Adult Sex Theater

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Thanks for reading my story, and I hope you enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are very much welcome.

My name is Jim Peters. I’m 5′-7″, I am 36, I live alone in a small town in West Virgina. I inherited this small farm from my grandfather. He had disinherited my father because he is bisexual. I am bisexual also but not openly. I had not seen or heard from my father in 10 years.

I like to cross-dress as a woman and go out in public. I can pass as a woman if they do not look to hard.

I went to this porn theater and I was giving this guy a blowjob when I realized, He was my father. He didn’t recognize me. I got off on knowing that I knew, he Tom is my father and he did not know that I am his son.

I have gone there a couple times while he was their and he has fucked my ass, he has given me blowjobs and I have fucked his ass too. I just get so turned-on having sex with my father than anyone else.

He is married, they are both bisexuals; He has told me that they have threesomes sometimes.

I invited Tom and his wife Carrol alanya escort to my house, his father’s house, I couldn’t wait for them to find out his own son has been fucking him and getting blowjobs from him. He knows I am a guy that cross-dresses.

When they drove up, he still did not know who I was. He recognized the house, As I was fucking him, I told him who I was, it took him a while to realize it. Carrol got really turned on, he was trying to get away from my cock at first and then it turned him on. I called him my sissy cock sucking father. The 3 of us spent the whole weekend fucking and sucking each other. We went back to the porn theater. I kept calling him dad as he gave me a blowjob. I asked dad out loud do you mind if I fuck mom? Making sure everyone could hear. After I finished fucking her, I told him to eat my cream pie out of her, making sure that everyone heard me tell him.

They have moved in with me and we sleep together. We travel together sometimes dad and I will be dressed alanya escort bayan as women and Carrol will order us to give each other blowjobs in pubic. Or we stop at truck stops and she will tell truck drivers that we are father and son sissy cock suckers and she will sell our asses or mouths.

I get so turned on watching my father, and he gets turned on watching me. We have gone out to a bar and got 3 big black guys to fuck Carrol, and then she ordered us to clean her cum filled body with our mouths, she then has ordered us to clean off their cocks

We have taken her out to some clubs, fucked some black ladies and then had her clean up there pussies with her mouth. It is so hot to see her forced to eat cum filled pussies. I never thought how turned on it would make me feel.

One night when we were at this club, Carrol met up with this women Brenda, they were making out. Carrol invited her to our hotel room with us. When we got there Carrol ordered me and dad to dress like sluts. We escort alanya then went down to a bar and gave drunks blowjobs Carrol was getting money for all the guys that he gave blowjobs too. Brenda got money from all the guys that I gave blowjobs too. What I hadn’t noticed was that they were recording it. The next night they would sell our asses.

We got caught by the vise squad. We were brought over to a gay sausage party. We were used all night long. Carrol and Brenda then took video of our assholes pushing out all the cum and then we were forced to eat it. I had never before rimmed any one and neither had my dad but now we were forced to.

Brenda moved in with us and now we are getting married. Carrol and Brenda are really getting off on cuckolding dad and myself. We went to a kind of a nudist cuckold slave resort, they openly fucked guys in front of us and then we were forced to eat all the cum out of them and the clean off their cocks with out mouths, we would get ass fucked on the beach as people would walk bye and applauded us. It was a week of fun and humiliation.

We did it again at a different resort only this time dad and I fucked different women Then had Carrol and Brenda forced to eat the cum out of the women’s pussies and asses, a first for them too.

We really enjoy humiliating each other or being humiliated, we have put it on porn sites.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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