Another Jacuzzi Encounter

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Thanks for the feedback on my first story. Here’s another true story that happened recently. I got comments that said my first one was too short. I tried to be more descriptive this time.

Anyway, on with the story. Hope you like it.


I’ve seen him at the gym before, but haven’t seen him there over the past few months. After sitting in the jacuzzi, he would sit on one of the chairs facing it, naked, and take a nap. It was great because I would be able to stare at him and not have to worry about him looking back at me like I was doing something wrong.

He’s white, probably in his late 40’s, early 50’s. He has brown wavy hair, not too long. His chest hair was going white, in a small V towards the middle of his chest. He stood about 5’8″, not chubby but had a little gut, maybe between 160 and 170 lbs. He had brown curly belly hair. that connected to his pubic hair. His dick was about 3 or 4 inches long soft, about as thick as a highlighter, but his mushroom head flared out with a circumference of a couple inches.

I was already in the jacuzzi when he came around from the shower area. There were kids at one side of the jacuzzi and a few other guys in the jacuzzi on the side near me. The kids and their dad left, and he moved to the other side of the jacuzzi. There was water falling from the rocks above into the pool of water that was the jacuzzi on that side. I wanted to know if the water was cold enough to be soothing for me, so I went over there as well.

I sat under it, but it wasn’t cold enough for me. I tried to get comfortable in front of the jet, but it was set too low. The guy was sitting at the other waterfall a few feet away from mine, and there was another jet to his left. bayburt escort Being the horny 20-something that I was, I got up and said the jet wasn’t doing anything for me and moved to his other side because I wanted to actually loosen my muscles after working out, but I was curious about the guy too. The jet he was at and the jet I was at was closer than the one I was at before, and my hand would easily be able to reach him if he was interested.

We started talking a little bit about how we’ve seen each other before and how long we’ve been going to the gym. As we were talking, my foot grazed his under the water. I moved it away in case he wasn’t interested. I moved my foot over to his again, moved it away again, and then put it down. I incidentally put my foot down on his. He must’ve moved it since the first time I touched it. I left mine there, and he left his. At this point, I figured he was either curious enough about me as well so I moved my foot up his calf a little bit. As we were talking about the workouts we do, where we work, and where we live, his hand started stroking my dick. I didn’t stop him, and we kept talking. He asked if I lived alone, and I said no, which I’m not, but I got the idea that he wanted more than just a handjob in the jacuzzi. At this point I was already hard from thinking of the prospect of getting a handjob from this guy. I didn’t know if he’d be ok with it when I moved over there, but apparantly he was. I didn’t let him go too far because I didn’t want to get close to cumming in the jacuzzi.

He introduced himself as Ken, and I shook his hand. Then I drew my hand down and touched his dick. It was a little bit thicker than mine, but the head was what was the real difference. This escort bayburt only being the second handjob I’ve done (or had done to me), I explored it a little bit. I stroked his dick for a while, then felt around the head and piss slit, stroking up and down, drawing my fingers around the circumference, and squeezing it. After a couple minutes, I moved my hand to his balls. I took his right one in my hand and started to roll it around. It was not exactly the size of a golf ball, but it was close. I kneaded it in my hand as we talked. I moved my hand over to feel his other ball. I did the same thing, but his other one was significantly smaller than the right one.

I eventually took my hand off, and he started stroking me again. His hand then went around to my butt and started feeling up and down. He gave my cheeks light sqeezes and felt up and down my crack. He started putting more pressure on his strokes, probably trying to get to my anus. I didn’t let him get too far in, but he stroked his fingers up and down my crack.

I stood up and asked if the steam room was open. Not as a lead-in, but out of curiosity since it’s been closed for the past month. He wasn’t sure and suggested going up and checking. He had his hand on my butt again, stroking my cheeks.

I let my boner settle down so I didn’t give the guys on the other side of the jacuzzi the wrong idea and got out, grabbed a towel, and started making my way upstairs. One of the gym attendants was coming down so I asked if the jacuzzi was open. He said no, so I decided to get a dry towel and sit in the sauna. I saw Ken pass me by, probably following me but not making it obvious by walking with me.

The sauna was across from the jacuzzi. There were bayburt escort bayan 4 or 5 other people there when I went in. I sat in the corner. The only other person sitting along the same wall as me was sitting at the other corner. Ken came in and sat along the perpendicular wall to the one I Was sitting at. I kept my towel wrapped around my waist and my other towel to dry off from the jacuzzi. Ken’s towel was undone, and I saw his right thigh, but his towel was draped over his crotch. I always wear a towel around my waist in the sauna. I’m afraid people would get the wrong reaction if I got hard and was inadvertantly looking at them.

We talked and asked the other guys about what they’ve been doing to the steam room since it’s been closed for a couple months. Nobody really knew so we left it as that and sat in the heat. Gradually, the other guys left the steam room, leaving me, Ken, and another guy. I was too hot and sweaty to take anymore so I got up and got out. I got a towel and went to the showers.

After a couple minutes I saw Ken take the shower across from mine. I was soaping myself and everything, and glanced at him from time to time, watching him and his dick. When you’re in the jacuzzi giving or getting a hand job, everything is about touch. You don’t see the other guy’s dick or anything, you just go by feel. Plus everything is done underwater so other people don’t see what’s going on. So I got to see that he has some light hair on his back. As I was looking at him I was thinking, ‘So that’s what that thigh that I was touching looks like, that’s how much hair he has down there, that’s how big his cockhead really is…’ I finshed my shower and dried off, watching him do the same.

I went to my locker and got ready to leave. his locker was along the same row as mine so when I glanced over to see if he was getting ready to leave too, he was there. When I was all dressed and packed, I looked over and he was gone already. I went outside expecting to see him waiting for me, but noone was there. Oh well, I’ll see him another time I’m sure.

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