Christina Behind Enemy Lines

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Christina was returning to the building where the offices of the prestigious newspaper The Sun are located, after spending months working on an assignment as a war correspondent, which she accepted because of the experience it represented to start her journalistic career and of course the prestige it represents.

They were months of arduous and dangerous work in a distant and especially hostile land for a western woman of free mentality and criteria, especially it was difficult for her to depend at all times on male companionship precisely because of the high level of danger that a war conflict entails.

Returning home was a great relief for the now hardened correspondent whose editorials met with the approval of her editor, who was unconditionally supportive and always had words of praise for Christina.

The night gave her a restful sleep session in her bed, after months of nights on an uncomfortable cot and the continuous sound of shelling in the distance. Finally Christina enjoyed the long awaited intimacy she had longed for, as a celebration she would take a long bath in the tub without the worry of the continuous and uncomfortable interruptions she had suffered on more than one occasion when taking a shower in the places where the international press stayed.

It was during a hot April morning when a mysterious woman appeared at the international press camp, claiming to be carrying a message from a local warlord known as El Halcón. Immediately all the correspondents gathered to find out what it was all about.

The message was clear:

“El Halcón was willing to grant an interview to the press in order to express his intentions to the civilized world. He would receive one to two people armed only with tape recorders and microphones, cameras would not be allowed”. And he was only willing to receive female correspondents.

The latter would cause an uproar among the journalists, all of whom had been chasing this kind of exclusive for months, and in frustration all eyes would turn to Christina and Lorna, the only two female correspondents recently arrived in the country to cover the armed conflict, who had just started their first important journalistic assignment by joining the United Press correspondent’s office.

Both women could not quite assimilate the enormous journalistic opportunity they had been presented with. The letter gave very precise instructions that if they accepted, they should take all their luggage and accompany the mysterious woman, who would guide them to the caudillo’s secret bunker.

Any possibility of carrying weapons or an escort was denied; at the slightest sign of doubt about these indications, the woman who delivered the message would return completely alone, and there would not be another opportunity to interview the warlord until the end of the conflict, which at that moment seemed extremely uncertain.

Fear invaded both Christina and Lorna, who were already preparing all their things to go after that mysterious woman of fragile appearance, who was dressed in an outfit that reminded them of Che Guevara and recommended the women to wear military boots and an outfit similar to hers, which were already part of the equipment that the correspondents used.

The 3 women left the camp and would walk for hours under the burning sun and the sound of distant gunfire and artillery shots used by both sides, were disturbing. For the two journalists the mystery reached exhausting levels, of that woman only deep and penetrating gray eyes could be seen under the cloak that covered both her head and face, she only indicated them not to stop following her and made it clear that very soon all their questions would be answered, they arrived at the ruins of what looked like a country club.

-Let’s rest here while we wait for our transportation. I am Irina Pavlova and my charge is to take you to our commanding officer and warlord who leads our cause of liberation.” -These were the words of that woman whose calm tone sought to appease the fears of the two nervous correspondents, who had not yet got used to the inclement local climate and, by the way, were exhausted, sweaty and uncomfortable from the walk in such inhospitable territory.

Minutes later, a vehicle appeared in the distance, similar to a Dodge Power Wagon used in the filming of Mad Max, which had a rotating turret with a machine gun in the center, very similar to those used by the American bombers that fought in the Pacific during the Great War.

-It is necessary that from this moment on I cover your faces, I do it to guarantee your safety because our brothers in arms are usually very distrustful of you westerners. Do not think badly of them, they are patriots fighting for a just cause and it is the retribution of the territory and freedom that have been taken from us 2 generations ago.” -Said Irina while covering the faces of the two correspondents, who were afraid to say anything at that moment when they heard that armed vehicle approaching, which would take them to kars escort an unknown place to interview a mysterious warlord who was fighting a war that they did not quite understand.

From the vehicle descended a whole squadron of heavily armed men whose coarse voices weaved a tension in the temperance of the two journalists on their first big assignment. Both Christina and Lorna were very young at the time, neither was over 25 years old and both were studying journalism in their respective countries.

Christina was a determined young woman, eager for the learning and experience that this assignment would give her as a journalist, in addition to the prestige it represented to start her career whose focus she wanted to lead with great seriousness. Her beauty and physical attractiveness were comparable to the passion she had as a student and editor of the university newspaper which was always distinguished by a very professional approach and perfectly supported by the great investigative work that would be performed by that brilliant promise of journalism.

Lorna was a girl whose audacious spirit always pushed her to go beyond what everyone expected of her. On the one hand she seemed like the typical spoiled Park Avenue girl whose whimsical nature would lead her to try the most unusual activities in her social circle. She possessed an exotic beauty that was the fruit of interbreeding between a shipping industrialist whose Greek ancestors built a shipping empire when they emigrated to New York after World War II. Her mother was a beautiful African who was studying drama in London and looking for opportunities as an actor, she would cross the Atlantic where a few months later she would meet a handsome young man during a walk in Central Park after an intervention in the staging of the musical Hair.

It has been impossible for them to separate since then and from that passionate union, one of the most solid marriages of New York high society, whose invaluable support for the arts, would serve to form in Lorna a free spirit whose eagerness to enrich her inner world through adventure distinguished her from her two older sisters.

During the tour, the conversation of those guerrillas was indecipherable, they conversed in a peculiar local dialect. Both women remained silent as directed by Irina, while each on her own reviewed their lives thinking about what had brought them there, just a week before Christina was an assistant in the editorial office of The Sun newspaper, dressed in an elegant and comfortable business suit. It was when the last peace negotiations between the guerrillas and the dictator’s army failed, when she begged the editor-in-chief for the opportunity to cover the conflict before the inevitable return home of the newspaper’s correspondent. The man returned for the birth of his first child, in addition to receiving a Pulitzer Prize nomination for his work covering the war.

The editor refused to give Christina the assignment, since the correspondent, among other things, was wounded in the line of duty. It was not a safe place for a sophisticated and beautiful young woman fresh out of journalism school. In the words of Karen Goldenblatt, the editor-in-chief of The Sun newspaper.

Christina felt a clamor deep inside her, a sense of dread and uncertainty about what was to come for her and Lorna. The sound of artillery could be felt too close at times, for an instant the machine guns of the vehicle in which they were being transported burst with their roar as a sign of the need to break through the conflict. Christina felt a powerful and strong presence that grabbed her by the pants as easily as someone grabs her suitcase at the airport. This happened with such force and speed for the two correspondents whose bodies gave themselves up to this protective reaction movement, that it would place them face down on their chests on the floor, the roar of the bursts of fire from both sides would disguise the sound emitted by the ripping seams in the pants of the 2 frightened correspondents.

– “Hold that position, I myself guarantee the safety of both of you, but it is very important that you follow to the letter every indication I give you and in this case my brothers in arms will keep you safe.”-That was Irina’s voice, thought the 2 women as the circulation in their veins seemed to feel so icy, along with the sweat that dampened their bodies under those sticky garments they both wore, silently the need for water overcame the anxiety caused by the bursts of gunfire.

The heat seemed to maliciously invade the bodies of Christina and Lorna whose efforts to remain calm and the tension of each of their muscles cried out for a cease fire, which seemed to intensify as their transport moved violently with repeated jolts that reverberated through the immobile and sweaty bodies of the terrified correspondents.

A hand again gripped their waists by their pants repeating the sensation of the suitcase, they adopted a strict rigidity conditioned to kars escort bayan their own fears followed by a sensation of breaking gravity.


Christina felt a little air rushing through her as her body had a vague sensation of being displaced freely through the air, which was confirmed as soon as a blow of cold water made her react as she found herself immersed in the water putting her reflexes to the test, her arms and legs led her to seek the surface, she took off what covered her head trying to control the agitation of her trembling body and panting breath.

Immediately Lorna emerged a few meters away from her, so agitated that it was impossible for her to scream in reaction to the maelstrom of emotions that passed through her entire being, a confusion in her senses immobilized them and only the most basic instincts in their bodies kept them afloat, silently observing how the world around them burned.

Irina’s screams from the other side of the pond brought them back to the present and they both swam towards the shore, fearful of the detonations of the artillery that at times seemed to sound far away from them.

Once out of the water, the warm air shook their senses in contrast to their confusion. Both Christina and Lorna became aware of having been thrown from the moving vehicle and at some point in the brief blind flight, their bodies abandoned the baggy field pants they had been wearing minutes before.

Frustration followed by helplessness overwhelmed the two correspondents who were grateful to be alive and physically whole after being under intense fire. They did not find it easy to assimilate the recent loss of all their luggage and they did not like to move behind the lines of armed conflict, wearing only panties and a light cotton T-shirt.

After they felt safe with Irina who led them to a covered area under vegetation, their guide reassured them by handing them their tape recorders and notebooks.

-“At least they will be able to do their journalistic work, only this could save them during the shooting”. -Said Irina and handed each of them their handbags.

Christina and Lorna were very grateful to Irina for saving their work tools, they both thought that at least they would be able to conduct their interview with the warlord, and they kept feeling uncomfortable for going on the road without their pants.

Lorna regretted the choice of panties she had made in the morning, a tiny white lace Brazilian-cut piece that barely covered her pubis, contoured over her hips highlighting her lush thighs to evidence the round shape of the toned firmness of her buttocks, whose ebony skin glistened gloriously in the setting sun whose light was turning orange.

Christina was more practical by putting on pink cotton panties that emphasized her round hips and thighs, but gave more coverage to her round heart-shaped bottom.

– “You western women can become very funny, you spend a lot of time picking out tiny garments, which as I understand it are for someone else to see and the woman feels comfortable because of it. And you two even though we are among women, you never stop feeling uncomfortable, it gives me a bit of a chuckle how Lorna is embarrassed to bring her ass in the air. If I had half your physical assets and that beautiful skin, I swear if we weren’t at war, I’d leave my clothes at home.” -Said Irina.

Lorna blushed a little while the honey color of her eyes lit up for that compliment, from that point on, she would have more relaxed her hands and walk without so much tension in her body eventually forgetting the absence of her pants, which left exposed the exotic of her figure adorned with that tiny piece of white lace.

Christina felt too hot, her body was bathed entirely in sweat, those pink panties were soaking wet and Christina secretly found the uncertainty of the origin of that wetness somewhat amusing, which was a combination of sweat dripping all over her skin and the inside of her panties being moistened by the confusion of a naughty vagina that found it exciting to walk in her panties, in the face of the imminent danger of doing so behind enemy lines.

Secretly the correspondent fantasized about presenting herself thus to the warlord who would find captivating the voluptuous correspondent of The Sun, whose sagging breasts stood out under that tight, dirty and somewhat torn cotton T-shirt.

The movement of the footsteps made the lubricated labia majora under those pink panties, were pinking each other, at times the toned sweaty thighs discovered how to move and that walk at sunset became disturbing and pleasurable for Christina, who at times had to move away from the others, and could not help but relieve herself of the dripping concupiscent spirit of the deepest voice her being demanded, in a panting effort she released her strength leaving Christina leaning against a tree, holding her panties in her left hand trying to catch her breath.

An artillery detonation shook her body escort kars and the thought of the warlord coming for her to take her to his bunker kept stimulating her active libidinous imagination.

-Christina. Don’t move away! Christina!” -Irina shouted.

Irina’s eyes widened as she found Christina without panties lying against the tree, panting like a venus against her waters, surrendering to her own instincts and her most primal needs.

Those artillery detonations did not cease, Irina and Lorna helped the embarrassed Christina to her feet, due to the torrent that escaped from between her legs, they were weakened. It was between the 2 women that they held the panting Christina, whose skin was reddening all over from the embarrassment of being caught in such an intimate moment of self-pleasuring.

Running was extremely difficult, Irina was fully programmed to survive in such an inhospitable environment, the vegetation for the moment offered them an alliance and the darkness of the incipient night could give them some shelter while they regenerated their energies.

-“We are already very close!” -Said Irina.

The three women entered a hole in the ground, Irina would take some fallen branches and use them to cover that spontaneous shelter. The interior was damp and cool, the 3 women could move relatively easily inside.

– “We will spend the night here and before dawn we will resume our way to the bunker, try to get some sleep, tomorrow we will have a lot of walking to do.” -Said Irina.

Christina and Lorna were fatigued, especially Christina who was overcome with an embarrassed confusion as she searched sterile for her panties.

“I had them in my hand before I came in here.” -thought Christina to herself.

With some desperation, her hands roamed that shelter, a cold sweat dampened her face from the frustration caused by her missing panties.

“You couldn’t hold back, could you? “-Christina said to herself in reproach, as she sought comfort against Lorna’s body and her hands ceased to stretch that dirty T-shirt in a clumsy attempt to make the only piece of clothing she had left bigger, with the vague illusion that the scanty fabric would reach to cover her big, round ass next to her hairy, wet pussy.

Irina dozed with one eye open in a manner similar to some felines on alert against some predator, eventually she would fall fast asleep. As the night progressed the temperature would drop in that hole where the 3 women sheltered, Christina lay between Lorna and Irina, she would decrease the distance between their bodies looking for some warmth.

Christina woke up next to Lorna and perceived Irina’s absence, with much fear she went to the outside where she saw a tiny fire where Irina was squatting in front of the fire holding something.

Their gazes met, Irina with a gesture, indicated her to come closer and bring Lorna with her.

– “Come, breakfast is ready!” -The two correspondents were afraid to ask where it came from, and moved by hunger, they found the roasted meat delicious.

-It is wild rabbit. Eat soon as we must continue walking towards the bunker, which is already close.” -Irina said.

-Irina, “Irina, what made you join this war? I see that you have a great capacity for survival and in your eyes I can see a great strength to face whatever comes your way.” -Christina said.

Irina returned a smile as the fire turned to fathoms.

-The injustice that my people have suffered for years under the yoke of a dictatorship where they tell you where to put your faith, where my feminine and religious condition, as well as the color of my skin are a limit to be free in the oppression of this tyrannical regime. Our liberation army only wants things to be fairer, that a religion is not imposed by a group of fanatics who say they are honest in their political proclamations, while they become millionaires by systematically vexing the most humble people and exterminating all those who do not think like them.” -Irina said before pausing.

“Weapons have been our last resort and we hate that so much blood is lost because of the megalomaniacal foolishness of a senile old man and his henchmen, several of them have been falling into the hands of the people, our cause wants to bring equal freedoms to all people and fair treatment to everyone with a desire to grow and evolve.” -Said Irina.

Christina listened attentively as her recorder captured those statements, Lorna did the same and took notes. Breakfast was over, Irina indicated that she would continue to tell them about her cause as they walked.

-When the country is liberated, the only thing to criticize about your appearance, Christina, will be how dirty you are. No one will criticize you walking around in public naked from the waist down and you would stop looking so funny trying to stretch that ratty t-shirt with the need to cover your pussy.” -Said Irina and began to laugh along with Lorna at the misadventure of embarrassment occasioned by the unintentional partial nudity of her traveling companion.

Christina blushed with embarrassment, instinctively her hands stretched even further the T-shirt that was now her only garment. The soiled and torn fabric was beginning to give out on the embarrassed correspondent’s nerves.

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