Angel And Mandy

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It was a late on a Sunday afternoon. I was taking a nap in the bedroom while my wife Angel played at her computer in the front room. I was suddenly awoken by the phone ringing. Angel quickly answered after one ring as not to disturb me. She hit the speaker phone and I could just barely hear the conversation.

“Hi Angel, it’s Mandy!” The voice on the speaker announced. Mandy was one of our mutual single female friends, a pleasingly plump beauty with brown hair and blue eyes.

“Hello honey!” My wife replied, “How are you?”

“I’m fine”, Mandy answered, “just in the neighborhood and wondered if you were home and had a couple of minutes for a quick visit?”

“Sure honey,” Angel answered, “Kelly is taking a nap but I’ll wake him, come on over.”

“No”, replied Mandy, “Don’t wake him. To be honest, I really wanted to talk to you alone, kind of a girl to girl matter.”

“Oh, OK girlfriend, see you soon” Angel answered, hanging up the phone.

Hmmm, I thought to myself, “girl to girl”, hmmm, this might be interesting!

I could hear Angel’s footsteps as she tiptoed up to the bedroom door to check on me.

I quickly feigned being asleep as she quietly pulled the bedroom door closed.

As I lay in bed I thought about Mandy. Angel had told me that of all of our friends, she had found Mandy the most attractive. Angel had had no gay experiences other that a couple of mutual masturbation sessions with girlfriends when she was in her early teens. She marmaris escort did however; say she was becoming more and more attracted to women as she grew older.

I had fantasized a three-way a couple of times with Angel and Mandy and even mentioned it jokingly to Angel. Is today the day? Oh, I’m probably letting my imagination run away with me, I thought to myself. I’m sure she only wanted to discuss some new boyfriend issues with my beautiful wife.

A few minutes later I heard a soft knock at the front door and the sound of Angel letting her in. After a quick hello, there was silence, realizing the two were hugging, I pictured there soft breasts pressed together.

“Kelly?” Mandy asked.

“Sound asleep”, Angel replied. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Maybe a little white wine”, Mandy said.

Although the bedroom door was closed, our walls were paper-thin and I could still make out their conversation.

I listen to the sound of Angel getting the wine and the two of them settling on the couch.

“Well”, Angel inquired, what is it you wanted to talk about?”

At first Mandy kind of hemmed and hawed but finally replied, “This is very difficult to say, but you know, I love you and Kelly very much and really have enjoyed the time we’ve spent together but I have a confession to make. I find myself becoming more and more attracted to you sexually and although I have never had any lesbian thoughts previously, I can’t help but fantasize about you. I feel marmaris escort bayan so embarrassed telling you this and I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to have nothing more to do with me but I just had to tell you my true feelings!”

“Oh listen darling”, Angel replied. “Kelly and I adore you and have joked about abducting you and having our way with you. Of course we were only half serious but I too have a confession to make. I have had a couple of fantasies about you myself!”

My ears were burning and I couldn’t wait to see where this was going. Then the talking stopped. Then soft mewing and heavy breathing and I realized they were embracing.

I slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the bedroom door. I opened it quietly and peeked out through the beaded curtains to the couch.

I was right, they were embracing. Their soft lips were pressed together and I could see their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Their eyes were closed and they were slowly peeling off each others close, letting them fall to the floor.

Their hands sought each other’s bodies, cupping breasts, pinching nipples, squeezing buttocks and softly stroking labia and clitorises. I could hear their soft moans as they responded to each other’s touch.

As hard as it was, I tore myself away and return to the bed, closing the door behind me. I had decided that this was a very intimate moment between them and I wanted to give them their privacy. I didn’t want them to look up and see me watching escort marmaris and become embarrassed and stop what was becoming a wonderful experience for the both of them.

I just lay there in the bed, clutching my erect cock, listening to the familiar love sounds my sweet wife was making. I know she was trying to stifle as much noise as possible.

I could also hear Mandy’s moans which were different from Angels responding in kind.

I could only imagine from the sounds they were making, what was going on. As I listened to Angel’s muffled squeals and sucking noises I figured that she had her face buried between Mandy’s milky white thighs with her lips and tongue pressed tightly against her swollen while she sucked Mandy’s sopping cunt.

Then I heard Mandy’s moans grow louder and she approached her orgasm. Each woman had a unique and distictive sound when the cum. I stroked my cock harder and we came together in different rooms. Then, more silence as they embraced and petted. It must have been Angel’s turn next because Mandy’s sighs became muffled and Angel’s moans took on that familiar sound which I had come to know so well. She was cumming and cumming and cumming.

Then after a couple of minutes, I heard footsteps at the door as Angel quietly peeked in. I pretended I was asleep again and she closed the door and returned to her new lover.

The two women talked quietly for some time and then I heard the sound of Angel opening the front door and letting Mandy out.

The next thing I knew, Angel was crawling in bed with me and snuggling up.

She smelled like Angel and Mandy all mix together.

“Have fun?” I inquired.

“It was lovely” my sweet wife replied.

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