Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 34

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On my knees in the steam room, taking two cocks at once, so turned on that even the lightest touch on my rigid length felt almost too tempting to keep from cumming. Mouth filled with two men’s hard cock heads, getting off so good going down on two horny strangers. Savoring the sensation, sinking into a greedy state, knowing that neither of these sluts could resist my desire to have oral sex like this. Just as earlier, I had not resisted them going down on me in turn, all three of us clearly experienced bathhouse visitors.

Sundays, the sauna opens at 2pm, and I had arrived early. There was no one waiting, and when another man entered the courtyard in front of the sauna, the door was opened to let us in early. Undressing and drinking a beer took less than 10 minutes. I went upstairs, and basically, it remained empty there until leaving.

Now downstairs, it became apparent where most people had been so far. The steam room was not too hot yet, allowing for a longer period to be spent among the other naked sweating men. Wandering around the front area, the sounds from the back indicated more than one pair having sex. The first circuit through the back was a bit uncertain, getting used to the dark and trying to figure out what was going on.

After spending a moment looking into the dimness, it seemed as if one of those incredible cresting sexual free for alls that develop here was still rising, making it difficult to move around. Circling back through the front area to the other, better lit entrance, my luck changed, as a man getting sucked reached out and started stroking my thigh. I began playing with his nipple as he grasped my cock, drawing me closer. We continued to play with each other as he positioned me, clearly attempting to create a threesome.

Something that soon happened as I felt the tip of my cock being caressed by smooth lips, before the wetness enveloping it caused satisfied moans when the wet warmth began covering more of my erect length. The standing man was playing with my nipple as I played with his slippery cock, all of us now under the spell of anonymous male group sex. When our cock sucker stood up, we moved closer, cocks touching, sinking into the wonderfully intimate joy of mutual masturbation.

Leading to the man that had extended the initial invitation to bend over, taking the cock sucker’s length into his mouth as I held the shaft, both hands holding hard cock. In turn being jacked off by both of them, lost in the seductive talents of two turned on strangers. When the bent man knelt, it was inevitable that my quivering cock would be entering his mouth too.

The idea of using poppers was quite distant, especially after he deliciously took the other cock into his mouth with mine, an enthralling sensation. The new poppers are amazingly intense, a reality reflecting the truth of the words of the man at the leather store where they were sold. As we kept playing, the opportunities to indulge my decadent desires kept being drowned in the heavenly games we continued to indulge in.

Finally, taking both gorgeous cocks in hand and kneeling, making our threesome complete in terms of sharing each other fully. Doing a deep a hit before bringing both willing cocks together against my lips, holding my breath as long as possible while kissing each cock, rubbing them together, tongue sliding over smooth skin. çanakkale escort Losing myself in the sensations, as the rush started to take effect.

This was not the first time giving head on my knees in the steam bath to two other horny men, but it was the first time using these poppers, clearly intended to be used in such situations. The swelling wave of pure animal lust was incredible, turning me into an utter cock hungry slut. Sliding both smooth cocks into my wet mouth was incredible, particularly as it allowed me to touch my jutting cock. Barely able to resist orgasm as the sensations kept growing, I grasped both cocks again, taking one deep, then the other.

The unstoppable effects kept building, leading me to deep throat each man in turn, aware how much each man was loving my wanton skill in giving head. My mind was dissolving in male bliss, with the fact of having deep throated two lusciously erect cocks adding an extra thrill. Time stretched, allowing me to savor the delight of both cocks as I sucked them together in different ways, such as holding the slippery shafts together as my tongue slid between them.

Doing the most depraved things possible with my tongue and lips, lost in cock worship, touching myself as they kissed above me, all of us utterly turned on getting off like this in the steamy darkness. Such intense male sex is what makes the baths irresistible, and rush adds a further level of glorious enhancement. These poppers really did have a long duration, so much so that each time I touched my cock, it was difficult to keep from cumming. Both men were completely under my command, wanting my mouth to surround their jutting rods, all of us slaves to our lust.

As the rush slowly ebbed, the intense sense of sluttiness remained, now being able to properly play with my hard length. I kept both of them in paradise until my knees began to grow tired. Standing up, we played cock to cock, kissing and squeezing nipples, until the original cock sucker pulled away, leaving the steamroom.

The heat had increased, unnoticed on my part, but as we continued kissing and cock rubbing, sweat bathing us, the thought of leaving became more insistent. As it turned out, he left first, but I soon followed. Looking at the clock above the door while rinsing off, the fact that a half hour had passed was a bit surprising. On the other hand, after doing that hit, time had seemed endless with a mouth filled with enticing cock.

Upstairs, only a few men were wandering around, and nothing of interest occurred for a good quarter hour, prompting a return to the steam room, now quite full. In the back, there were easily a dozen men, most clumped near the far wall. As my eyes adapted, it became possible to try moving forward. There were not really any sounds of sex, but many men were enjoying what seemed to be an anonymous jack off party.

However, it was not possible to go through the mass to explore the rest of the steambath, forcing me to go around the long way again, so to speak. Followed by soon discovering that the darkest section was empty. Deciding to approach the group from the other side, aware that this pretty much duplicated my previous encounter’s location.

It did not take long for things to develop along the intended lines. First with one man, getting nicely hard çanakkale escort bayan together, then enjoying another man adding himself to our playing. After they were both hard, I could not restrain myself any longer, and knelt again, wanting my mouth to be filled with cock. Doing a hit of poppers, aware that my wanting to suck cock would become even greater, touching myself while holding the two cocks together with my right hand.

My tongue slid over and between both deliciously smooth shafts, the sensation growing ever sexier, knowing what I was doing to two strangers for the second time that day. Before I breathed out, someone started stepping clumsily on my foot, forcing me to push them off. As soon as the weight disappeared, I grabbed both cocks, sliding the heads against each other before sliding my lips over them.

The haze of lust filled me, making me greedy, wanting to worship both hard cocks together. Possibly too greedy as time went on, the second man moving away and leaving. Having just one cock to blow was still more than sufficient, though deep throating it proved not quite possible. The enjoyment lasted like last time, but kneeling was a bit of a distraction every time I heard movement.

As this section of the steam room began to fill, I stood, rubbing his slippery spit covered cock against mine, taking a luxurious amount of time to let him know just how hot I had become sucking his rod, beginning to kiss deeply. Naked sweaty unrestrained kissing, oral games made even better by our mutual cock rubbing. However, the heat simply grows too intense when having sex in this space, creating an unfortunate limit which cannot be avoided. Even after delaying that recognition as much as possible, lost in heaven, surrounded by other men having sex.

Showering took a bit, involving some soapy stroking before returning upstairs. These new poppers seemed to take me into an amazing decadent state, perfectly suited to where I was. Fully understanding what made bathhouse sex so seductive when I first read about it, floating in an ocean of unrestrained hot male sex. Creating it, enthusiastically, kneeling while going down on other men.

Making a circuit before entering the dark room, finding nothing interesting happening, even if the upstairs could no longer be called deserted. I carefully moved to the platform, hands outstretched. Finding the edge, followed by slowly moving onto the yielding pad. Stretching out, I bumped a man on the left, whose presence had escaped me till now.

After that surprise, I managed to spread the towel, ensuring that the condoms and magic brown bottle were easily available. Laying on my back, waiting to see what would happen, it took very little time for the bumped man to reach out to find my cock, making me moan in satisfaction. Such responses are part of what pure sluttiness is all about, something appreciated by other sluts. Besides, in all honesty, I cannot help myself.

A fact that certainly doesn’t matter to anyone who comes to the baths to have sex. It took just a short time before he shifted, his lips sliding over my sensitive cock head, aware that this was exactly what I had been wanting. All male cocksuckers know just how irresistibly good a male cock sucking feels, especially one offered so directly to another horny man.

Made escort çanakkale even better when his finger found my yielding hole, gently touching it as my cock was being sucked. I was utterly helpless at this point, as he undoubtedly knew. After a glorious interval of pure satisfaction, I began to reach down to touch his body. He seemed large, in several senses. It also seemed, in my limited ability to think, that I recognized him as one of the more regular cock suckers of the last few years, one who has gotten me off more than just once or twice here.

Lifting my leg higher to give him better access to my ass, feeling a wettened finger sliding over my soft hole as he kept going down on me, becoming completely entranced. Some of my first reading about sex between men involved ass touching, and it is even better to experience than imagine. His passionate intensity soon brought me to the brink of orgasm, forcing me to slide my cock out of his mouth. Though still moving against his finger, unable to stop.

Soon enough, a game started, where he would take me into his mouth until moving out of it, generally with my hand, often stroking the wonderfully slippery shaft, to keep from cumming – or at least provide some restraint from overwhelming temptation. Never truly taking a break from his attention, however, especially as often, I was the one who moved my cock back to his always willing mouth.

Knowing that he would take that horny dick even if not offered, as he already had several times, playing his part to make sure that I kept wanting to be sucked. Of course, one reason for this switching back and forth was to gain enough control to do a hit of poppers, something that only slowly seemed to become possible, having fallen completely in love with his sexy skills. Nonetheless, the longer we played, the less my ability to keep waiting became.

Finally, intending only to enjoy a first hit, I opened the bottle, taking a deep hit of something perfectly designed for bathhouse sex. Closing the top tightly, feeling his talented mouth return to my now thoroughly available cock, going down slowly as the very first effects started to expand from the center of my being. Effects that soon had my cock starting to swell to immense size, one of the fantastic attractions of using rush, a heavenly growing sense of turning into an infinitely huge cock surrounded by an infinitely welcoming mouth.

The presence of his finger added an entirely different level, creating a reinforcing spell of pure abandoned horniness even before breathing out. He was starting to take complete advantage of me, hearing me moan “oh fuck yes .. god yes .. suck me .. I love .. hot sex .. with men .. slow .. fuck yes .. deep .. suck slut.” I spread my legs wide, blatantly demonstrating just how good it felt to have my ass fingered like this.

It became slowly apparent that these poppers were going to carry me far beyond any control, so I gave up even trying to resist orgasm as the effects kept intensifying my pleasure. Restraint became impossible, especially knowing that he wanted me to fill his mouth with the semen starting to rise from my balls. Something that my cock would be happy to provide, the rush filling me completely.

“Make me cum .. fuck yes .. make me cum .. make me cum” poured out of my mouth, a chant matching my thrusting hips, now face fucking him, losing myself in uncontrollable orgasm, pumping endless jets of hot cum into his waiting mouth, as he took every drop rising from my balls. Men always swallow in my experience, just another reason to let a man go down whenever possible. Such as when visiting the baths, something that has become a regular habit at this point.

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