Brothers and Sisters Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — Delicate Situations for Brother and Sister

I have three sisters, but I am only romantically in love and sexually involved with one of them. Anna also loves me in a romantic way. I have familial love for Cindy and Sandy, our younger sisters, but it’s not the same as what I feel for Anna. Of course, I also love our parents the way a dutiful son should.

Anna’s and my love affair is our secret. We’ve consistently gone out of our way to imply that nothing is going on between us, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult. I am sure that we’re going to get caught very soon.

We’ve both confessed to the other that we’d like for the family to know and bless our union even though it is taboo and possible illegal. We’re not underage; Anna is twenty-six, and I’m twenty-seven.

Anna and I live together. That’s known by everyone. Officially, we are saving money while we each build up bank accounts so that at some later date in our lives, we can each buy a home, probably by that time with someone we chose as a life partner. If we have our way, we will live in that home together and even be raising our family.

Anna has the bedroom suite on the north side of our apartment, and I have the one on the south. In between is an open plan living room with a nice kitchen, a small dining area. Our apartment is an end unit, so we even have windows in our living room along with a walk-out balcony. We’re on the third or top floor of our building and overlook the complex’s swimming pool and large patio.

Any visitor peeking into either of our bedrooms would see that both our beds have been slept in and roughly remade before we headed off to our jobs. Usually, however, I sleep with Anna with her curled up in my arms. Usually, too, we’ve made love before we sleep. We both seem to have high functioning libidos, so we’re always ready for sex with each other.

Anna and my relationship grew when we were in high school, matured while we were in college, and came to its current state after she graduated from college a year behind me. She went to a different college to deflect suspicion from our illicit relationship.

As you might expect, being horny students, it was during those high school years when our relationship deepened and also turned sexual. I was a junior and she a sophomore. Neither of us were virgins.

It was years before we had our first overnight together. In an amazing twist of fate, my parents begged me to drive Anna to college since it was ‘on the way’ to my school. ‘On the way’ made it about five-hundred miles out of ‘my way’. Dad even gave me money for a motel.

We loaded up my car with my meager belongings, plus the rather full load of clothing, electronics, and some furniture that Anna wanted on campus. At her school, we unloaded everything into her freshman dorm. She’d have a roommate, but that girl hadn’t shown up just yet.

Anna spent the night with me in the motel. It was heavenly. There was never any doubt about what we’d do when we were alone with the door shut and locked. We’d already been having sex. This was different, however. We realized we loved each other deeply enough that night to never want another long-term partner. We’d even talked about it during our drive to her campus. We’d had three years of sex before coming to that realization.

With little foreplay and finesse, I had my cock buried in my sister’s sweet pussy in seconds. We played and teased until we both came, and then repeated over and over again the rest of the night. We just made the noon checkout time from the motel. We were both sore, but to quote Anna, “It’s a good kind of sore.”

That night had cemented our eternal love for each other. We’d been making love and not just fucking.

We called each other nearly every evening after that. We started to finally have the kind of discussions that we should have had earlier. During one of the early discussions, I broached the subject of exclusivity and monogamy. Our discussions on the subject went on for two weeks of evening calls as we worked through the various angles of the topic.

We decided that we should not try to be exclusive with each other. Based on our earlier behavior, suddenly ‘not dating’ would be seen by everyone that knew us as strange and suspect. Of course, we could never tell anybody why, if we’d come off the market.

We agreed that we needed to date others, and after some debate decided that we wouldn’t put any strictures on those relationships in terms of emotional or physical connection. Fundamentally and explicitly, we agreed to allow ourselves to fall in love with others and to enjoy sex with them. We just had to save something for each other, however little that might be.

At that point in our newly initiated long-term physical relationship, neither of us were sure where trabzon escort we were really headed. We’d both described future scenarios to the other where we were all married to other people, but somehow found ways on frequent occasions to be together. There was the hope of even finding spouses that would be encouraging of our physical relationship.

Despite the distances involved and since I had a car, I tried to drive to Anna’s campus about every three weeks. To put it bluntly, we’d shack up for two days, and then I’d drive back to my own school late Sunday night so I could be in Monday classes. No one at home was the wiser.

Our evening calls also dove deep into the subject of incest. Of course, we acknowledged immediately that that’s what we were doing. We separately explored as many of the moral and legal issues as we could.

The moral issues seemed to center on damaging each other’s psyche or that of the rest of the family. Most of the arguments on the Internet seemed weak and one sided. They were predicated on one family member taking advantage of another, and forcing the subservient member into sex. Little was written about consenting adults.

Another part of the moral issue raised frequently on the Internet dealt with underage children, specifically those less than eighteen years of age in most states. Anna and I were well past that, and could be rated as consenting adults. Moreover, we weren’t just consenting, we were eager to be together.

Neither of us were concerned that our physical relationship would seriously damage our psyches. We talked about our souls, egos, personas, and our apparent identities, and just couldn’t see the impact as being anything but positive. We were lovers who wanted the world and supreme joy for our chosen mates — each other.

We did acknowledge that many in society would think our behavior abhorrent. We decided to continue to risk that kind of censure and continue our loving relationship, but to keep it pretty well hidden. There was the thought that we could always pick up and relocate away from any scandal, even leaving the country, if necessary.

Legally, at least many states appeared to not care too much about incest providing consenting adults were involved, and providing that neither was taking advantage over the other. A few countries, even in central Europe, had removed any criminal penalty for consenting adults, among them France, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg.

We acknowledged that we were biased, but Anna and I decided to just keep doing what we were doing and not advertise the fact.

Anna and I decided that to facilitate and hide what was really going on, we would stop referring to each other as brother and sister. We even created a jar in our apartment kitchen that collected dollar bills whenever one of us used the term brother or sister in reference to the other. We were to be Matt and Anna Wolcott.

Anna changed her hair color from brunette to blonde. I was a dark brunette, almost black, so we looked more different that way. Anna, as always, was a genuine beauty that stood out in a crowd. I played the role of the cloddish male.

After working there four years after college, Anna became a newly-appointed store manager for an entrepreneurial woman that had a chain of eight boutiques for women’s high-end clothing across the three-city area where we lived. Anna had just taken over running one store, but was getting mentoring from the owner and from the assistant manager who’d had the job but gone part-time in order to raise her family.

I was an electrical engineer for an engineering firm based in the city — PR2 Engineering. PR was supposed to stand for pi, and ‘R’ for the radius of a circle. The ‘2’ was actually supposed to be an exponent — so, pi times radius squared was the area of a circle. The idea was that ‘We had it covered’ in terms of the firm’s engineering expertise. PR2 had about forty engineers of various kinds on staff.

My boss was a man only a few years older than me, Peter Block. He’d been a civil engineering major, but seemed to have most of the other engineering skills in hand. He was a fast study. He was fair and nurturing, and very likeable. Peter was married and had a picture of his pretty wife on his desk. The wall on his office was decorated with copies of his diplomas and engineering certifications.

I put a small picture of Anna on my desk at work. If somebody figured out that she was my sister, I didn’t want them weirded out by that. I also had our family Christmas photo there, too.

Our home life in our apartment seemed pretty standard for a young couple in their late twenties. We worked all day, and came home hopeful to see our mate and to spend the evening with them.

The one aspect that made our time together trabzon escort bayan unique, more or less, is how horny we were for each other. Many times, we’d arrive home about six o’clock, and it’d be eight p.m. before we surfaced from a long lovemaking session to either make dinner or go out someplace.

Anna would tease me when we went out after one of our passionate fuck fests. A typical statement might sound like, “I’m sitting in this nice restaurant leaking your cum from my hot little cunt all over the seat. Remind me to wipe down the seat with a damp napkin when we leave. My skirt will show all my leakage, too, so you’ll have to walk close behind me. I hope you plan to fill my pussy again with your man juice when we get home. I love being just this way.”

Anna was slightly sexually more aggressive than me. She’d often be the one to initiate small intimate touches when we were standing near each other. My counter to that was to take the initiative to whisper lewd and often coarse things to her. I’d been raised to be ‘hands-off’ to women, unless they invited it, but I guess I went too far to not touch even Anna as much as she wanted.

After having been with PR2 Engineering for two years, my boss, Peter, held a party in his backyard one summer weekend. Everyone was supposed to come with a spouse or significant other, the assumption being that we all had one. Everyone at work knew I was single, but no one really knew my living arrangement with Anna. For all they knew, she was my live-in girlfriend.

I told Anna about the party, and asked whether she wanted to be my date. She did, but before we decided we went through the pros and cons of me getting an ‘outsider’ involved; specifically, a real date with a girl not related to me.

The party was a pool party and barbecue. We brought some beer and Anna made enough potato salad to feed the small army of people that were there — about thirty people. Peter and his wife Wendy greeted us at their door, and aimed us at the backyard where everyone was congregating. They had a very nice suburban home.

The others at the party were Peter’s neighbors, other people from work, including Marie, our group’s admin assistant, and her boyfriend, and some neighbors. Of course, except for the people I knew from work, I forgot everyone’s name immediately after hearing it.

Anna and I mingled, and we gravitated towards the people I work with. Marie, our department AA, and her boyfriend Dave became our shadows at the party, along with Ryan and Penny — Peter’s wife’s sister and her erstwhile boyfriend, we learned. We were all about the same age and economic bracket. We took a swim together, and I couldn’t help but lust after both Penny and Marie’s hot bodies. They were each a dish, and their bikinis all but non-existent, especially when wet. For that matter, Anna’s bikini was of a similar ilk.

I caught both Ryan and Dave checking out Anna’s body in her bikini, but then so did most of the other men at the party, including Peter, my boss. He was especially solicitous of us, being sure we had sufficient food, drink, and company the whole afternoon and evening. Wendy, his wife, also often checked on us. She was also a doll.

The six of us ate together at one of the picnic tables, and then when the dancing started, we traded partners a lot. I was taken aback when first Marie and then Penny made some overt moves to rub their bikini clad breasts against my chest. For each of them, it was no accident. Each of them ended with pointy nipples trying to punch through the material of the bathing suit bra. I ended up with a hard-on, held in check by the jock-strap I wore with my bathing suit.

I told what was happening to Anna, and the next I knew she was doing the same thing to Ryan and Dave. Ah, retribution. It was pure sexual teasing, and it was very erotic.

Things ratcheted up another notch late in the party, when the dance partners started to kiss each other in the shadows of the patio. Anna came on strong to each of the two men, and their two girlfriends came on strong to me. We were openly French kissing on the darkened dance floor.

I worried that the activity was confined to the six of us that had buddied up, but careful observation showed that just about everyone still at the party was similarly engaged with someone that wasn’t necessarily their steady mate. I came away liking Wendy and Peter’s guest list.

By the time Anna and I got home, we were really climbing the walls we were so horny. We fucked for two hours. As we did, we painted all sorts of scenarios about the people we’d just befriended.

I talked about watching Anna fuck Ryan and Dave, with her having a billion orgasms from the oral, anal, and traditional sex they rained down upon her. She told me about how escort trabzon Penny and Marie couldn’t get enough of my cock, and had fucked me all night long — I’d eat one and fuck the other. We didn’t stop our story telling until we finally fell asleep.

In the morning, I asked Anna, “We’re you weirded out by last night?”

Anna looked surprised, “All the heavy flirting? No, I loved it. I really liked Dave and Ryan, and their girlfriends.”

“I mean when we were home having sex afterwards. We made up some pretty crude stories about what we wanted to do with the four of them. I was pretty candid in my storytelling.”

Anna laughed, “And I wasn’t? No, I’m fine with it. We can do more of that, too. Here’s my take on what we did. We’re related, and … well, in some ways we’ll never be like a traditional couple. We won’t necessarily build up the same barriers to laying it all out there that many couples do. We’ll tell it like it is, and like we want it to be without filters. We don’t need the filters.” I got a passionate kiss at that point.

Anna continued, “We both had other relationships in college and enjoyed sex with them. We’ve used some of that to arouse each other, so why not continue to do that with people we’ve just met.”

I nodded, “I didn’t feel any need to hold back with you until this morning when I worried that I’d gone too far.”

“You didn’t. Do you think I did?”

“No. I confess to really wanting to do something with those two couples, and I mean something intensely sexual. They were hot. I even work with Marie, and some days it’s hard not to scope her out.”

“They were hot for us, too. I bet they’re having similar discussions this morning about us.” Anna grinned and said, “I can hear Penny now, ‘Ryan, I really wanted to fuck Matt last night. I wanted his cock buried deep in my hot little cunt until he exploded with his jizz and filled me.'”

Anna waved her arms as though she was erasing a blackboard. She then pretended she was Marie; “Oh, Dave, I have to work with Matt on Monday, but I want to fuck his lights out. Would you be all right with us going someplace and fucking, maybe in the car or his apartment? I really want to feel his cock inside me.”

I laughed at Anna’s scenarios about the hypothetical discussions we were missing with our new friends.

We puttered around the apartment the rest of the morning, doing some domestic chores such as laundry and grocery lists. We also made the standard telephone call home to mom and dad. We even told them the G-rated version of what had happened at my boss’s party the day before.

About four o’clock, Anna’s cellphone rang. She looked at the number, but didn’t reject it as spam. She answered, and then broke into a huge smile. I watched her from across the room and listened to one side of the conversation. “Us, too.” “Yes, we were.” “We’d love to.” “We hated to leave you guys as well.” “We did, too.” “When?” “Yes, what can we bring?” “See you at six-thirty or so.”

I posed the question to her with my look.

“That was Marie and her boyfriend Dave. They liked the two of us plus Penny and Ryan so much they want us to get together again this evening for a pizza party. They also didn’t want the party to end. She said, ‘I liked all the flirting and sharing we were doing; I hope you want to do more.’ What do you think about that?”

“So, we’re going to Marie’s house at six-thirty?”

“Yes, she told me to wear my bikini again. They have a pool at their apartment complex.”

At seven o’clock, I stood with Dave and Ryan beside a table on Dave’s balcony filled with food, including several pizzas. We each had a beer in our hands.

I spoke, “I hope I didn’t do anything with either of your girlfriends last night that … well, that might damage our future friendships?” It was both a statement and a question.

Dave chuckled, “Not in my book.”

Ryan said, “I didn’t think we went anywhere near far enough as far as the girls were concerned; and I guess me, too.”

I looked surprised, “Go further? That would have gotten pretty sexual quite quickly. We were right on the edge.”

“Were you worried about Anna?”

“Oh, no. She wanted to go a lot further, too, and I approve. I was just worried about the four of you.”

Dave said, “I’m not concerned. I’d love to see Marie go further with either of your gentlemen. I know that’s even her hope and desire for this evening. That’s ‘A LOT further’, if you get my drift.” He gave a devilish grin.

Ryan said, “Glad to hear that. I’d love to romance Marie, and I know Penny wants to be with both of you guys. Sooner is better. Just to be explicit here, I mean ‘have sex’. Are we on the same page?”

I ventured, “Count Anna and me in on all this.” I turned to Dave, “Will it bother Marie that we work together and yet got intimate?”

He laughed, “Only that she can’t jump your bones at work. You’d better leave her gasping for air by the end of tonight. I hope to do the same with Anna and Penny.”

We all continued our devilish grins and swigged our beers. We were going to have some unbridled sex that evening.

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