Bigrig Ch. 05

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Jonathan woke slowly, as someone strange to him, was calling out his name. He felt him gently patting his face. The sound of his voice seemed so foreign to him. This was someone he has not met… did not know.

As his eyes fluttered open, he realized he was back in the hospital again. In a intoxicated, confused state, his mind seemed to only want the sweetness of the sleep he was being roused from. It being so far from the things he feared most in life. A appeasing moment of peace that was being so rudely interrupted, he moaned to the man that was his enemy at the moment.

When trying to swallow, he found a tube down his throat. The shock of reality quickly crashed down around him. He panicked.

“Whoa!” The male nurse grasped his shoulders pinning him, as he began to flounder about.

Jonathan looked up at the man, as his eyes began to relay the cold fact of his fear to him silently. They welled, spilling quickly into his hairline that was still covered by a thin net. And it seemed that even it would not deny the truth as it is, absorbing the moisture almost instantly.

“It’s okay… You’re fine… Rest easy, champ.” The kind man stroked his head gently, to calm the youth. “You’re okay… Dr. Carroll’s on his way now… He’ll explain everything.”

Even as the man spoke, Greg pushed through the doors at a fast gate toward the youth. Coming up into the teen’s view, he looked him over thoroughly.

“Jonathan, did your Uncle beat you a lot?”

Jonathan nodded slightly. His eyes drooped to a gentle close, as he fought the sleep that continued to linger.

“Did he beat you with his fists?” The man asked, handing something to the nurse that stood on the opposite side of the doctor.

Jonathan nodded again.

“Did he also beat you with something other than his fists?”

Another nod…

“What he did, was break off one of your short ribs. It punctured your stomach and inexplicably healed that way. We went in and removed the rib, but we also had to remove a small part of your stomach. You’ll be fine… You won’t miss it… But, you’ll need to follow a very strict diet for a while.

“It also means, you will need to rest, and be very careful not to injure yourself for a while. I’ll explain more in detail, when we get you to a room. I won’t keep you here long. But I need you where I can be sure you’re okay for a while. So, we’ll have to work this out together, okay?”

Jonathan nodded slightly again. his eyes continuing to want to close out the world that surrounded him… to escape the reality of his plight… the cold harshness of such damned luck.

“I’ve got to go check on another patient. You do what this man tells you. He’ll be watching over you for me. So, you behave yourself.” Greg smiled gently. “He’s a brute when he has to be.” he teased then. “He was watching over you before, but from outside your room. This time he’ll be right there by your side, so you won’t be alone, Jonathan.”

The youth smiled faintly.

“Okay, keep ‘im comfortable. I’ll be back in a few minute with a room for him.” Greg told the man to Jonathan’s left.

“Sure, Doc…” The man smiled at Greg, who then turned, leaving them alone together. “I’m Tony…” The stalwart, muscular man informed the youth, with a broad grin.

Jonathan nodded. Lifting his left hand that was laden with tubes, a butterfly I.V. and tape, he pointed at the nametag the man wore on his white jacket.

“Oh, you noticed, huh? Smart kid.” The man’s gentle baritone voice teased. “You must be really special, you know? I’m gettin’ paid overtime to guard you 24/7 until you leave. And then I might be goin’ home with ya. He ain’t decided yet. I think he’s waitin’ to see how well we get along first.”

Jonathan nodded, fighting to stay awake and listen to the man.

“You keep them eyes open for me. When we get you to a room, you can sleep all you want.” The man coaxed.

Jonathan nodded once more.

“Yeah, I’m not to leave your side… Not even for a second… He told me about yer mean ol’ Uncle… And that he might be comin’ lookin’ for ya. He interviewed several of us orderlies, just for this job. Said he may need one for you for several weeks.” The man rambled on. “I think we’ll get alone really well… you know, I been workin’ here for almost ten years. Started when I was just nineteen. Funny how time flies, really… Here comes, Doc…”

Jonathan turned his head, looking for Greg.

“Hey, lie still… You’ll disconnect my hose.” Tony fussed gently.

“Take ‘im down to 508…” Greg ordered politely. “Stay with ‘im… Don’t leave him for anything… Not even a code blue.”

“Okay, Doc…” The man started to move right away to do exactly what the doctor had ordered.

Jonathan reached for the doctor, as he started away from his bedside. Greg vaguely felt him grasp his jacket sleeve. Turning back to him, he leaned over into the youth’s view.

“What’s wrong, Babe?” Greg asked openly, but in an almost whisper.

Jonathan motioned for the tube to be removed.

“Not yet, Babe… I need to be sure we get all the elazığ escort bayan junk outta your stomach first. It was either this or a nasty hole in your side…”

Jonathan grimaced at that.

“I thought as much…” Greg smiled, half laughing. “You go on down to your room now and I’ll be down in a little while. Tony is going to watch over you for me. He even brought a book to read to you, if you want him to.”

Jonathan nodded again.

“Okay… I’ll see you in a little while. You behave yourself, or I’ll let Tony spank you. He likes to spank people.” Greg leaned closer, whispering to him the last.

Jonathan’s eyes widened at the thought. The two men laughed.

“You can relax around him. He’s kinda, family… As a matter of fact, Bruce insisted, I hire him. Although, I had to go through the motions of interviewing all of the applicants.” Greg spoke low to the youth.

Jonathan nodded smiling faintly again.

“Take ‘im on down.” Standing straight, Greg looked at the man, then turned and left them.

Tony began to wheel Jonathan out of the recovery room. With the help of a couple nurses, who pushed the machines that were hooked to the youth, they quickly wheeled him into the corridor. They pushed him into an elevator and then to his new room, where the group of people transferred him to his new bed. Tony then pulled up the chair beside his bed, sitting. That’s where he stayed for a long time.

Greg came into the room seeing the two watching a program on t.v. He moved around the bed, checking the bag and the machine. Tony turned off the tube so that Jonathan could hear the man’s instructions without any distractions.

“I think we can remove this by morning, Jonathan. You’re doin’ great. If you need to you can lie on your right side… But not your left… I know how you like to lie on your stomach, but that’s outta the question right now.

“If you keep improving, you can go home in about four days. Bruce and I, are workin’ on a deal to have someone with you, while I’m not home. Once you get home, you’ll need to stay in bed for a week or so. No movin’ around, and no sleepin’ on your tummy. You’ll be home for six weeks, minimum. Then we might let you go with Bruce. But the bouncin’ around in the truck, would be a bad thing for you right now. Okay?”

Jonathan nodded slightly, closing his eyes as realization set in.

“Hey, it’s for the best, I promise. I’m not tryin’ to keep you from goin’. If you were any other patient, I’d tell you the same thing. Okay?” Greg reasoned.

Jonathan smiled faintly once more.

“Bruce and I are planning to let Tony watch you while I’m at work. He’s in Oklahoma this mornin’ and can’t get outta the load he’s under. So, he won’t be back until later next week. He said he’s gonna drop by and see us. But then he has to leave right out again. He’s gonna stay at my place for a night.”

Jonathan’s eyes widened again.

“Yeah, see? I told ya we was workin’ it out for ya.” Greg smiled gently at the youth. “Hey, I got some board games you guys can play while yer here. I’ll bring ’em in the mornin’ when I come in. Okay?”

Jonathan nodded.

“Good… I’m on my way home now. So you take it easy. I’ll be in to see you early in the mornin’.”

Jonathan moaned desperately. He grabbed for the man. Tony was on his feet quickly to settle the youth.

“Hey, the man’s gotta rest, Jonathan. He’s had a hard day at work today. And he’s worried about ya all day long.” Tony stroked the youth’s head gently.

“I’ll stay a little longer, Babe. But I really need to go home and eat, shower, and get to bed. I’m really tired today. And it was suppose to be my day off.” Greg informed him resting is arm on the railing.

A tear slipped out of Jonathan’s eye, rolling back into his hairline.

“You scared?” Greg asked.

Jonathan nodded once more.

“I promise you, Tony will keep you safe. That’s what he’s here for. Not just to keep you company or watch your machines. He’s here to guard you. And he’s well qualified. I made sure I got the best man for the job, just for you.” Greg smiled gently as he spoke.

Realizing the fact, Jonathan relaxed then. He let the man go and put his hands back onto the bed.

“There now… You just get some rest. I’ll bring you those board games in the mornin” Greg stood straight again. He turned leaving quickly.

That night Jonathan slept as Tony dozed in the chair. The door opened slowly and Tony was on his feet right away.

“Catherine, you scared me.” The man whispered.

“Sorry… I have to give ‘im his medicine.” She informed him.

“What medicine? He’s on a machine.” The man argued softly then.

The woman looked at his chart. “Damn, they got ‘im down for medicine at three a.m.” She informed him. “Is the machine still full?” she moved to it checking it briefly. “I need to add some.”

“Okay.” Tony checked the machine after she left; to be sure it needed refilling. He found it was low.

The woman refilled the machine, leaving quickly after. Tony took the opportunity elazığ escort to use the bathroom and wash his hands. He then checked Jonathan’s temperature on the monitor, making a note of it on his chart. The rest of the night went without a problem. Jonathan slept soundly while Tony dozed in the chair provided.

The next morning, Greg entered the room his arms laden with games. Tony shot to his feet again.

“Good job, Tony… I knew I could depend on you.” Greg smiled at the man.

“Well, I kinda like the twerp.” Tony stated in jesting, relieving him of his burden. He placed the stack on the windowsill, then turned back to face the man.

Greg looked at the youth’s chart. “Catherine refilled the machine?”

“Yes, sir… I checked it too… It was low.” Tony answered.

“Good… His temp is finally coming down. That musta been the whole problem.” Greg thought out loud.

“Yes, sir…” He moved to the left side of Jonathan’s bed, checking the urine bag and the machine into which Jonathan’s stomach was draining. “I gotta change these.” He told the doctor.

“Okay, go ahead. I’ll stay with him.” Greg told him.

“I’m gonna stock up on some stuff so nobody’ll be in here, that ain’t supposed to be in here. Is that okay, too?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, let me write out an order for a refill on the machine too. That way you can do all of this, and no one will be in here.” Greg stated, as he filled out the order form.

Tony took the order from the man, leaving the room. When he returned, he had an armload of stuff to put in the cabinet by the door. Opening it, he put things in their place, then changed the two bags.

“Were you gonna remove the tube this mornin?” Tony made a note on the chart as to what he had replaced.

Greg eyed the matter in the flow bag. “No, I think I’ll leave it for another few hours. Watch it for me… If you see anymore bleeding let me know. There may be a trace… That’s okay… I mean more than that.” Greg informed him.

“Okay… You had breakfast?” Tony asked then.

“No, you hungry?” Greg assisted him, as Tony changed the dressing on the incision. “Kinda…” The man answered, as he gently taped the dressing to Jonathan’s belly.

“Okay, I’ll go get us some breakfast. Has he been awake yet?” Greg asked then.

“No, he’s slept all night and still not woke up yet.” Tony returned.

“Jonathan…” Greg leaned over toying with the youth’s ear.

“Hmm…” The youth moaned.

“Come on, let me see the whites of yer eyes, and I’ll let you go back to sleep.” The man stated gently.

Jonathan’s eyes fluttered open.

“That’s it… Let me see ’em.” Greg continued to flick the youth’s earlobe with a finger.

Opening his eyes finally, he stared up at the man.

“You know where you are?” Greg asked softly.

Jonathan nodded.

“You sure?” Greg teased him now.

Jonathan smiled faintly.

“Good… You can go back to sleep now.” The man smiled back.

Jonathan’s eyes closed right away. He took a deep breath, going back to sleep.

“Keep checking him say…” the man looked at his watch. “Every hour… He normally doesn’t sleep like this. Wake ‘im up and make ‘im respond to you.”

“Okay…” Tony looked at the clock on the wall.

Greg left the room returning some time later with a tray of food for Tony. “Is he responding?” Greg asked.

“I just woke ‘im… He’s okay.” Tony informed him.

“Alright… Thanks, Tony… I owe you.” Greg smiled.

“I can’t wait, Doc…” The man teased.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to.” Greg jested.

The man growled displeasurably.

“Now, now. Let’s not get testy.” The doctor laughed lightly, as he left the room.

Tony sat in the chair, digging into his meal. When he finished it, he rang the buzzer at the nurses station. A nurse came into the room quietly.

“Can I get you to take this, and get me a cup of coffee, please?” Tony asked nicely. “I’d do it myself, but I have to watch him for Dr. Carroll.”

“Sure…” The woman took the tray and the man’s coffee mug. She returned with the full mug not long after.

“Thanks…” The man took the mug from her setting it down on the windowsill nearby. He moved to the bed, beginning to flick Jonathan’s ear, as Greg had done. “Jonathan…” He called gently to the youth. “Wake up, babe… Let me see those eyeballs… Jonathan…” He called louder when the youth didn’t respond.

“Hmm…” The youth moaned sleepily.

“Look at me, man. I need to see those pretty eyes of yours.” the man teased.

Jonathan struggled to open them.

“Come on, dude… You can do it… Open them eyes for me.” Tony coaxed.

The youth’s eyelids fluttered, but he never opened them. Tony buzzed the nurse’s station once more. The same woman came into the room.

“I need Dr. Carroll in here. I can’t get ‘im awake.” Tony stated urgently. “Jonathan…” he called out louder than before. “Come on, man… Open them eyes… It’s time to wake up.”

Very quickly Greg entered the room. He moved to the bed, escort elazığ checking the youth’s eyes with a pin light. “He’s gettin’ too much painkiller, I think. I’m gonna lessen the dose… See if it helps… Keep tryin’ to wake him until you do.” Greg moved to the left side of the bed resetting the machine.

Tony kept trying to wake Jonathan. “Hey, skinny! Wake up!” He tried anything to rouse the teen.

“Hmm…” Jonathan only moaned not able to open his eyes.

“Not, hmm… Open your eyes… Look at me… That’s an order, trooper…” Tony called to him.

After several minutes of desperate measures, Jonathan finally began to rouse a little.

“That’s it, kid… Come on… Open them eyes.” Tony called to him.

The youth’s eyes fluttered again.

“Come on… You’re doin’ it… Wake up, man… I want to see them pretty eyes.” Tony continued.

They finally opened.

“Yeah, there he is… Back from the dead.” The man teased. “Stay with me for a minute. Don’t go back to sleep yet.” The man stuck an ice-cold towel to the youth’s face. “Stay awake for a minute, now.” The man worked to keep him awake for more than fifteen minutes.

Thirty minutes went by, and Jonathan fought the sleep that hung over him. Forty-five minutes seemed to drag by, as the sleepy edge began to wear off somewhat. One hour had passed, and Tony put the cloth back into the bowl of iced water. Wringing it out, he began to pat the youth’s face once more.

“Just a little longer, dude.” The man encouraged.

One hour and a half were gone, and Jonathan began to feel more alert. He looked over at Tony, who kept the icy towel on his face. Grasping it, he wrestled it from the man, tossing it back at him.

“Hey!” Tony laughed lightly. “I’ll spank that ass,” he warned.

“Is he misbehaving again?” Greg pushed through the door, asking.

“That he is… He just threw the towel at me.” The last he spoke as if telling a secret.

Jonathan shook his head, emphatically denying ever doing any such thing. His eyes wide he put his fingers to his chest as if to say, ‘not me’.

“Jonathan, you really want a spankin’ don’t you?” Greg asked playfully.

Jonathan continued to shake his head slightly.

“You’re gonna get one if you don’t behave, now. I promised Tony I’d let him spank you, when you got better, if you didn’t behave.” Greg now informed him. “And believe me… He spanks hard… Your ass will be in a lot of pain. Hot pain… I promise you that.” The man leaned close to Jonathan’s face whispering.

Jonathan seemed to squeal his fear to the man, shaking his head again. His eyes appeared to bulge out of his head. The man stood upright laughing. “I think we’ve got his attention now.” He spoke to the man to his immediate right.

Jonathan noticed Tony was standing very close to Greg. His right hand fondling the doctor unashamed. He then noticed the left arm around the doctor’s waist. Now he understood everything.

“Why don’t you come into the bathroom with me for a minute or two. Let Jonathan decide if he wants to behave or not.” Tony whispered close to the doctor’s ear.

Greg rested his head against the side of the handsome nurse’s face. His eyes closed, he sighed long. “I wish we could. But we can’t leave the boy alone. His Uncle might show up while we’re in there.” The man reasoned.

“Damn, Doc… It’s been too long, man.” Tony whispered.

“I know… I’ll give you a chance at me soon.” Greg informed him. he shivered dramatically as the man gave him a gentle squeeze and tug.

“How soon…” Tony pressed, still tempting the man with his hands.

Jonathan reached over caressing the nurse’s hand slowly. Fumbling for the doctor’s zipper he slowly pulled it down. Then taking Tony’s hand he slipped it inside caressing his arm gently, as the man took the hint quickly.

Chuckling wickedly, Tony eyed Jonathan, as he kissed the doctor’s ear. “Jonathan, wants to see you satisfied. What do you think?” He whispered.

Instantly Greg inhaled sharply. “Why? What’s he up to now.” He was breathing sporadically, as he spoke. There was no mistaking the subtle grazing of Tony’s fingers against the tender flesh of his inner thighs. He trembled at the feel of his hand surrounding him so blatantly. And right before his patient!

“He opened your pants for me. What do you think?” Tony informed him.

“Jonathan, you animal…” Greg teased breathlessly.

Jonathan tried to laugh, but found it so difficult with the tube down his throat.

Another tremor assailed the doctor as the nurse began long slow strokes up and down his shaft.

“He’s an animal, I tell ya.” Greg’s breathing elevated even more.

“Hmm…” Tony almost laughed. “No more than I…” he was barely heard, as he planted a gentle kiss to the doctor’s cheek. His hand busied itself with the patient ministrations of drawing the man to a satiated end.

Jonathan looked down seeing Tony had the doctor’s manhood out of his pants, pumping him toward completion. Darting his eyes up at Greg’s face, he could see the man wasn’t far from it already. He watched, as the doctor’s eyes remained shut, not concerned that they might be caught in the act. His mouth hung open slightly, seeming to revel in the feel of Tony’s work. The man’s chest rose and fell at an accelerated rate. Soft moans escaped him. He suddenly grasped the railing tight in both hands.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32