Bad Girl Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is, a fun story. Special thanks to rancher46 for editing my story.


Chapter 10 — Melissa Harrington

Monday, I am in my office building downtown; as I walk in the door, the reception area is loaded with every woman in the office, including mom. YIKES!!!

They surprise me by hugging and kissing me one at a time before going back to work. Vickie was last in the line and kissed me with much more passion than everyone but mom. I spent the rest of the day working with Vickie again. It’s as if nothing happened.

Tuesday, I’m at Global. I am told as I walk in that I have a 9:00 with Sandy in Conference room

. I put my umbrella and briefcase down in my office, pick up my notepad and pen, then I am off to the conference room.

I open the door to find Sandy and a beautiful young woman sitting down at the table. Sandy springs to her feet and hugs me hard.

Tears are running down her face, “How are you? Arm ok? Should you be here? It was on the news a few nights ago, and your sister called in for you. That was sweet of her.”

Wow, I hadn’t even thought of it until now.

I smile at her, “As long as you don’t grab my arm hard, I am fine. Thank you, I will be ok.”

Melissa has a bit of an attitude, “What’s the matter, big boy, get a hang nail?”

Sandy’s head turned immediately and gave her a soft rebuke, “Don’t you watch the news? He was shot a few days ago. He killed three people breaking into his home.”

Melissa still isn’t impressed, “Why isn’t he in jail?”

This might be the shortest job interview ever.

Sandy continues, although more irritated now, “When you work with the FBI, you don’t get arrested. He was protecting the mother of a former girlfriend, Vickie Simmons.”

Melissa changed her tune really quick, realizing her position wasn’t popular, “Well, congratulations then. That was pretty cool. I wish I had a boyfriend that was that studly.”

Sandy explains, “Melissa is up for your old position. She has a great background and has been with the company for three years. I am betting that she will slip right in and hit the floor running. Her co-workers give her great reviews, and the customers adore her. I’m going over some HR stuff, but I thought you would like to meet her.”

I offer my hand and say, “Welcome. I’m glad to see that they’re finally backfilling my old spot. We have suffered without someone in that position. I wish you lots of luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.”

Melissa asks, “Are you free for lunch? I have a bunch of questions. I’ll pay.”

This is new, she wants to pay for me? She’s interesting. She has an air of self-confidence. Maybe too much, but she likes to take charge. I don’t mind helping. Besides, she is about the tallest, most muscular woman I have ever seen. She lifts weights. Not like I do, not even close. But she’s firm for a woman. She’s also adorable. Long blonde hair, giant baby blue eyes, milky skin, and a face of innocence. Her body is shapely, other than she has no chest. I can’t even see nipples pointing out of her tight chest.

She’s too tall and too flat-chested to be a runway model, but her face and toned body brings her close to perfect. I like this girl. We are definitely going to lunch today.


It’s a month later. I have been dating Melissa for three weeks. She has been to my house, we have gone to public charity functions, and our relationship is going well. Tonight, I’m going over to her place for dinner, and then we’re finally going to consummate our relationship together. Mom and Jane have both been very supportive of me. They take turns sleeping with me. Since I started dating Melissa, though, no sex for any of us.

It’s hard for them; they want me. Yet, they know I want to get married. I want children and a family. I am positive that I find a woman that they like. They want a woman that allows Jane and mom into our relationship. The odds of that happening are slim. Vickie would probably allow it, but we still have that trust issue keeping her at bay.

I was told to come casual, so I have khakis and a polo on with tennis shoes. I am still a huge man; I think I look dumb in this. Mom and Jane don’t agree at all. They suggest I stay home, and they’ll prove it. I grab the keys to a new Mustang and hit the road; I don’t want to be late. Not tonight, I don’t.


Vickie’s point of view:

It’s a lonely Friday night. I sit here, sad for the one-millionth time, thinking about how bad my decision-making was a few years ago. I could be at the club or married to Bill. Instead, I am home with mom watching some stupid ass movie on TV.

My phone rings? Who would call me on a Friday night?

I answer my phone cautiously, “Hello, it’s Vickie.”

The female voice is excited, too excited to almost talk, “VICKIE! It’s your old friend Melissa from the club.”

Wow, I haven’t had sex with this wild ass bitch in forever. I thought I had an issue; she would yenimahalle escort do weird, twisted, and sometimes just plain cruel things. She likes to dominate people. The club watched her close.

I am friendly, “Hi Mel, how’s it going? Still up to no good?”

Melissa laughs, “Oh, you know it. Hey, I got a special offer for you tonight.”

She has my interest now, “Ohhhhh. I’m all ears.”

Melissa uses her sinister voice, “Guess who I have in my dungeon right now?”

I guess, “Crazy Mark? The Cuban? The machine?”

She laughs, “Oh, you know all the good ones. No, tonight is a special event. I’m going to hit new lows to break this guy. He is such a stud; I want him bad. You know how alpha males are, though, their head strong. They don’t like to be controlled. I think you might want to help. This is the guy that got you kicked out of the club, banned for life.”

OH FUCK NOOOOOOO! Not BILL!!! She’s going to kill him.

I reply quickly with eagerness in my voice, “That guy is a beast; how in the hell did you subdue him?”

She’s laughing her ass off, “I spiked his wine. That made him groggy. That puts most people out for a week. I tasered him. That made him mad. I had to use a second to knock him down. I have two pets that took him downstairs and locked him up good. You have one hour to get here before he wakes up, and I start having fun with him.”

I shout, “Wait! Where do you live? You better not start without me, or I will kill you. I owe him big time for what he did to me.”

She laughs, “Fine, fine, I will wait. Don’t dally. I will text you the address. You take too long, and I’ll start. The timer starts now, bye.”


Mom asks me what’s wrong? I’m already running to get my keys, wallet, shoes.

I hand mom my phone, and as I’m putting on my shoes, I tell mom, “Bill is in deep shit with a crazy lady that may kill him tonight. I’m invited to get even with him. She’s sending me her address. I will forward it to you.” I’m rushing to put my shoes on. “Then I want you to call Agent Johnson and warn him that this bitch will do something terrible to Bill, possibly castrate or kill him.”

When mom finishes getting the address, I grab my phone and rush out the door. I break several speed laws on my way. Just my luck, no police are around to stop me. I remember Melissa. She absolutely despises men. She still fucks them because she needs to for points so she can have her fun. Nobody enjoys sex with her.

Melissa is too extreme, too over the top, too cruel. She has been suspended several times for hurting men. She pays a ton of money to keep her membership. She can afford it and any penalties that come about. I can’t let her hurt Bill. He’s put up with enough already. Besides, there’s always a possibility for us still. He’s been nice to me in the project and when we stayed over. He still hurts; that’s why I know I have a chance. When he stops caring, I have lost him.

I get to the house, and a big man in leather greets me at the door, “Welcome, Mistress Vickie. I am your slave for the evening.”

I look at him like I’m supposed to, “Bring me to your master, NOW!”

Ok, I must admit it, that was fun. I could really get off on abusing people and ordering them around. I smile as I walk into her dungeon. It’s clean with white walls, good lighting, fresh flowers, and every imaginable sex tool, weapon, toy, machine, or furniture is in this place. There are pairs of many pieces. The most noticeable object in the room is a large wood and metal chair that looks like an electric chair. There is a band around his forehead and neck that are padlocked to the high-backed chair.

His arms are wrapped in a thick chain that holds him to the chair. His eyes are closed, his body is relaxed. He looks asleep.

I give an approving nod, “What have you done to him so far?”

She laughs, “It took a hell of a lot of effort to get him naked and in that chair. He is a heavy son of a bitch. My two boys struggled. As you see, his head and neck are mounted to the chair with steel. His arms are chained to steel arms. Nobody has that much strength to get those arms free. Maybe he can burst the neck and head collar, they’re made for an average man, not that monster. As long as he can’t use his arms, we have free reign.

“If he does give me trouble, I have nipple clamps on his nuts and can send electricity to them. No man has withstood that for long.”

For twenty minutes, she describes what awful things she has planned for Bill. She only stops when he wakes up. He isn’t happy at all with his situation, nor that I am here.

Bill says to me, “You dirty used cunt. It appears that I was right about you.”

Melissa hates not being the center of attention; she whips Bill’s shoulders with a bright red flogger.

Melissa screams, “This is MY party, asshole.”

He seems so sad, “What did I ever do to you? Why?”

She has a maniacal laugh, “Because I can. Because women are superior to men. When I break you, it will be my Mona Lisa.”

Bill laughs at her, “There escort yenimahalle is no way you can break me without killing me.”

Melissa scares even me, “It won’t be the first time that has happened. Because of what you did to my club friend, I invited her over. I thought it fitting that she helps so we can share in your misery and your attention once we break you.”

Bill tries to break free, but the chains are too thick. Oh my, this is bad. The plan was to free him and let him fight for a while until help got there. Once they break into the house, she will know. She will kill him. What the hell am I going to do?

Melissa tells her man, “He needs to learn respect. Soften him up a bit.” The man hits Bill in the stomach. “Continue until I say stop.”

I am freaking out. What do I do? The guy hits him in the face.

Bill was amused before; the smirk is off his face now.

Melissa uses a flogger on his shoulders and tells me, “Grab something and have fun. He’s too strong now. We need to sap his strength.”

To me, I think she’s just pissing him off. She is making a BIG mistake.

I ask Melissa, “Can I have his balls?”

Mistress is evil, “No. He will be fun in bed eventually. I want his child.”

I reply, straining to not cry out, “Well, your alligator nipple clamps are going to shred his balls. Where is your largest dildo? I want to shove it up his ass.”

Mistress Melissa says, “Third drawer in the red cabinet, you will know which one. What a delicious idea. That is going to make him scream.”

I do find the heaviest dildo I have ever seen; it’s a monster. No way this goes anywhere near any orifice I own.

I tell Mistress, “He is anti-gay; he fears cum. He won’t kiss me after I swallow him. I mean, he expects me to swallow his cum; why can’t he taste a trace? I’m going to milk his cock. Can your man keep his mouth open so I can feed it to him?”

Mistress laughs out loud, “OH MY! I love you. That’s an awesome idea. So many men are like that. They EXPECT us to swallow. YES! I want to see that.”

I get in front of Bill and remove the nipple clamps. I then start stroking his balls gently. Bill wisely says nothing, and his mouth is tight-lipped.

Melissa teases him, “We’ll pinch your nose; you have to open up to breathe.”

That guy is working over Bill much worse than I like. Why aren’t they storming the house?

I start a chant, “Come for me. Come for me.”

My hands are stroking his cock.

I continue my chant, “Come for me. Come for me NOW! Come for me. Come for me NOW, dammit!”

I think they finally got the hint; I hear the doors upstairs get bashed in.

Melissa stops to listen. I take that moment to take the huge dildo and crack the guy beating Bill up to the side of the head. He goes down like a sack of potatoes. Now the second guy spins me around and punches me in the gut.


I am on the floor withering in pain. Oh my God, that hurts. I guess this is called getting the wind knocked out of me. Fortunately, this had the desired effect. I assumed that Melissa would hit me. Kill me now, the PAIN!

When I say desired effect, Bill goes ape shit. I mean, he evolved into a weapon and went berserk. He pops the neck and forehead bands as Melissa predicted. He is still chained to the chair arms, just as she expected. However, his rage is so intense, he rips the steel arms off the wood chair. That is thick wood. Whatever binding was holding the two together, it didn’t hold.

Bill now has two free arms and is on his feet. True, his arms are still attached to a leg and arm of the chair, but that didn’t stop him one bit. He punches the second guy hard enough to knock him out with one punch.

Melissa reaches into a cabinet and pulls out a handgun. She aims and shoots at Mike. He has his arms up, deflecting, and sure enough, the first shot hits steel and does nothing. The second shot hits him in his right chest. He takes one step, and both he and Melissa fall to the floor with gunshot wounds.

Bill made me laugh and cry as he went down, saying, “FUCK! They shot me again!”

Agent Cameron shoots Melissa between the eyes; she’s toast. The paramedics are in the basement in seconds and whisk Bill away. There is a pool of blood on the floor. I am just starting to catch my breath. Agent Cameron offers me her hand to stand up.

She says to me, “Agent Johnson is in Florida on vacation. I was nearest and came when you called us. That guy was cute, does he have a girlfriend?”

I sadly answer, “No.”

They take me to the hospital. I am in shock, and they think I’m hurt. Running through my mind is how do I tell Connie and Jane?

Mom finds me first and is thrilled that I’m not hurt. I am so sad for Bill. My lifestyle may kill him. I cry and cry and cry some more on mom’s shoulder. I hear Jane wail somewhere close by. I must tell them.

At seeing me in the hospital, their mood darkens; they know I am somehow involved. I have never seen hate like those two just displayed towards me. They yenimahalle escort bayan deserve to know what happened. As I spin the tale, their eyes go from shock to worry to hate. I can’t even finish before Jane is beating on me. I take it; I deserve it.

Connie asks Jane with anger, “Why are you hitting her? She didn’t shoot your brother.”

Jane is a crying mess. I feel so sorry for her. She truly loves Bill like I do.

Connie lightly slaps her daughter. That worked; she is broken from her hysterics.

Connie asks, “Didn’t you listen to the story? She called Agent Johnson. She wore a wire. She unhooked the nipple clamps. She took one guy out. When did Bill go ape shit? After the second guy lays out Vickie. Had she not known Melissa, Vickie doesn’t get called, and we never see Bill again.”

Jane grabs me and squeezes the life out of me as we both hold each other and cry our eyes out. It takes thirty minutes for us to get cried out. All that’s left is worry and sadness.

Two hours later and a tired-looking surgeon comes out to see us.

He looks at us and smiles as she says, “Damn, you look worse than Bill.”

That doesn’t even make us smile. He wants to know who his family is.

He asks, “Who’s related ….”

Connie steps forward, “We all need to hear this. It’s a long story.”

The doc says, “He lost a lot of blood, is weak, his lung collapsed, and the bullet broke up doing some nasty work. Fortunately, I am former Army myself and have seen this a bunch. He obviously likes to catch bullets; tell him to stop. This one almost did him in. It’s going to take a long time to heal. You keep him safe, and he will be fine. You can all see him now. He is on a good pain killer and will soon be asleep.”

A nurse takes us back to his room. She looks nervous. As we get closer, I can hear Bill yelling, “Tits, tits, I need to see me some tits. Big ones, small ones, square ones, round ones.”

Oh my, he’s out of it.

As we walk in, he lights up, “TITTIES! Show me some titties!”

The nurse is embarrassed.

I look at Jane and smile. She smiles back at me. Mom says, “Noooooooo.”

Jane and I both pull up our shirts and grab the bras as we do.

Bill is fascinated, “TITS! Show me more!”

Mom is embarrassed; she looks at me, and I’m staring at Bill. As mom starts reaching for her shirt, Connie does as well. I am then shocked as the nurse says, “Oh fuck, he’s cute as hell,” as she also pulls up her scrubs and bra. We all laugh and readjust the bras and pull down our shirts.

Jane says with a grin, “Now there is something I never would have guessed happening today.”

Mom agrees, “Today has been a most unusual day. I know we have no right, but I would like to stay if you can find it in your heart. I need to know that he’s ok and that last display of his was not encouraging.”

Connie laughs, “Oh, I don’t know. When Bill came back from the military, it was obvious that he had seen death and something terrible happened. He was lifeless for a long time. It wasn’t until he met Vickie that he came out of his shell. What you just saw was the corn ball that he could be before he joined up. He was a free spirit that enjoyed life.”

Bill is asleep.

Libby, Connie’s sister, breaks into the room in hysterics, “I just came from …” She looks me in the eyes. “From … the club. Is it true, is the bitch dead? Oh, thank God Bill is alive! They said she killed him.”

She sobs uncontrollably, even with Connie and Jane holding her. They walk her out because she’s making too much noise.

Mom squeezes my hand, “I’m proud of you. You didn’t have to do anything.”

I hug mom, “No, I had to. I love him too much still. He will never love me the same, but we can be friends, and that’s better than nothing. It’s my own fault; I am taking responsibility for my actions. Some old lady told me I needed to do that. I figured it’s been long overdue.

We both hug each other and cry some more.


Saturday and Sunday, I help cater to Connie and Jane. They’re both stressed over everything that’s happened. Bill physically is doing better. The man is as strong as an ox and heals well, just like young people do. Psychologically, something is wrong. It’s one of those things that you know, but you can’t quite put the finger on it. I guess in a word, I would say he’s depressed. I don’t see that wonderful smile that usually carries.

Melissa took some of his ego, his cockiness, whatever you call it, it’s diminished. His family either doesn’t see it or is trying to keep his spirits up. He sleeps a lot like he’s hiding from the world. The problem is he doesn’t sleep well, and he wakes up tired and without a restful sleep unless they give him a sleeping pill. In a word, I’m afraid. I don’t like this.


Monday, I show up at 9:00 as if I were in his office. I have my notepads, pens and am dressed up like a young professional with money.

Bill says to me, “Not today. I need some sleep; I’m tired.”

I have had enough of him. I’m frustrated because he’s blowing me off, and he sent his family home. Granted, they need some time away. Mom surprised the hell out of me. She gave day-to-day control of our company to her next in command. I was like, okay; she is stressed and is finally taking time off. Oh no. She goes over to Bill, Jane, and Connie’s company and starts giving orders. With nobody watching, people were taking advantage of the situation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32