A Spicy Romance Ch. 03

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Anal Porn

In this Chapter, the narrator gets naked and is spanked by Miss Wang at a small dinner party, along with more romance. More advanced fetish (femdom) themes coming as the couple’s relationship evolves.


I was absorbed in my work on a legal brief at my office, a few days after my latest weekend with my girlfriend, and heard the familiar ping of a text to my private phone. This usually meant either she or my son was contacting me.

She was waiting to board a flight to Chicago for work, a last minute replacement for a colleague, assigned to meet with a significant client about an investment portfolio. And there was also a professional conference to attend, all in the Windy City.

I texted back immediately. “Okay Miss, I have some selfish concerns. Hope this conference thing doesn’t run into our weekend! Please fly safely!”

“My, you are a selfish boy. Don’t worry, I’m scheduled to land at LAX at four on Friday afternoon. And I’m planning to request to leave early- for personal business reasons. Wonder what those could be?”

“Romantic liaisons with that frisky boyfriend of yours? Thanks for thinking of us! Please text your hotel and room number where you’re staying when you arrive.”

“Will do. We are boarding now, talk later.”

As I drove home from work later that day, I resolved to come up with a surprise for my girlfriend while she was out of town. I had had my fill of hotel rooms while on work assignments earlier in my career. They were sterile and lonely. I wanted to do something romantic to ideally change that. But what?

We texted the next day, and she sent the name and room number of her hotel and agreed to talk that night.

I spoke with a few female colleagues and the best and most original idea to surprise Miss Wang: a Bath bomb. I had to google it that evening, discovering it was an oval shaped bar containing various oils, moisturizers, and scents which dissolve when dropped in bath water. And they come with dried roses or other flower petals. This was perfect for my girlfriend’s hotel stay. I arranged for a delivery, along with a glass of champagne and fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

She did indeed call that evening, shortly after I had completed my online browsing. “Hey babe, it must be late back there. Around eleven, yes?”

“Correct sir.” She mentioned that her meeting with a major client had gone well, though she had been anxious about it.

“And now I am coasting, just need to network at the conference, go to some designated breakouts, the usual stuff. Expect to return earlier Friday, so if you can get off early, great. But I don’t have details yet- will have them tomorrow.”

“Glad it went well with your client. Things are normal here. Yes, very interested in Friday early with you, will arrange to be there if it works out!

“And also, have a favor about tomorrow night. Need you to be at your hotel room by no later than eight thirty. Is that doable?”

“Yes, of course, but…what are you up to Kevin?”

“Well, it’s a surprise. Two things: Be in your room, and don’t overdo alcohol. And please call me when the surprises arrive.”

“I love your surprises. Thank you for thinking of me Kevin. I’m looking forward to it!”


The next day was a busy one at work, but I made it home in time to receive her call at about nine P.M. Chicago time.

“Wow Kevin, you have outdone yourself tonight. I am sitting in the bathtub in my hotel room, and there are white and pink rose petals scattered about, from the bath bomb that my boyfriend guy had delivered. And the oils and scents are delicious too. This is a delight sir, just luxuriating in here! Thank you!”

“Glad you like it Miss. You deserve it. And did you get any other deliveries?”

“You know I did. I am sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. This is incredible, totally a ten! No boring hotel rooms for me. I am really touched that you would take the time to do this.”

“You’re worth it Miss. I think a selfie is in order. A sexy R-rated one would be appreciated. I promise I will not forward and will delete.”

“Yes I will do that- maybe a picture of me sitting up in the tub, topless. How’s that?”

“Like it.

“So I just finished dinner here, it’s earlier as you know. But how about maybe a spicy FaceTime call after I have a beer and get relaxed. Maybe in an hour? I need to see your beautiful self, live.”

“A spicy one? Hmm. Given my mood, yes, keep that thought sir. Please call me when you get settled! I’ll be waiting!”

I showered, had a beer, put on my racy briefs, and was resting in my bed before calling.

“Hi, nice to see your handsome face. So I am in a mood, after the bath, my skin feels great, moisturized, I had some champagne, am just chilling here. May I ask what you’re wearing?”

“You’re favorite outfit! Nice to see your visage but I want to see more of you.

Can you move the phone angle down and put me on speaker please?”

“Okay, but I want reciprocity!” She moved karaman escort the view down to her perky tits, which were uncovered, the rest of her covered by sheets.

“Mmm. That’s a good start. Love the view so far Miss.”

“Okay your turn!”

“I’m in my racy briefs, the blue ones, and not a lot else.” I stepped in front of a full length mirror on the door to my bathroom, maintaining the phone image on my face. “Okay Miss, are you ready to see more?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting.”

“Okay, you’ll show me the rest of you, agreed?”

“Yes of course- I told you you’ve got me in a mood. Amazing, considering I’m in a hotel room more than two thousand miles away.”

I reversed the image on my phone, and centered it on the mirror. She could see an image of me wearing my tiny bikini.

“Mmm Kevin, like my sexy boyfriend in those things. Would love to pull those strings out.”

“Maybe I will do it for you. But first please get the bedding off you, and let me see your sexy body.”

Both on speaker phone, she reversed the image on her phone and slowly moved it downward, allowing me to see her lovely flat stomach and curves, and then to her core, wearing her sexy black G-string, which barely covered her girl parts.

“My, such a sexy girlfriend I have, love the view. My guy is already stirring now. Can I view your legs too?” She moved the camera down, showing me her long shapely legs.

“Am noticing your cock is growing under those flimsy things, your little men’s panties!”

“Plead guilty. You have everything to do with that.”

“So sexy. Let me see your butt please.” I turned and modeled my cheeks, with my panties only minimally covering them. “Oh my, such a nice toned butt. Please run your fingers down and over the briefs, rubbing your man parts all nice for me.”

“While I am doing, please rub your women’s bits over your G-string, keeping your camera there of course!”

“Gladly! I’m already wet!”

We watched each other fondle our sex parts for a few minutes. I was nearly hard, my bulge pushing on my briefs.

“Oh my, your cock wants to come out. Please strip off your briefs.”

I yanked my briefs down and off, and returned the camera to the mirror.

“Sexy, you’re hard!”

“Your turn Miss. Please put the camera down on the bed, and pull off your G-string. Then point your camera and show me your pussy. Are you wet for me?”

“Yes! Seems we are all naked for each other.”

“Next, please put your phone next to you, keep it on speaker, and close your eyes.”

“I’m listening.”

“Good girl. Gradually graze from below your neck down to your shapely breasts, using fingertips of both hands. Next, lightly touch your nipples. Keeping your eyes closed, put a few fingertips in your mouth, get them moist, and rub your nipples between your fingers.

“Feel good?”

“Yes, keep going!”

“Now begin pinching one of your nipples, gradually using more pressure. With your other hand, begin rubbing your pussy, at the top.”

“I like this game. And?”

“Open your legs wider, and lightly rub around your labia, into your folds. Keep pinching one of your nipples. Following my instructions?”

“Yes, oh, the pinching feels good. I’m sopping wet now. Love your sexy voice.”

I lowered my voice to just above a whisper. “With your eyes still closed, begin fingering inside your folds, into your sexy parts. Gradually move your fingers up to your clit, pulling back the skin around it with your other hand. Let your little clit come out and massage it just the way you like.

“Just keep doing that, caressing your nub, you know what to do. And don’t stop!”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m really getting worked up! Keep going!”

“Good girl! I want you to keep massaging your girly parts with one hand, and pinch one of your nipples with the other.”

“Yes Kevin, yes, still fingering, so good. Wow, I’m almost there, rubbing it faster now, my pussy is gushing!”

Whispering, “I bet you look all sexy, you’re so hot, keep fingering and massaging your special parts!”

“Uhhhhhhhn, ahhhhhh.””

I could hear sloshing noises on speaker, the sound of my girlfriend pleasuring herself in her hotel room two thousand miles away.

“Oh God, oh God, uhhhh yes!”

There was labored breathing, then quiet. “Mmpphh, so good.”

“I came, it was just really hot with your voice in the room with me! I was ready for some sexy time!

“Let’s focus on you now! Want to see you in the mirror again.” I showed her my cock, which was still excited.

“Hmm, let’s see if we can get you hard again mister.”

“I like the idea babe, but I want to save myself for romance with you tomorrow, maybe not right now. Will be really frisky when I see you though, this has been exciting for me too, as you can see.”

“Hmm. Okay, just selfishly I like that you will be frisky for me. How about you show me another view of your cute butt.”

Using the mirror, I did so, pointing the phone camera at my reflection.

“Love that view! karaman escort bayan Tomorrow, I’m going to get those cheeks cherry red.”

“Uh oh, someone sounds motivated. Is the large ruler coming out?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. Okay it’s late back here. Thanks again for the sexy fun. Looking forward to seeing you in person!”


Driving to Wang’s condo around four in the afternoon the next day, I was feeling pretty randy and looking forward to putting my arms around her. I stopped to get us some wine and IPA’s. We arrived almost simultaneously. She was busy putting away luggage and tidying up when I entered her kitchen.

“Miss, I am here, okay for me to come back?”

She walked into the kitchen with a big smile and we hugged and greeted each other. “Really good to see you, been missing you, especially after last night. You look good in your black leggings and tee, as always,” and I reached around and cupped her butt cheeks.

“I bet we are both frisky after last night. It was sexy, but not the same as hugging you, taking in your scent, getting busy with you in my bed. Can you pour us a drink while I shower? I have the travel and airport feeling, and want to freshen up. Please meet me in the bedroom, hopefully wearing my favorite outfit.”

I brought our drinks to her bedroom. She came out of the bathroom in another black G-string, drying her streaked black hair. I had waited too long to disrobe. “My sir, you’re a bad boy, please change for me, chop- chop.”

“Please just let me take in this visual. I am pinching myself right now, just thinking how lucky I am to be with this sexy, beautiful Chinese American woman.” I kissed her and she slapped me on the butt as I walked by.

“Thank you, I think you’re pretty hot too, by the way.”

Having just showered at the pool, I needed only to add some aftershave and put on my racy spandex briefs. I was quickly under the sheets and put my arms around my girlfriend. “Been looking forward to this all day Miss.”

It had only been five days since we had made our sex, but it was the start of our weekend, and we were hot for each other. We quickly had arms and legs crossed, and for the first time, she went down on me. Taking me in her mouth, my cock was hard almost instantaneously. I turned my torso toward her, enjoying her oral ministrations, managing to find and pinch one of her nipples. She busily licked and sucked my member, taking breaks to stroke my wet shaft with her thumb and forefinger.

“Ah, fuck, feels so good.”

Pausing, she looked up at me. “Want you to come for me babe,” and I felt her licking the sensitive underside of my cock. The bath bomb and extras were worth it!

I felt my balls welling up, but fought it. “So good, Miss, but I want to be inside you.”

She gave me this beatific smile, and I climbed on top and filled her pussy. I did not last but a few short minutes, her legs wrapped around my back, me grunting as I came. I remained on top, resting on my elbows, my breath returning to normal. We kissed and exchanged warm glances.

Rolling onto my side, I gazed at her. “Thanks for the sexy attention.”

“You are welcome! Last night could have been a typical lonely night in a hotel room out of town. Instead, I felt your presence as you talked me through my… you know, accompanying me with your sexy voice. Thanks to you, I went to sleep feeling content, relaxed… and well sexed!”

She moved on her side and we spooned and she nuzzled the nape of my neck with her nose and chin as we dozed off.


It was the next day, and we were getting seated in the Jacuzzi at the Aquatics club near her condo, the warm jets at our backs. It was cool, late in the afternoon, and once again we were lucky to have the setting to ourselves. She was feeling naughty again, her hands roaming to my core as we kissed. I lay back as she rubbed my sex over my suit.

Fortunately, the jets of water clouded the surface, and her wandering hands were likely not visible. “Miss, like your special touches, but there may be cameras somewhere focused right on us, so best not pursue further.”

“Okay, but I am looking forward to continuing this. I have intentions for us tonight, and I have not forgotten the spanking I owe you!”

“Of course. And speaking of spankings, maybe later I want to show you some suggestions on adding to our tool kit, or should I say, your tool kit.”

“My boyfriend certainly has a spicy imagination. I like it! And by the way, Jie is willing to host us for dinner and more next Saturday, with just her, Ling, and us. I would like to go, she has a spacious condo, and will undoubtedly cook up a great dinner. She wants to know your favorite main course.”

“Sounds like she’s trying to ingratiate herself with me, could it be she has a hidden agenda?

“Yes to the dinner, and I will put on my skimpy briefs for the three of you, but only if all of you wear something sexy. For you, that means the transparent blouse we bought, and our hosts must wear escort karaman at least one article of sexy clothing as well, be it a miniskirt or a sexy top. If not, the briefs don’t come out!”

“My, are you interested in ogling my friends? No, just kidding, that is fair, we certainly will be checking you out! I will text them your thoughts, and I expect they will be more than agreeable.

“Okay, enough Jacuzzi time,” she added. “We don’t want to get cooked in here. Let’s shower and get something to eat.”


We drove to an Italian restaurant near my home, and as we walked inside, it occurred to me that this place was a favorite of my former girlfriend, Vivian. My thought turned out to be prescient. As our host showed us to a booth away from the entrance, we walked right past Vivian and her best friend Li, sitting and eating dinner. Li looked right at both of us as we sat down at an empty booth, no further than twenty feet away from them.

I notified my Miss Wang promptly. She had glanced at Li but did not notice Vivian. The two of them were acquaintances. She was nonplussed about them eating nearby, but I was concerned Vivian could make things uncomfortable. I knew from my time with her she could be quite assertive.

Within minutes, Vivian stood right in front of our table as we perused our menus. She was momentarily pleasant. “Hello Kevin, nice to see you again. And I see you’re with my acquaintance.

Vivian paused and glared at her. “Curious to see you here with my former boyfriend. Could it be that you’re dating him now?”

I immediately interrupted. “Okay, I’m going to answer that. It is not your business whether or not we’re dating. We broke up several weeks ago Vivian, haven’t been so my private life is not your concern, nor is Miss Wang’s. So nice to see you again, and we would appreciate it if you let us enjoy our dinner. Please say hi to Li for me.”

I glanced at my girlfriend. “You obviously can speak for yourself. Did you want to say anything?”

“Thanks, just that it’s nice to see you again Vivian, perhaps I will see you at one of the girl’s night out dinners. Other than that, I agree with Kevin, don’t see whether the two of us are dating is your business.”

Vivian looked upset, folding her arms, glowering. “It’s not my business if you are dating him?” she asked sarcastically. “As you may recall, I introduced him to you. Then you turn around behind my back and start seeing him, or whatever you two are doing. Please explain yourself.” She sounded annoyed, even hostile.

I interjected once more. “Sorry, we’ve said all we are going to.” Raising my voice, I spoke in a serious manner. “This time I am not asking. Please return to your table now, or I am going to have to involve restaurant management. It is Saturday night, and we would like to eat our dinner in peace.”

A waitress approached our table to take our orders, and stood next to Vivian. “Do you want me to come back sir?”

“No, this woman was just returning to her own table, and we would like to order drinks.” I paused.

Vivian scowled at me. “This conversation is not finished, with either of you,” and headed back to her own table.

My girlfriend fortunately faced away from Vivian and Li, and we ordered our drinks. As our waitress brought them, we toasted.

“To a more relaxing evening. Going to savor my IPA!”

Miss seemed unconcerned, despite the rude confrontation. “Thank you, and I liked having you respond to her aggressive questions. It felt kind of like I had my own attorney.”

“Glad to help. But I’m concerned she is going to call you, or even come to your place and badger you. Does she or other mutual acquaintances know where you live?”

“No. But Jie does and has met her.”

“Okay, please text Jie, this weekend, tell her to not give out your address to her or anyone else. If Vivian arrives at your doorstep, she will not be friendly.

“And secondly, please block calls, texts and emails from her. Remember, I already did so because she pestered me after we broke up.”

“Okay, I will do all of the above tomorrow morning.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and we finally were able to enjoy our dinner together, just chatting about lighthearted matters, and our upcoming dinner at Jie’s.

As we arrived at her condo, Miss suggested we head to the bedroom.

We shed our clothes, and made love. I asked to go slowly at first, allowing me to clear out the unpleasantness with Vivian from my brain, and enjoy my girlfriend. With her lying next to me nude except for a G-string, it was not difficult.

She rubbed my member over my racy briefs, while I leaned over her, and kissed and licked her from her full lips, to her neck, and then down to her breasts, licking and then pinching the way she liked. She lay back on the bed, closing her eyes. I continued pinching and flicking her nipples while slowly kissing and licking my way downward to her pubic area, over her landing strip, down to her labia, taking my time before I began tonguing her wet folds.

“Uhh, it feels so good.” Licking my way upward to her clit, I softly licked around and on it, circling her nub with my tongue, before sucking and nibbling a bit firmer. As I flicked her nub with my tongue, she sighed and her pussy twitched and pulsed in my mouth. Arching her back, she cried out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32