An Unexpected Trip

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The van was cramped and hot. Digitalis sat with his knees splayed and pushing into the sides of the seat in front of him. His large bluejay-like feathered wings were squished to his sides against his partner Arthur’s larger black ones. Digitalis had combed his short wavy blue hair into submission and wore a long dark-colored coat over a pair of black university sweatpants. It wasn’t the most formal outfit ever, but everything he wore was either black or black-adjacent, and that was the custom for funerals…or at least he hoped it was. Despite being half Andyne, he always found Andyne culture extra confusing.

Arthur sat next to Digitalis in the back seat, and Arthur’s brother Fox and Fox’s partner Cassia sat in the front. The atmosphere was awkward and charged, but that wasn’t what was bothering Digitalis at the moment. He’d had to pee since they’d left home that morning, and drank an entire bottle of water on the transport over, finishing it just before he found out they would be delayed for several hours due to winter weather.

Fox and Cassia’s home was only twenty minutes from the transport station under normal conditions, but snow and ice on the roads would doubtlessly make it longer. Sitting down again made it easier for Digitalis to hold his bladder, but the road around the station was bumpy and jostled him in his seat. He eyed his empty water bottle, stowed in the side of his duffel bag. The bag was bulky and the car was mostly dark, but it was quiet enough that Digitalis was afraid he might be heard and caught in the act of filling the bottle. It was only Digitalis’s second time meeting Fox and Cassia, and he didn’t want to make a bad impression with them. He didn’t have much time to decide though: a steady stream was starting to come out despite his attempts to stop it.

“So uh…” Cassia turned in her seat to look back. “Would anyone like to listen to some music?”

The car hit a bump, and the small, hot drip escaping Digitalis dripped faster. He almost groaned aloud, but morphed it into an assenting “yeah.”

“What do you two listen to?” asked Cassia. She was small and slight, with black and white striped wings and long black hair, trailing out from under a knitted cap that matched her sweater.

Digitalis looked over at Arthur, who seemed to be dozing off, resting his head on his backpack. Digitalis casually lifted the empty bottle from the mesh pocket of his bag, raising the front of his coat.

“Whatever’s on is alright,” said Digitalis. The cap was mercifully loose when Digitalis twisted it off, but the plastic crinkled a little. It made him jump and glance around, but no one seemed to have noticed.

Cassia reached over toward the radio button, and Digitalis’s bladder throbbed in anticipation while he pulled back the elastic waistband on his pants. “There isn’t a lot playing at this hour. If there’s nothing else, how do you feel about Pirate Metal?”

“S-sure,” said Digitalis. Cassia turned on the radio and started flipping through the stations. It would have to be enough noise, because the car hit another bump as Digitalis pulled his dick out. It squirted eagerly onto his pants before he could line up the bottle.

Digitalis let go into the mouth of the bottle just as a jaunty violin solo boomed through the van’s speakers. He knew the bottle wouldn’t be big enough to hold much, but he was hoping it would be enough to tide him over until he could get to a bathroom.

“So I know it’s muğla escort late,” said Cassia. Digitalis looked up, and was relieved to see that Cassia was on her phone and not looking back at him. “But Fox and I haven’t had dinner, and with all the delays you two probably haven’t either-“

The bottle was suddenly over half full and filling up fast. Digitalis clenched up, just barely stopping before the bottle overflowed. Making sure his crotch was still hidden from the front seat by his bag, he replaced the lid and tightened it. The bottle was warm in his hand, and as he lowered it back into the mesh pocket, a light made him glance up.

“Pick anything on the menu, it’s on us,” said Cassia. The light had been her phone, which she held out to Digitalis. On the screen was the menu of a local ramen restaurant. Digitalis made his order and nudged Arthur, getting him to sit up and order his food.

With that done, Digitalis reached down and stealthily put his dick back. He’d started to get hard, so he had to work at it a little to maneuver his waistband without being too conspicuous. The small release and anticipation of food made the remainder of the trip a bit more bearable, and the Pirate Metal drowned out the worst of the awkward silence.

The air was biting cold when Digitalis got out of the van, and random flakes of snow drifted to the ground. Digitalis took both his and Arthur’s luggage inside; their bags weren’t particularly heavy, but they were unwieldy on the partially de-iced walkway.

Fox and Arthur walked side by side to the door: though their faces, olive complexions, and freckles were almost identical from the front, they were easy to tell apart from behind. Fox’s wings had a large white patch at the top, more dark gray than his brother’s solid black wings, and though his hair was dark and curly like Arthur’s, it was cut very short, whereas Arthur’s wound halfway down his back in a neat braid. Arthur was also slightly taller than his older brother, and one of his wings had an odd twitch to it from an old injury.

“I can take one of the bags if you like,” offered Cassia, walking next to Digitalis. He handed her Arthur’s backpack, holding his own bag in front of him with the side pocket containing the bottle of piss facing away from her.

Fox and Arthur stopped to talk in the living room while Cassia led Digitalis through to the back door. They proceeded through to the doorstep of the mother-in-law house that Digitalis and Arthur would be staying in for the next week.

“Fox built this place for his and Arty’s dad ten years ago,” said Cassia, turning on the lights in the front hallway. “The bathroom doorknob locks on its own, so make sure you don’t close it all the way after you use it.” The mention of a bathroom made Digitalis’s bladder throb painfully. He stole a glance at the open bathroom door as he and Cassia passed it, and would’ve gone in if Cassia hadn’t been talking.

“Before I leave, I need to show you how to work the thermostat,” said Cassia, opening the bedroom door and dropping Arthur’s bag off on the neatly-made double bed. Digitalis followed suit and listened to Cassia’s instructions on working the thermostat. As she walked him through the thermostat’s menu interface and functions, Arthur walked through the front door and went straight to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Cassia seemed to be talking for much longer than the thirty seconds she muğla escort bayan took to get to the front door. “Fox or I will leave the food on the doorstep once it gets here,” she said. “And…we were thinking of having a game night if you and Arty are up for it. Maybe not tonight, but tomorrow? Any day is fine for us.”

Digitalis’s bladder throbbed again, and this time he had to hold back a leak. He was overfilling again, and he knew he’d burst soon.

“I’ll have to ask Bear about it,” said Digitalis. “He was dozing off in the van, so he’ll probably go straight to bed.” It wasn’t entirely a lie, but it was what would get her to go away the quickest so he could finally have a piss.

“You call Arthur ‘Bear?’ That’s adorable,” giggled Cassia. Digitalis’s stomach twisted and he fought another urge to wet himself. “Let us know if you need anything, alright?”

“We will,” said Digitalis. “Thanks so much, Cassia.” Behind him, Digitalis heard Arthur leaving the bathroom and shutting the door. Digitalis closed the front door and made a break for the bathroom, only to find that it had locked, just as Cassia had warned. There was a key on top of the doorframe for emergencies, but Digitalis didn’t have time to figure out the lock. Another leak escaped him, running down his thigh. He knew he was going to wet himself…unless-

A small kitchen sat across the hall, and Digitalis made for it, raising his coat and pulling down the waistband of his pants. The lights were off but Digitalis could see the sink, its metal surface reflecting the light from the hall. The window over the sink had no curtains or blinds, and afforded a sweeping view of the snowy hillside outside. As Digitalis shuffled across the darkened room, he heard Arthur amble up behind him.

“What are you doing in here, Digit?” asked Arthur.

Digitalis gulped, pulling out his dick. He was almost within arm’s length of the drain and had to pinch himself to keep from leaking. Just before Digitalis could reach the sink, Arthur approached him from behind, slipping his arms around Digitalis’s waist and brushing his sides just beneath his rib cage. Arthur knew exactly what he was doing: a shiver shot up Digitalis’s spine. He let go of himself and began dribbling on the floor, just short of the kitchen sink.

“Bear,” moaned Digitalis. Arthur pulled Digitalis a little closer, allowing him to crane his neck over Digitalis’s shoulder and watch his flow pick up, hitting the linoleum like a waterfall. He felt Arthur kiss his neck. “Oh, you’re horny,” Digitalis realized aloud. Arthur pressed his crotch into Digitalis’s hip in confirmation.

“And I see that you are too,” purred Arthur. Digitalis glanced down and found that Arthur was right. He was almost fully hard, the flow of piss slowing despite him still needing to go.

“You’re not mad that I’m peeing on the floor?” asked Digitalis.

“I’m a little confused about that part, I admit,” said Arthur. “But I’m not averse to it at all, especially considering who used to live here.” One of Arthur’s large hands closed gently around Digitalis’s cock. Digitalis was even more sensitive than he’d expected, and moaned aloud.

“May I suck your dick?” asked Arthur, his breath hot in Digitalis’s ear.

Digitalis looked down: he was too hard to keep peeing. “I don’t see why not.”

They stepped over to the kitchen table, where Digitalis sat on a kitchen chair and Arthur kneeled between escort muğla his legs. Arthur had removed his coat and wore a plain white t-shirt and jeans, the latter of which had a sizable bulge in the crotch.

Arthur started by licking the head of Digitalis’s cock, fluttering his tongue around it. Digitalis’s muscular body twitched, and Arthur began stroking the shaft with one hand and caressing Digitalis’s balls with the other. Normally Arthur enjoyed giving oral, but today he was extra enthusiastic; his bad wing spasmed restlessly behind him and he seemed to rock back and forth on his knees.

Digitalis tried to hold on as long as he could, but Arthur knew him too well. Digitalis gripped the sides of the kitchen chair while Arthur sucked.

“Bear,” gasped Digitalis. “I’m gonna-“

“I know.” Arthur grinned up at him, pumping steadily until Digitalis exploded in his face. He kept going until Digitalis was all done, then slumped onto Digitalis’s thigh, panting and twitching.

“You okay, Bear?” gasped Digitalis.

Arthur wheezed, “Oh yeah. I just came in my pants.”

Digitalis paused to catch his breath, stroking Arthur’s hair. About a minute later, he felt the need to pee coming on again and sat up.

“What’s up?” asked Arthur.

“I still have to pee. I’m gonna go unlock the bathroom so I can finish,” explained Digitalis.

“I don’t remember locking it,” said Arthur.

“The doorknob locks on its own,” replied Digitalis. “There’s a key, but I was about to wet myself so I didn’t unlock it.”

“Well,” Arthur sat up and unbuttoned his pants. “If you’d like to finish up in here, I’ll clean up.”

“Alright,” said Digitalis, settling back in the chair. When the next urge to pee hit, he didn’t fight it and doused Arthur’s shirt. Arthur watched contentedly for a long moment before unzipping his jeans and whipping out his own cock. Arthur was already getting hard again, flopping it around in Digitalis’s stream before aiming it upward, pulling back his foreskin, and letting go, spraying himself with piss.

Digitalis stretched his wings lazily out on the kitchen table behind him, relaxing while both he and Arthur drenched Arthur’s clothes. Arthur murmured something that sounded like “finally!” and heaved a deep, relieved sigh while his cock slowly swelled in his hand.

“You’ve been holding it too, eh?” yawned Digitalis.

“Yeah,” panted Arthur. “I saw you pissing in that bottle. I was already hard, and I almost lost my load right there.” Digitalis blushed, but didn’t get a chance to respond:

knock knock knock

Both Digitalis and Arthur jumped. Digitalis didn’t know who’d be knocking at this time of night-

“Oh, it must be the food,” said Arthur, pushing out the last squirts of piss onto his chest. “Fox said that he or Caspia would leave it at the door when it got here.”

“Who’s Caspia?” whispered Digitalis.

“Fox’s partner?” said Arthur. “Sat in the passenger seat on the way here? Ordered the food?”

“You mean-…” Digitalis paused. “I’ve been calling her Cassia this whole time.”

“It’s alright, Digit,” Arthur patted Digitalis’s calf. “If it’s still bothering you tomorrow you can say something then, but I doubt she’ll have a problem with it.”

Apart from the wet spot in the crotch Digitalis’s clothes were mostly dry, so he decided to answer the door. He stood up, pulling his pants up a bit and covering himself with his coat while padding up the hallway. A large paper bag sat on the doorstep outside, which Digitalis retrieved and set on the low table in the living room. After helping Arthur clean up in the kitchen and a quick shower, they turned on the lights in the living room and opened up the bag containing their dinner.

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