Biker’s New Boy

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CONTENT WARNING: This story contains elements that could be considered reluctant/non-consensual. If you do not want to read those subjects, you have been warned.


I’d known I was gay long before I touched another man’s dick. Though I’d dreamed about sucking one, it wasn’t until my third year of college that I was finally afforded the opportunity. I was hanging out with an alumnus of our fraternity, a guy in his mid 30s, when things got a little frisky. The reunion party was over and everyone else had gone to bed, it was just us two in the basement chatting on the couch.

“So, you ever suck any of the brothers off?” he asked out of the blue.

“W-what?” I stumbled, taken aback.

I hadn’t told anyone about my sexuality yet, and I didn’t act particularly “faggy”, so I wasn’t sure how he knew, or why he asked!

“Don’t be nervous, it’s okay if you have,” he continued, draping a thick arm over my shoulder. “I won’t tell…”

“Uhhh…. well, not exactly…” I muttered, looking to the floor.

“So you haven’t?” he prodded.


“But you’ve wanted to?”

He had a cocky smirk plastered on his bearded mug while he massaged my trapezii, unknotting the tension from my morning workout. I found myself leaning into the graduated frat brother, his sturdy body so comfortable. He pulled me in closer till his hot breath breezed through my hair. His rhythm was calm and steady, while my palpitations were rapid and hectic, my body unable to control its carnal excitement.

I tilted my head up to him and our eyes met. He still had that disarming smile, but I’m sure I looked like a scared puppy. I whispered a soft, “yes….” and buried my shame-filled face into his chest.

“Shhhhh…. it’s okay,” he soothed, stroking my hair.

I was sniffling, my emotions overwhelmed after admitting that I wanted to suck cock. He didn’t mind, though, and let me experience this difficult personal moment without any discrimination. He just kissed my head and squeezed me tighter.

“You think you might wanna try it?” he asked cheekily after I’d calmed down a bit.

He turned my head back to him and stared into my soul as I nodded fearfully.

“I knew you would,” he replied confidently, then started ushering me to the floor.

When I got settled on my knees, he spread his legs and pulled me in by the back of my neck. It was real. This was actually happening. I was on my knees in front of a big man about to suck his dick, just like I’d fantasized about. My cock surged in my khakis and I quickly flipped it into my waistband. This action didn’t go unnoticed, and the older frat bro laughed.

“You really do want this, huh?” I nodded again but couldn’t meet his eyes. “Well go on then, I’m not stopping you.”

“O-oh… okay….”

I’d watched this happen so many times in porn, but I couldn’t believe it was actually me who unzipped his pants and fished out his massive cock. It was obviously hungry, the dripping tip awaiting my wet tongue. I gave it what it wanted and tasted the juice of a man.

“That’s good, boy, keep going,” he instructed, never removing his hand from my scruff.

I kissed his head a few more times before engulfing the warm mass. The sensation was incredible, exactly what I’d been dreaming about. Hot and hard, but also smooth and fleshy. It filled my mouth entirely, my lips stretched fully to accommodate him. I put my hands on his turgid shaft, much larger than my own, and stroked as I bobbed my head.

“That’s it, boy, just like that. That’s a good cocksucker.”

Cocksucker. He called me a cocksucker! I had a brief flare of rage, borne from my inherent masculine repulsion for the term. Men weren’t supposed to be cocksuckers, they were supposed to get their cocks sucked. Yet here I was, on my knees with a dick in my mouth and loving every second. I guess I really am a cocksucker….

“Move your hands off there, boy, I just want your throat.” I complied and he groaned, “ohhhh baby, that’s what I like,” in response.

I kept working for a while, entranced by the sexual activity. I swallowed him deeper, my skills seemingly innate. My enthusiasm for the activity wasn’t missed by the man, and he gave me a back-handed compliment.

“You’re a good cocksucker, boy. You were born for it. You look too good on your knees to not be there every day.”

I gazed up at him curiously with his dick still in my mouth, he continued. “Aaaahhh, yup, I knew you were gonna be suckin’ me the second I spotted you. I used to have some of the younger frat guys blow me in college, and when I saw your cute ass tonight I knew I was in for a treat.”

“B-but how’d you know?” I asked nervously, hoping other people couldn’t easily out me.

“You got it written on your forehead, boy. A man like me knows which boys want to get on their knees, and was I wrong?”


“Good boy, keep suckin’.”

I did. I kept sucking him, slurping him, licking him, kissing him, throating him, worshipping him, until I recognized the signs of kütahya escort impending eruption. Legs quivered, breathing stuttered, groans intensified, then:

“OOOOH! OH FUCK!! Oooooo….”

He gripped my skull with both hands while shoving my nose into his bush. I was choking and gagging on his serpent, deep in my gullet, but he wouldn’t let me off until I’d guzzled every drop. When he was sure I’d drained him, he finally let go of my head. I coughed and wiped a few tears that had formed during the tracheal abuse, then looked up at the old frat bro. He was sated and smiling, leaning his head back over the couch, his burly chest huffing thirsty breaths. I realized I, too, was smiling. In fact, you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. Or settle my raging hard-on…. He gave me a few gentle slaps once he’d relaxed and held my chin.

“You’re a real good cocksucker, you know that? You’re obedient. Passive. Submissive. Men like that.” I stared back at him with shameful pride. “You’re gonna make some guy very happy one day. Gonna make a great wife.”

I burned with humiliation at his “compliments” while he wiped cum remnants off my lips with his thumb. He stuck it in my mouth and let me savor the final drops of his nectar, then patted my cheek and passed out on the couch. I slipped upstairs to masturbate furiously. Those orgasms — the ones directly after I’d throated my first dick; the ones where his musky flavor still coated my tastebuds — were the strongest I’d ever had. It was official. I was a cocksucker.

I didn’t see the alumnus after that night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Well, not necessarily him, but the act. I desperately wanted to be on my knees again, bobbing my pretty head on a thick cock till it squirted inside me. I craved it, but I didn’t know what to do. I was still in the closet and couldn’t let anyone in on my secret. I thought about doing covert outreach to some of the known gay students, but realized they weren’t my type. I wanted someone like my first guy. A Man.

I started watching more “Daddy” porn and fell in love with their older, masculine, hairy bodies. I was enamored by their gruff demeanors and the way they called their suckers “boy”, just like my guy did. The “research” drove me close to insanity, my hormones spiraling out of control, when suddenly something dawned on me: glory holes.

I’d heard about them before, but mostly in legend. Apparently, you could go to one of these “glory holes” and suck any anonymous dick that came through it. The idea of getting on my knees without anyone knowing seemed too good to be true. I had to find one.

I googled the topic and learned there were many glory holes in the area, and that there were even forums and websites dedicated to tracking them. After reading up on a few, I decided on one near a truck stop about 30 miles away, far enough for discretion. What really excited me, though, was that supposedly a lot of the clientele came from a biker bar nearby. Just reading “biker” made my hole pucker as I fantasized about their thick beards and muscles. I needed to go.

My cock was rock hard the whole drive, even though my nervousness was visceral. It was 9PM on a Satuday, a time I figured a stray biker might slip away from his drink for a little pleasure. I pulled in and saw the dingy bathroom, a small unit in the corner of a vast parking lot littered with big rigs.

The interior was disgusting, which I’d expected; an apt venue for the debauchery that occurred here. No one was inside, thankfully, but I still had to fight the urge to leave. My body was fueled by a debilitating concoction of anxiety and lust, but the lust won. I trudged on.

There were two stalls inside. The dividing walls went all the way to the ceiling, and there were 8-inch gaps between the floor. I chose the furthest one, finding comfort being tucked away in the corner. Once in, I locked the door and tried to calm my breathing, rubbing my temples on the toilet lid. My emotions were going haywire, but my cock was still lurching up in my pants. Pulse erratic, I looked right and saw the object du jour: the glory hole. It truly did exist. A sawed out portion of the stall wall that was big enough for the thickest cocks, but small enough to maintain anonymity. My dream come true.

I laid some toilet paper on the ground in preparation for fellatio. On my knees, my mouth was at an ideal sucking level. I wiped the wall down and placed my lips through it, imagining what a man would see if he was on the other side. My dick was throbbing wildly when suddenly, the door opened. I gasped and dashed back to the toilet seat, so I could look like I was just shitting if I decided to back out.

“Doo doo doo doo doo,” the newcomer whistled as he clomped his heavy black boots down the cement.

My bones jittered as he walked all the way to the far stall. He tried to push the door open but I squeaked out a weak, “sorry, it’s occupied!”

He grunted and moved back to the first stall. The eerie whistling kütahya escort bayan continued while he unzipped his pants and whipped out his meat. I assumed it was pretty big because his stream sounded like a river, and flowed for nearly a minute and a half. When he finished, he shook his dick, but didn’t rezip his pants. I gulped anxiously after 30 seconds passed and he still hadn’t left. He was just standing there, and had even stopped whistling. Slowly, he backed up until his boots were in line with the hole. He was still facing the toilet, but his intentions were clear.

Panic set in; it was now or never. I was terrified, but ultimately decided to comply with the etiquette I’d read online. I leaned forward off the toilet and raised my hand to the hole. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I stuck one finger through and wiggled it around. I left it there for a moment and the man huffed, turned towards the hole, and stroked my finger.

“I was wondering how long I’d have to wait,” a gritty voice announced.

A verbal reply was not necessary on my end. Instead, I pulled my digit back and went to the paper I’d placed. When I dropped down, eye level with the hole, I thought I might pass out from nerves.

“Pretty knees,” he commented lasciviously. For some reason I’d worn shorts.

Though gruff in delivery, his compliment had a hint of warmth, and I relaxed slightly. I was extremely attracted to this man’s voice, and even his boots. They were enormous, probably a size 14, and made my size 10 white Keds look like girl’s shoes. He was a real Man, just like I wanted.

I wasn’t sure what would happen next. I’d heard some men just stuck their cocks through the hole, but he still hadn’t done that. I waited anxiously.

“Tie my shoes, boy,” he snarled.

What? I definitely didn’t expect that. Of all the things he could have said, that phrase wasn’t on my list. I looked at his undone laces and thought about the situation. Was he toying with me? No, it was obvious he wanted me to show my submission. I thought back to what the alumnus had said about me being passive, and that men like that, so I decided to obey and began lacing his boots. When finished, I laid my hands back in my lap.

“Good boy. Now put your mouth up to the hole, baby. Lemme see those pouty lips.”

His commands were intoxicating so I obeyed again. I moved forward, just like I’d practiced, until I was flush to the stall. I felt ridiculous in this position, like a sex toy — literally a hole in a wall for a man to deposit his seed — but that only made me hornier.

“You’re just pretty all over, ain’t ya?” he asked sweetly when my soft lips were visible.

I blushed deeply and suppressed a lustful moan at his compliment. He knew how to make a boy melt with just his words. Slowly, he traced his leather-gloved thumb around my closed mouth. He pushed it inside and I suckled instinctively.

“That’s a good boy,” he cooed.

He pulled his thumb out then removed his glove. When his digit returned, I was greeted with warm skin. His strength was obvious from just his thumb. It was long and calloused, with the texture of a man who worked with his hands. I began sucking more greedily and he chuckled.

“You want the real thing?”

I couldn’t believe he was asking me! In my mental trial runs, there were no words spoken. I was going to arrive at the bathroom, suck a dick sticking through a hole and leave. But no, instead I got this seductive brute who wanted to make me squirm! I nodded as best I could with my lips to the hole, his finger still in my mouth.

“You gotta ask nicely then,” he teased.

You’ve gotta be kidding me! The nod wasn’t enough??

“Umm… p-please,” did I really just say please?? “Please… can I suck your cock?”

I was frantically squirming at this point, it was almost too much for me. Thankfully, he stopped playing games.

“Good boy, asking Daddy nicely to suck his dick. Of course I’ll let you.”

Daddy. He said the word. Fuuuuuuuckkkkk, I almost creamed my pants right there. I now had a vivid image of him: bearded, hairy, thick, manly. It all came into place. He pushed my face back gently, and as he inserted his engorged flesh through the hole, I pictured I was one of the boys in my pornos, and he was the Daddy. This was bliss.

“You gonna taste it?”

Again, I responded with action. I lapped up his fresh dew as a warmup, but wasted little time getting the head in my mouth. Soon I was back in my happy place — my comfort zone — hands behind my back, throating a girthy cock to the hilt. I’d been practicing at home on a dildo when I masturbated and could now get balls deep, my nose just touching the cool divider. He brought his body right up against the wall and used his boot to tickle my knees. It was oddly endearing, and I moved closer to show him I appreciated the gesture. We continued this strange courtship for a while until he pulled his cock back. I let out a pathetic whimper. Why didn’t he let me swallow?

“Awww escort kütahya don’t worry, sugar, Daddy’s gonna fill you up. Just not in that hole.”

My butthole puckered upon hearing this. Of course I knew the next step after sucking was fucking, but I hadn’t factored that into my plan. I’d practiced at home with the dildo a few times, and actually loved orgasming with a stuffed ass, but I wasn’t sure I could do this right here, right now.

“Why don’t you pull your shorts down and put that sweet bum on the wall,” he suggested. “I’d love to see that pretty little hole.”

I blushed again and thought quickly. I could either sprint out of the bathroom and forget about this, or stop being a baby and do what I wanted for once. I inhaled with determination, stood up, turned around, dropped trou, and backed up. Goosebumps covered my smooth cheeks when they hit the cold wall.

“Arch that back, honey, and spread ’em out. Let Daddy see your boyhole.”

I obeyed, and soon my hairless pink pucker was lined up to the glory hole. I could feel dank air from the other side, then a finger grazing it up and down.

“Beautiful…” he uttered, caressing the wrinkles of my tiny knot.

He kept rubbing for a minute and I noticed my cock was fully erect. I guess I’m not only a cocksucker, but also a butt boy! When he pulled his finger away, I whimpered and sent my ass backwards. He laughed at my wanton desire, then gifted me with a mind-blowing experience.

“Oh god!” I cried out when his wet tongue lapped my hole, coarse beard scraping my virgin flesh.

I slammed my ass back on the wall to let him eat more of me. My bum wiggled and shook on the divider, stretching wide to feel every hair. I loved this! When he’d eaten enough, he pulled his face away, to my dismay. The spit-slick digit that he replaced it with returned my joy, though.

“Oh!” I peeped when he slid in the first knuckle.

It was sturdy and thick, and felt much larger than my dainty fingers, which had penetrated many times. He kept pushing and I moved back to meet him, enjoying the sensation of his wriggling worm. He maneuvered it deeper until his palm was on the divider.

His boots were now more than halfway in my stall, and I danced my white shoes over them. I rubbed my thin ankles around his jeans and pulled up his leg cuff to touch his hairy shin. Even with just a finger and our feet, I was hornier than I’d ever been. He continued diddling my prostate for a few minutes before again pulling out. This time, the object pressing against my hole was much larger. It was big and warm, slick with a lube coating, and wasn’t stopping.

“Let Daddy into that sweet ass, baby,” he gently demanded while his tip broke through my virgin bud.

I could’ve moved away, but this man seriously turned me on, so I decided to stay put and spread my legs. There was definitely some pain since his cock was so big, but as he eased his tip in, it was much more pleasant than I expected.

“Hnnggg!!” I moaned when he pulled the head out and reinserted with even more lube.

“You like it, huh, boy? You like Daddy’s big dick?”

I tapped his boot with my shoe to let him know I did. He kept teasing me with just his crown, opening and closing my little hole, winking it. He began pushing deeper and I went up on my toes. He was beyond the tip now, and I could feel his thick shaft entering my body, taking it over. I walked forward off his dick when it started to hurt but he chided me. I returned to the glory hole with my ass spread, and he continued.

He started working in the first half, re-lubing when necessary so everything was comfortable. It felt amazing at this length, massaging my prostate as it slid into my chute. I think he got a bit too excited though, because he sent the whole thing in without warning, and it really fucking hurt! When his wiry pubes scratched my taint, I shrieked and jumped off his dick.

“Haha, I’m sorry, boy, just got a little eager. Now bring that ass back here and let Daddy in.”

I stayed cowering in the far corner next to the toilet, by the small gap between it and the other wall. The experience had been great up until now, but I realized he wanted more than I was ready to give. I was paralyzed with fear and confusion when I heard another, more serious:

“Boy, bring that ass back here.”

He stomped his foot when he said it and his gruff tone indicated he meant business. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t ready to get deep-dicked, but the shock of the whole scenario left me immobile.

“Dammit, boy, get your tight butt on that hole right now!”

He was raging now, and a new fear set in: that he would take what he wanted. Unfortunately, my brain and body weren’t in sync, so I stayed crouched in the corner like prey as the door next to mine flung open, and angry footsteps came up to my stall.

“Open the door, boy.”

I couldn’t move.

“I said, open the door boy!”

When I still didn’t, I saw a boot raise, then the door flew open as he kicked through. Standing there was a hunky biker, a big bear of a MAN with an erect cock jutting out of his black jeans. He looked starving, like he hadn’t eaten in months, and I was the entree. I tried backing up more but was stuck in the corner; there was nowhere to go. He entered the stall and relocked the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32