After the Highschool Reunion

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All Fours

It’s been 10 years since I graduated and I’ve been pretty excited to attend the first High School Reunion that my graduating class has organized. I know, I know, a lot of people think they’re stupid. Why would you want to see a bunch of people you didn’t really get along with back in the day? Unless you were popular of course. Or wildly successful and want to rub it in everyone’s noses. Or bored. Not me, I mostly got along with everyone back then and I was genuinely curious to hear about where people ended up and with who they ended up.

I can’t say that I have many wild and crazy stories to tell since I graduated. I’m still single, no children to speak of. I run a small antique shop about an hour west of where I grew up. My life has been pretty uneventful overall. I’m not complaining. I tend to like the simple life I’ve dug out for myself.

So the day of the reunion, I woke up and climbed out of bed. I put a robe on and sat down at my computer. It’s a daily ritual, checking emails for the shop to see what orders have been made, and on deliveries in and out. I had ordered this very hard-to-track-down antique vase for my Aunt Wendy weeks ago. It was a perfect match for her favorite one that I had accidentally broken months ago when I paid her a visit. I swore I’d track down a replacement, and after tons of searching and contacting my dealer network, I had finally tracked down a match and let me tell you.

It. Was. Not. Cheap.

So I was ecstatic that the shipment was finally arriving. I had it shipped to a distribution center that was about half an hour’s drive away, and it happened to be en-route to where the reunion was to take place. Not only that, but my Aunt lived right in the middle of town and I could drop the vase off after the reunion had ended. Perfect!

After breakfast, I began getting ready for this evening. I showered, washed my shoulder length of hair, brushed it, dried it and styled it with some cute barrettes I liked to wear. I considered wearing a dress but that wasn’t so much my thing, dresses. Instead, I reached for an old high school shirt in the back of my closet. It still fit, though now a slight bit of midriff was showing due to my having grown since then. That’s right, no bra. I don’t wear bras. It’s not that I’m flat, I happen to be nicely proportionate for my build. I just don’t like to wear them. They’re uncomfortable. I also pulled on some comfortable shorts and sandals. Just an average outfit, slightly reminiscent of what I wore back in the day.

When I was ready, I set out for the Distribution center so that I could pick up the antique I had ordered. That didn’t take long, I knew the routine. Just walk in, give them the tracking number, sign where they ask you to sign, they hand you a box, and out the door you go. I loaded it into the back of my Jeep.

Next stop, Ardinsville, USA, where I went to school. I pulled into town a little after one and had some time to blow before the reunion. I got some lunch and walked around for a little while remembering what my old stomping grounds looked like. It has been quite a while. I ran into a familiar face when I passed through the park at the library, but couldn’t remember his name and felt too embarrassed to ask when he clearly knew mine. I asked if he was going to be at the reunion, and he reminded me that he was a year younger than me, his reunion was next year. He did appreciate our brief catching up. We parted with me still not being able to remember his name.

At last, the time for the reunion was at hand. It was nice meeting up with past faces. Old friends, acquaintances, and even a few people I never really spent any time with back in the day. A few people expressed interest in visiting my antique shop sometime to pick up gifts for grandparents and other friends or relatives.

My old crush, a handsome man named Daniel Brown, was just as handsome as ever. He was in town only briefly visiting family and was able to attend the reunion due to the timing working out. He lived in eryaman escort New York City these days.

My best friend from school, Alicia, was there too and we picked right up where we left off years ago. She managed to get a sitter for her two children and so she was free to drink and enjoy herself. Which we did plenty of. I don’t know why we had grown apart, it probably had something to do with the distance between where we lived and her having children, but we vowed to make a greater effort to reconnect more often.

It was a nice evening, but it eventually came to a close. Alicia had to get back to her children and I still had a long drive ahead of me after I dropped my Aunt’s antique off. So I said my goodbyes and went on my way.

Outside, I found myself in a wistful and nostalgic mood. So I grabbed my aunt’s vase from the car and decided to walk the two blocks to her house so that I could enjoy the memories of my time growing up in the town. I decided to travel through the park to get to my Aunt’s house. As I walked I began to think about all the fun my friends and I used to have in this park. The swings were always a favorite, but I loved the Monkey Bars. We used to climb up to the top and just sit and talk for hours.

I wondered if the view up there was as I remembered so I set the vase down gently in the grass and climbed up to the top. The Monkey Bars were about 10 feet tall, and it was shaped like a big dome. All the bars wrapped around it creating triangle-shaped openings to grab hold of and step on to for climbing. Age hadn’t been too kind, I noticed, as there was plenty of rust and some of the bars were loose. I also saw that a few of the bolts that kept it together had begun to stick out. I guess I felt that it all added to the charm of the place. It didn’t take me long to reach the top.

I sat there a short while watching the sun sink lower in the sky. If you couldn’t tell by now, I like to reminisce. Those days when I was a kid were some of the most fun I had ever had and I cherished those memories. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear anyone approaching until they were right in front of the bars.

“Hey look at this!” One exclaimed, snapping me out of it. A teenage boy walked up and grabbed the vase in one hand, holding it up for everyone to see.

“Hey! Be careful with that! ” I called out, fearing that they might damage it. “Put it down. Gently!”

“Is this yours?” The kid asked, holding it out again with one arm.

“Yes, but please be careful! It’s not something I can replace!”

“Ok, catch!” The little snot heaved the vase up towards me.

Of all the things I might have expected, that was not one. The vase sailed up towards me so I flung my hands out to catch it. I managed to get my fingers around it as it passed over my head, but the momentum pulled me backward and I began to slide down the other side of the monkey bar dome. About halfway down I felt something snag my pants and I abruptly halted, nearly dropping the vase.

The momentum of my fall caused me to slide a few inches out of my shorts. It wasn’t enough to cause me to flash the rest of the park, but the front of my lace panties were partially on display. Surprisingly this wasn’t my greatest concern.

I still held the antique vase in my arms which were extended well over my head, and since I was upside down hanging from the monkey bars my shirt had slid over my chest and settled over my face blocking my view of pretty much everything but the ground below me. I could feel the cool breeze flow over my exposed breasts.

The vase was a little heavy and was pretty awkward to hold in this position, so I couldn’t risk freeing either hand to tug my shirt down without risk of potentially dropping it.

Thankfully it sounded like the kids had run off. I took a moment to assess my situation. My chest was fully exposed, the shirt having fallen up over my face. I am starting to slide out of my shorts. My Aunt’s precious vase grasped in my hands, and I think escort ankara my foot got twisted in one of the bars and it was starting to hurt. Just great.

That’s when I heard the sound of somebody approaching along the path through the park. I squirmed a little to try and free my foot and felt myself slide out of my shorts a little further. A sudden cold sensation on my bottom told me that whatever had caught my shorts had also snagged my panties and I was starting to slide out of those as well.

“Iris?” A male voice said. “Is that you under there?”

No F-ing way, I wanted to scream. I knew that voice. Daniel Brown. Of course my high school crush would show up right in the middle of my most embarrassing moment ever.

“Don’t look!” I yelped. Though he couldn’t see it, my face was flush with embarrassment.

“OH!” He exclaimed. Apparently, he had just come around the monkey bars and saw the full predicament I was in. “Oh wow!”

“I said not to look!”

“I know,” He said. “It’s just that… I can’t look away.”

“Oh god. Why is this happening to me.” I said, more to myself than actual prayer.

“I guess God decided to answer my prayer for once,” Daniel said.

I could only see his feet as he approached. He stood around a few moments not saying anything.

“Please!” I begged. “Stop looking at me!”

“Hold on, I just want a couple more closeups”

“Closeups? You did not just take a picture!” I yelled.

“Several, actually,” Daniel said. “Oh don’t worry. Your face is covered so nobody will know it was you. I knew you had nice tits, but these are amazing.”

I blushed such a deep crimson at that.

“Consider the pictures as payment for helping you out of this mess.”

“You’re not helping me out. I can do this on my own” I said, my family stubbornness setting in. I wrenched my foot free of the bar and to my shock slid about a foot and a half further down the monkey bars. I slid enough that my shorts and panties were both around my knees as they were still snagged by the bars. Now I was hanging, fully exposed!

Judging by the sudden moment of silence, I could just imagine his camera was out again taking more photos.

“Keep going Iris, I’m loving this! I never suspected you’d shave everything. I bet you’re so smooth too.”

My embarrassment was as complete as it could get at that point. I conceded. “Please. I need your help!”

I felt a hand glide over my pelvis and across the sensitive lips between my legs. Goosebumps shot across my skin as I yelled “DANIEL!”

“Alright, alright. I was just having fun. Hold tight, until I figure out where you’re stuck.”

Daniel came close, like, really close. Probably about an inch from my most private of spots. I could feel his warm breath on my skin just between my legs and it sent another round of goosebumps all over me. Then I felt his hands reach around my legs and grope around my shorts. After a minute or two, he stepped back.

“It’s a loose bolt alright. With you hanging off of it, as you are, I can’t get you free. You’re going to have to take them off.”

“What? No way am I doing that!”

“Iris, You’re already showing the good stuff. It’ll be just for a minute or two until we can get them free. Then you can cover up again.”

“Ugh, It’s hard talking to you with this shirt over my face.”

“Oh right, let me help you,” Daniel said. Then he grabbed my shirt and pulled it straight down over my head and let it drop onto the vase.

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it!” I yelled.

“Look, I could have pulled it down to your waist and covered you up, but we both know it wouldn’t stay and I would have more difficulty helping you. Now, what’s done is done. Let’s talk about payment.”

“Payment? What kind of payment?”

Daniel pulled out his phone and held it up to take more photos.

“No! No, no, no. It was one thing when my face was covered, but this is too much.” I started to argue, but it was too late. It was sincan escort clear he had taken several.

“Relax, I won’t share these ones.” He smiled that gorgeous smile of his. “As for payment…”

“The photos aren’t payment enough?” I asked.

He stepped forward and ran his finger from my navel to a point between my breasts with his left hand. Then he lightly circled around my right nipple and pinched.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

He ran his hands back down my body to between my legs and began to massage my most intimate of places. I moaned. It felt so nice. I was so caught up in the feeling that I nearly dropped the vase and for a moment I didn’t care. But I reasserted my grip before it came loose from my grasp.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and grabbed my ass firmly, then began exploring my puss with his tongue.

“Daniel!” I exclaimed, “I.. I didn’t. Oooh. Agree to ooOOo this.”

He finished with a light kiss and stood back. “Here, let me take that vase before you drop it.”

I was disappointed with how abruptly he stopped, and my senses returned to me as he took the vase from my hands. “Careful with it, It’s for my aunt. I went through hell tracking it down.”

Daniel took both the vase and my shirt from me and set them on the grass nearby. I covered my breasts with one arm, and my puss with the other. My sense of modesty slowly returning.

“Ok, let’s get you out of this mess.” Daniel reached up and removed my sandals, then undid the button to my shorts. Next, he tugged the zipper open. He carefully lifted me into his arms, one hand grabbing my ass, his fingers landing on my pussy lips I couldn’t help but notice, and then he pulled me free. I wrapped my arms around him for support. His fingers began worming their way inside. It felt nice.

There I was, completely naked in the arms of my high school crush. Blushing furiously. He spun me in his arms and set me down. I could help but notice his hands slid over my body, never leaving contact with my skin, as he did so.

I leaned forward and kissed him, looked into his eyes, then blushed. “I.. um… ” I turned away and reached up to free my shorts. Suddenly I felt his warm hands on my hips, running up the sides of my body, across my ribs, and grabbing hold of my breasts. He squeezed them. Massaged them. Pinched my nipples between his fingers. I was lost in the ecstasy of it all. I didn’t even hear his pants hit the ground.

I felt him enter me from behind. I bent low, clutching the monkey bars for support as he drove into me. He started off slow, pulling out inch by inch then ramming his length back into me in one smooth motion. Then he began to speed up. A low moan was coming from somewhere, and I don’t know how long it took before I realized it was coming from me. My juices were flowing, and from his grunts, I could tell he was enjoying it too.

I pulled out, turned around, and pushed him to the ground. I climbed on top of him, grasping his hard member and guiding it into me. I’m not normally a control freak, but how often is it you get to fuck your childhood crush? I wanted to live out as many fantasies I had about him over the years as I could. One of which was taking complete control of that rock hard penis. I pinned his arms down above his head, then used all the muscles I still had control over to squeeze his penis as I slide up and down on him. It was magnificent. My tits were bouncing, the cool air felt nice.

He looked great in the evening light and felt amazing. I’d occasionally pause and grind back and forth against him. Pushing his cock as deep into me as I could. His moans were all the encouragement I needed that I was doing a good job at it. Then I’d resume pumping him.

Unfortunately, I may have been too aggressive. I felt like I was just getting started when I could feel his body shudder and start to orgasm. Warmth flooded the inside of me and I collapsed on him, feeling his warm body against mine. His manhood still inside of me. We laid like that for a few minutes. I was enjoying the residual spasms of his cock. Like aftershocks of an earthquake. Then I got up and started to dress.

“So,” Daniel said with a grin. “When’s the next reunion?”

“Not soon enough,” I grinned back.

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