A Taste of True Friendship–Part II

27 Ocak 2022 0 Yazar: admin

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(Two Months Later)

Dear Benny,

I just have to fill you in on what has been going on since my last letter to you. It has been exciting, strange, and wonderful.

I have been continuing with my bookstore glory-hole adventures—that has been exciting.

My Friday and Saturday nights have been filled with cocks and more cocks. There have been all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some have taken a long time to get off and others, like my first experience, happen quickly. But always there is that wonderfully varied and tasty cum in my mouth. Sometimes a lot and sometimes not so much; sometimes smooth like cream and sometimes thick like pudding; sometimes delicate in flavor, sometimes zesty and peppery, and sometimes cloying. But always enjoyable!

I have started to take my digital camera with me into the video booth. As soon as I see a penis start to push its way through the opening, I take a picture of it. And then I take another one after I have gotten the cock as hard as I can with sucking and stroking. And then I take a final picture after it has come. They usually look slick and shiny from my the mixture of my saliva and their sperm and sometimes I can catch the last few drops of jizz dripping out of the hole. More than a few times, after sucking on them, I finished jacking them off onto my cupped palm and watching the semen build up by spurts on my hand. I have a few pictures of that, too. And I have shots of me licking the cum off my hand into my mouth so I can swallow it.

I don’t talk at all to the guys I get off. I can hear them grunting, moaning and sighing their way through their orgasm but I don’t say a word. I don’t want to break the spell of the mystery and thrill of anonymous sex.

Over these last four months, I would estimate that I have sucked off about three hundred or more cocks. I know that a few of them are repeaters because of adıyaman escort their unique cocks. There is one black man that I have done four different times that I know of. To shatter all of the stereotypes, his cock was not one of the biggest but it was certainly one of the more tasty ones, a fruit and honey like flavor–sweet and sour sperm so to speak. He has come twice—no pun intended– in the last two weeks. I think he is going to be a regular.

I am getting to be known by the clerks in the several arcades that I have been going into and I think that word is getting around that there are some good blowjobs to be had at those particular stores. Since I dress up in pretty much unisex sweats and jeans, wear a baseball cap low on my forehead, and hurry when I go in and out of the shops, I am not sure which of the clerks if any recognizes that I am a girl. I also don’t know if they have been passing the word along to their clientele. All I know is that I spend about two hours in the booth and am going down on about twelve to fifteen cocks a night.

A couple of weeks ago, I wound up with one cock pushing at me from the side of the booth and one cock coming from the back of the booth. I went back and forth from one to the other alternately sucking and stroking until they both came. One came in my mouth and the other came all over my arm and shoulder as I was jacking him off. That was really exciting to me.

I suppose I should be worried about catching some disease or another from doing what I have been doing. I have started being a little more careful about how the penis looks before going down on it. I mean if it smells bad, or if it looks like it has any sores, or if I see any thing crusty about it, I don’t do it. I gently push it back through the glory hole with the palm of my hand and keep the hole covered with my hand until the guy goes adıyaman escort bayan away. A few times, when I am in doubt for some reason, I just give the guy a vigorous hand job and let it go at that. Other than that, I can’t be sure I am not exposing myself to something. But, in a sense, I don’t care. For the first time in my life I am having regular sex and am having fun doing it.

My own orgasms are regular as can be. I am getting three to four of them a night. They last and last and, I truly believe, are cumulative. The build and build so that by the end of the night I am in sheer ecstasy.

And something else has been happening—this is the strange and wonderful part of things—I have begun to lose some weight.


I have dropped about fifteen pounds since I started my glory hole escapades. I can notice that my jeans are fitting a little looser around my waist, butt and thighs. I think that I am even beginning to look a little trimmer.

Why is that? Well, I think it is because of a couple of things:

First, on the nights I spend at the glory hole, I don’t eat at all. I swallow a lot of cum on those nights and it satisfies my appetite in more ways that one. I am not sure how much nutritional value there is in a load of sperm but I always feel like I have had a full meal when I leave the arcade. And I find that I am not all that hungry the next day either.

Second, I have found that my diet has changed. I haven’t had the craving for all of carbohydrates that I used to have. I am eating a lot of protein—fish and chicken–and a lot of low fat dairy, like yogurt and cottage cheese. Why is that?

You remember when I tried to describe the taste of semen? Well, I have discovered that fish, chicken, and low fat dairy have the some of the same tastes—and often the consistency—of cum!! Not all fish, just escort adıyaman the more delicately flavored ones like swordfish, sole, and some of the better grades of tuna and, of course, oysters. I eat them with a little bit of lemon and perhaps a sautéed mushroom and it is amazing how close the flavor comes to sperm. Yogurt is almost the same, although it has more of a tang to it. But with yogurt it is the consistency that is so sensual. Spooning yogurt mixed with a dash of honey into my mouth is like licking semen off my hand. I actually find myself getting aroused when I have yogurt that way. The other day in the lunch room at work, as I was eating my lunch of a little bit of tuna with lemon on it and a small cup of plain yogurt with some honey in it, I think I actually had an orgasm. One of the other girls looked at me and asked me if I was enjoying my lunch. I had to admit that I really was enjoying it. I hope I didn’t blush too much when I answered her.

And here is a wonderful part of the story. A few people have asked me what has changed in me. I don’t know if is the fact that I have lost a few pounds, or maybe it is because that I now have some excitement in my life—albeit secretive—I am presenting a better, more positive face to the world. One or two have even asked me if I have found a boyfriend. I deflect all of those inquiries with a simple, “No, I am just getting a little more exercise and my diet has changed so I have been feeling better in a lot of ways.” That seems to satisfy them. Of course, I guess I haven’t changed enough for any of the guys to even suggest that they might want to take me out on a date. If they only knew!!

But I must admit that I have been having the time of my life, even though I have been more than a little obsessive about my newfound pleasures. And I want to thank you again for sowing the seed that helped me break loose from my dreary life. As I said earlier, life is now really exciting and wonderful, though I am sure it would seem strange of a lot of people.

I hope you get back into town soon. I would love to sit down and chat with you about all of this and find out from you what you have been up to.

I will write again soon,


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