A Truly Wonderful Summer Pt. 02

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Lauren Phillips

A Truly Wonderful Summer — Part 2

Please read “A truly Wonderful Summer” first. There is where you are introduced to the characters as they now begin the next part of their journey.

Quietly lying, while tenderly gliding my fingers across Jennifer’s soft delicate skin my eyes slowly opened to the rising sun as it appeared through the window of our bedroom, what a beautiful morning indeed. It feels like Jennifer arrived back home such a long time ago, but in reality it was only the night before.

I still have no understanding of how this came to be. My daughter came home from College the night before and our joyful hug in the garage ended with us making love in my bed. It is a mystery neither of us fought off; it was never planned or discussed ahead of time. It was an event that was simply meant to be.

We have been in love for years and with Mom walking out of our lives the situation just seemed so natural we both went with our feelings and emotions. I am not concerned about the evening or the fact we made love to each other, I am at peace knowing we are happy with our choice.

I watched as the first signs of morning life came from Jennifer. Her hands slide up over her head; the glow of her naked body was a delight to my eyes. She gracefully rolled onto her back and whispered. “Good Morning Daddy.”

It was a warm summer morning so we had managed to kick the blanket and sheet off our naked bodies as we slept the night away. I gently kissed her cheek as she grabbed my hand and lowered it to her perfect young breast.

Chapter 1 — Jennifer Reassures Herself

Feeling my Father’s naked body cuddled into mine brought comfort to my soul. Morning usually is not my favorite time of day; but this day was different. We made love the night before for the first time; I gave my Father my virginity without any reservation. It was not lust or loneliness, it was a pleasure I wanted to experience; I wanted my Father to experience this also.

Rolling on my back I could feel my Dad’s lips on my cheek, I gently grabbed his hand and placed it on my naked breast. I love how he tenderly squeezed my breast and rolled his fingers with my nipple in between them. God it made my nipples so hard, filling them with incredible passion.

Lying still my mind remembers every moment it took for my Father to fill my body with his incredible cock. He was so patient as my young virgin body stretched out to receive the entire length of his thick and very manly cock. The explosion of seeds into my pure body brought me an orgasm I never dreamed possible.

There is nothing that can prepare you for your first time. But to be able to share it with someone you love as much as I love my Dad will always make it feel perfect. I bet most girls will never want to remember their first time. I will never forget how much I wanted it to happen, even if I will never be able to speak to others about it.

There was a familiar tingle between my thighs as Dad continued to caress each breast. I felt his lips as they started to suckle on my swollen nipples. My eyes closed as my soft moans betray my silence. I felt the weight of his hand on my firm tummy, circling around my navel, his fingers gently stroking my smooth tender skin.

The pleasure I felt is deeper than I have ever experienced, or will ever be able to express. I still have no understanding of how this came to be. I came home from College the night before and our joyful hug in the garage ended with us making love in my Father’s bed. We did not fight it off; it was never planned or discussed. It was an event that was simply meant to be.

Chapter 2 — Remembering our First Touch

Jennifer and I have always been close, probably closer than any Father and Daughter should have been. Somehow all those runs together, all those talks together, the openness we have always shared, the tender touches which became caresses, all blended together.

Jennifer has long beautiful legs and can run like the wind. After each competition she will lie on the grass and expect me to massage the soreness away. I always start with the backside of her legs, pouring the massage oil over her thighs and calves and working it in firmly. Squeezing the oil between my fingers and her delicate skin.

Starting at her ankles I bring relief to her calves first, sometimes one at a time, sometimes both at once. Her thighs are powerful and need the attention of both hands on each separately. Pressuring each muscle I am able to push the acid out of the back her legs. I usually have to wait for just a quick moment as she rolls on her back so I can refresh the front of her legs.

Again I start at her ankles and slowly bring comfort to both her legs. Once I am finished Jenny sits up smartly and thanks me with a sweet kiss. Her smile is all the assurance I need; I know how much she appreciates her massages.

On her 18th Birthday Jenny confidently announced she was going to win the State Championship Cross-Country title later that spring. When she indeed won her title; the rize escort bayan excitement of winning overwhelmed both of us. State Champion, what else can I say, one very proud Father I was that day. In all of the excitement the massage had been forgotten from our end of race routine.

As we finally got home and turned into the garage hours later her moans from the forgotten massage were becoming epic. When I went to help her out from her side of the car; she could barley move. My laughter only got me in deep trouble; it did not help the situation at all. I now had one grumpy girl on my hands.

I lifted her from the seat into my arms and carried her straight to her bed. Jenny is actually quite tiny, only 5’2″ and built thin like me: perfectly shaped for running; I swear she is not even 100lb! After setting her down I went to her bathroom to retrieve some massage oil. Upon returning I was surprised to see her on her tummy, but also with her running shorts off and just her sports bra on top.

I decide after my earlier laughter it would be best to stay quiet and do my task. I took the oil and starting pouring at the top of her thighs, just under her tiny panties with a little under butt showing. At first Jenny stayed perfectly quiet as I started to rub the oil into her calves. I choose to do each calve individually. I massaged deep into her aching muscles, forcing the acid into her veins to cleanse the pain from her muscles. I lifted each calve up and worked the front side as well.

Not a word was spoken, my Champion just quietly rested while I worked her sore muscles hard. As my attention moved up to her thighs I could start to hear soft moans, as I freed her strong thighs from the grip of pain. After a long time of work, Jennifer wanted to roll over and have me work the front of her thighs.

God her thighs are beautiful! Her skin so soft, yet her muscles so perfectly toned. I placed both hands on her right thigh first and pressed hard into the oil and glided them up from her knee all the way to just under her panties. My thumbs pressing hard, she quivered some but she knows this is what she needs.

The second time up her right thigh she gently opened her legs slightly, wanting me to catch some of her inner muscles as well. This was the first time I ever heard her moan in a tone that was not just relief from the pain, but something much different. She closed her eyes and lifted her leg, bending it at the knee and allowing her leg to open outwardly.

My hands returned to her knee and once again I moved up her exquisite thigh, this time more inside than on the front. I watched as her fingers gripped the sheet firmly, her breathing picked up, my fingers moved steadily up, inching closer and closer to her panties. I kept moving up and cautiously slowed to a crawl with my hand now in between her soft young thighs.

Jennifer’s moans were soft and very intentional. As I arrived at a point I knew I must stop, I felt her grip on the sheets tightened; she pulled downward ever so little and I felt the warmth of her sweet delicate flower pressing gently against my fingers. Both of us froze at that moment.

Jenny never pulled away, she opened her eyes and we stared deeply into one another’s. My index finger nervously twitched and Jennifer gently moved her hips up, and then back down my finger slowly. That moment lasted a long time. It was not a playful accidental moment, we were quiet and she continued to enjoy the pleasure she was feeling.

At some point I moved over to her left thigh. The routine was identical, and as I glided up the inside of her left thigh, my finger again ended up against her flower. This time Jennifer took more control and moved up and down on my finger with more confidence and determination.

I stayed calm and let her enjoy everything she was feeling. To this day I am surprised we slowed the rush down before she felt a total release. But the pleasure was enough for that moment. We both knew we were in uncharted waters, yet we both wanted to stay the course.

My fingers gently glided off her perfect legs that late afternoon as Jennifer finally dosed off into a blissful slumber. Slowly and quietly I left her room, closing her door on my way out. Her Mother would be home soon. I couldn’t wait to tell the news that Jennifer reached her goal, she came home as this year’s State Champion!

Chapter 3 — Remembering our First Kiss

I have always loved my Dad, probably more than I should. He has always been the one to guide me, the parent I go to with all my growing pains. I still giggle at him when I insist he be the one to take me shopping, especially for bras and panties. He is so shy, and the color of his blush skin just makes me giggle more.

Not a day goes by that I do not call him from school and bring him up to speed of everything going on in my life. He is always finding something special to take a photo of and will text it to me so I am always aware of what he is seeing in his life. Our bond is wonderful; it is true, and rize escort bayan very loving.

I was totally taken by surprise when I came home for my 19th Birthday just a few months ago. I was excited about my Birthday and looking forward to a family event of much magnitude, not that I am overly spoiled or anything. But as I parked in the driveway I could only see my Mother’s car in the garage. That was very usual, she always has things to do and Dad is always the first one home.

When I walked through the door Mom was nowhere to be found. I called out and finally she came up from the basement, with her ever-present fake smile pouring over her face. A quick hug, a peck on the cheek, and with the mandatory “I love you and missed you so much” sequence out of the way we settled down to chat at the nook table.

Mom can be fun to girl talk with sometimes. She is well intended and I know the love is there, but we have never been nearly as close as I am to my father. There is a history back when they found out about being pregnant that I have never been made aware of. I do know they were still in College so that probably made for some difficult times.

Soon I heard Dad’s car pulling into the garage. I jumped up immediately and ran to greet him. He barely got out of the car before I wrapped myself around his body. Still feeling like a little girl I hung on as he tried to work his way into the house. Me giggling all the way while he was trying to explain to me that I am not such a little girl anymore.

As we entered the house Dad stopped suddenly, the joy bled completely from of his body. I was confused; I looked over to Mom, tears started running down her face. Dad softly spoke. “Brenda, you promised we would speak on Sunday before Jenny left to go back to school.”

That was not the 19th birthday I was expecting. Mom proceeded to tell me she was leaving Dad and moving in with the newfound love of her life, Allen. They had met over a year ago and she could no longer live a double life. I looked around the house in a daze as she spoke; I noticed things were different. Many items were already gone; she had been in the basement packing other things she wanted to take with her.

The moment was too much for all of us to endure together. Mom had her car packed anyway, so she came over to me crying, and gently whispered. “I will always love you Jenny, one day you will understand.” With that she walked to her car, backed out of the driveway, and off she went on her new adventure. In a state of shock, tears running down my face, my Dad holding me closely in his arms I looked up into his eyes as asked. “Can we go for a run Daddy?”

I have run thousands of miles with my Dad, we never chatter away when we run; we are focused on our mission at hand. That run was just like every other run we have experienced together, except I ran harder than I ever had. It was also the first time a creamed my Dad! I will admit I’m a bit competitive, so regardless of the stress that day; I threw my arms into the air and danced around in victory.

That moment brought out the love and smile I always have enjoyed from my Dad. He was so happy knowing his daughter had finally gotten the best of him. Exhausted we shook hands and he proudly bowed to the victor. The earlier pain left our souls for a brief moment and we just basked in the glory of a run done well!

Somehow dinner came together with ease, we both understood this was going to be the new normal. Dad asked if we could wait until the next day to discuss the sadness surrounding our life. That night he just wanted to make the best of my birthday dinner. He is so sweet; he even had my once a year indulgence hidden in the cupboard until it was time. When I returned from a visit to the restroom, 19-lit candles were atop of my favorite chocolate cake with beautifully decorated roses trimming the sides.

Eventually we moved over to the family room and cuddle up on the sofa intending to watch a movie. Dad had brought a glass of wine with him and we sipped tiny amounts as I started to feel the comfort of being so close again. My fingers started to glide up and down his arm as his fingers ran through my hair.

Not long after I felt his kind lips on my forehead. I responded with a soft moan of pleasure. Many tender touches and soft innocent kisses later our eyes locked on each other. I felt both of his hands on my young face, and with total agreement I closed my eyes and we brought our lips together.

This kiss was just the opening of my first ever-real make out session. I brought my hands around his neck and would not let him pull away. Our bodies struggled to find closeness we had never experienced. The cuddle found it’s way to completely laying horizontal on the sofa: our arms clasping around each other’s body.

The kisses became deeper; our bodies pressed together calmly at first but soon with the heat of passion I felt that tingle between my thighs. I placed my Dad’s hand on my wanting breast; I gasped when I felt him firmly squeeze. escort rize My hand reached down to the hardness I could feel pressing into my pelvis. His moan melted our bodies tighter together as I caressed his excitement.

Nothing was left untouched that night on the sofa, I have never felt so calm, so excited, so much love ever in my life. Making out for hours, knowing we had no secrets between each other; the evening erased all my fears and worries about the future. We finally sat up and Dad held my hand, our fingers intertwined, and he walked me to my bedroom. At the door we kissed each other one last time and parted for the evening. I slept perfectly that night.

Chapter 4 — Our First Morning Together

The taste of my daughter’s nipple deep in my mouth was delicious; the feel of her skin as my fingers caress her toned yet soft navel were soothing to the soul. Our naked bodies were still basking in the heat of previous night’s passion brought a sense of calmness; Jennifer knew exactly how to release soft pure moans of pleasure as I perused her delicate body.

Feeling her fingers glide through my hair I finally looked up into her beautiful green eyes and asked if she is ready for our first shower together. Gentle encouraging whispers of “yes David” filled the quietness of our bedroom. I loved hearing my name called out, probably more than hearing Daddy.

I rose and stood naked by the side of the bed and looked at the beauty before me, then leaned down and lifted my daughter from our bed into my arms. I loved her giggles as I carried her into the Suite Bathroom. While letting the shower water warm up we stood side by side with one arm around each other’s waist and looked into the vanity mirror. Jennifer was sexier looking than I ever wanted to imagine.

I have always loved the way her long light brown hair has that certain wave to it, the intensity of the color of her eyes; but now I was gazing intently at her perfectly shaped almost c-cup breasts with pure distinct nipples; the soft curve at her waist lead to the enticing bend at her hips.

Always the perfectionist, Jennifer prefers the clean-shaven look for her delicate flower region. Her thighs are firm, toned, and yet very feminine in appearance. Knowing how important her diet is, you can see how strict she is with it in the softness and purity of her skin. I could not help but to finally pull her around and let the front of our naked bodies softly collide in one more delightful morning kiss before we entered the shower as one for the first time.

The warmth from the overhead facet filled the shower quickly with a haze that intensified the mood. Reaching for the shampoo I filled my hands and started to run my fingers through Jenny’s long wavy wet hair. She turned around so now her tiny ass was facing me and my fingers glided all the way down her back to her waist, cleansing her hair.

Massaging her hair and scalp I suddenly noticed that she had reached around with her hands and I felt her fingers folding around my rock hard shaft. She rubbed it back and forth across the small of her back and stroked me slowly. Jenny tilted her head towards me and I whispered into her ear. “I love you Jennifer.”

Jenny kept gently rubbing my very hard cock across her skin as I started to rinse her hair. When that task was completed; she released my cock and turned to face me, the feel of her erect nipples against my chest as she came in for a deep kiss was more than erotic, it is a pleasure I have never felt before.

Without saying a word she placed a finger on my mouth and a soft “shhhhh” came from her lips. Cautiously she dropped to her knees in front of me while keeping her intense eyes fixed on my eyes. Jenny reached her hands up and confidently wrapped her fingers around my swollen excitement.

The sensation of watching my daughter take every inch of my manly cock into her mouth ever so slowly made my heart race like the end of a Marathon run. Jenny then tightened her lips around my cock and released a moan of passion and desire. Seeing my cock glide deep into her mouth then gracefully back out brought my body to a feverish pitch. I grabbed her hair gently and held her head in my grasp. I closed my eyes and let her suck and stroke, as she desired.

“Jennifer!” Boldly came from my mouth into the steam filled shower. “Please my love be careful, be easy, I want you to feel me explode inside your womb again, not your mouth.” Jenny playfully removed my cock from her mouth then suddenly took every inch back in. It felt like she was in a spell of passion, as she did not heed my words of caution.

Holding my ass in her bare hands she sucked deeper on my enraged cock. “Jenny please be careful!” I begged unconvincingly for her to stop. Jennifer drove my cock into her throat. Muffled screams streamed from Jenny’s mouth as my cock filled it completely. I was at the brink when she returned her hands to stroke my cock while sucking feverish on the entire length.

I grabbed at her head and that one last deep stroke into her throat overwhelmed my sense of caution. “Oh God!” And suddenly I burst streams of hot cum into my daughter’s mouth. Jenny continued to suck and slowly stroked with her petite hands. When she released my cock I watched as she gleefully smiled and swallowed her first taste of cum.

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