A Medical Necessity

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I suppose that like most red blooded dudes I always thought it would be kind of hot to see an attractive woman playing with my Wife’s boobs. While it was happening right in front of me, it wasn’t exactly as I had pictured.

While it is true that the young woman was very attractive, she was also a public health nurse. My Wife had only just given birth to our first child, and now we were getting our one week check up. Baby had passed all the checks and thanks to the monitor, I could hear her snoozing quietly in the next room.

I felt a guilty pang in my lap as I watched the young nurse lean in to closely inspect my Wife’s very erect nipples on her newly enlarged breasts. Darned if those medical uniforms aren’t made out of the thinnest material possible, and I could make out the edges of lacy, boy-cut panties curving around a decadent ass! I fancied that the panties were blue by the barest hue I could make out through the material. Feeling a distinct stirring below I roughly shook my head and dragged my eyes away from the young Nurse’s posterior. I felt bad, ogling another woman right in front of my Wife that way. I consoled myself that it was only because it had been months since I had had any sort of sexual contact, and that normally I would have been much better behaved!

Contritely I returned my gaze to the procedure at hand. The young nurse was explaining about breastfeeding techniques and timelines, but her words faded as I looked at my Wife. She was so beautiful to me. Despite the ordeal of delivering our daughter she just looked amazing. Her hair was astray, and her natural beauty seemed to shine from behind her slightly tired but content eyes. My gaze fell on her full lips as she answered the nurses questions. My mind wandered to bygone days when those lips were wrapped around my cock, and those eyes were shining up at me as she sucked me deeply…

I shook my head again and averted my gaze once more. I traced a line down her delicate neck. Only days ago the tendons had stood out sharply. I held her hand as she laboured to bring our daughter into the world. Now her neck curved gracefully as she looked down at her own breasts. My eyes followed her fine collar bone, but were all too soon drawn to her breasts.

My Wife had an athlete’s build, and she had never been very busty. I am an ass man, so I was as happy as I could be with my tight little Wife. Now her small buds had grown into comparatively huge boobs!

Her small dark nipples were now extended almost 3/4 of an inch and were as big around as my ring finger! My penis started a slow throb in my thin pants as I looked at the new full, ripe breasts on my lovely Wife. While I had never been concerned with large breasts before, I certainly intended to spend some time with these new honeys when my Wife recovered her strength.

My focus quickly snapped back to the conversation at the words “nipple cream!” For some reason I noticed the simple manicure and graceful way her hands moved as the young nurse drew on a pair of blue latex gloves. She wore no rings, but I reasoned that it could be because of possibly damaging the protective material. She partially knelt on the bad a flipped the cap off a small tube. Gingerly she squeezed a large dollop of clear ointment onto her index finger. The world went into slow motion and my mind went into sharp focus.

The nurse was leaning forward, her ass was once again outlined in her tight, pale pink medical scrubs. Her pale brown hair was pulled back into a simple pony tail. Her stethoscope hung around her shoulders. She was so young, and fresh!

My Wife was intently studying her own breasts as the finger moved closer and closer. I could feel my penis throb in time with the heartbeat that was drowning out all other sound! The delicate finger made contact with the tip of my Wife’s extended nipple and drew back slightly. A thin, clear strand drew out between bakırköy escort the finger and nipple. The nurse proceeded to draw her finger up and down, first on the underside of the nipple, then along each side, and finally over the top, running her finger over the tip again several times. She pressed another clear pearl onto her fingertip and proceeded to smear it around my Wife’s areole in slow, deliberate circles.

I think I must have choked. The young nurse turned her head to look at me, and I can only guess what kind of ridiculous expression I must have been wearing! Her pony tail bobbed and light shone off the smooth straight hair. Her face broke into a lovely smile as she turned back to her work.

Knowing I was caught I tried to sort myself out. I tried to clear my mind as I cast about for something to cover my obvious boner. I grabbed a receiving blanket and wadded it up to cover myself as I stood up to leave the room.

The nurse was just starting the same routine on my Wife’s other nipple as I started to edge my way to the door. Without looking up the nurse said, “Not so fast ‘Daddy’, you need to get checked out next,”

I froze. I swung a nervous glance at my Wife. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say “I guess so?” so I went and to sit down again.

“If I can just get you to hop up on that examination table please,” she said as she peeled off her gloves, folding one into the other. Fearing what she would find I willed myself to be calm as I sat on the table and pressed my thighs tightly together.

“For this I need you to lie back on the table, please,” I was afraid of that. I swung my legs up and laid back, drawing my knees up slightly. The nurse rummaged in the cabinets under the table as she explained.

“We need to check on the health of the whole family. Your baby will need all the attention that your Wife can offer, especially for the first few months. Your Wife will need all the support you can give her during that time. Many Daddies find that there is not much left for themselves.” She stood and slipped a small tube into her pocket. She reached across my chest and began feeling the base of my skull and around my neck and throat with deft fingers. It felt soothing and yet electrifying all at once!

“The health of Daddy can be a key factor in the success of the whole family,” she continued, placing the buds of her stethoscope into her ears. She smiled down at me reassuringly. She began to place the stethoscope on my chest in various places, as she tapped on my sternum with her small knuckle.

“Take a deep breath in through your nose and then out through your mouth,” she murmured. I inhaled deeply, and my mind filled with her mild scent of strawberries.

“Again,” she said softly, changing the placement of the stethoscope on my chest, “keep going,”

I felt myself calming with the ritual breathing and her soothing voice combined with her light scent in my nostrils.

“Now Mommy,” she said across me to my Wife, “you remember how important hormones have been to you and Baby for the past several months?” I turned my head to see my Wife nodding agreement.

“In the first few months of pregnancy hormones made you feel sick. Later they helped you give birth, and right now your whole system is awash in hormones that are preparing your breasts to give milk, and to heal your body.” Her deft fingers were placing the stethoscope along my abdomen now, and her tapping had moved to my hip bones on either side. Her pressing hands felt good, and in a calm haze I felt more stirring below!

“Well Mommy, Daddy has hormones too. Some of them are for the same things as yours, like bonding with Baby. Others are for helping Daddies to protect their families by fighting and hunting,” I jumped a little when I felt the cold stethoscope through the thin coverings of my thigh as the young beşiktaş escort nurse rubbed my belly just above my pubic bone!

“In modern times fighting and hunting aren’t really necessary,” she went on. A small corner of my mind wanted to object to this, since I had served my country, and like to hunt, but I quickly lost that thought as the stethoscope moved again!

“A build up of those hormones can distract modern Daddies. They can cause a range of effects from sullenness to outright aggression!” My Wife arched an eyebrow at me and smirked. The nurse slung her stethoscope and turned to address me directly, “Sir, when was the last time you ejaculated?”

“Well, I, err-” I stammered at the personal question. She turned to my Wife.

“Mommy, do you know? When was the last time your Husband ejaculated?”

“Well,” my Wife was tallying in her mind, “We haven’t been able to have intercourse since week 28, and I was full term, so 12 or 13 weeks I guess?”

The nurse looked shocked!

“And you didn’t find other ways to help him?”

“Honestly, I guess I forgot all about it!” my Wife looked embarrassed.

“That is way too long for a Daddy to go!” the nurse exclaimed, “We’ll need you to express your excess hormones before we can discharge you from the hospital!” She reached under the table and started to put on a new pair of gloves. I looked at my Wife, my face a study of confusion and horror! She shrugged her shoulders again and waited to see what would happen.

The nurse pressed the buds of her stethoscope to her ears once more and placed the end on my chest above my heart. She paused, listening intently.

“Let me know if you feel any discomfort,” she said sounding very professional, right before she laid her free hand on my hardened penis through my pants. I jumped!

“Honey?” my eyes searched my Wife’s.

“Sir, please try to stay still!” said the Nurse, checking her watch as she gently squeezed my aching bulge.

“Well,” my Wife answered my unasked question, “I guess it is a medical procedure, so…”

I collapsed back as the nurse began to undo the drawstrings on my borrowed scrubs. She spoke reassuringly to me, “Try to be calm now, Daddy. I’m just going to do a quick examination and we’ll see if we can get that nasty build up out of the way for you,” she tugged at the waist of the scrubs, “Lift!”

On autopilot I lifted my hips and felt the scrubs and my underwear drawn down past my knees. My cock was covered in precum that had soaked my underwear. The slick lubrication smeared across my belly as my penis bounced free of the bare confines the scrubs had afforded.

“Spread your legs a little for me please,” I did so. “We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up,” the nurse explained. I felt her small latex covered fingers, slightly chilly, press under my testicles.

“Daddies have a perineum, just like where Mommies are tender after birth,” the nurse explained to my Wife, lifting my heavy balls as she pointed. “I am just feeling for any lumps or abnormalities,” She pressed her fingers under my sac and rubbed up and down in a slow ellipse. I barely suppressed a moan.

“Now we check the testicles,” she delicately dragged her fingertips from the bottom to the top of my tightening bag, sending jolts of electricity up my cock. “Has he always had this freckle on this side?” she asked my Wife. She murmured that yes I had.

The nurse began to gently squeeze and roll my ball sack. First on testicle, and then the other were felt all over. She pinched the skin between them, and drew it down, causing my cock to lift off my belly. I couldn’t help but gasp as my penis twitched, pumping another dose of precum, dripping onto my abdomen.

“Excellent response,” she noted on a chart before continuing, “Now let’s take a look at the penis itself.” She swiped her finger in the beylikdüzü escort copious puddle near my navel. “This is the corpus spongiosum,” she told my Wife as she drew her wet finger from the base of my balls to nearly the head of my cock. “It holds the tube that Daddies ejaculate through, and has a great deal of nerve endings. Observe,” my hips began to buck slightly as she ran her slick finger tip up and down the underside of my penis.

“It is especially sensitive at the frenular delta, near the top, right, under, the, glans” she punctuated each word by rubbing back and forth under the tip of my cock. Whimpering I pried my eyes open to look at my Wife. She was paying rapt attention to the nurse’s lecture, and I noticed that she had not covered up her fantastic new boobs, with their freshly lotioned nipples. Shuddering I closed my eyes and lay back before the mere sight of her made me embarrass myself!

“No obstructions noted,” she continued, “Let’s check the tension.” Her small hand cupped my flaring cock head and bent my penis down, gently but insistently towards my feet. I felt my abdomen twitch and my slippery penis escaped her grasp and smacked audibly against my belly!

“Oh my!” the nurse gasped, “Did that hurt?” she inquired. I didn’t trust my voice and simply shook my head instead. “Okay, let’s try again.” She draped her fingers around my tip again, reaching further as she drew my penis straight up, down towards my feet again, and to the left and right. I started to squirm as my leaking glans rubbed against her gloved palm. Gently she lowered my penis back to my torso.

“Excellent tension,” she noted “Penile tension can be a clue to all sorts of ailments, from blood pressure, to neurological abnormalities, to diabetes,” the Nurse told my Wife, who nodded her head, mesmerised.

“Finally we will check your Husband’s meatus,” she announced. “That is the slit at the tip of Daddy’s head.” She drew both of her thumbs up, from the base of my balls all the way up my cock, slowly, sliding on the silken lubrication flowing from me. At the top her thumbs deviated, prying the slit of my penis wide. I began to tremble uncontrollably!

“Everything appears to be – whoops!” she exclaimed as my penis gave an enormous lurch! In an agony of embarrassment, I knew what was coming. It was me!

In a combination of the pure pleasure of a long denied orgasm, and horror at the situation, my mouth opened wide and I wailed! In a flash the nurse drew a vial that had been secreted in her pocket. She popped the top and placed the vial over my straining cock! With her other hand she gave my penis glorious strokes, in time with the pulsations of my hips. My eyes rolled up in my head and I came! I came with the force of weeks! It felt like I emptied my soul of pressure and anxiety of the past months of my Wife’s pregnancy, out through my penis, stroked by a young Nurse, into a vial.

It seemed to go on for hours, my throat felt raw with wailing. Finally I stopped thrashing. My hands were curled in with what seemed like a death grip, as were my feet and toes. Gradually the pressure slackened.

“Nineteen CC’s” the Nurse exclaimed, holding the vial up. She leaned in and asked “Did you know that is nearly twice the average volume of ejaculate?” I groaned and closed my eyes.

I could hear the nurse quickly move across the room to my astonished Wife. I pried my eyes open just as the nurse up-ended the vial onto my Wife’s belly!

“Daddy’s ejaculate is very rich in Oxytocin,” the Nurse was explaining. She dipped her fingers in the cream and swirled some on each of my Wife’s nipples, “That is a very important hormone! It will help bring in your breast milk for example!”

My Wife looked across the room at me and smiled as the Nurse carried on, rubbing my semen in circles on my Wife’s soft belly, “Oxytocin will help your uterus shrink back down to the way it was before Baby. It is also been shown in some studies to reduce stretch marks!”

“Daddy’s ejaculate has all kinds of healthful benefits for a new Mommy,” the Nurse was murmuring as she turned to give me a wink, “Especially when taken internally!”

I could have kissed that Nurse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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