A Night to Remember

30 Ocak 2022 0 Yazar: admin

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I want cock and cum, I need cock and cum, I crave cock and cum. I get the uncontrollable urge to be a gay gangbang bitch! It’s a fantasy that only grows stronger with time. I’ve started the day using a dildo to stretch myself and get ready to really be pounded. I clean myself, dress in my favorite latex shirt and jeans. I’m anxious and apprehensive but I’m also committed and ready to make fantasy a reality.

I visit the local bathhouse, pay my fee, undress, wrap the towel around me. I first head for a good steam. I want to be fully relaxed and ready to go. It’s a busy night and I’m thankful for that.

I shower and head out to find the room with several slings, a bondage bench, and a table. It’s rather dark but light enough to see movement. I love the anonymity of sex at a bathhouse. I want to be restrained either cuffed to a fuck bench or a swing. The message I want to deliver without words is that I want to suck cock and be fucked.

The slings are in use. I bend over the fuck bench. I have my favorite latex hood with me. It’s shiny black latex and has eye, nose and mouth openings. The eyes have a cover buckled in place. I won’t be able to see what is about to happen to me. It sets the stage for my complete submission. I place the hood over my head adıyaman escort and zip it in place. Someone comes over and straps the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. I am ready and open for use. He begins playing with my ass. First a finger, then two. I’ve already stretched earlier with the dildo and lubed up. He knows I’m ready. I hear him open a rubber and roll it on. He’s rubbing his cock between my cheeks. Damn, I’m horny as hell and can’t wait to get fucked.

Although restrained I have some ability to move. I try sliding my ass against his steel hard cock as he continues to move around my crack. I can’t take it any longer and yell out “please just fuck me”. He slides into place. I can feel the tip of his cock at my anus. He continues to tease me. The tip is there probing but he hasn’t entered. I’m ready, I’m so damn anxious to be fucked. I finally decide to take action and as he probes my ass. I move back hard and impale my ass on his cock. He slides in. Yes, finally, I have that hard cock in me that I have been craving. The teasing is over and he’s ready. He begins fucking me deeper and deeper. I haven’t seen his cock but I can tell he’s big, not overly big in girth but exceptionally long.

As I am being fucked, escort adıyaman I hear someone approaching the bench. I can tell they are near my head. I feel a rock-hard cock probe my mouth. I open my mouth and attempt to lick the head. He’s pulled back out of my reach. Suddenly I feel his cock slapping my rubber enclosed face. Cheek to cheek he slaps me. I struggle to seek his cock with my mouth as I move my head but I know he has control and will do with me what he wants when he wants. I stop moving my head and open my mouth, ready for him when he is ready for me. I feel his cock against my face. He has offered his balls to me to lick and suck. I quickly take one then the other into my mouth. He is rubbing his cock against the latex hood as I pleasure his balls. As quickly as his balls were presented to my mouth they are gone. What is happening? Has he gone? Slap, slap, slap of the hard cock against my face again. I am ready. He is too. I feel his cock in my mouth. I kiss and lick its head. It feels to be a sizable mushroom head, my favorite. I continue to lick and suck this pleasure stick. I am working my way up and down working him into and down my throat. Finally, he has bottomed out. I feel his hair against my lips as I suck. adıyaman escort bayan He places a hand behind my head and takes control. His movements become urgent. Harder, and harder, he thrusts into my mouth. I can hear him now even though the latex hood has muffled most sound. His moans are loud and suddenly I am filled with cum, massive amounts of cum. I do my best to take it all. I love and crave cum and don’t want to waste it.

While I’ve been sucking this wonderful cock, I have been being royally fucked. The man behind me has also taken control. I feel his hands on my hips. I feel his fabulous cock deep in me. His thrusts were hard enough that with each movement forward the cock in my mouth would go deep into my throat and with each thrust of the cock in my mouth I was forced back on the cock in my ass. I was being pounded on both ends, being used as had wanted to be by these two fuckers. I am nothing but a toy to be used for their pleasure and passion.

As the night progresses, I am being fucked by and sucking every cock in the house. I am being filled with and covered in cum. My dream has come true. I feel fulfilled. Finally, I have the feeling of being satiated. Someone releases the cuffs and helps me up. I reach for the zipper on the hood. I can tell it’s covered in cum. I remove the hood. It is beautiful. I can’t help myself. I lick every drop I can from the hood. It’s the last cum of the night for me. I head for the showers. I am sore and exhausted. One last visit to the steam room, another shower then it’s off to a room for a few hours rest before…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32