Accidentally Screwing my Mom Pt. 05

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Female Ejaculation

Mom was now six months pregnant and sex was never better I thought, as I screwed her again. There was something sexy about penetrating my mom while my baby was growing inside her.

Sitting on top of my cock as I fucked into her, her huge stomach on display together with her massive breasts. How they had gotten even bigger than they already were, was a mystery. She sure was hot when she was pregnant.

The craziest thing for sure, was that not only was my mom pregnant, but so was her sister too. I’d been fucking them both for a while now, and was shocked when my aunt told me I had got her pregnant too. Kissing my aunt as my mom fucked on top of me, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful women were when their tummies were so big and rounded like this.

Dad was out of town with my uncle, so I had their wives all to myself. And I sure as hell was gonna use that time as best I could. But most erotic of all was the little online game we had started playing while we fucked.

After watching so much porn, and most recently pregnant porn, I had come across a super hot site called ‘Literotica’. Checking out their ‘Erotic Chat’ section, I started to get hot for the ‘Pregnant Moms’ chat room and soon I had made a lot of friends there who were interested sivas escort to hear all about our wild goings-on.

There seemed to be no shortage of guys wanting to watch two hot pregnant women getting the shit fucked out of them by a younger toy-boy. Of course, I didn’t let them in on the incestuous secret, that I was a son fucking, not only my mom, but her sister too. Maybe that could be a reveal that could wait till later.

So right now, mom on top of me getting a hot pregnant fuck, and her sister beside me, tongue down my throat, online five guys were jacking-off to the sight of our pregnant incest. Having guys watch us, sure was hot.

My mom climbing off my cock allowing her sis to replace her, I instead had a better idea. Lining the two women up, rears in the air, I was gonna fuck them both from behind while our fans got to watch their hot huge breast and tummies swinging in motion with my rapid rabbit fucks.

Fucking between each of them, bringing them just as close to climax as I could, before whipping out of them and moving on to the other, I had a hot sexy idea. I was gonna let my audience decide how hard to fuck them, when to stop, and where to shoot my load. Yep, I was gonna turn this little setion sivas escort into an interactive game, and I was gonna be the user-controlled player. Now that sounded like some crazy erotic shit.

The options were easy, harder/easier, switch/go, and pussy/mouth/breasts. With five guys watching, there shouldn’t be much confusion and all they needed to do was hold up a card for whichever option they wanted.

Banging on my aunt all the cards were reeding “harder” and “go”, so I kept fucking her as hard as I could, her legs bucking with every passing moment. Slamming into her wanton hole it seemed like these guys were all eager for me to just cum in aunt as hard and as fast as I could. But then, just as I thought I was gonna blow, they one-by-one swapped their cards to “switch”.

Now back in my mom, I grabbed hold of her waist as I power fucked her, her hair hanging down dangling beneath her, just like her voluptuous breasts and tummy. Beside her, her sister got her breath back and got ready for her next round in the ring.

Mom loved nothing better than a real slow fucking followed by a real hard and fast one, and our audience knew that all too well by now. My hefty cock slid Into her vagina, the cards held up kept constantly sivas escort bayan changing from “harder” to “easier” until eventually, it seemed like they were looking for me to go all the way. Stuck on “harder” I was close to coming in her.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I shouted making my interactive audience fully aware that they would need to figure out what was gonna happen next.

With only one card on “switch,” mom was gonna get my cum this time around, that was for sure. The only unknown now was where. Inside, I was pretty sure it was gonna be on her face, cos it pretty much always was. Mom had a really pretty face, she was beautiful, even more so than my aunt. So the guys loved nothing better than to see it cum covered.

And the decision was, “face” it was. Pulling out of her, I shot everything I had on her beautiful face and watched as my cum dripped off of her eyelids, nose and lips. Then the cards switched to “pussy”, clearly denoting that I would need to gather up a little more cum to finish off my aunt. Which was fair enough, because there wouldn’t be much left to go for either her face or breasts.

My cock now buried deep inside my aunt again, I fucked her to orgasm. Mom beside us licked off the tasty treat I’d left behind for her and our avid viewers.

“Yes!” My aunt screamed, lying on her back, as I pounded her to climax, her legs hanging in the air, my hands clutched around her ankles. The last of my cum buried deep inside her.

“Another happy audience,” I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32