A New Beginning Pt. 02

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A/N—This is the same story as Part 02, except hopefully this time the full chapter will be included. I’m not sure what mistake I made that the full chapter wasn’t included last time, but hopefully this time I will have fixed the issue. I’ve started work on Chapter 3, but I have no idea when I might be done with it. Enjoy!


The next morning was business as usual for everyone. Tim didn’t notice that Allison wouldn’t quite look him in the eye as she tried to act like her usual self. Allison and Chloe usually carpooled together and this morning was no different except for the sexual tension in the room. Now that Chloe had confessed her feelings to Allison and they had had an illicit affair, the atmosphere in the car was more than a bit awkward.

Chloe tried to break the tension as she drove. “So, how was your night,” she asked innocently. “Sleep well?”

“Not really,” said Allison. “I felt so lousy after I left you last night that I couldn’t sleep at all. And I couldn’t even look at Tim this morning.”

“Well I won’t take offense or anything,” joked Chloe.

“I’m sorry, you know that’s not what I meant,” said Allison. “It’s just so much intensity right now that I don’t even know how to process it. All I wanted to do this morning was call in sick and lay in bed all day.”

“Everything is going to work out fine. Tim loves you more than anything. Even if he is upset, you can promise to let him in next time and I’m sure all will be forgiven.”

“Next time,” asked Allison with a smile. “You presume an awful lot over there.”

“What can I say? I’m just that good. Once you go Chloe, you never go back.”

“Maybe I should bring my own car tomorrow so that you and your ego will have plenty of room together.”

By the time they arrived at the school, Allison was feeling a little bit better. She knew now what she had to do, no matter how hard it would be to actually do it. She would tell Tim that night and beg his forgiveness and promise it would never happen ever again. So resolved, she was able to concentrate on her teaching that day. She saw Chloe off and on throughout the day and they had lunch and recess together as usual but they were completely professional around each other.

During the drive home, she told Chloe her plan. “Well that sounds good except for the part about never doing it again. I’m telling you, the first thing he’s going to want to do is watch the two of us together.”

“He may say that, but I think push comes to shove he’s going to back down and realize that having a third person in a relationship isn’t healthy.”

“And since when is a guy concerned about healthy? I’m sure that if you nudged him a little bit he’d even let you do it with me whenever we wanted.”

“And what if I don’t want that? What if I just want my boyfriend and my old life back?”

“Well then that’s your choice honey. You and I will always be best friends, but know this. There’s more to life out there than just sticking with one little dick for the rest of it. We’re young and we should be out there exploring ourselves and having fun.”

“So if I left Tim and started to get more serious about you, you would be ok with sharing me? You were so in love with me last night, can you honestly tell me you’d be ok sharing me?”

“Not all of us have a monogamous mindset, hon. Whatever we might do, we could do as we please. If you have some pussy on the side then great. You find a big cock that treats you right then we will both have some fun. We don’t have to live together, get married all of that jazz. You know I love you, and you would be free to do as you please.”

Arriving at home, they went their separate ways. Chloe had noticed that Callie was already home and went rushing inside with the intention of burying her face in a wet pussy. Allison had woken up the tiger in her and she was feeling more horny than she had in a long time. Despite her big talk to Allison, she didn’t envy the conversation she knew would be occurring across the hall. But for the moment all she was concerned about was the naked woman she found in her bed, wet and ready for action.

Tim wasn’t home yet, so Allison had time to change and get dinner going. She was so busy organizing her thoughts that she didn’t hear him come into the bedroom. She jumped when she felt Tim’s hands wrap around her waist and his erection press into her backside. He began to kiss her neck and nibble at her ear while one hand went north and the other went south. Taken by surprise at first, Allison began to grind her ass against Tim. Quickly though she stopped herself. “Tim we need to stop and talk first.”

At first he didn’t hear her. He had been horny for her all day. And just now when he had been walking to his apartment, he had passed by Chloe and Callie’s window and he had heard them inside, which turned him on even more. He kept groping her, trying to turn her on and get things going but she finally pushed him away. “Tim, stop right now! We need to talk! Something happened last bursa escort night.”

That finally got his attention. “What happened last night? Are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine. But last night during girls night, things got a little out of control. I don’t even really know how it happened. I was telling Chloe about how you’ve been pushing me to try girls, especially her, and she came on to me. She told me that she had always been in love with me and she was always checking me out and then she undressed in front of me and all of a sudden I’m down between her legs and it was the best taste ever and then she did me and on and on until late. And it was fantastic but I felt so guilty about it. I’m sorry Tim, I hope you can forgive me and we can move on from this. I promise I’ll never do anything like that again.”

Having confessed, Allison finally took a deep breath. It took Tim a moment to process the jumble of words that had spilled from Allison’s mouth. He stared at his beautiful girlfriend, and he thought he saw a subtle change in her. There was a tiny little glow to her. If you didn’t know her you wouldn’t see it. But it was there. She really had done it, he thought to himself. He was disappointed that he hadn’t been there for the first time, but maybe he could talk her into another time. He decided to play it cool and see how things went.

“This is the only time you’ve been unfaithful to me,” he asked in a serious tone.

“I swear it was just last night Tim. You know I’ve never looked at anyone else. And it will never happen again.”

“And what if I want to see it,” he asked. So much for playing it cool. He just couldn’t help himself.

“Why would you want to see me cheating on you Tim? What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t consider it cheating if it’s with another girl. If it were with another guy, then that would be different. But this is not the same thing. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that I didn’t get to watch.”

“There’s something seriously wrong with you,” said Allison. “Don’t you see how bringing another person into our relationship could harm us?”

“Don’t think of it as bringing another person into our relationship, think about it as having another toy to play with. You didn’t mind when I bought the dildo.”

“That was a fucking toy Tim! I’m talking about a real person. A person with feelings and emotions. What are you going to do if Chloe falls in love with me? Or if I fall in love with her? Are you going to be so willing to share then?”

“We cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m more than willing to share you with Chloe and even Callie if you want. It’s just a bit of fun. If things start to get too serious then we back off and go back to the way things were yesterday. No hurt feelings, no recriminations. It will be just like it was before you slept with Chloe.”

“You really think you could just go back? That you aren’t going to just keep pushing things further and further. You’re fine with me sleeping with Chloe and Callie. Are you going to be fine if I sleep with other girls?”

“If that’s what you want, then we can talk about it. I’ve told you, I don’t consider it cheating if you’re sleeping with other girls. All that I ask is that I be present most of the time. And if that isn’t possible, then at least tell me about it. The only thing that I consider cheating is if you fuck another guy.”

“And you would be ok with not fucking any of these girls that I would supposedly sleep with? Because I know I couldn’t handle that. Whether I’m there or not Tim, the second you stick your dick into someone else, we are done, I promise you that. And I’m not talking just done having other partners. I’m talking done as in I will leave you. I will not be cheated on Tim. I watched my mother go through that and I’ll be damned if I will too.”

“If that’s what you want, then you have my word. I will not so much as touch or kiss another girl that we’re involved with. All I want is to be in the room, and when you give your approval to fuck you. But I won’t touch anyone else.”

“I don’t know about this Tim. I think we’re all going to get hurt.”

“I love you more than anything. But I know we will be ok. Everything will work out fine.”

With that it was time for dinner. Neither Tim or Allison brought up the subject any more. Tim seemed to know that he had pushed his luck enough for one day. Allison was happy that at least Tim wasn’t upset with her about cheating on him. She still considered it cheating, despite what he said. They went to bed that night still uncertain of each other and what the future would bring. As Allison drifted off to sleep, her thoughts lingered on Chloe and the feel of her body pressed against her own. And she began to wonder what another girl, like Callie, might taste like.

Across the hall, Chloe and Callie still had not had their fill. As the evening had worn on Chloe had slowly revealed to Callie what had happened the night before. It had only served to spur them escort bayan both on to greater pleasure and by midnight the bed was wrecked and the room reeked of pussy. But still the girls continued unabated.

During a short lull, they began to discuss the events from the night before. “So how much trouble do you think Allison will be in,” asked Callie.

“Not a bit of trouble, I’m telling you. She’s got that boy wrapped around her little finger. Once a guy gets the idea that he wants to see his girl with another girl then that’s it, it’s all over. I’m sure at some point this week one of them is going to propose the idea of a threesome.”

“What if she didn’t tell him?”

“No chance of that. Allison isn’t that type of girl. She was so guilt ridden all day that she could barely stand herself. I’m sure she told him the second he walked through the door.”

“Are you going to be ok if she doesn’t come back?”

“You weren’t there, you didn’t see her. She had the first really good sex of her life and I think that woke something inside of her. Maybe she doesn’t know it yet, but she will be back. If not with me, then with someone else. I certainly won’t be her last girl.”

After one last round of sex, the girls were finally ready for bed but there was one thing that they had yet to discuss. “So what had you so horny and ready for action,” asked Chloe.

“I had kind of a one night stand with a girl I met last night,” said Callie with a shy grin.

“I thought you were going over to your boyfriend’s place?”

“I did, but when I let myself in I found him in bed with another girl. There was a lot of yelling and screaming and then she kicked him in the balls and we went our separate ways. I couldn’t come home yet, I knew it was girls night and I didn’t want to be a drag. So I found a bar and went in and got a bit drunk. Guys kept buying me drinks and I was about to get myself talked into leaving with another guy when another girl stepped in and rescued me. One thing led to another and I left with her and we ended up having really good sex at her place. When I woke up in the morning she was gone so I left. But I couldn’t stop thinking about her all day and it made me so horny that I faked being sick to get out of bus duty and came here to wait for you.”

“You didn’t get a name or phone number or anything?”

“No, I’m not sure that she would’ve wanted me contacting her. I noticed that there were pictures of her and another man and pictures of her kids. So maybe her family was out of town and this was just a one time thing. I’d know her again if I see her though.”

“Was she good?”

“Oh she was very good. I have more fun with you, but she was the perfect guardian angel for a really shitty night.”

“Well next time let’s not leave anything to chance. Even if it is girls night, don’t hesitate to call. Allison and I would’ve been there in a flash to come get you.”

“I know. But it worked out for you too. If I had called, you never would’ve gotten to sleep with Allison. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to.”

“No excuses, next time you call ok?”

With that it was time for bed. The next morning everyone went about their routine as usual. Tim and Allison had both been restless the night before and they were still uncertain of each other. But Tim had decided to take the bull by the horns. His girlfriend had experienced lesbian sex now and he was determined that he was going to press his advantage.

“Do you think you might talk to Chloe today about setting up a get together for this weekend?”

“What kind of get together did you have in mind,” asked Allison. She knew what he meant but she coudn’t believe that he was already pressing her on this already.

“Well like we talked about last night. Invite her over and we might have some fun with her,” he said hesitantly. He could hear the edge in Allison’s voice.

“I swear to God Tim, you’re going to make me regret this aren’t you?”

Tim looked down in shame. He knew he was going too far, but he couldn’t help himself. He knew what a sex goddess his girlfriend could be and the thought of her being with another girl was enough to cut through his shame and make him hard right there in front of Allison.

“Jesus Tim, fine. I’ll ask her. But we play by my rules ok? If I decide to stop, then we stop and I never want to hear another word about it. Do you understand me?”

When Tim nodded, Allison turned on her heel and walked out the door. This was getting out of control. The things that women had to do to make men happy. She was still in a huff as she got into the car with Chloe.

“So how did last night go,” asked Chloe. She was pretty sure that things would go well and that soon Allison would become a regular lover, but there was still a bit of uncertainty.

“It was fine I guess,” said Allison dejectedly. “It was just like you said. Tim was disappointed that he wasn’t there for my first time, but he didn’t see it as cheating bursa escort at all. He told me this morning that he wants me to invite you over this weekend.”

“Well sure, I’m free,” said Chloe. “What would be doing,” she asked with a mischievous grin.

Allison was still in a sour mood. “Don’t be coy, you know exactly what we’d be doing if Tim gets his way.”

“I know, but it’s fun to make you say it. Lighten up. Tim is on board with this and that should take the guilt away. He’s obviously fine with us having some fun. I’ll bring some wine and that will help ease things along. It’s all going to be fine, and we will all have plenty of fun tonight.”

The rest of the day went smoothly. Allison had text Tim on the way to the school that Chloe was in agreement and that she would come over that night. It was the Friday before spring break was set to begin and the school board had approved a half day for Friday as well. So that afternoon Allison cleaned the apartment and mentally prepared herself for what was to come. She was afraid that Tim would get his feelings hurt, seeing her in the arms of another woman. As much as she loved him, she had loved the sex with Chloe more than she was willing to admit right now.

Tim was barely able to contain himself all day. The thoughts raced through his head at the endless possibilities that lay ahead. Right now he would content himself with Allison and Chloe, but he eventually wanted her to try other girls as well. And if all went according to plan, then he would be allowed to be with those same girls too. He already had thoughts of Callie joining in, and after that, who knew?

As he walked in from the parking lot of the apartment complex that night, he wondered what he would see when he opened the door. Would Allison have gotten started without him? He knew that it was just a half day for her and Chloe, maybe they wouldn’t have been able to wait. But he was to be disappointed in that regard. When he opened the door, he found Allison and Chloe as he had always found them before, sitting on the couch having a glass of wine while dinner was cooking in the kitchen.

He thought he hid his disappointment well though and continued on into the apartment as if he had expected everything to be exactly the way it was.

“How was school today,” he asked. “Get anything done?”

“Not a bit,” said Allison. She wasn’t fooled at all by his casual approach. She had seen the disappointment that she and Chloe weren’t already at it, and Chloe had noticed it too. “How was your day, did you get anything done?”

“Some stuff. The boss is really on my case about this project that I’m leading. There’s a bug in the software somewhere and we can’t seem to work it out. It’s causing us to fall behind.”

“Well you’ve got the whole weekend to take your mind off of things,” said Chloe. “I’m sure we can find something to do to take your mind off your troubles,” she teased.

Tim left the room to go change, excited at the prospect. Chloe seemed to be on his side. How fantastic would it be if this lasted the whole weekend? He just needed to really be cool and let the girls do their thing.

“Why would you encourage him like that,” Allison asked. “Now he’s back there thinking that this is going to some long weekend thing with constant sex.”

“You see to forget that I’m on his side. I want to have sex with you. If he’s gotta be involved, then so be it. I had a taste of you and now I’m going to get as much as I can.”

“God, I feel like I’m stuck in a bad porno.”

“Like you’ve ever really watched porn. If you had, you’d know that we would’ve been doing it already before Tim got home.”

Allison rolled her eyes and went to check on dinner. Everyone around her was telling her that it would all be fine and work itself out. But she couldn’t help but be concerned that her whole life was going to be torn apart. She didn’t want to lose Tim, or her friendship with Chloe. She just knew that somehow things would get all fucked up and she would lose both.

All through dinner, not a word was said about what was to come that evening. In all of her nervousness, Allison was drinking more wine than usual, which Tim and Allison were encouraging. They both wanted her tipsy for now, until she got comfortable with the idea of the threesome. It was odd to Chloe, being in an alliance with a guy to fuck his girlfriend. When dinner was done, they moved into the living room.

Tim wasn’t sure how to proceed, but he knew Chloe wanted this as much as he did. He watched as Chloe sat down next to her while Tim sat in a chair across the room. Allison was very buzzed at this point and it felt like her whole body was vibrating. The conversation continued casually, no one talking about the elephant in the room. Tim watched as Chloe slowly moved her hands around Allison’s body. Touching an arm, touching her leg, leaning in so that her breasts rubbed up against Allison’s arm. It was classic seduction and done so casually that Allison was unconsciously responding to it. While still maintaining the conversation, Chloe slowly began to rub first Allison’s arm. Then after a few minutes, she began to rub Allison’s leg. Her hand was slowly moving up Allison’s leg all while the conversation was going on.

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