Breeding Bull Ch. 03

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If you haven’t already, you might want to read the first two installments of this lusty little tale to better understand this latest chapter.

A big thanks to No1Ukno for his invaluable help in editing this story.

Everyone in the story is over the age of eighteen and more than happy with what’s going on.


I rolled my truck up to my body shop just after sunrise, hoping to get an early start. But I groaned when I saw three damaged cars being unloaded, one of them a brand new two door Mercedes with the front bumper torn right off, sure that would be an expensive repair. Providing I could even find a bumper. Parts were hard to find for brand new cars.

Just my luck, I’d been hoping I could get away early today. I had a long drive ahead of me to a religious commune out in the country.

Surprisingly, not for my salvation, but for theirs. They needed my services to keep their flock growing.

Seems they’d not only been keeping to themselves, but also breeding amongst themselves for well over a century. And lately they’d started to realize from all the inbreeding within their own families that bad genetic stuff was being passed onto their kids from one generation to the next. So they’d come to realize that maybe letting uncle-dad breed all his daughters hadn’t been such a great idea after all.

Somehow, word had spread about me through the grapevine. Letting them know that I’m certified clean with plenty of high quality swimmers, and that I am one dedicated breeder with plenty of bellies now bulging with my seed to prove it. Now this commune wants me to breed some of their younger women, all of them virgins, figuring I could introduce some fresh blood into their tight knit group.

Which of course, I told them I’d be happy to do. Because, seriously, how could I possibly turn down an offer to breed a half-dozen sweet, young virgins.

And fuck, what a thrill this was going to be, to be the one to slide into each of them for the first time, especially since I’d never bagged a virgin in my life. I could feel myself growing rock hard just thinking about how good it was going to feel to sink my cock into a bunch of insanely tight, never before fucked pussies. Until hopefully, I had every last one of them filled up with my seed, with a baby or two growing in their bellies.

Naturally, because I do love pussy, I’d go down on them first. And that I knew would be sweeter than honey. Sliding my tongue into one tight little virgin cunt after another, till I had them tearing at my hair, and coming in my mouth, so I’d have them juicy enough to be able push my way into their tight little holes and breed them one after the other.

I’d fuck them till I’d shot my load high in their wombs, and had all of them floating in their first load of cum. Then I’d just sit back and wait for them to report that I’d got the job done and all their bellies had grown big and round with my spawn.

Damn, what a terrific side-line this was turning out to be, fucking one willing woman after another, pumping them full of my seed, with the express purpose of knocking them up.

Then I blew out a breath, and straightened my cock in my boxers, realizing I still had loads of paper work to get through before I could drive out to their commune and start breeding all those sweet, innocent young things.

After making my way through voice mail hell, I was on the phone, impatiently tapping my fingers on the desk, sitting on hold waiting to talk to one of the insurance adjusters when I heard a knock on my door. I smiled when I looked up and saw it was Cindy Cooper old man Cooper’s wife.

And god she looked hot as sin in a tight black leather jacket, with a deep V at the neck that really showed off her ample breasts, along with a matching mini-skirt that made her legs look like they went on for miles. Of course with sexy-as-fuck black patent-leather boots on her feet, just to get my dick twitching a little harder.

Ignoring the fact I was on the phone, Cindy sauntered over, took hold of me by the chin, touched her lips to mine, then really laid one on me, while I was still on hold. She happily slid her tongue between my lips and softly beginning to purr, letting me know this was more than just a social visit.

My heart already pounding, and my dick growing thick and heavy in my boxers, I patted my desk to get her to hop up. Once I had her sitting right in front of me, spreading her legs, I slid my hand up her thigh, till I could feel the heat of her damp little pussy brushing against my fingers. Gazing into her beautiful, big blue eyes, I ran my fingers up and down over her slit through her silky panties, smiling at the way she was already starting to shiver and softly whimper as I got her nice and wet with just a few strokes of my fingers.

But then I rolled my eyes, when she slid off the desk, deciding to return the favor by sliding the zipper down on my overalls. Trailing her hot, little tongue down over my hairy kocaeli escort chest, my abs and finally, pulling my cock out of my boxers, she grinned up at me as she rolled her tongue around that, too; lapping and sucking and licking the fuck out of me.

The woman I’d been waiting on, finally answered her phone, of course when Cindy was down on her knees, eagerly sucking back my cock, drawing me so deep into her mouth, that all I could do was groan, while the lady on the phone, sounding confused, kept saying, “Hello, hello? Is someone there? Hello?”

“Oh, fuck me,” I muttered, forgetting all about the woman I’d called, or the car I needed to talk about as Cindy sucked me half-way down her throat, nearly swallowing me whole.

“I beg your pardon?” The woman gasped, obviously shocked by my language.

Then it dawned on me, I had to talk to the insurance agent to get her approval before we could even touch the damaged Mercedes. Though I knew I had to get my head on straight and try to talk to the woman on the phone, I couldn’t resist running my hands through Cindy’s long blonde hair, twisting it tight around my fist and tugging, as she kept sucking the living fuck out of my cock, softly mewling, obviously getting off on the feel of sucking me back, as much as I was getting off on being blown.

Just the sight of her lips stretched to the max around the thickness of my shaft as she eagerly slid me over her tongue, was almost enough to make me lose my load and shoot right down her throat.

“I uh, I’m calling about a Mercedes… Oh, wow, that feels so damn good, Cindy…” I grunted, tugging her hair a little harder, directing her right where I needed her. “Sorry. I’m calling about a car that was just was brought into my shop. A Mercedes sedan… Jesus, Cindy!” Twisting my fist, I tugged on her hair.

She was sucking my balls so hard now, I could hardly see straight, much less try to figure out what the fuck I was trying to say.

“Look, I’m sorry,” I said to the woman on the phone. “Something’s come up. I’ll have to call you back.” I finally gave in, realizing I cared more about the blow job and the fantastic things Cindy was doing to me with that sexy mouth of hers, than talking to the insurance agent about getting the claim sorted out.

As Cindy kept sucking me back harder than I’d ever been sucked, I didn’t care how long I’d waited on hold before the agent finally answered her phone. All I knew was that I had to get Cindy on my desk and I had to get my cock in her before I lost it and shot my load down her throat, till I had her belly floating in my seed.

“Get on the desk on your knees, facing the door,” I told her. Stripping off my overalls and kicking them aside as I went, I turned the lock on my office door, so no one could walk in, and be shocked to find me slamming my cock into one of our regular clients on my desk.

When I got back, Cindy looked all wide-eyed on all fours on my desk, with her big tits heaving, obviously eager for what I was about to do to her. I didn’t waste any time, and got right down to business. Taking hold of her by the hips, I tugged her right to the edge, and groaned at the sight of her hot, wet pussy, just begging to be fucked.

Despite how hard she’d got me, considering how much I loved the taste of pussy, I had to have at least a lick of her sweet little pie. I dropped onto my chair and licked all around her clit, then slowly dragged my tongue along her slit, groaning at how good it felt to sink my tongue into the depths of her juicy little pussy, before I slid my tongue around her tight little back pucker, to get her even wetter.

I knew this fucking was going to be good. She was so ready to be slammed and slammed hard, the room was already ripe with her arousal.

After I’d got her desperately mewling, and shivering and shaking right down to her toes with a nice little finger fucking, to help push her over the edge, I suckled her clit between lips. I kept flicking all around it with my tongue, till I had her squealing her damn head off, as she came in a shuddering rush, coating my tongue in her sweet, hot juice.

My heart pounding, my dick pulsing, still licking the honey-sweet taste of her off my lips, I got to my feet. Taking hold of my cock, I slid it up and down along her juicy slit, then began to nudge my fat, angry red cockhead into her tight little opening.

“Is this what you came for? Is this what you need?” I asked her as I bent my knees and started to slide into her nice and deep. Stretching her to fit me, inch by inch I eased my way inside her, till I had her moaning, and thrusting her ass back begging me to slam her even harder.

She nodded, gasping for air. “Oh, fuck, yes. Now that I’ve had you, I just can’t get enough.”

Trouble was I felt the same way about her. Her pussy was so tight and the way she clenched around me with every thrust, trying to milk the living shit out of my balls, just felt too good to be denied.

If I could, I’d kocaeli escort bayan fuck her morning noon and night, especially knowing how badly she wanted it, if this little impromptu visit was any indication.

Absolutely nothing in the world beat the sight, or feel of my slicked up cock working its way in and out of a hot, wet pussy, especially this particular one. Letting out a growl as I looked down between us, there wasn’t anything I loved more than watching my cock fucking deep into a woman, and disappearing inside her. Nothing felt more erotic than to actually see my dick thrusting its way up to her womb, overcome with the overwhelming need to seed and breed her.

It just felt so primal watching my heavy cock pushing inside her for the sole purpose of mating with this gorgeous creature, in the hope of creating a new life.

Since the beginning of time, men relished the incredible feeling of breeding their women. Grunting and savagely growling as they drove their manhood deep into their bodies, fucking them with everything they had, till their balls gave up and let go, sending a heavy load of potent cum straight into their mate’s fertile wombs. Every man prided himself on the ability to be seeding what was his, as they claimed their woman’s fertile bodies with every mating.

Overwhelmed at the sight of gorgeous Cindy panting and sweating with her legs spread wide, eager to have me fuck into her as deep as I could go, I knew I’d never been this eager to be with a woman in my life. It was such an indescribably heady feeling to have such a beautiful, sexy woman come to me for the express purpose of having me pound her good and hard, till I’d succeeded in seeding her womb, and filling her belly with my offspring.

As I watched my dick making its way inside her I could hardly wait to hear that my seed had taken and I’d actually got her bred. Flexing my knees and pumping into her nice and steady, it just felt so good every time we were together like this. As I revelled in the feeling of thrusting into her body as deep and hard as I could go, till I was blessedly balls deep, tight against her ass with my cockhead kissing her womb. The feel of her desperately clenching around me felt so incredible. My pulse racing, my breath hitching, growling deep in my chest, I threw back my head as I came in a blinding rush, spurting load after load into her hot little pussy, till I’d flooded her quivering body with everything I had.

Part of me kind of wished there was some way we could do this forever, and not just until I got the deed done and got her pregnant.

But of course that’s all this was, nothing but a breeding, to hopefully get a baby growing inside her, so she would have a little one to call her own. As she kept clenching around me, doing her best to suck me dry, as my cock kept right on pulsing into the depths of her body, as amazing as it felt, I had to force myself to remember that she already had a husband. And she only needed me to plant my seed and get a job done, that her husband could no longer do.

After we’d both come good and hard, and I’d filled her right up to her womb, I had her raise her legs up and rest her feet against the wall to keep my seed inside her, so that it wouldn’t slide down her legs.

After I managed to catch my breath, I decided I’d better call the insurance agent back. While I waited on hold again, I decided since Cindy was smiling into my eyes on my desk, looking sweet as could be, with her feet against the wall to keep in my seed, that it might be nice to enjoy a taste of her pretty lips while I waited.

We kissed for so long, that by time the agent finally answered, Cindy’s breasts were really starting to heave, and I could smell her arousal filling the air, as my cock began to grow heavy and thick, jutting up between my legs, already itching to fill her up and fuck her all over again.

As tempted as I was, I knew I had to step away and take the call, or all I’d be doing to today would be sliding my cock in and out of Cindy, till I had her pussy filled to overflowing. Not that I’d mind. I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend the day, than enjoying some naked fun with my sexy, blonde client, who was still coyly smiling up at me from my desk, while she toyed with her beautiful, big breasts, playfully tugging at her tasty looking nipples.

But now that the agent was asking why I called, I had to force myself to ignore how hard Cindy had got me, so I could answer her questions.

Eventually, I took care of everything I could at the shop. Then I took my sweet time properly kissing Cindy goodbye, even dragging it out a little by smiling into her big, baby blues and plucking at her lips, kind of hating to see her go.

But I knew I had to let her leave, because I had to get on the road. So I could head out to the farm, and see about breeding all those pretty, young virgins.


Once I’d made my way to the end of their long, winding driveway, the head of the colony escort kocaeli had me doing a double take as I drove up and parked my car in front of the big red barn, with the tall, silver silo where he’d told me to meet him. Clad in a red flannel shirt, with a thick head of collar length snow white hair, and matching white beard, that hung down to his belly, I couldn’t get over how much he looked like old Saint Nick.

He looked kind of jolly too, the way he happily smiled from ear to ear as he greeted me with his hand extended for a firm handshake, while introducing himself as Chris.

When he chuckled and said, “I hope you don’t mind that we counted again this morning and realized that there are at least twenty of them over eighteen that need breeding,” the way his belly jiggled as he laughed, really had me thinking of the man with the sleigh. Except this guy’s only reason for hiring me, was to have me seed his women, and obviously he wouldn’t need any help with his reindeer.

Suddenly, what he said hit me; that he needed me to breed nearly two dozen fertile young virgins and not just five or six, like I’d first assumed.

After he’d thanked me for sending the papers that proved I was healthy, and told me he’d also took care of all the legal details, he winked and pointed at a long narrow wooden building and smiled. “And if you think you’ll be up to the task, we’ve got a room set up for you in the Breeding Chamber, so you can service them at your pleasure.”

Breeding Chamber? Was this guy for real? They had an actual breeding chamber, just to fuck their women? And I could service them at my pleasure. Fuck yeah, sign me on. Nothing but virgin pussy for days on end. How could I possibly say no?

Already, I could feel my dick growing heavy and thick in my boxers, like it knew this would be something we’d never forget, a marathon breeding of nothing but one tight, sweet virgin pussy after another. By the time I was done, and got all of seeded, I had a feeling my cock would think it had died and went to cunt fucking heaven.

I could hardly believe it. What a sweet gig this was turning out to be. For a guy with a breeding fetish like mine, I felt like I’d literally hit the mother lode.

But I stopped smiling as it occurred to me, that there was one thing I had to know. Before anything happened, I had to be sure that all of them wanted this done, and no one was being forced to be bred. So far, I’d only ever seeded women who wanted to get pregnant, so I had to make that clear.

And if it was going to be a deal breaker, so be it. They’d just have to find another way of getting new stock into their colony.

Breaking into my thoughts, he pointed to another wooden building and said, “You’re just in time, Damon. We waited to have lunch with you, so you could meet the young ladies who you’ll be breeding for us.”

As he started walking us toward the long, wooden building where I imagined they normally ate, I stopped him and said, “I just have to ask. Are all of them okay with this… with a stranger coming in to help get them pregnant?”

He laughed and nodded. “Oh, yes. It’s the way we’ve all been raised. We breed from the time we turn eighteen, for just as long as we can, to keep our community thriving. The young ladies can hardly wait. You should have heard how giggly they all were this morning as they worked in the kitchen with the other women. Normally, we match them up with an elder for their first mating, who tries his best to get them with child. And if it doesn’t take, we work our way through our group, till finally one of us succeeds in getting them bred. Doing something out of the ordinary like this, is probably pretty exciting for them, to be bred by some handsome young man from outside of our community — especially since all of them understand the importance of bringing fresh blood into our tight knit group. We’ve been breeding our women like this for well over a hundred years, staying within our clan, but lately we’re starting to realize that to keep our children healthy we need some new seed, seed that isn’t related to any of us. We’re a big group, so we might just call on you again, for another round or two of breeding, if that’s okay with you.”

Shocked that he was actually thinking I might be back before long to do this all over again, I still nodded; glad to hear that the girls had all agreed that they wanted this done. And that they all seemed pretty happy that I’d been brought in to try and get them bred to give them healthy babies, that would spring from my loins, instead of from their one of their uncles, grandfathers, cousins or even their own fathers, like they’d always done before.

The minute we entered the dining hall, the room went quiet and everyone turned and stared. I could tell at a glance that the twenty or so girls, standing behind the serving counter all blushing and shyly grinning at me, would be the ones they wanted me to breed. They all looked pretty cute, mostly all blue-eyed, white-haired blondes. All covered in long old-fashioned flower-printed dresses with bonnets on their heads.

Already, I could imagine how different it would feel to watch them strip out of something so modest, since every woman I knew loved to dress pretty sexy, rarely leaving anything to my imagination.

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