Airport Sex

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I was transiting in a Middle East airport on the way to Thailand from Europe. Another of my college buddy was already in Bangkok. He had told me about all the happy ending massages and I could not wait to get there. At 18, I was horny like hell just thinking about the amazing sex – I had even tried to masturbate on the plane thinking about the women! Little did I know my sex life was going to become exciting at the airport.

I had been in the line for security checks and in front of me was an American. Both of us started chatting and I realized he was also on the way to Thailand. He was in his early 20s, in blue jeans and wearing a light leather jacket – a normal bloke. I don’t even know his name. The crowd to put the bags through the x-ray machine was large and everybody was milling around the machine. He and I put our bags through the machine and I commented that both our rucksacks were exactly same. He smiled and then went through the security gates, while the harassed security guards were separating people to do a body check. I guess the x-ray machine beeped or somehow this bloke must have realized that his bag was being checked. I did not – next I knew he had picked up a bag and saying bye to me. As I waived to him, I wondered why he was in a hurry. Then a security guard accosted me as I picked up my bag. He took the bag out of my hands and indicated I had to follow him. I was surprised but followed.

He took me to a room and dumped the bag on the steel table. Indicated a chair – I tried to argue, he simply pulled his gun on me. I sat and kept quite. He opened the bag and to my horror there were a huge number of porno magazines. Not just porno but bdsm gay porno – he looked at me with disgust and dumped the magazines on the table. I tried to say they were not mine but he did not seem to understand or care. He took my passport and boarding card, told me to sit. I demanded to see my embassy – no reaction. I knew I was in trouble. He was flicking through the magazines now – young guys tied to chains, getting wiped, lot of military porn, cock sucking, ass fucking, slavery, horny young guys serving older military men, leather and the works. He flipped through the magazines, with a smile on his face, showed me a picture of a young guy tied to chains, getting his butt fucked while sucking the dick of another policeman. I did not know what to say – I tried to again tell him the magazines were not mine. He just ignored me and went on flipping.

Suddenly, almost as if he had come to a decision, he indicated I should stand up and turn around. I did, he turned me around and then handcuffed me – I protested but now he had no patience, so I got turned around and slapped hard, twice. He pushed me in the chair – the slaps had stunned me into silence. He indicated I was not to move – then picked up all the material and left.

After 10 minutes, another bloke entered. He was wearing the usual security uniform, artvin escort leather jacket, dark trousers, boots, motor cycle gloves, with a klashnikov slung on his shoulder. He was a bit older, in his late 20s – very sharp features, dark but in an asian way with a crew cut. He pointed his gun at me, and indicated I needed to walk. By now, I had given up on my situation, and knew talking will get me into trouble – but I tried and he just roughly held me and pushed me along. I walked with the gun on my bag. We entered a room, which was quite bare except for a steel table and two chairs. On the side of the room was a chain and strap apparatus was fixed. The room smelled antiseptic – almost like a hospital room. The fear in me rose – I knew what this was – it was a torture cell! No doubts at all – the cleanliness, the smell of antiseptic, the degusting chains.

I turned to run. Nothing doing – another slap, even harder. I was dazed – he pushed back, picked his gun up and indicated I should take my clothes off. I followed – took off my shirt and dropped my track pants, not my shoes. He did not want me take off my trainers. I was now standing only in my underwear and trainers. He pointed the gun at my underwear – I had to take it off. I pulled it down and he indicated I should pile my clothes on the table. Then he put his gun on the table, and roughly pushed me to the chains. I could feel him pushing his cock into my bare ass. He cuffed my hands to the chains and then my feet, finally pulling the chains so that I had my hands in the air. Now I was standing fully naked, except for my trainers and with my legs apart. He came near me and felt my nipples and then taking his hand down to my pubic hair and he rolled my cock in his leather gloves – in spite the situation, my cock hardened. It was ridiculous; he laughed and pulled my dick, which by now had fully hardened.

Then swaggered in the other bloke, the one who had pulled me from the security line. Both of them talked to each other in Arabic and one of them lit a cigarette, which they shared. Coming close to me, the first one, whose name, by now I had guessed was Ali, brought his hand with the cigarette close to my cock. I screamed – scared he was going to burn me – but he was laughing and brought the cigarette close to my lips. I took a drag – relaxed a bit. This was not an ordinary cigarette – another puff – I was relaxing faster now – I think it had hash in it.

The other guy, Ahmad, went behind and made the chains loose so that my hands were no more above my head – relief. Then he pushed me at my knees with his boot so that I buckled and sat on my knees. My eyes were at the level of Ali’s black security trousers. Ahmad felt my balls from behind with his boots, crushing them and rubbing his boot on my cock. Ali had taken out his leather belt, which he was now holding in his hand. He let it loose in front of my escort artvin face, and rubbed it on my face, pulling it up and let it run on my back.

Ahmad meanwhile, pushed my ass up with his boots. I resisted – crack! Ali, whipped my back with the leather belt. I screamed, Ali and Ahmad laughed and I got a kick on my butt and another whipping with the belt. I obeyed and lifted my ass – I knew the consequences of not following though the clarity of what was going to happen was obvious. I was going to get butt fucked and hopefully only with a cock!

Ali opened his trousers and rubbed his underwear cock area on my mouth. I felt his hard, huge cock on my face. He pulled his underwear down and holding his dick in his right hand, rubbed it on my face bringing it close to my lips. In his left hand he was holding the leather belt. I resisted opening my mouth and got whipped with the belt. By now, I should have known, I could not resist – the consequences were clear. I opened my mouth and took his semi-hard, cut dick in my mouth. He pushed it deep and I felt it harden in my mouth, felt the pulsing of the nerve and the dick growing to its full. It was atleast 8 inches and waiting for action. I rolled it my mouth, deciding giving him pleasure was maybe the best way out of the situation.

Ahmad was feeling my butt and rubbing his cock on my arse hole. I could not see him but he had obviously taken off his trousers. I felt him trickle a liquid, probably his spit and put his finger up my ass hole. Moving it and letting me feel the leather of the glove on my balls. I was scared – and he was no gentle guy. He was smacking my ass, pinching it, pushing his finger harder and then two and three fingers up my ass. I could feel my hole opening up to the onslaught – then felt him rubbing his dick on my ass again as he pulled his fingers out. Now his dick was hard like a rock, he pushed it in my hole, I screamed with the pain shooting through as he tore through resistance. My hole was putting up a fight and Ahmad was enjoying the fucking fight. He smacked me hard on my ass as he pushed his hard stick right up my hole. Then he put up a rhythm of hammering my hole – I felt it tear and thought I must be bleeding. Buy there was nothing I could do but enjoy getting rapped out of my fucking mind.

I rolled Ali’s dick in my mouth and felt the pre-cum while Ahmad was pounding my ass. Then Ali pulled his cock out, maybe he did not want to come so quickly. He said something to Ahmad, and they switched places. I now saw the dick that had roughed up my ass – full 9 inches of it – hard, cut, throbbing and ready for action. Ahmad, pushed the cock to my mouth – I obeyed – opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. He pushed it in my mouth, like my mouth was a pussy, while rubbing his balls and with his other hand. I could taste the pre-cum in my mouth – he was close to ejaculating. I knew I artvin escort bayan would have to drink the cum – I did not want another whipping.

Meanwhile, Ali slipped his cock into my now open ass hole. He held my ass with his hands and pushed in and out, his hard dick pushing the back of my ass hole and sending signals of pleasure. I rolled Ahmad’s cock in my mouth, the veins on his cock were bulging as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth while holding my head. I sucked on his dick like a lollipop, trying to give him maximum pleasure. I wanted to please him – maybe that would result in some mercy!

Mercy, maybe is what they decided I needed. Ali said something in Arabic to Ahmed. Ahmed laughed and then I felt both of them take their dicks out of me. Ahmad removed the chains on my hands. Then Ali turned me around and put me on my back. My dick was now visible to them. Ahmad had lit another cigarette in the meantime and came and sat on my chest with his cock near my throat. He put the cigarette to my mouth and I took some puffs – the hash was strong. I relaxed while he rubbed his dick on my mouth. Ali, in the meantime, started pulling my dick with his leather gloves covered hand. He put spittle on it and to my amazement, my cock responded. It became fully erect and hard like a rock – 8 inches of meat, ready for action. I think it was the hash – but, either way, my stick was ready to be pounded. Ali put more spittle on my cock and licked it and rolled it in his mouth. I was moaning – Ahmed in the meantime, pushed his cock in my mouth, pushing his body down and rubbing his pubic hair on my mouth. I used my hands to push his ass deeper in to my mouth.

Ali pushed his ass on to my cock – his was obviously not a virgin ass. It had taken a number of cocks up its hole because my cock slipped in without a problem. He started pounding my cock and I felt the pleasure of a tight ass. I would have cum but Ali knew how to delay my ejaculation – he slowed down and let me relax grinding my dick higher up his arse.

Ali screamed something to Ahmed. Ahmed pulled his cock out of my mouth. They walked in front of me and indicated that I should get up. I was now at the level of their dicks while with my hands I was playing with my dick. They were ferociously working on their cocks. Then when my member was fully hard, they both brought their cocks near my mouth. I sucked one and then the other – Ahmad came first – his salty semen trickling fast and furious into my mouth – wet, slimy, sticky, with the smell of ejaculation. I drank it knowing that is what they wanted. Ali came next, his cock shooting spurts, like a machine gun, semen flowing deep in my mouth – enough protein for a life time. Finally, I came on the steel, strangely enjoying the pleasure more than I thought possible!

After this Ali and Ahmad pulled up their trousers. They looked at me and Ali winked. He said to me in perfect English – “we like to make our visitors feel they are getting the best fucking holiday!” He had understood everything I had said! He told me they will have to destroy the magazines but I can leave. He escorted me to the flight, where I had been upgraded to first class. Before leaving me, he told me to enjoy Thailand!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32