A Lover’s Fantasy

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We walk the path at sunset, quiet as we listened to the sounds of evening whisper around us. Sexual tension sizzles in the air, separation has created a need, a craving that demands fulfillment.

Before us, a small clearing, on the banks of a sparkling stream demands attention: the perfect place to get lost in each other.

You come to stand behind me, wrapping your strong arms around me. I sigh as I lay my head back on your chest, reveling in the closeness of your body.

Completely content, I turn in the circle of your arms and turn my face up so I can touch your lips with mine, softly sighing as you pull me closer. I lose myself in your soft kisses, gently fanning the spark of passion into a flame of desire. Legs too weak to hold us upright any longer, we spread our jackets on the ground to sit at the base of an old oak tree.

Leaning back against the tree, you pull me closer, turning me gently until I’m sitting sideways in your lap. Looking deep into your eyes, the arousal I see there ignites me, and I touch my lips to yours once more. Lips opening gently, I feel your tongue probing, wanting entry into my warm, moist mouth, gently exploring.

My breath catches in my throat as I feel your gentle touch upon my breast, kneading, brushing my nipple through the fabric of my blouse.

Needing to give you the same pleasure, I let my hand wander over your chest, pausing to caress your nipples, your soft moan of yearning sending shivers of delight down my spine.

You slide your hand under my shirt, pushing aside the fabric of the bra that is keeping your flesh from mine. I shudder as I feel the warmth of your hand covering the flesh of my breast, fanning the rising flames of our lust.

As you tease and roll my sarıyer escort nipple in your fingers, my hunger demands that I feel your naked skin under my fingers and I slip my hand under your shirt, running my fingers through the coarse fur on your chest, seeking the hardened nipples that are waiting for my attention.

As I take your nipple in my fingers, your fingers tighten on my nipple in response, sending waves of heat through my body, my back arches, straining to increase the pleasure of your touch.

Your lips make their way down my neck, lightly kissing, gently sucking. Eager to give you the same pleasure, my hand roams downward, caressing the bulge that is beginning to show in your jeans, feeling the hardness of you. I give a gentle squeeze, loving the soft moan of desire you utter.

Your kisses become a little more urgent, your lips tracing a hot, wet trail to my exposed nipple. Gently pulling it into your mouth, you begin softly sucking. An uncontrolled moan escapes my lips as you suckle. Passion building, want becomes need as we taste and touch each other. Pulling away only for a moment, the shirts between us disappear so we can feel the heat of flesh on flesh.

I gently push your head from my chest, and lower my lips to your nipples. Teasing, licking, gently sucking, the taste and feel of you inflames me. Your hand slips between my thighs, looking for the telltale wetness that will prove how much I need you. My legs part, opening myself to you, hips rising as you rub my clit through my clothes.

Rising above you, I straddle you, settling myself across your lap, resting my hot pussy directly on your rigid cock. My swollen breasts press against your esenyurt escort chest as I kiss you once more, tongues dancing in the heat of the moment. I suck your tongue into my mouth, slowly sucking it as if it were your cock, taking it seductively in and out of my hot mouth.

I feel your hips begin to rock beneath me, your cock searching for the warmth of my body. Smiling, I lift off you, settling instead on my knees between your legs. My lips travel down your body, hands reaching to unfasten your belt and open your jeans. You lift your body for a moment, and you’re naked, your hard cock waiting for the pleasures I have in store for you.

You moan as my lips travel even farther down your body until you feel my hot breath on the very tip of you. Softly, ever so gently, my tongue traces circles around the head of your throbbing cock, barely touching, barely breathing, I wrap my lips around you. I feel you swell in anticipation, and slide my mouth down a little deeper; back and forth, in and out, barely taking you in my mouth, each stroke a little deeper. So hot. You wrap your fingers in my hair, pulling it aside so you can watch me suck you. A little faster now, I slide you in and out of my mouth, taking every rigid inch of you deep in my throat.

Close to cumming, you gently lift my head, and guide me over you. Your hands are swift and sure as you slide my shorts over my hips, exposing the pussy you’re aching to bury yourself in.

Gently, you push me back, lying me down on the ground next to you. You lie down next to me, your lips finding their way to my still hard nipples, your fingers slipping down between my legs, probing the wetness there.

I shudder as your fingers part my pussy lips, finding avrupa yakası escort that stiff little button that has become the center of my being. My legs part wider, wanting to feel your touch. You kiss your way down my body, until your mouth hovers there, I can feel the hot sweetness of your breath as you prepare to send me over the edge. I feel your tongue caressing my clit, licking, circling, sucking gently. My orgasm approaches rapidly, I’ve been too long without your touch.

Moaning, whispering “Oh baby… yes.” My hips begin to rock in earnest. I need to feel the waves as you eat me. I need to feel the tremors as I cum, my body shaking as you lift your head to kiss me full on the lips, sharing the taste of my juices.

Hotter than ever, I rise up and straddle you, teasing your cock with my hot, wet pussy, rubbing myself along the length of you, soaking you with my cum. I finally allow the tip of you to enter me, teasing you before taking you a little deeper. Slowly, teasing, I slide the head of your cock in and out of me, knowing that you want much, much more.

Your hands on my breasts become more urgent, and you give a little pinch to my stiff nipple. I cry out in joy at the touch, and respond by taking your cock all the way inside me, grinding, only to pull so slowly back out, teasing once more. Again, you pinch my nipple, a little harder this time, to let me know you want to be deeper inside me again.

I slide back down your cock, deeper still, back arched, exposing my naked tits to your hands. You knead and caress them, leaning up to kiss and suck my nipples as I grind my pussy into your crotch faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder still. Waves of heat surge as we both approach the edge. “Cum with me baby.” I moan. “Fill me.”

Rocking, grinding, fucking, raw animal passion are the only words to describe the heat. Strokes shorten, breathing hard, bodies glistening with the sweat of our passion. You shudder, ramming yourself home in one final thrust. An explosion as the world shakes with the intensity of the fulfillment of our lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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