2 years. The only reason for his dry spell seemed to be was because he would spend most of his time playing video games and smoking weed. He was a white guy, handsome, slightly chubby, with brown hair. After he told me about his lack of a sex life, I couldn’t stop thinking of his aching cock.

The fact that he hadn’t had sex in a while meant that he was most likely clean and full of cum. He knew that I had hooked up with guys before, so I asked him if I could help him out with his little problem. At first, he refused, he was straight. Then i told him what i meant. All he had to do was sit there, watch porn, smoke weed, and get his cock worshiped with my mouth. As soon as he agreed, my heart jumped out of my chest, and I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him.

He looked slightly uncomfortable as I dropped to my knees. I told him to turn on some porn, take a good bong rip, and get comfortable. He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them, but left his boxers on. His bulge was right in front of my face. I could feel the anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort heat radiating from his package and smell his manly aroma. He sat down, my eyes were stuck on his crotch and my heart was thumping out of my chest. He took his laptop and put some porn on, on the TV. He then grabbed his bong and took a huge rip. My eyes were still glued to his cock. It was just waiting for pleasure under those boxers.

As he exhaled he reached down and pulled his soft cock through the hole of the boxers. It was limp and cut, but absolutely beautiful. I leaned my head forward and began to kiss the head. The amazing smell of his cock filled my nose. My head was racing. I engulfed his head into warm, wet mouth. I rubbed my tongue all around his head. I heard him moan, which made my already throbbing cock twitch in my pants. I sucked the whole on his hardening cock into my mouth. The tip barely reached my throat. I used my tongue to rub the underside of his shaft and my nose was buried in his trimmed pubic hair. I pulled my head back massaging him with my tongue until he fell out of my mouth.

His cock was harder now, pointing straight at me. It was beautiful, veiny, and red. I grabbed the base of his wet, hard shaft with my pendik eve gelen escort hand and slowly stroked as I licked on the sensitive part under the head. I licked and sucked his head as I stroked in rhythm. I could hear him breathing heavier. I knew he was going to cum soon, but i wanted to savor his gorgeous delicious cock. I slowly stroked his cock, and just stared in awe of its beauty. A pool of precum began to pool at the tip. I licked it up. It tasted absolutely amazing. I wanted to swallow his whole load.

I pulled his balls through the hole of his boxers. They were slightly shriveled, but made my mouth water. I began to lick and kiss his balls all over while i stroked his cock. I moved my mouth up and down the length of his cock and balls, kissing and licking everything i could. I heard him moaning more. I decided to take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I slowly moved my head down the length of him until his cock filled my whole mouth down to my throat. I slowly started to bob my head, pushing his cock further into my throat until my nose was again buried in his hair. I bobbed my head faster and faster, going all the way up and down the whole of his shaft. Using my hand to stroke the base when he wasn’t filling my throat. tuzla azeri escort I felt his hand grab my head and start fucking my face.

His thrusts and his grip on my head both got stronger. I know he was close. I didn’t want him to cum in my throat. I wanted to taste it all, so I used my head to keep him from pushing my head all the way down. I used my tongue to massage the underside as i bobbed and stroked. He began to moan. He tried to push my head all the way down but my hand kept his head push on my tongue. He moaned load as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth. It seemed as if he hadn’t came in weeks. I kept his cock in my mouth until he was finished. Some of it fell out my mouth and dripped down his rock hard shaft. I pulled his head out of my mouth and swished his thick cum around with my tongue. I moaned quietly as I savored his flavor. I swallowed it all then returned to his cock. I licked it and cleaned it all off. I sucked on the tip until there was no more cum in him.

I didn’t want to stop. I was so turned on. I started kissing and licking his balls and cock. It was beginning to soft but I didn’t care. I just kept at it. He didn’t seem to mind. I continued to suck on his magnificent cock for hours. I ended up getting him off two more times. I still didn’t want to stop, but it felt as if my jaw was going to fall off.

For the next month he invited me over a couple times a week. every time I would suck him for hours on end. He got more comfortable every time. Then, to my surprise, he finally asked me if he could fuck me in my ass, but thats a different story 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32