Black College Sportsmen In Love

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Hey, there. My name is Christopher Jean Marteaux. Friends call me C.J. for short. A tall, broad-shouldered and buff young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I attend Northeastern University on a student-athlete scholarship. I’m one of the best Soccer players in the NCAA Division One, if I’m not being too forward. Right now, I’m at the beach in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, with my boyfriend Ajax Duchene. He attends Boston College, where he majors in business administration. We’re getting some much-needed R & R with some friends of ours. The life of a bisexual Black male College athlete isn’t easy but there are droplets of joy in the ocean of misery that my life sometimes seems to be.

I met Ajax while visiting my sister Janet Marteaux in September 2008. She was just starting her freshman year at Northeastern. She kept telling me about some of the guys at her dorm and I had to see for myself. Especially the tall dark one she kept mentioning. The tall dark stud in question was Ajax, the older brother of her roommate Jocelyn Duchene. The first time I laid eyes on this six-foot-two, broad-shouldered and muscular, dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome Black stud, it was love at first sight. The moment our eyes met, I knew that we were the same kind. Many gays and lesbians have the ability to spot their own. I guess I got this talent in spades. I was smitten with Ajax, and the feeling was mutual. He was just getting out of a messy relationship with a tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irish-American model named Lea Bennington. When that stormy relationship finally ended, he decided to explore the love that dares not speak its name. Basically, he felt drawn to men his entire life and suppressed it. I guess one relationship too many with a psycho woman helped him get on the path of discovering that there is more to life than women.

Ajax and I had a lot in common. erzurum escort We were both College sportsmen. He’s one of the toughest guys on the Boston College Men’s Rugby Club. You should see him play. We both love hanging out in Boston, whether we’re chilling at the Boston Public Library, watching a movie at Loews or rowing with friends on the Charles River. Yes, Black College men can and do row. Got it? Cool. There are some differences between Ajax and myself, of course. He’s deeply closeted, while I’m out to some friends, certain family members and a couple of my teammates. Ajax can’t risk anybody finding out about his sexual orientation. His Haitian parents are deeply conservative and they would basically shun him if they knew the way he got down. That kind of anti-Gay sentiment and raw prejudice is frighteningly common in the Haitian community. Many of the older Haitians are set in their ways and refuse to change. I don’t bother with such people. They’re not worth my time.

Ajax worries too much about what people think of him. The only people who know about his bisexuality are myself and his sister Jocelyn. She’s cool with having a bisexual brother because she’s a lesbian herself. She’s fairly out but Ajax acts like his world would collapse if people found out he swung both ways. For this reason, I thought going out of town for a little vacation together was a pretty cool idea. When Spring Break 2009 came to Boston College, I booked a flight to the city of Atlanta for my boyfriend and myself. At Logan Airport, we ran into a couple friends of mine. My ex-girlfriend Janine Blakely and her boyfriend Tyson Rhodes, a big and tall Black student from Tufts University. What could have been an awkward situation became a life-saver due to my quick thinking and charm.

Janine Blakely is this gal I met two years ago while a freshman at Boston College. A five-foot-ten, escort erzurum short-haired, busty and big-bottomed, very voluptuous and sexy, dark-skinned young Black woman. She transferred to Boston College from the Georgia Institute of Technology and moved into the dormitory across from mine. She struck up a conversation with me while at the dining hall. I found her charming and very interesting. A friendly young Black woman who was definitely easy on the eyes. We became friends, and after a while we started hanging out all over Boston. I took her to some pretty cool clubs in Boston and Somerville. Janine was fun, lively, smart and a great dancer. I liked those qualities in a woman. I guess that’s why we ended up dating.

Even though I was just starting to discover my bisexuality while dating Janine, we had a good time together. She was a very passionate young woman. I remember the two of us doing it in the ladies room of a Burger King in Copley Square and the men’s room of the Food Court inside Copley Mall. Yeah, we were wild. She was just the way I liked my women. Tall, busty, dark-skinned, thick-bodied and big-bottomed. Watching her big booty bounce as we hit the dance floor of the most exclusive Black-owned night clubs in town turned me on like you would not believe. Yeah, the gal knew how to rock my world. However, my attraction to men wasn’t going away. When I told her about it, Janine was really surprised. For a time, it drove us apart. We ended up reconciling. We dated until May 2008. Our relationship ended mainly because we were looking for different things in life but we remained good friends. Which explained why she invited my boyfriend and I to stay with her and her boyfriend at her parents mansion in the beautiful city of Atlanta.

To be honest, I was surprised by that. I asked her why she was inviting me and my guy to stay at her erzurum escort bayan parents place. Janine simply smiled, and hugged me. Well, that convinced me. Ajax Duchene and Tyson Rhodes, our respective boyfriends, were the ones who needed convincing. This forced Janine and I to basically lay down the law. Our men were going to do as they were told, or else. In the end, we all got on the plane and flew to Atlanta. Janine’s parents lived in a massive, three-story, ten-bedroom mansion located near a lake in Atlanta. I was mightily impressed, as was Ajax. Janine showed us to our rooms, and we moved in. Janine’s parents were currently in Aruba for a second honeymoon. They wouldn’t be back for weeks. Did we luck out or what?

That first night, Ajax and I went for a walk around Atlanta. Janine was kind enough to give us a key to the mansion. Man, I have never seen a city as beautiful as Atlanta. We visited all the Black-friendly hot spots. Morehouse College. Spellman College. Clark-Atlanta University. The entire Atlanta University Center. And I was pleased to discover that much of the city’s wealth and power lay in the hands of Black men and Black women. Many Black gays and lesbians lived in the city as well. Atlanta had a large gay and lesbian population. So much for the myth of the ultra-conservative Southern city slickers. We walked around, hand in hand, sampling the city’s delights. After a few hours, we got tired and went into a nice little Haitian restaurant. The owner, a tall, forty-something Haitian lady named Gladys, was very friendly. We sat down and had ourselves a candlelight dinner. Ajax took my hand in it and kissed it. I stared at him, stunned. Usually, Ajax isn’t into public displays of affections. Why was he acting all chummy now?

I looked him in the eye, and asked him why he kissed my hand. Smiling, he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. He told me he didn’t need a reason to kiss his boyfriend. As I kissed him back, I realized how right he was. Looking into each other’s eyes, we dined in silence. Two of the nation’s top Black College sportsmen who love each other having a nice, quiet candlelight dinner in a Haitian restaurant in Atlanta. And you thought you’d seen everything!

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