Client Surprise

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I flew into New York to meet with several clients. After a very long day, I agreed to meet an older client for some drinks at my hotel bar, which had a small dance floor. Before I get to the story, let me tell you about myself. I am 47 years old, married with 2 older kids, 6’2″ 220 lbs. (trying to stay in shape)

I walked into the bar, and my client (Pete-who is 55) wasn’t there. I sat at the bar for a few minutes. He came walking in, but not alone. With him was a lady wearing a revealing short dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage! After what seemed to be minutes, I tried my best to be professional, not wanting to offend him. He told me this was Geri, his wife. I shook her hand politely (being sure to make eye contact). She was maybe 50, a bit of a bigger girl, but was so sexy. She had that sexy air about her. Her short, tight dress made me want to grab her ass. Her breasts were awesome size, maybe 38DD?? Needless to say, I was smitten with her. I would have to be careful tonight!

All that was available was a small booth in the corner, so we büyükçekmece escort managed to fit in there, with Dani in the middle. Our legs briefly touched and my cock stirred. Easy boy, I thought. We ordered drinks, made small talk and simply got to know each other. Geri was drinking white wine. I noticed that Gerry kept topping off her glass when she wasn’t looking. The music got a little louder, so we had to lean in to talk to each other. This didn’t help my erection, as Geri would lean over and could look right down at her barely covered tits. Pete kept rubbing her shoulders and I could see that it was getting her excited. She would close her eyes briefly and I thought I heard a slight moan. Damn! I needed to get back to my room and jack off!

When a certain song came on (I can’t remember which one as I had other things on my mind), Geri opened her eyes, perked up and told Pete she loved this song and wanted to dance. Pete said he was tired. Maybe I wanted to dance with her. I politely declined, but escort büyükçekmece Geri insisted. I quick adjusted my hard on and we went to the dance floor. Geri sure could dance! She was shaking what she had!! After the song ended, a slow song came on. I went to walk off the floor, but she grabbed my arm and said she wanted one more song. I noticed a slight slur in her words. The wine must be working.

We danced slowly. She put her arms around my neck and I put mine around her waist. As the song went on, she rested her head on my shoulders and my hands slipped a little lower, brushing her ass. I heard her moan. I gave her ass a squeeze, knowing it was wrong, but overpowered by her sexiness. She thrust her hips into my crotch, pushing against my very hard cock. I could feel those wonderful breasts against me. Damn, I wanted to see them! But this was way out of bounds!

The song ended and Geri went to the ladies room. I sat down and Pete was smiling. “She’s very sexy, isn’t she? I could see you enjoy büyükçekmece escort bayan her” He said. “Yes” I replied. “She is very sexy, and I’m sorry if I went over the line.”

“Not at all” Pete said. “When she drinks wine, she gets very horny, and I was hoping to spice things up tonight. Let’s get her back to your room and see what happens.”

I was stunned! But not wanting to offend a good client (lol), I agreed.

Geri came back from the ladies room. “I have a good buzz going, honey” she said. “Let’s go home.” (smiling)

Pete said that we wanted one more drink, but we could do it in my room. I was surprised when she happily agreed.

We walked to the elevator and Pete held her by the waist. The elevator shifted when it started and dani leaned into me. My natural reaction was to grab her and my arm went around her and I accidently grabbed her big breast. No bra! She must have taken it off in the restroom. I went to remove it, but she held it there. I saw Pete looking at me and smiling. I continued to hold that fantastic breast in my hand and feeling her nipple get hard.

She reached her hand down to my crotch, feeling my 7 in cock very hard. She smiled.

The elevator door opened and we walked to my room. My hand now grabbing her ass. I felt Gerry push my hand under her short skirt….No panties! WOW!!

I opened the door to the room and we walked in………

(To be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32