Best Friends Ch. 02

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It is highly recommended that the reader complete Best Friends, before continuing on to part two. The author apologizes, as this segment should have been included in the original, but was inadvertently omitted during editing.


Mickey wakes as pre-dawn lightens the side of the tent turning the world a soft blue. Somehow he has separated from Lance during the night. He peers over at his friend. Lance lies on his back, softly snoring. His cock, looking very large even in the brightness of day and even in its now shrunken state, lies softly against his upper thigh, its dark wrinkled foreskin glued there by a crusted gob of dried cum. Mickey smiles. The musky scent of dried jism and old sweat fills the tent. The events of the previous night flood back into his consciousness. He remembers taking the full length and weight of his friend’s manhood so smooth, so firm and wet, into his mouth. His groin contracts.

Blood begins to surge into his small shriveled cock. It begins to rise and harden. He touches himself, amazed at his response to another man. Sure he had thought about it, fantasized. But it had always been just that, fantasy. But now! Now he had to admit . . . What? That he was queer, gay? He tried to think, to picture any other cock he may have seen. In the showers at school, at the gym. Did they really turn him on? He didn’t think so. He wasn’t gay. But then how do I explain . . this? (Fingering his dick. Exploring).

Lance moans in his sleep and shifts his body on the wrinkled sleeping bag, obviously dreaming. Mickey watches, fascinated as Lance’s cock began to pulse and grow in his sleep. His desire, his need to touch it is inexplicable. Is it possible, after all these years, that he is actually in love with lance? Involuntarily his hand reaches slowly out, closing around his friend’s growing penis, carefully, softly. His own cock throbs, his ass clenches. What does that mean? He lets himself feel it again. What if? What if Lance. If he . . .? What would it feel like to have his friend, now his lover . . . inside him? The image fills his mind of Lance’s huge manhood filling him from behind. Suddenly a new desire fills Mickey. A new need! His young cock stands suddenly a full inch larger, harder, than it has ever been.

His hand closes more tightly over Lance’s cock, his fingers barely fitting around its girth. As Lance’s dream progresses, the large cock begins to leak fluid. Mickey’s hand slides easily up and down its length. The loose foreskin tightening, sliding wetly, alternately exposing and covering Lance’s plum colored head. Lance’s eyes flit open, looking straight into him. He smiles, bends and takes the full length into his mouth, his throat. His head bobs up and down, but only a few times. As Lance wakes fully, becoming aware of Mickeys actions, Mickey releases the huge mass from his mouth and wordlessly turns, placing his head down onto his own sleeping bag and his ass high in the air. He smiles back at Lance’s questioning face and mouths a single word……….”YES!”

Lance approaches his best friend from behind, shaking the cobwebs from his mind, his mighty manhood jutting achingly. “There was no way,” he düzce escort bayan thinks to himself,” that his big cock can fit where his friend seems to want it.” The thought of hurting his lifelong friend is abhorrent to him, but the small white freckled globes of Mickey’s ass are tenderly exciting, the small tight ring at their center deeply inviting. He runs his hands softly, tenderly over Mickey’s lower back, his buttocks. “Oh Mickey” he sighed, “I don’t want to hurt you”

“Will it hurt so much,” Mickey asks?

“Yes I think it will Mick. I am afraid so.”

“Will it? I want it bad. I think I want to . . . to give uh . . .myself to you, my . . .my . . .my friend. My lover. I think, no, I know, I love you!”

“I don’t really know, uh, how, er, what to do. You know I have never uh, er, done uh, this before.”

“Oh Lance, I know. Me neither. Before last night I would have never imagined this. But now I want it. I want it bad! I want it so much for you. To give myself to you. Only to you. Last night, this morning I realized. All these years. I love you Lance!”

By this time Lance’s cock is leaking so heavily that a small puddle has formed at the base of Mickey’s spine. Remembering hearing something about lubrication being necessary for this act, he dips his dick in the puddle, rubbing the slippery pre-cum all around, over and under his foreskin. He moistens his other hand. When his fingers touch the tight pink rosebud of Mickey’s ass hole, Mickey jumps and moans. Lance’s cock jumps in response.

Repositioning himself behind his friend, Lance rubs the slipperiness round and round the tight hole, then entering, first only one finger, working his friends hole, gently teasing, then a a second finger, bolder now, moving them inside Mickey, turning and wiggling them, easing open his friend’s tiny backside.

Mickey speaks not at all, his responses purely physical, moaning and rotating his ass back toward his best friend. Taking in his fingers as he will soon take more; afraid, oh so afraid, yet pantingly eager, wanting. “More,” he says, “More, Lance!” He feels the heat and weight of Lance’s plum sized cock head touch his puckered anus and gasps, then holds his breath.

Behind him Lance grunts and pushes forward, but Mickey’s fear and tightness deny him entrance. He pushes forward harder. Still the virginal entrance denies him access. “Oh Mickey, he says with a touch of sad regret, “Mickey!” He shoves forward with a mighty thrust. His foreskin slides back as his plump purple head pops past his friends tight spincter.

Mickey Cries out loudly, “OH!” His voice holds a hint of pain, of fear, but also of longing and long sought fulfillment.

Lance touches Mickeys buttocks and back tenderly. “Are you okay, good buddy? Am I hurting you?”

“Yes, uh, no, that is it hurts me yes! Yes my friend, my lover, yes it hurts, but, but I want it, I want you, more, more oh please Lance.”

Lance looks down in amazement; his rigid rod is sticking out of the cute pink backside of his life-long best friend. But somehow . . . somehow it feels . . . right. Taking Mickey’s freckled thighs escort düzce in his hands, he holds his friend steady as he slowly eases his hot manhood in more deeply. More. Time seems suspended. The sun, now high on the blue tent, has turned the world into an eerie azure hue, as if to accent the strangeness of the events unfolding, and to highlight their importance. Both young bodies are coated in a sheen of pungent young male sweat.

Lance’s hands run damply over Mickey’s body, trailing over his back, his thighs, then reaching under to caress his chest, feeling the eraser-hard nubs of nipples against his palms. His massive phallus is now deeply embedded in his friends small body. Mickeys voice has settled to a single, subtle monotonic note, filled with panic and fear and passion.

“Okay, buddy, here we go, Lance says as he begins a long slow withdrawal followed by a slow reentry. His hands on Mickey’s hips now have left blood red imprints on the soft pink skin, the freckles blaze crimson.

For many long minutes the two friends remain locked in love; Lance, behind, hips sliding forward and back in long low slow strokes; Mickey in front hissing, “Yes! Oh god Lance, yes! Yes!”

Lance watches his large phallus slide in and out of Mickeys cute pink butt, thinking, “Why oh Why did we wait all these years?” His mind flashes back to a long ago time, the only other time he has seen his friend naked. A bunch of the guys, hot and weary from a days caddying at the local course, have driven to the nearby abandoned gravel pit and gone skinny dipping. Now, after all these years, he remembers the two of them, Mickey and he, standing side by side undressing. He had forgotten the surge of heat that had run through him as Mickey’s small pink body, his tiny cock became exposed. Mickey had blushed then, turning his back, ashamed of his small dick, but Lance had feasted his eyes on the cute pink freckled globes of his friend’s tight ass. For a moment. Then it was gone.

But now the heat flashes back into him! Lance begins increasing the length, the strength of his thrusts. He watches the sheath of Mickeys rectum slide part way out of the small hole with each withdrawal, grasping his wide cock and seeming to pull it back in. Passion consumes him.

Thrusting harder and harder he begins to call Mickey’s name, fearing the pain he causes his friend, but burning with the need now to pierce, fill, possess. His mighty thrusts drive Mickeys small form down against the twisted sleeping bags. Once again Mickey cries out loudly, then goes still. Lance feels Mickey’s body go completely slack, his anus opening finally, fully to admit him, all trace of fear and reluctance vanishing.

Beneath him, Mickey releases himself to the total loss of self, the utter fulfillment of complete submission, Barely breathing he murmurs, “Take me Lance, Oh God Lance, Take me!”

And Lance needs little encouragement to comply. Over and over he rams himself deep and hard into his friend. He feels wild, evil, brutal, but consumed. He feels the seed rising in him, hot, so hot. Mickey’s body below him is crimson, speckled with blood red freckles. düzce escort As his cum begins to surge from him, lance feels Mickey’s tight ass contacting and releasing over and over around his cock. He presses down hard and deep, holding his best friend’s body tightly against him, the cum pouring hotly from his swollen cock, deep inside Mickey.

Lance growls and howls like a primitive beast, but below him Mickey has begun to weep softly, his small body shaking with sobs.

As consciousness returns to lance, the tears of his life-long friend penetrate his consciousness, and fearing he has harmed Mickey, he pulls his long slick cock from his friend’s anus and props himself up on his arms over his friend.

Mickey cries out, “No!” as Lance’s cock leaves him, the sense of loss obvious in his tone.

“Oh Mickey, Mick, oh god Mick are you okay? Are you hurt? What’s wrong?”

Struggling below Lance, Mickey manages to turn on his back, throwing his arms and legs around Lance and crying out, oh Shhh, Shhh. Just hold me! Just shut up and hold me!”

Lance rolls to his side, enclosing his friend’s small body in his and rocking lightly. Small as it may be, he can clearly feel Mickeys iron hard cock against him. It troubles him that Mickey has not cum, unaware that his friend has, this day, experienced fulfillment of a different sort.

After a time, Mickey rolls himself atop Lance, takes his lover’s face in his hands and looks deep in his eyes. “Lance? Don’t talk, don’t say anything right now, ok. I just. . . I have to tell. . . you if I can put it into words . . . That, this, you, er what . . . what we just did. It was, is the most incredible, mind altering thing that has ever happened to me. It was like . . . like . . . like when you have an orgasm and you almost loose yourself, you know, but I. . . I did, I mean it was so incredible actually having you inside , I mean your body, your, you know your cock, so big and so huge and so hot, actually IN me, filling me, It was like I just gave myself away to you and and, oh I can’t explain it!” he buries his face in lance’s chest and covers it with kisses and tears.

Lance is silent for many minutes, not knowing what to say, not knowing what, if anything, is appropriate. Finally, lifting Mickey’s face, he says. So what now, what’s next, where do we go from here?”

Mickey’s face lights with a smile. “I don’t know, good buddy. I am not in a position to decide anything right now and neither are you. This is only the first night of our canoe trip and we still have four more nights together,” giggling, “I’ll think of something!

“Well what are we gonna do about this,” Lance asks, fondling Mickeys still iron hard cock, his rigid balls.

By now Mickey’s small stiff cock is so sensitive that he almost pulls away from his friend’s affection. He wants badly now, to cum, but is uncertain where their relationship is headed. Lance takes control, pushing Mickey to a sitting position on his chest. He then begins immediately to pump the small cock hard and fast. In moments, Mickey’s cum splashes on lance’s chest, neck and face, a giant load of cum from such a small source. Lance pulls Mickey’s face down into the puddles of cum and the couple nuzzles around, rubbing their faces in the cum, lapping it up and swapping it back and forth it on their tongues and lips and in their mouths. Finally, they finish with the long ardent and passionate kisses of the lovers they have now become.

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