An Unexpected Guest

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It was on a Saturday afternoon when Chris made an unannounced visit to my home. I just came back after spending the night at Anna’s parent house. Last evening, Anna was at her mischief best tantalizing and enticing my wet pussy. Anna, despite being in her late twenties, still lives at home. She is still the sweet innocent girl in her parent’s eyes. It makes me sick, when I visit them and watch her parents pamper her. But she is great lay, and I have to live with that. Since she lives at home and still have a curfew, we take advantage of every opportunity to burn off our desires. Anna makes it tough because she refuse to go to bars. or any place that we may get caught making out. During our lunch hour, we have spent countless minutes in the dressing room of department stores as we swapped our soiled pantyhose. We have mastered the art of discreetly fingering each others cunts in the back-seat of a cab without attracting the attention of the driver. We’ve spent numerous romantic evenings watching bad movies because of the low turnout at the theater.

When Chris showed up at my door, I was still angry that I had to leave Anna’s house before her parents came back from visiting her uncle. I was exasperated from trying to convince the spoil brat to leave the nest. For Christ sake, she is almost thirty-years-old, and still have to be home by 11:00 PM. She still vacations with her parents, and yesterday was the first time her parents have left her alone at home. In fact, last night was the first time that I spent a whole night with her during our eight months together. It took me three months of hot pursuit to persuade Anna to take a walk on the wild side. When I finally seduced her in the back-seat of my car at the mall near her house, I had to promise to be discreet. It was tough in the beginning because we work in the same company. Luckily, my department eventually moved to another building, and our company leased the space of my department to a small company. They had a staff of 10 and all of them were men. Whenever I’m horny, I would walk three blocks to meet Anna in the ladies room. Anna noticed that I was irascible eating the English muffin she prepared, the tease sat on my lap to make sure no crumb would fall on my lap. I guided her to lean over the table, as I drank my morning juice. I kissed her on the cheeks instead of my usual wet sultry kiss to show my disappointment. I drove home afterward feeling partially satisfied.

I wasn’t in a friendly mood when I answered the door and saw Chris. I was tired for one thing, and I had to wait until Monday for some pussy. I was a gracious host as I offered her a glass of wine but she just wanted a glass of water. I told her how glad I was to see her after all these years, and how pretty she looks. I met Chris 15 years ago at work, she was an 18 year old kid straight out of high school. I was a 23 year old low level supervisor monitoring 4 clerks. Chris was the only clerk that got along with me, the other 3 clerks were older than me. They were jealous of my promotion. Chris was from the same neighborhood that I grew up in, and we got along amazingly well during the 1 year she worked for me. She left work when she got married. The girls from my old neighborhood were usually Catholic, and after graduation from high school they will get a job until their boyfriends get a decent job, then the girls would quit to get married. After a few years, they would be pushing their baby carriages along the street in their tight jeans covering their wide hips. Chris always reminds me of one of those girls.

Except for a few Christmas cards the first few years after Chris left the company, we didn’t keep in touch. I was very surprised that she came to visit me. Chris told me her husband Vinny took their 5 kids to visit his parents. I was happy for her that she had 5 kids. She fethiye escort always wanted a big family. Chris didn’t change much over the years with her rosy red cheeks. She was and is a cute large woman. Her greatest attributes were and still are her firm full breast and hips. We used to go bar hopping together, and the guys were fascinated by her big tits and big ass.

I tried my best to find out what Chris’s intentions were for visiting me. I was a little puzzled by her presence since I haven’t seen her since her wedding. After a little more chit chat, Chris mustered the courage to ask me if I can get her niece a job at my company. I asked her to tell her niece to send me a resume, and I will pass it around the various departments at work. Chris resented my offer, and stress that I should have no problems of placing her niece Abby in the company. She was fierce in her verbal attack of me, claiming that she had a hand to my blossoming career, she was the first employee that ever respected me. I allowed her to finish her verbal assault of me. When she finished, I made the same proposal as before, and explained that our company is on a tight budget, and my career is not as promising as she imagined. I was hoping she would understand the trend of downsizing of my employer, but it was to no avail. Chris’s verbal assault continued, and I became extremely upset when she threw her glass of water on the floor. I clutched her right arms to escort her out of my home, when she threatened to strike me with her left hand. I twisted her right arm behind her and yanked her head back by grabbing her chin with my left arm. I asked her to calm down and leave my home. After a few seconds, she composed herself and apologized for her actions. I released her from my grip.

I was irate that this sassy bitch tried to bully me. She thought just because she was bigger than me that I will concede easily. My adrenaline was flowing after my conquest of Chris, the damn bitch is at least 50 lbs heavier than me. I became more heated when I noticed Chris standing in a small puddle in my hallway. Luckily for her, she was right next to the bathroom. I pushed her inside and ordered her to clean up. I retrieved a mop from the closet and swiped dry the ceramic tile floor. My anger subsided, when I realized that no damage was done to my carpet in the living room. I went to the bathroom to check in on Chris. I burst out laughing as I saw her standing with a big wet stain on the crotch of her overly tight jeans. Her feet in her sandals were wet from the overflow of piss, and the light in the bathroom reflected off her shiny red toes. I mopped her wet feet to dry them off. Chris was in a state of humiliation, and I had no sympathy for her. I ordered her again to clean up and leave my home.

Chris asked me if I have a change of clothing for her. Tears were dripping down her remorseful face as she pleaded with me to help her. I told her to remove her wet clothes, and I will put them in the washing machine. Chris thank me, but I wouldn’t acknowledge her. I stood in bathroom to wait for the bitch to undress. She removed her drenched sandals and proceeded to remove her jeans. But the moisture around her thigh made it difficult to pull down her tight jeans. She finally removed them after a few trying minutes. The inseams of the jeans made a mark on Chris’s thighs. I chuckled as Chris stood in front of me in a T-shirt and in a pair of skimpy panties. The sheer panties could not contain Chris’s pubic hair, vast strand of hair was protruding around the flimsy fabric. I was astonished that Chris’s big ass didn’t tear the delicate panties. As Chris started to remove them, I stopped her, I told her to turn around for me. I was getting horny admiring Chris’s firm big ass with the damp fabric riding up the crack of her ass.

I decided to tease the escort fethiye bitch by stroking Chris’s face and lightly pulled the elastic band of her moist panties. Chris became nervous of my actions. Finally, I ordered her to remove her damp skimpy briefs. Chris handed them to me suspiciously. I smiled to reassure her and escorted her upstairs to the bathroom. We placed her urine soaked clothes in the washer. I allowed her to take a shower while I went to my bedroom to find a robe for her.

When Chris was finished showering, I handed her a bath towel to dry herself off and escorted her to my bedroom. Chris became uncomfortable as I scrutinized her body. I tried to ease her fear as I helped her put on a bath robe. I was behind her when I offered to tie the ribbons around her waist. I smoothly reached down and grabbed her crotch. Chris shriek as I combed her thick pubic hair. I told Chris to scream all she wants, because no one will hear her. I called her a spineless bitch, because she initiated all the rough stuff. I leaned on Chris’s shoulder to force her to bend her legs. Chris gasped initially, as my finger and then fingers penetrated her cunt. Her wailing turn to a soft drone as I brought Chris to a orgasm. I felt her inner walls shuddered with wetness against my fingers, Chris was in lust and turned her head to kiss me. I turned away from her and pushed her onto my bed.

I removed my T-shirt and shorts to join her on my king size bed. Chris tried to snatch my legs as I straddled her face with my crotch. I didn’t give her a warning as I lower my ass directly over her face. I didn’t show any mercy as I sat full force on her face . Chris grunted and gently ease my ass to a more comfortable position over her face. I grinded my ass against her face. Chris tried to lick my cheeks but I wouldn’t stay still to allow her. I reached down to pull her legs back toward me. Chris was helpless as her hairy pussy was spread open in front of me. I plunge my tongue into the wet opening. I probed and found her clit, My hands sorted her numerous strands of pubic hair. As Chris writhe in pleasure, piles of pubic hair were pulled from her crotch. Chris panted as I gently bit her swollen clitoris. I bounced, rolled, and licked her flowery bud until she came again.

The rinse cycle of the washing machine terminated with a loud snapping sound. I looked up and saw a confused Anna standing in the entrance of my bedroom door. She was so sexy in an extra large T-shirt that barely covered her golden pubic mane, my eyes followed her creamy smooth legs to her sweet dainty feet encased in a pair of open toe black stiletto. I moved off Chris and ordered her to remain motionless on my bed. I walked over to Anna to kiss her wetly, she turned her face to capture my kiss against the side of her face. I gently reached behind Anna to feel her bare ass and escorted a pouting Anna to the bathroom. I tried to explain what happened and apologized profusely for the predicament. After begging and appealing Anna for quite a few minute to forgive me, she condoned my actions. She thought that I picked her up in a bar. She would be mad too, if one of her friends did that to her, but she stressed that she wouldn’t rape her. I apologized again, and I will get Chris’s wet clothes and sent her home. Anna revealed that the reason she came to my place was to tell me the good news. She convinced her parents to stay at her uncle for the weekend. Her parents suggested that she spend the weekend at my place. If Anna likes the arrangement, they suggested that we become roommates. When Anna finished telling me the good news, she wet her lips with her tongue which drove me mad all the time. I was dying to get that fat bitch out of my home to be with my lover.

Anna told me to relax as I saw that mischief smile on her face, she put Chris’s wet clean clothes fethiye escort bayan in the dryer. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. Chris was sitting on my bed cloudy and unclear to the recent events. Anna introduced herself to Chris and twisted Chris’s hardened nipples with her sensitive fingers. When Anna asked Chris if she enjoyed being eaten by me, Chris cautiously nodded. Chris was enthralled by the beauty of Anna, her eyes were transfixed on Anna’s expose golden pubic area. Anna rested her feet on Chris’s thigh and asked her to remove her sexy shoe, I became jealous of Anna’s seductions as I saw Chris gazed into Anna’s expose pussy. Chris’s chubby fingers clumsily fumbled the thin leather straps and after a few minutes was able to successfully free Anna’s foot. Chris’s hand delicately caressed Anna’s thigh and foot before gently kissing her toes. Anna ordered her to stop and removed her other shoe. Chris went through the same precarious routine hoping to prolong it this time. I was horny from watching Chris’s tenderly loving my girlfriend’s leg and feet.

Anna sat on my bed on top of 3 pillows against the headboard. Anna instructed Chris to come to her. Chris was mesmerized as she crawled toward my spoil lover. Anna tease Chris’s face with her sensitive feet and toes. Anna demanded Chris to eat her because her lover had eaten her a few minutes ago. I was stunned at Anna’s new found brashness, she had Chris in the palm of her hand. Whatever trepidation Chris had an hour ago has quickly dissipated. Chris spread Anna golden lips softly with her fingers, and she moved in with her tongue. My brat moaned weakly as her legs rested on Chris’s shoulders. Chris consented to every one of Anna’s demand. I was spellbound by the movement of Chris’s big ass as she fucked my girlfriend with her tits. I went to the closet to retrieve my strap-on dildo.

When I returned, Anna was pinned against the headboard, her hands wrapped tightly around the spindle of the headboard, Chris had pushed aside Anna’s leg as far as they will go. Anna was shaking from the effect of a thundering orgasm. I climbed on the bed behind Chris. I massaged the entrance to her wrinkle asshole with the natural juice flowing from Chris’s pussy. She screamed loudly and release Anna’s legs as I pounded the man-made tool into her ass, my thighs slapped hard against the flesh of her cheeks. Chris was in heat as sweat escapes the pores of her skin. I pounded Chris’s ass until she collapsed on my bed.

I reached over Chris to kiss Anna wetly. Anna whispered to me she was a virgin from behind and asked me when will I break her cherry. I promised my honey as soon as Chris leaves. As Anna and I continued our sign of affection over Chris, Chris maneuvered her face directly under a squatting Anna. I felt Anna quivered momentarily as I guided her to regain her balance. Anna gasped and told me Chris is licking her asshole. I saw Anna’s eyes sparkling with desire as I reached down to spread her ass cheeks for Chris to indulge. Anna shrilled with delight as an orgasm engulfed her. Chris grunted as Anna’s ass grinded into Chris’ face. I held Anna’s head against me to soothe her.

The dryer terminated with a loud snapping sound. We were too exhausted to leave my bed. Chris finally took noticed that it was getting late and Vinny was waiting for her at his parent’s house. Chris jumped out of bed to get her clothes from the dryer. Anna and I helped Chris get into her tight jeans. Chris apologized to me again for her actions, I told her that I forgave her. She thanked me for adding a little spice into her dull life. Before leaving she hugged us, and stuck a finger up our wet pussies. I invited her to come back to visit us.

Anna and I were alone for the rest of the weekend. We were hungry, and I suggested that we order some Chinese food for the evening. I cuddled up to my spoiled brat and rubbed her virgin ass, because after dinner we will start our honeymoon. Anna hinted that she loved the way Chris caress her feet. I assured her that it will be a full amorous occasion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32