A Son’s Curious Mind Pt. 02

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This is the second part of A Son’s Curious Mind.

For context, please first read A Son’s Curious Mind Pt. 01

All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


She could not believe what she had just agreed to. Did she she really just allow her son to do that?

“Only with your finger”, she quickly added, realizing it may have seemed like she asked for him to start fucking her up the butt.

She felt a jolt of excitement flash through her body as she felt his left hand on her butt cheek.

“Are you ready?” he asked. She shook her ass upwards in response, as if to say “stick it in already”.

She felt his index finger press against her asshole. It immediately reminded her of her desire to get fucked. She wanted his finger inside her. She wanted her son’s cock inside her.

He moved it slightly, and with a rubbing, twisting motion tried to press it inside.

“It won’t let me, mom” he said. “It’s too tight and dry.”

She would not give up this easy. She had already let her son touch her asshole, she was not about to give up feeling him inside her. Not with all the desire she had built up.

But she could not believe her own words as she said:

“Try with some of the pussy juice.” She looked back at her son. “Put your finger here,” she said and pointed at her dripping wet pussy.

“Mom,” he said “are you sure?”, making it obvious that he also understood that this was passing a certain limit.

She only nodded in response, and a second later she could feel her sons finger moving towards her vagina. She felt it touching the slippery wet pussy lips. She felt her son’s finger slide in between them, searching for her entrance. What was he doing? His finger must already be soaking wet, she thought, but did not protest.

Suddenly, she felt him push his finger up into her vagina.

She gasped with a mix of surprise and pleasure as his finger entered her, then moaned out loud. Her son pulled his finger out and pushed it in again, repeating his actions making the pussy juice pour out onto his hand.

“Make sure it gets wet” she moaned as she felt him push his finger in and out, knowing very well it was already covered in juices.

This was not what she had in mind. She did not mean for her son to finger fuck her cunt. But she could not bring herself to end the action. Instead, she moaned out loud as he continued with the motion, making her cunt throb in ecstasy. He was obviously enjoying this. Perhaps she could allow him to do this if he wanted, it did not hurt anyone, she thought to herself. So she allowed him to continue.

As he continued to finger fuck her, the feeling of her son’s wet finger sliding in and out of her dripping wet cunt intensified. In just a few minutes, it became too much for her and she began to groan out loud.

Her son could see that he was doing something that pleased his mother and continued his activity, repeatedly penetrating her vagina. So she moaned loudly and groaned, “oh yes, oh James, oh yes James”. She moved her ass in sync with her son’s movement, intensifying the penetration.

She was about to cum. She knew it. What would she do? She could not cum on her son’s finger. Right? A mother cumming as her own son is finger fucking her? No, there had to be a limit.

Besides, the only reason he was inside her cunt in the first place was to wet his finger. He was supposed to be in her asshole.

She was almost to horny to speak, but managed to groan “It’s enough, James. It’s wet now” she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. “Put it into my asshole. Now.”

He followed his mother’s orders, pulled out his finger and put it back onto her anal opening.

He pressed against it, and this time it slid in with ease. The finger was completely covered in juices, and the asshole immediately accepted the finger, almost sucking it inside.

As she felt his finger, her body arched her back, and she groaned in pleasure. “Yesss, it’s in… James, you’re really doing a good job. You got it inside. That’s very good. Yes, that’s it. Push it in there. Ah yes!”

James kept in time with his mother’s movements. He was pressing his finger as deep as he could into his mother’s ass, and she was feeling it slide around in there. She was moaning again, “This is it, James. Keep it there now, baby!”

She looked back at her son, and she could see the pleasure in his face. “Oh yes! James, that’s my sweet boy. Mom’s cumming!” She moaned loudly and closed her eyes, breathing heavily.

She started to cum. Her asshole immediately tightened around his finger, locking it in place. Her cunt started to twitch, her body shook as she held on tightly to her son’s finger, cumming. James watched his mother cum. He his mother orgasm, and watched her muscles tighten around his finger, still feeling the hot wetness of his mother’s juices.

His mother was still moaning, and she was coming down from her peak. She began to fall back into herself. Her asshole had released its grip on her son’s tekirdağ escort finger and allowed it to slide out of her body. She was completely relaxed, and allowed herself to lay down onto the carpet.

Her own son’s finger in her cunt and then asshole had made her cum. She did not want to think about it that way, but it was undeniable. And she liked it. She had so much love for her son, her man, and the connection they just had created made her full of passion and lust.

As her breathing returned to normal, she became aware of her sons erect penis again, rising above her. It looked like it has swollen up even more. Sure, watching a woman orgasm must be exciting for a man, she thought, but his own mother?

His rock-hard cock, the excitement in his eyes–he looked like he was ready to fill her up with cum. He was looking at her breasts again, as if he wanted to suck on them

She felt her cunt contract, waking up with desire. Although just cumming, she realized she was far from done.

“James?” she said “Would you help me to the bedroom?”

He leaned down and helped her up. They walked out of the bathroom, passing through the house naked together, all the while keeping their bodies in contact, his erect dick brushing against her, and her breasts brushing against him.

As they approached the bedroom door, she said “Come in here with me. I want to show you something.” They stepped over the threshold and she closed the door behind them.

“You have already seen me naked, James. Your finger has already been inside me,” she said.

“Yes, mom.” His cock was still hard.

“Now I would like to try something. Hear me out, and don’t be shocked!” she said.

His eyes were wide as he looked at her in worry and anticipation.

“I would like you to suck on my nipples.” she bluntly said.

“What?” He was surprised by the offer.

“I would like you to suck my tits, baby.”

His cock was throbbing but he could still not believe what he was hearing “Why do you want that, mom? I mean, I am your son.”

“Well, if anyone should suck on my nipples, it should be my son, right?” she said with a smile. He smiled back. She felt her juices flowing from her vagina, but did nothing to hide it.

“Come here,” she said and grabbed his hand, leading him towards the large bed. She sat down into the bed and patted her lap. “Lay down here.”

He did as she said. “Now, you are to suck my nipples, understand?” she said. “You will put your mouth here. Like this.”

She grabbed her boob and directed the nipple towards the mouth of her son who had his head on her lap.

As he placed his mouth onto the nipple, it was like a shock of electricity went through her body. She felt how her pussy almost squirted out juice from excitement, and felt a strong desire to orgasm again. He gently started sucking on the nipple. As he did, she ran her hands through his hair.

He held one hand onto the other breast, squeezing it, almost as if he want to make sure it was real. As if he wanted to make sure the experience was real.

“Hmm, I can tell you like it. You like the taste of my breast, don’t you, baby?” she said.

“Yes, mom. I like it,” he said.

She moved her hand to the side of his head and stroked his cheek and hair. His hand was around her back, hugging her as he sucked.

“Thank you, James. You do very well on the nipples. Thank you for doing this for me.”

As his tongue touched the sensitive flesh, she closed her eyes in pleasure. Her breath quickened.

Her juices continued to build up. She looked down, and her wetness were running down her leg, dripping onto her white cotton dress.

Her idea had not been this. She just wanted to feel what it was like to have her son suck on her breast. But her desire to cum was too strong.

Slowly, she moved her hand down under the head of her son, who was busy sucking on his mothers boob. She slowly moved the hand closer to her vagina, placing a finger on the clitoris. All the pussy was soaking wet. At first, she did not want to make it too obvious what she was doing–that is, masturbating all while her own son sucks on her nipple. But after just a few touches, her lust once again took control, and she started to quickly and furiously rubbing her clitoris.

She was horny and determined. She would cum, rubbing her pussy while her son was munching on her tit. The thought and the sensations made the process fast.

With her index finger still rubbing her clit, she shoved two fingers up her vagina, and grabbed her sons head tightly with the other hand, pressing him against her breast. Then she came. She could still feel her son’s tongue playing with her nipple as her pussy contracted, and her body shook in spasms.

She laid down on her back as the orgasm begun to fade out. Her son climbed up beside her, laying down next to her.

“Your boobs taste so good, mom. I feel like I belong being there, sucking on your nipples.”

“You do, James. You escort tekirdağ belong sucking on your mother’s nipples.”

James smiled, and his mother smiled back, kissing him on the forehead.

“Can I ask you a question, mom?”

“Sure, sweetie. Shoot.”

“You and dad…how…how did you…how did you…”

“You mean, how did we fuck?”

James looked at his mother, stunned.

“Well, James, how did we fuck? Is that what you were going to ask me?”

James grinned, and nodded. “Yeah, kinda, mom. I’m sorry, I should not have asked.”

“Don’t be ashamed, James. I do want to tell you, dear,” she said and smiled at him, “First of all, we didn’t have sex every day. We had sex about once a month or so. That would usually be pretty soon after you went to bed. If you didn’t go to bed before, we sometimes did it in the shower. But mostly, we waited until you went to bed. What more do you want to know?”

“Well…” James started but stayed quiet.

“Honey, don’t be ashamed. You can ask anything!” she ensured her son.

“Are you sure mom? You won’t be angry?”

“I promise!” His mother responded.

“Well, I wanted to know… Did he suck on your nipples when you had sex?” James nervously asked.

“No, baby. My boobs are for my son, no one else!” she said with a smirk.

“O-oh, okay! I didn’t know… I just wanted to know…”

“Baby, I’m glad that you found that out! Now, you don’t have to feel awkward about being curious. I’m so proud of you!” she gushed.

“Thanks, mom. So…” he hesitated again “did you let him cum inside you?”

“Sometimes baby. That’s how you were made.” she responded.

Her son was still not done with questions: “Where else did he cum?”

“He would sometimes put the load on my boobs. Other times, he would spray it out on my face.”

“You really let him do that, mom?”

“James, when I am with a man and horny, I let him do everything to me. Sometimes he would even shoot his cum into my mouth.”

“Wow” was all James could say.

“Is that gross?” she asked.

“No! It’s not! That’s so great!” They smiled at each other. James then said “But I would prefer to cum in your pussy. I bet that would feel the best.”

“Yes, that would feel good for me too. But you cannot ejaculate into my pussy, James. I could get pregnant.”

“I know, mom. It’s just like, what I would like to do.”

“Me too, baby”, she answered without thinking. Did she just tell her own son that she wants him to ejaculate up inside her cunt? She definitely knew she wanted to feel his sperm inside her, but did not mean to tell him. She quickly changed the subject.

“Now it’s my turn to ask a question, James!”

“Okay, mom. Ask.”

“Do you remember what we spoke about earlier?” she asked him, “About if you penis could even fit into my asshole?” He nodded his head.

“So do you think it does?” she asked, “I mean, your finger could fit easily.”

“What do you mean, mom?” he asked back “Do I think my penis can fit into your ass?”

“That’s what I mean, baby.” She looked down on his erect cock. “Do you think my ass could take that?”

“No, mom. It’s too big. I can’t fit my whole penis into your butt. Even for my finger it got tight.”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “It is really thick, but maybe the top could fit.”

“Maybe” he said.

She had a funny look in her eyes. “We can try just sticking the top in for a little while, and see how it feels.”

“What?” he looked surprised.

“Well, I really want to know if it fits at all. If a finger fits so easily, maybe your penis will fit too, if we try.”

“What do you mean, mom?” He said without being able to contain his excitement “Are you going to make me put my dick in your ass?”

“No, not like that. I would never force you to do anything. I know that would be wrong,” she said and smiled, “I am only saying, if you wanted to try to push your penis into my anal, that would be okay.”

“Okay, mom” he said slowly “But I thought you were virgin there?”

“Yes, that is why I want to test it out.” She said, and then giggled a bit, “It will not hurt you, James. I will just put it in for a little bit. Just to see if you can fit your cock in there.”

He remembered what his finger felt like inside of his mother, and could not pass on the opportunity to have the same sensation on his penis. He wanted to know what it felt like to have his penis in her ass.

“Yeah, okay. Yes, I would like to try that. Can we do it now, mom?”

“Sure, honey, come here” she said and pulled him to sit in front of herself, as she was laying on her back. She lifted her legs up, spreading her pussy, and right below it was her tight little asshole, completely exposed to her son’s horny sight.

He noticed how wet his mother was, her juices running all over her cunt, her ass and onto the sheets.

She pulled him closer, and he held his dick directed toward his mother anal.

“Are you ready, mom?” he asked as he moved tekirdağ escort bayan closer.

“Very ready, honey” she said and spread her cheeks more.

The head of his penis touched her asshole. They both groaned from the sensation. And then the pressing and rubbing began. She spread her ass cheeks and pushed her ass against his dick, and he pushed his cock against her anal opening. It seemed like it was tight shut. Her anal would not let itself be penetrated by her son’s cock. But the juices from her cunt were flowing, and as he pressed harder trying to enter, she was getting hornier. Soon the top of his penis was covered in her wetness, and the mother’s asshole started to let the son’s penis inside.

But after only a half an inch, the resistance was back. It was obvious that the penis was too dry.

“Mom?” he said “It won’t go inside.”

“Are you sure, James?” She asked “Do what you did before. Use my juice to lubricate.”

He pulled the top of his dick out of her ass. To his mother’s surprise, he then place his penis onto her cunt. He moved it up and down, massaging his cock in her creamy juice. She had expected him to use his fingers to lubricate the area, but was not protesting as he slid the penis around her fuck hole. Her cunt was dripping wet and she got hornier by the second. Feeling her son’s hard-on poke around her vagina was a turn on to her.

“That’s it, baby,” she said. “Make sure it gets really wet and slippery.”

“Yes, mom.” He was obviously very horny for his mothers cunt, panting and grunting as he messed around with his hard cock on her pussy.

She felt his penis coming dangerously close to the vaginal entrance, but still did not object. She laid there, with her legs spread wide, allowing her son to rub up against her cunt. Not only that; she also enjoyed it greatly. She thought to herself, what kind of mother gets horny having her son’s cock on her pussy?

His penis was now places right at her entrance. A small thrust and his stiff cock would slide right into her body.

She could still not bring herself to end it. “Oh yes, honey. You are a good boy.”

“Oh, mom. Oh my dear mom.” he said.

“Make sure it gets really wet” she said, slightly moving her hips towards him.

“Mom… Oh mom…” He said and thrust his dick forward. The head of his penis was now completely up inside her cunt.

“Oh yes, baby. Shove it up there. Get it juicy.” She said, realizing she had just ordered her own son to fuck her cunt.

They were both breathing heavily. He moved, slowly, and entered into her in, inch by inch. It slid in with ease. Her vagina was open and accepting for her son’s penis. Soon there was no denying it–she had her son’s cock inside her. The feeling was absolutely amazing.

She knew they were not supposed to be doing this, but that only made her more excited.

His penis was now buried deep into her vagina, almost as deep as it could go.

He started to pull it out, but then quickly shoved it back up her vagina again.

He repeated this action a few times. He moved his pelvis back and forth, slowly pushing his dick in and out of her vagina.

He was fucking his mother. He knew it. She knew it. They both knew it and they loved it.

His mother started to moan loudly as he plunged the hard cock in and out of her soaking pussy. They were both on fire. He was cravingly fucking his mother in her cunt. He never thought he could love anything as much as he loved her pussy right now. Nor did he ever think he’d get to do this to his mother.

“Mmmmmm, baby. Fuck your mother.” She moaned as he continued to fuck her. He felt her vagina grip his cock like a vise. His mother was like a fucking-machine that held on to his cock, making it even harder, even stronger. She moaned loudly, which set her son off. He grabbed his mother around her waist and forced her down on his pelvis, so that he could fuck her cunt deeper. He thrust his stiff cock deep up inside of her, making her moan with pleasure.

She did not care anymore. She wanted to feel it. She wanted to feel her son cum inside her. She wanted to know what it was like to feel her son’s cock thrust deep into her pussy, and ejaculating his sperm into her. She was going to go crazy from the pleasure of it. “Fuck me, baby. Don’t stop, James.” Her moans grew more and more intense. “Come on, baby. Give it to me.” She continued to grunt and moan.

Aroused by his mother’s moans and how her pussy clutched his cock with such intensity, it was too much for him. He rammed his cock into her vagina. She slippery and wet, yet had such a firm grip around his cock that he almost felt it was choking. Her wet pussy muscles squeezed his cock. They were so tight and so hot around his throbbing dick that he wanted to explode.

He rammed his cock into her. She gasped and grabbed him around his neck. She was going crazy. She was about to cum. She just knew it. The pleasure of fucking her son’s cock was too much. She was going to cum, and the orgasm would be greater than any she had had in the past. “Oh, James,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Please, I need it.” The pressure of her son’s cock in her cunt was causing her to cum. She felt the pleasure of her son’s cock pulsating inside of her. Her body tightened up. She could feel her pussy clenching around his cock.

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