A Weird One Ch. 01

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I met Tasha when my best buddy Tom called me and asked me for a favor.

“My cousin Natasha just moved to town and Gail (his girlfriend) and I want to show her around, but Gail thinks Nat will feel like a fifth wheel so she wants me to set her up with a date.”

I was leery. I’d been on two blind dates and they both had been disasters. Tom and I being as close as we were he knew all about those disasters so he had to be desperate to call me. I found out later that because of what he knew he had called four other guys before having to resort to calling me. All four turned him down. I wasn’t the only one leery of blind dates. I really, really didn’t want to do it, but Tom was my best friend so I felt honor bound to help him. I figured that it wouldn’t be too bad since it would be a double date with Tom and Gail. I resigned myself to a bad day and then I asked my mom to drive me over to Tom’s. I had my license, but I didn’t have a car yet and Tom’s request came on too short a notice for me to arrange to borrow mom’s car.

Mom dropped me of at Tom’s and I took a deep breath and walked up to the door to meet my fate. Tom’s mom answered the door and gave me a big smile.

“Hi Bobby. How are you?”

“Fine Mrs. Bagley.”

“They are waiting for you in the living room. You kids have a fun time okay?”

“We will Mrs. Bagley” I said not expecting to have anything but a miserable time.

I watched her walk back to the kitchen and wished I was old enough to throw her over my shoulder and run off with her. She was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen and I’d beaten my meat with her on my mind more times than I could count. The Bagley’s had a swimming pool and I’d seen Tom’s mom dozens of times in a bikini and just remembering them gave me wood. I wasn’t positive, but I think she knew it and made it a point to let me see her in her almost nothing suits. She turned as she reached the kitchen door and saw me watching her walk away and she gave me a wink and a smile. My cock almost ripped through my pants and I had to stand there until it wilted otherwise it would have been obvious to every one when I walked into the room.

I got myself under control and then I walked into the living room and got instant wood all over again as all thoughts of Mrs. Bagley disappeared. Sitting next to Gail on the couch was the most beautiful and sexiest looking female on the planet. Tom walked up to me and whispered, “Down boy” and then he introduced me to his cousin. I took her hand and I swear to God I don’t know where it came from, but instead of saying “Hello” I asked:

“Will you marry me?”

Tom and Gail cracked up, but Natasha looked me right in the eye and said:

“I don’t know. Are you a good kisser?”

“If I’m not I’ll bust my ass working on it until I meet your standards.”

She turned to Gail and said, “What do you think?”

“He’s a nice guy and if I didn’t already have Tommy I’d go for him.”

Tasha turned back to me and said, “I hope you can handle a long engagement because I’m not getting married until I finish college.”

“I’ll get the ring as soon as you tell me your size.”

“Enough of this heavy shit” Tom said, “Let’s go show Nat around.”

We left the living room with Natasha and I holding hands and I saw Mrs. Bagley watching us with a strange look on her face. Tom had his own car. He and Gail were both all ready eighteen. I was two months behind them as far as birthdays went. We got in the car; Tom and Gail in the front and me and Tasha in the back. Tom and Gail called her Nat, but I wanted my own name for her so I started calling her Tasha.

We drove all over town and pointed out things to Tasha. Where the high school was, the roller rink, the arcade and all the other places where kids hung out. She was particularly interested in the park, specifically the trails that led into the hills and fields behind it and the running track that ran around it.

“I run to keep fit” she said and then Tom piped up and said, “Then you and Rob have something in common. He runs track at school and runs all the time to stay in shape.”

“Do tell” Tasha said. “We can run together then.”

“You bet” I said, “The family that plays together stays together.”

“The family?”

“Of course. We will have kids when we marry won’t we?”

“I don’t know. I’m sort of career oriented and I don’t know if kids will fit in. I plan on being a lawyer like my dad and if the schedule he keeps is the same for other lawyers I might not be around much to raise them.”

“Hasn’t seemed to hurt you in any way.”

“That’s because my mom was a stay at home mom and she was there to see that I was raised right. You plan on being a stay at home dad?”

“No. I’m already slated to get a Business Management degree, go to work for my dad and then take over the business when he retires.”

“Then it isn’t looking to good for kids is it.”

“It isn’t a deal breaker, but I’ll need to break it gently to my mom. She has her heart set on grandkids and since siirt escort my sister and her husband found out they can’t have babies mom is looking to me to provide them.”

“Get off the subject you two” Tom said. “You have years and years before you start sweating that stuff.”

Before the town tour was over I’d made a date with Tasha for the next day. Tom dropped me at my house and just before I got out of the car Tasha leaned over and kissed me. It was just a quick one, but it was on the lips and it was our first. The first of many I hoped.


When I got home I was in a great mood and my parents commented on it at supper.

“I met your daughter in law today.”

“You what?”

“You heard me right. It will be a little while yet because she says she has to graduate college before we will get married. I’m seeing her again to morrow night and I might bring her by and introduce you.”

Naturally they didn’t believe it for a minute. To them it was just a teenaged son babbling about his newest crush. To change the subject my dad asked if I’d decided on what car I wanted for my birthday.

“It is only a week away so we are getting short on time.”

“I know what I want, but I’m afraid that when I tell you I might be banished to my room until I’m twenty-one.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

But it would be and I knew it. My dad was a dyed in the wool one hundred percent Chevy man. To him Ford meant ‘Fix or Repair Daily’ and MOPAR meant ‘Mostly Old People and Rednecks.’ I hesitate to even mention how he felt about foreign cars. When he told me that he was going to buy me a car for my eighteenth birthday he told me to figure out what I wanted.

That weekend he took me around to a couple of car lots. All Chevy dealers of course. We looked at Cameros, Impalas, Blazers, Suburban’s, Silverado pick up and even Corvettes. All used, but he’d already told me that I wouldn’t be getting new. He told me to think on it and let him know.

So here we were at the supper table with him wanting to know my choice. I looked at mom and said:

“You might want to make him a stiff drink before I tell him or at least sit on his lap and hold him down.”

Mom laughed, got up and went over and sat down on dad’s lap and then I said:

“It is a convertible. It has a white top and the color is ‘Sea Mist Green.’

“That doesn’t sound like a Chevy color.”

I took a deep breath and said, “It isn’t. It’s a Ford color and it is on a 1993 Mustang that has the 5.0 engine and a five speed tranny.”

“What!!! No son of mine is going to be seen in a fucking Ford!”

“Watch your mouth dear” my mother said and then I said, “Fine. You pick out my present then” and I excused myself from the table and went up to my room.

I was digging through my closet trying to decide on what to wear on my date with Tasha when my dad came into the room. He watched me for a minute or so and then:

“Where is this piece of shit that you want?”

I told him and he shook his head in disgust, said “I thought I’d raised you better” and he turned and left.

Five minutes later my mom came in, smiled at me and said, “That was the most fun I’ve had all week. The only thing that could have made it more fun is if you would have picked out a Dodge Charger.”

“I knew he wouldn’t like it, but he did give me a choice.”

“I know honey and it is mostly my fault. He intended to just buy a car, park it in the drive and toss you the keys on your birthday, but I talked him into letting you choose. Now you need to make some more choices. What kind of cake do you want and how many are you going to invite to your party?”


Mom let me use her car for my date with Tasha and when I got to her house she introduced me to her parents. They seemed nice although I could read the expression on her fathers face. It pretty much said:

“You do anything to my daughter I rip off your head and shit down your neck.”

I didn’t think it was the right time to tell him that I was going to be his son in law. I promised to have his daughter home by her curfew and we left. As we pulled away from her house I said:

“I don’t think your father likes me.”

“He’s like that with every boy I go out with. He is very protective of me.”

I took her to the movies and we held hands as we watched. After the movie I took her to Harry’s Malt Shop which turned out to be a mistake, but it would be four months before I realized it. There were half dozen kids there that I knew so I had to introduce Tasha to them. I saw the interest in Eddie Wooter’s eyes, but I didn’t think anything about it. As gorgeous and sexy as Tasha was she was bound to draw the eyes of the opposite sex. I was just glad that Tom had gotten me with her before any of the other guys knew she was in town.

I took her home and when we got there I walked her to her door and was hoping for another kiss and I got one. It was a scorcher! She gave me some tongue escort siirt and I gave her some back. When she broke the kiss she said:

“Not bad. It will get better with practice.”


“What time?”

“You set it. If it was up to me this date wouldn’t end until school starts.”

“Oh my. Whatever am I going to do with you?”

“Keep me is what I’m hoping for.”

“How about noon?”

“If I didn’t have to get my mom’s car home I’d just sit out front until then.”

“You’re hopeless” she said and kissed me again. I was just putting my arms around her to make it last when the porch light flickered on and off three times. Tasha broke the kiss and said:

“I told you he was a bit protective. See you tomorrow.”


The next day I drove Tasha to the park and we went for a run. I showed her the trails and later I drove her to my house to shower and then have supper with us.

Tasha and my mom took to each other right away and my dad eyed her like most men eyed a sexy gorgeous woman and not at all like a man should look at his son’s girl. As my mom was walking into the kitchen she slapped the back of his head and laughed as she said:

“Stop that!”

Dad looked at me and said, “Are you sure that you want to drive a girl this nice around in a Ford?”

Tasha made my day when she said, “What’s wrong with Fords? My dad has a vintage ’57 T-Bird and next to a ’65 Mustang it is the sweetest car ever built.”

From the kitchen my mother yelled, “You go girl.”

My dad looked at me and said, “And you plan on marrying her, bringing her in the family so I’ll have three of you picking on me?”

“You bet.”

Then Tasha asked, “What did I miss here?” and I had to explain about dad and Chevys.

“The poor man. He certainly doesn’t look mentally ill” and my mom’s laugh could have been heard half a mile away.

When I drove her home she had me stop a block away from her house.

“I don’t want any flickering porch lights tonight.”

We steamed up the windows and after a bit I let my hands move to her breasts and she didn’t stop me so I slid a hand up her leg and she stopped me just short of my goal. She broke the kiss and said “No” and then went back to kissing me. She let me get her bra off and worship her breasts and so I tried the leg move again and again she stopped me just short of where I wanted to go.

“I said no!”

I finally accepted that “No” meant “No” and settled back to tongue wrestle and play with her breasts until she told me it was time to take her home. As I parked in front of her house she said:

“I’m a virgin baby and while I don’t plan on being one when we get married I do plan to stay one until the senior prom. It is kind of a family tradition. Both of my sisters gave it up on prom night so that is when I will to. You will just have to be patient with me”

I keyed in the “When we get married” and resigned myself to the six or seven month wait until the senior prom. I had hoped not to be virgin by prom night, but it looked like Tasha and I were both going to have to be patient.

We made a date to go for a run in the morning and I walked her to her door, got one more kiss and then went home. Twenty minutes after I got there I got a call from Tom asking me to come over and lounge by the pool and I told him I’d have to call back and let him know after I talked to Tasha.

“I just got off the phone with her. She said she would drag you over after your run. All I’m doing is giving you a heads up so you’ll have your suit with you.”


I walked over to Tasha’s and we jogged from there to the park. We ran the trails for an hour and then did sixty laps around the park on the running path and then we walked over to Tom’s.

Mrs. Bagley, Tom and Gail were all ready by the pool when we got there and as usual the sight of Mrs. Bagley in her bikini gave me an erection. If she hadn’t been there the sight of Gail in her suit would have done the job. At one time I had my sights set on her, but Tom made his move before I had a chance. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a good thing that Tom got to Gail first. If I would have been with Gail when Tasha came on the scene it could have gotten messy as I had no doubt – none what so ever – that I would have dropped Gail and gone after Tasha.

All thoughts of Mrs. Bagley and Gail disappeared when Tasha came out of the house in her bikini. It was the first time I’d seen her in anything but jeans and a sweater or blouse and I was – as the Brits would say – gob smacked! I knew from the night before that Tasha had perfectly formed tits and her butt in jeans was mouth watering, but seeing her near naked in the bathing suit took my breath away. I was glad my bathing suit was the boxer type and not the speedo type because the speedo type would have shown only too clearly what seeing Tasha was doing to me. I was hard from Mrs. Bagley and Gail, but I would swear that my cock siirt escort bayan doubled in size from all the blood that rushed to it when I saw Tasha. I had to get right into the pool and stay there to keep everyone from seeing the state I was in. The time until the prom was going to be agonizing for me.

It was a little over an hour later that I had to go into the house to use the bathroom. On the way back I stopped inside and was looking out the window at Tasha standing on the diving board and my cock went rock hard. Without thinking I took my cock out and started stroking it. A voice from behind me said:

“You used to look at me that way.”

It was Mrs. Bagley.

I was standing there, cock in hand, too stunned to move or say anything and Mrs. Bagley said:

“You poor boy. You obviously need to get off. I’ll go away and leave you alone. It will be our little secret okay?”

She went out to the pool leaving me standing there mortified as my dick died in my hand. It took me ten minutes to work up enough nerve to go back outside. I tried to avoid looking at Mrs. Bagley for the rest of the time I was there, but when I did look her way I saw her watching me and she would smile and wink at me.

I managed to get through the rest of the day without embarrassing myself. And Tasha and I really steamed up the windows of the car when I took her home.


Tasha and I spent every day together during the week and then it was my birthday. After breakfast my dad told my mom that she had to drive me over to pick up my birthday present.

“I won’t be caught dead near a Ford dealer even if it is only his used car lot.”

At nine-thirty I was cruising over to Tasha’s with the top down to pick her up for our daily run. That afternoon Tasha, Tom, Gail and a dozen of my other friends were at the house to help me celebrate my eighteenth birthday. We had a good time and as the party was breaking up Tom asked me if I would stop by his house first thing in the morning to help him move a few things for his mother. He told me that we would be done in plenty of time for me to take Tasha on our morning run. I of course said I would.

When I took Tasha home she had me stop a block away from her house and we began to neck. We tongue wrestled for about five minutes and then Tasha broke the kiss we were in and said:

“It is time for your special birthday present” and she reached for my zipper. She caught me by surprise and I sat there stunned as she worked my cock out and started stroking it. She worked on it with one hand while she used the other to take a hanky out of her purse.

“Tell me when you’re ready. We don’t want to make a mess” and then she went back to kissing me. Between the images of her and Mrs. Bagley that were constantly in my mind I usually beat off at least once a day so I didn’t come all that quick for Tasha. Finally she got me to the point and I broke this kiss and told her that I was almost there. She got the hankie ready and then caught the discharge and cleaned me up.

“Do I get to return the favor?”

“No. I don’t trust myself to stop things from going farther. Kiss me one more time and then I need to get home.”


The next morning I got to Tom’s at eight-thirty and rang the bell. Mrs. Bagley answered the door in a housecoat and told me to come in.

“Tom had to run over and pick up Gail so I guess it will be up to me to entertain you until he gets back. Come on; I’ll show you what we have to move.”

She led me upstairs to her bedroom and pointed at her bed.

“We need to see if we can move that bed without lifting it.”

“What?” I said and I turned to look at her with a confused look on my face. She was smiling at me as she said:

“I’m going to have so much fun teaching you” as she let her housecoat slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. She cupped her tits in her hands and said:

“Happy Birthday baby.”

I just stood there and stared at her. I didn’t know what to do. She stepped to me and started to undress me. As she undid my belt I got my wits back and said:

“We can’t. Tom will catch us.”

As my zipper went down she said, “Tom won’t come home until I call him and tell him to come home.”

“I have to pick Tasha up in half an hour” I said as she pushed my pants down to my ankles.

“Tom and Gail will pick her up and keep her busy” she said as she pulled my boxers down. “Ooooh, a nice one” she exclaimed as my stiff cock was exposed. She captured it with her mouth and I was lost. At that point she owned me and I didn’t care if everyone I knew walked in and caught us.

She got me out of my shoes and socks as she blew me and when she had me ready to cum I tried to pull away and she held me in place.

“But I’m going to cum” I said and she kept sucking. I made one last attempt to pull away and she dug her nails in my ass cheeks and held me there. I erupted and she sucked and swallowed until I was limp. She let my cock fall out of her mouth, told me to take my shirt off and then went back to sucking on me.

I got my shirt and t-shirt off and by then I was getting hard again and she pushed me back on the bed. She swung over me and guided my cock up into her pussy as she lowered herself down onto me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32