Birth of a Goddess Ch. 05

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Watching my father’s penis, I was flabbergasted. I honestly did know how erect and straight they could be. From what I always saw in anatomy lessons, they hung kind of like a little faucet. My Dad had a thick powerful stick. It excited me with absolute and intense wonder.

Somehow he must have known what I was thinking. He explained to me how a man’s penis works and what it does when aroused and ready to wield pleasure and present life seed. I was in awe. This is magical. Without even a request or direction I eagerly reached out and touched the glistening tip. He explained this was the beginning nectar called pre-cum and it was the male’s body of welcoming me just like mine had welcomed his attentions. I put my finger in it and then automatically and instinctively put it to my lips. He smiled broadly as I did so, and as I licked my own finger.

“Wow, your taste is amazing as well, Daddy.” As I said that I noticed some more drops oozing out. Worried that it would be wasted, and feeling great concern that it should not be, I quickly leaned forward and lapped it up.

He gasped in response and I was worried I had done something out of line. He reassured me everything couldn’t be any more perfect, and it’s like the Life Parents had already instructed my nature. He said he just reacted that way because it felt so good and he was not expecting that he would not need to show me. He said he urfa escort would almost believe I had been ordained as a Goddess. I simply replied that it just looked so delicious and I had a hunger to taste my daddy’s seed.

Daddy did tell me that if a man is stroked with a hand or a mouth, it can make him orgasm as well, and also will result in producing additional nectar. No sooner had he explained this that I had it in my mind to make this happen.

“What should I do first, Daddy?”

He quietly took my hand and placed it on his penis. He started to show me how to grip it so I could slide my hand up and down, but it’s like some inner knowledge I didn’t know I had took over. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I cupped his balls in one hand, gently massaging them, while I gripped and stroked his rod with my other. I remembered how he worshiped my portal and I yearned to worship his portal key that contained the seeds of life. While gripping his cock, I kissed then licked his balls, tracing them with my tongue. Soon I delicately suckled them, and fit as much as I could in my mouth, rubbing them softly with my tongue. Daddy stood there and groaned deeply with immense pleasure. I loved these seed compartments as I knew this is where I had come from when he made the implantation to Mommy’s womb.

As I continued my worship he had his hand wrapped in my hair tightly, and urfa escort bayan I continued my oral adoration of what made him a man. I then used my tongue to trace the length of his manhood starting from the balls and working my way to the tip from the underside.

“Oh, yes, baby,” he groaned as he grabbed his handful of my hair even tighter. “You seem to know naturally all the places where the best sensations are.”

I was so happy that Daddy was pleased. I wanted my Daddy to feel the best. I wanted to be the best at anything I did or learned from him and Mom. When I got to his mushroom tip I saw more of his own honey dripping out, so I clamped my mouth fully over it without any hesitation, so as not to waste a drop. It tasted so good. I just wanted to taste more. A hunger for it was burning inside me; hungry for Daddy’s honey.

I sucked on him firmly. I started trying to suck so hard, like a thick milkshake through a straw. I kept sucking and sucking as I bobbed my head up and down also stroking his length with my lips wrapped around it. Within moments he groaned and filled my throat with a huge load of that sticky syrup of his. I swallowed it as fast as he could coat me.

When he was done I kept sucking enough to clean him all up. He became so breathless that I was a little worried. He wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Are you okay Daddy?” I had escort urfa to wipe my mouth a little bit. It had gotten very sticky as there was so much of his seed that my mouth started to overflow a bit.

“Yes,” he said, panting. “Princess, I thought I was the teacher here, but my baby girl seems to know just what to do. I think you might just indeed be a Goddess.”

“What is a Goddess, Daddy? Or what does it mean to be one?”

He smiled at me lovingly as he laid down on the bed and pulled me next to him. “A Goddess is someone chosen by the Life Parents to be granted exceptional life giving powers of pleasure and healing. She knows how to heal those around her with the use of her love and her body. Only the Life Parents choose a Goddess, and they are rarely chosen.”

I kissed him on the nose lovingly. “Well, I would be truly honored to be a Goddess. I would love to be someone who healed others and made them feel good inside and out.” I sat back up to get another drink of water, and then passed the glass to my father. He sat up a bit to take a sip and handed the glass back to me to set aside. When I turned back toward him he took my hand and pulled me down on top of him.

I noticed his erection was now a little softer, but as we laid there skin to skin, I could feel it hardening once more against my damp mound. He cradled my face in his hands as he kissed and breathed heavy on my face, “Well, my Princess, you have passed the second stage. Your final phase is beginning now.

No sooner had he uttered those words than the bedroom door opened and there stood my mother beaming with a smile with my four brothers all lined up behind her, naked.

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