Anna’s First Time

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Anna was a young woman who was in love with the idea of having another woman’s arms wrapped around her middle, with looks of ecstasy on her face. Anna was about 23 years old and had been with men more then once. She loved the feeling of a rock hard cock inside her little pink mound. Anna knew she had to find the girl!

Anna had seen this very well rounded, smart athletic cutie run by her at the park several times over a few weeks and found her very… Sexy to say the least. She decided that today, If they woman ran by, she would join her in her run and strike conversation. Anna waited 3 hours and the woman never ran by, so she decided to go home and catch up on some work from the office. As she got up the woman happened to be sitting on the bench across the way and looking at Anna. There was something about her that made Anna want to talk with her even more, so she walked over and sat down next to her.

“Hi, I’m Anna. Is this seat taken?” the woman looked at Anna and said “No, have a seat.” The way the woman looked at Anna made Anna want her right there. Anna was a new found Bisexual and was very curious about the experience with a woman. Anna then asked what her name was. “My name is Alex. Its short for Alexandra.”

Anna and Alex talked for a while and Alex finally told Anna that the only reason she ran by her everyday was because she was the most captivating woman she had seen in a while. Alex explained how her boyfriend was always working and she didn’t want to put herself in another mans arms and fell in love with the idea of having a woman lover. She mentioned how she had seen Anna watching her marmaris escort the first time and that it made her want to meet her. Today instead of running by, she decided to sit and wait for Anna to come by in hopes of conversation. Looks like her planned worked.

Anna and Alex decided to go back to Anna’s for some tea and more conversation to get better acquainted. Once they arrived, Anna told Alex to make herself more comfortable wile she went to make tea. Anna left the room and Alex decided it was all or nothing. Alex took off all of her clothing, folded them neatly and set them on the floor under the end table next to the sofa. She sat patiently waiting for Anna wondering what Anna would say when she got back and seen her Naked from head to toe.

Anna come back in the room about 20 minutes later carrying 2 glasses of iced tea and some little snacks she made while the tea was brewing. As she came into the room, she looked up at Alex and was astonished at what was in front of her. “Alex, I meant have a seat and relax or join me in the kitchen… Not get naked.”

“I am so sorry, the way you looked at me made me want to do this. I tend to dive in rather quickly and felt it needed to be done. Ill just get my clothes on and go.”

“Wait! Don’t go. You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen! Please, Stay. Have some tea.”

So Alex sat back down. Alex had medium tanned skin with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her breasts we round and perfect, a 36 C. Her pleasure mound was shaved smooth and you could see the wetness glistening on the lips. Anna wanted her. She wanted her now. Anna set marmaris escort bayan the tea down and decided to join Alex in her mission. Anna stripped her clothing, locked the door and sat down next to Alex.

Anna wasn’t as tan as Alex but she was a light tan. Very busty, a beautiful size 38 D. But Alex loved the way her little pink nipples stood at attention from the chill of the room. Alex reached up to touch Anna’s breasts, rubbing them in short strokes.. Anna arched her back and moaned. “oh, Alex, Don’t stop there. I Got to have this!” So Alex continued. Alex looked down at Anna’s mound to see that it was also shaved to a smooth touch and was very wet from excitement.

“Lean back Anna. I am going to take you to bliss.”

Anna sat back on the couch and pulled Alex in for a deep, long, and very passionate kiss. Tongues going in circles with each other like their own rhythmic dance. Alex lowered her head and sucked Anna’s perky pink nipple into her mouth and sucked hungrily as Anna moan with excitement. Alex reached her hand down to Anna’s slit and began to rub her slowly. Anna was wanting so badly to taste Alex so she flipped Alex to her back and moved between her legs.

Alex threw her head back as Anna started licking Alex in all the right spots. Bringing her to near orgasm. Anna kept up the pace while reaching up and giving Alex a pinch on her nipple. Giving pleasure to the nipple and her slit… Alex couldn’t Hold back. Alex let go and went over the edge having the most fierce orgasm she had ever had, juices flowing into the mouth of Anna who swallowed every drop.

Anna couldn’t wait to escort marmaris let her newfound lover take her over the edge. Anna kissed Alex as Alex moved Anna to her back. Alex wanted more than to just taste Anna… she wanted to feel their mounds pounding together as if their life depended on it. Anna laid back and savored the kiss she shared with her lover and Alex took over. Alex squeezed Anna’s nipples hard, making Anna squeal with pain and pleasure. She licked her way down to Anna’s belly button and stopped. Looking up at Anna she said ” I have a surprise for you. Its something I have wanted to try. Lay back and relax cause I’m gonna lick you then I’m gonna ride you!”

Alex licked at Anna’s slit until she felt anna about to go over the edge. Anna started bucking frantically about to scream out to her lover to keep going. Just as she was about to go over the edge, Alex stopped licking her and climbed up between Anna’s legs. Alex began rubbing her mound hard on Anna’s. Anna had never done this so she wasn’t sure what to do. Anna moved her body with Alex’s and soon they were grinding their mounds together in such a fast pace that Anna could feel her orgasm building. Alex could sense it too and they both rode each other hard till they both screamed out to each other. After what seems like eternity, both women collapsed together and lay in the sticky sweet mess they had created together. Alex couldn’t let it end there. Alex moved between Anna’s legs and began to lick the juices they combined and fingered Anna as she did so. This made Anna moan louder and louder until the combination of the two motions took her to the height or yet another fierce orgasm. Anna could not believe her first lesbian experience left her speechless. Anna and Alex took and shower and went to bed knowing that they would be the best of lovers for a long time to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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