Asking Matthew Pt. 04

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Asking Matthew part 4.

After waking up in the wee hours of the morning to pee, I dozed back off for a while. I was re-awoken by the sun steaming in my bedroom windows at about 8:30 A.M. I was tired and drained but I was happy I experienced something I needed and wanted for so long, just hours before. I rolled over and grabbed my phone, but there were no messages from anyone. I was disheartened that Matthew hadn’t stayed. But since we had never spoken about being together or having that “kind of relationship” outside of new(er) sexual experiences, I guess I should have expected it.

I laid there soul searching for a while. After last night and our experiences, I knew I needed a man in my life. I needed to wake up next to my boyfriend. I need to come out for good. I needed cock. Period! There was no denying it. All the years I have lightly searched, half ass’ing my way through it all; including recently. Never truly accepting what I wanted, or who I wanted. Let alone fulfilling my passions and desires, or finding what I wanted, was finally coming into focus. Call it Bi-Sexual, call it gay; call it a change of life, but either way I knew I only wanted men and I needed to move forward. And strangely enough as much as I wanted a man, here was a guy that wants me bad and just fucked me last night and yet, I keep him at arms distance.

I pulled up my messages and sent this to Matthew;

“Hey good morning. I am sorry I fell asleep on you last night. I thought you’d still be here this morning.”

A while later I received a message back from him.

“Good morning! When you dozed off, I just let myself out. I didn’t know if you’d want me there overnight, so I just went home.

He followed up with, “Are you hungry? I could bring over breakfast.”

I thought about it for a bit. How sweet and romantic it was for him to offer to bring me breakfast. And as much as I wanted him back here to fuck me, so I could play with has dock some more; I hadn’t given him reasons to stay. What was it about him? Was it him personally? Was it the fact that I would finally have to admit I’m gay? Was it because we had a bunch of mutual friends, that I would have to explain my sexual preference to? Was it because even though I was ready, it wasn’t him (in my mind) I envisioned being with?

I came to grasp with the fact that I was hungry and I did want to have that “next morning” cock in my room, so I selfishly wrote him back after about 20 minutes of delay, saying;

“Yah, breakfast would be great. I’ll leave the door open and I’ll be right where you left me last night.”

“He replied; “Cool. I’ll be there in 30 minutes or so.

I got up and showered, putting on a white T-shirt, a gray pair of pajama bottoms, unlocked the front door; turned on the TV and climbed back into bed.

I was anxious and nervous awaiting his arrival, but I figured let me see where this goes. How the day goes and whether or not I felt this could be more than sex between us.

I heard the door open and close and heard Matthew say, “Hey It’s me.”

“I’m in here.” I yelled out.

Matthew came walking into my bedroom, carrying Styrofoam take out trays inside a plastic bag. I could smell eggs and bacon coming from the bag. Matthew set the bag down on the edge of my dresser and he walked over to my side. He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, as he asked; “How did you sleep?”

“Very well.” I replied.

With that he moved forward again for another kiss. This time our lips parted and we frenched kissed for a bit. His warm wet tongue niğde escort swirling around inside of my mouth, as he stood over the bed leaning down towards me. My hand reached up slid up and along the left side of his face, feeling his cool skin, furthering upwards to his hair. This was the first time in a long time, I had a man with me in the morning hours. And as we kissed, I kept thinking about last night.

I was hard before I knew it and the more, he stood over me kissing me, the more I wanted him. The more I wanted his love, his lust, his sexual advances and his cock.

I pulled Matthew down on top of me, over the covers as our bodies met. I was struggling to get the blankets out from in-between away, as he was lifting his body up trying to help, until I finally got them removed and spread my legs open. Matthew came to rest with his body on top of mine, my legs resting at his sides as we kissed deeper and deeper. My ass was throbbing and needing to be filled again, while my cock was sticking straight up in my pajama bottom, held in only by a small piece of material.

Matthews hands softly and gently caressed my body, getting lower and lower with each pass along my outer thighs, my hips and down the sides of my legs. I was moaning softly through our kiss and I wanted every bit of his dick deep inside of me. Matthew knelt upright and pulled the string from my pajama pants, opening them up, sliding them down a bit letting my cock pop free. He lowered his head and slid my cock inside of his warm wet mouth. I groaned in pleasure as he started bobbing up and down on my cock, my hands coming to rest on the back of his head.

“OH god Matthew, that feels so good.” Spilled from my lips as he was sucking my cock.

Matthews hands were pulling at the sides of my pajama bottoms as I was lifting my hips off of the mattress. I wasn’t sure if he was just going to blow me, before breakfast, or fuck me, but where ever this was going, I was ready.

After getting my bottoms off, Matthew laid down in between my legs and was sucking my cock pleasing me as I laid there watching the top of his head bob up and down. I wanted him so bad. I wanted to cum so bad, and at the moment that he slipped his fingers up and in-between my ass crack, rubbing around my asshole, I wanted to be fucked.

I pulled Matthew up from blowing me and pulled his body on top of mine. We kissed deeply as my hands were in-between our bodies and I was rubbing and fumbling with his pants button and zipper. Matthew picked himself up slightly off of me, trying to give me an angel to work with.

I pulled from our kiss as I got his button open and was working on his zipper, whispering the words; “I need your cock in me.”

Matthew held himself up in a push-up position, trying to work his pants down, one leg, assisted by one arm at a time, until he finally managed to kick them off, followed by his underwear.

He came to rest back on top of me our bodies punned together. Our cock pressed up against one another. My legs lifted slightly off of the mattress, knees raised, feet on the sheet.

Matthew whispered, “Where’s the lube?”

“In the drawer.” I spoke. As my head nodded over to the side indicating where it was.

Matthew leaned over, pulled open the drawer and reached inside. His hand fumbled around for a few seconds until he withdrew with the bottle in his hand. My heart was pumping, my adrenaline soaring and my body wanting this more than anything.

Mathew popped the bottle open dripping some out onto the niğde escort bayan palm of his hand. He reached in between his legs and I could see the motion of him stroking himself as his arm moved back and forth. I took the bottle from his hand and poured out a few drops onto my fingers. I reached under and in-between my ass cheek and rubbed around and along my asshole, getting it slippery wet.

Matthew re-positioned himself as I lifted my legs further up. He grabbed his cock pushing it downwards, trying to line up with my entrance. As he leaned down and began to push, we had to adjust our angles a bit, but after a few tries, I felt him break through and enter into me. I rolled my legs further up towards my chest, as he slid deeper inside of me.

I gasped as he entered me completely, feeling the absolute pleasure of his hard dick sliding deep inside of me again this morning. Matthew, slowly pumped back and forth coming back down to rest his chest upon mine, his mouth to mine, as my legs wrapped higher up along his rib cage.

Oh, Fuck me baby.” Slipped from my lips as his hips kept thrusting back and forth ramming his cock deep inside of me.

As I laid there taking his cock, I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. And I didn’t even care if I came. I just wanted to be fucked and be loved like I hadn’t in years. I needed him to be rock-hard, lubricated and nailing me like a man should.

“Oh Matthew. Oh Matthew!” Sprang from my lips time and time again as he kept sliding his perfect cock in and out of my ass, while I lay flat on my back getting nailed. Sometimes we’d kiss. Other times his face was buried deep in the nape of my neck, kissing and licking the sides of my neck. My ear. I could hear his breathing, feeling his voracity as he kept pumping. Feeling my cock lying along my skin, mostly hard, his body pressing it down. While he blasted his dick in and out of me.

“Oh, I needed this! I need this!” Bellowed through out my room, as he perched himself up on his arms, hovering over me, while I held my knees more upwards towards my chest. My cock had gone soft, but I didn’t care I wasn’t worried about cumming, I was worried about making him cum and feeling him lose his load deep inside of me. Feeling the pleasure of being fucked and knowing you got your partner off, was pleasure enough for me.

“Matthew! You Dick is perfect!” Slipped from my lips time and time again as he continued sliding in and out of me.

Mathew pulled himself out of me stroking himself a bit, as I watched him jack off. He pulled me up face to face with him as he knelt on the bed. He motioned of me to turn over, as he backed up a bit allowing me the space.

As I got on my knees; on all fours, with him behind me. I felt Matthew climb in behind me. His hands coming to rest on my hips, which he used to guide me down to the right height. He slid in behind me and I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. He pushed in as he pulled me backwards allowing his cock re-entry inside of me. I again gasped as his cock slid all the way in.

“Yah!” I moaned out. “Just like that.”

Matthew started pumping back and forth at a good pace, while I was bent over at the waist, face down on my mattress. My cock starting to get hard again as I hung from my body, as my balls swayed back and forth. Matthew stayed behind me for only a minute or two more, pumping as hard and as deep as he could. I was loving the feeling of a hard cock ramming in and out of my ass, while I was down on my knees like the sissy bitch I wanted escort niğde to be.

“Fuck me, Matthew! Fuck me.” Spewed from my lips he continued ramming his cock in and out of me.

Matthew’s breaths were hard and short as his hips kept thrusting his cock in and out of me, while I knelt there, getting hard, getting pleased like I hadn’t in years. My mouth wide open, drool coming out. Wanting this all day. Wanting this to go on forever. Wanting him behind me pumping, thrusting, ramming his dick deep inside of me. Sending that cock; and sexual feelings deep inside of me. My face was pressed down onto the mattress on its right side, whimper after whimper coming from deep inside of me, as he fucked my ass hard, slamming himself deep inside of me.

“I’m gonna cum!” He cried out. “I’m gonna cum.”

Matthew picked up his pace and was thrusting me even harder than before. His cock sending tingling sensations running throughout my whole body. My cock rock hard now, wanting to shoot my loaf out as he was fucking me.

“Oh, Fuck!” He moaned out. “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum in me baby. Cum in me!” was my reply.

I felt his cock start thrusting and pulsing deep in my ass as he stopped his back-and-forth momentum. He pushed himself as far into me as he could and I could hear hm gasp as he started cumming deep inside of me. His hands pulling my hips back hard, holding me there as his cock was exploding his load indie of me.

“Fuck!” He groaned out as he was releasing inside of me.

My cock was harder than before and I wanted to shoot my load as he was shooting his inside of me. And I wanted more. I wanted to beg him to keep going. Keep fucking me. Keep his dick buried deep in my ass, until I came. But I knew he needed to finish the first release, take a bit of time and hopefully fuck me again. I needed more than this. I needed to be fucked harder and longer 5 minutes. I need to cum, with a cock in my ass while being fucked, like I had down years before.

Matthew withdrew his cock from inside of me, as my body laid down and rested on the bed. Matthew came to rest next to me, placing a soft loving kiss on my cheek.

“That was incredible.” He whispered out

“Yah it was.” I replied

Matthew and I laid together catching out breath and letting the sweat evaporate from our bodies. My ass was numb, but I wanted more cock. I wanted more time; I wanted his dick right back in me. Matthew rolled me over and sucked mee off until came in his mouth. The pleasure of being fucked followed by a blow job, was incredible.

When we finally came down and were composed from this sexual appetite, we fed our bodies appetites with the food he had brought over.

We played for a while throughout the day and I spent an egregious amount of time playing with his dick as he did with mine. But as always, he would cum so quickly, even after his 1st load.

It was the last time Matthew and I had sex. When he left that day, I still wasn’t keen on dating him. I know that sounds wrong, but it just wasn’t him I wanted to date. I knew I wanted men, I wanted cock and I wanted to be getting fucked, but it just wasn’t going to be “us”. I moved on and after sometime, I found a new man. I found Michael. And have been dating him since.

His is amazing and I wouldn’t trade him, his cock, or his love for me in for the whole world.

But I will say and need to acknowledge my experiences with Matthew. If it wasn’t for him and my lust, and his willingness to be a participant in my newly re-awoken sexual desires, may have not come this far.

I am out to everyone now. It was hard and there were some rough patches, but I know where I want to be and who I want to be with. If you ever read this Matthew, juts know our experiences meant a lot to me and gave the ability to move forward. Thank you for that.

The End.

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